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Monetization techniques for mobile application


Majority of people want to become entrepreneurs..When you ask people what they want to do they would all end up saying business, startups, etc..In order to have a profitable  business what exactly is needed? An idea. True fact! does idea alone is sufficient to make the business profitable. There are several other factors such as effective outreach methodologies, publicity and revenue are most essential for an organization to survive in this competitive world.

monetization-techniques-1-1024x734With the tremendous growth of mobile phones many companies have started to invest in mobile advertising by creating mobile application. This technique increases the visibility to a wider audience but visibility alone does not guarantee good returns, ‘Download’ is the key factor. Almost 54% of the app revenue is claimed by only 2% of the app developers. Now let us have a look at six smart app monetization techniques to ensure the profitability of the application.

In App Adverstising

indexIn this sort of monetizing technique the download happens almost free.The primary goal of this technique is to create a large user database. On later stage information from this database are stored and app publisher pays a monetary sum for publishing targeted advertisements. This is the most widely used technique to attract the customers. The main reason behind the success of this method is that people attention can be gained easily by presenting things for free.

No premium

iphone_monetizationIn app advertising technique allows the customer to ‘use and try’ the services offered before buying the product. However,  the additional advantage over this approach is that there is no download cost involved in it. At the same time only limited features are available for free. Some of the higher features are made available on payment. The main aim of this approach is to accumulate and engage the application users until they are convinced to pay for the upgrade and enjoy all the features.

In-app purchase

In app purchase method works exactly like a supermarket. Here many companies will showcase their products. Upon successful virtual or physical purchase done by the customer , the developer is offered some percentage of the profit. One of the main advantage is that the users save a lot of time and easily get what they want.

Paid applications

This paid app technique generates direct income from the customer on app purchase. To download the required application the user has to pay a certain fee. Major factor associated with this is that the application should be creatively designed to arouse the interest in the people and invoke them into purchasing more apps.


Paywall is almost similar method to free premium model. Here , instead of the product features the actual content is gated and prevented from users view. The users are only allowed to see a predetermined content and they need to pay certain amount of money to get complete access to the set of information. This iOS app monetization method not only allows the users to ‘Judge book by the cover’ but also to experiment with it.

Promotion and localization of application

App promotion involves the use of several social platforms like facebook, twitter, etc.. to sell the application. Localization refers to the app reach across borders and monetize international traffic by offering region- specific content. This monetization technique is completely useful ,you can either increase the cost or the total number of customers.

All these above mentioned techniques are some of the many ways to advertise  the mobile application and to survive in this competitive business. An app developer can customize and use a combination of them to create a successful business. Now , that’s what we call more than just an idea.

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Mobile Applications for Business to Business(B2B) Needs


Nowadays, having a mobile app for business has become a basic requirement for carrying out the business successfully. Multiple customers across different industries and product lines expect all the major brands to have an application that best represents them. These applications are also used to check the products on the go and even to place orders.

Human life has been made much convenient with this small device and varied functionalities it  offers. Mobile devices have become a basic platform for brands to sell their products to the customers present worldwide.The actual trend of mobile app development has been here for so many years. Most of the top brands already own their personalized app either on iOS or android store. But what is the main advantage of having such kind of apps in a competitive market. Certain apps gain more popularity than others in the same genre? The exact picture behind this lies in the quality and uniqueness of the product.

Reason behind B2B branding and mobile apps for project success

According to the statistics report, almost 11% of the employees are using tablets and applications in order to promote their sales, productivity, customer satisfaction and they also gain a competitive advantage. Laptops and desktops have been replaced by mobile phones. For a better device experience technology ensures that users are presented with more  powerful hardware and software. Hence a mobile phone user spends more time on his mobile phone than with his portable laptop. Though both of these devices ie.Mobile phone and laptop are portable in terms of comfort level mobile devices are on the better demand position. Brands can create applications that take advantage of continuously improving battery life, cloud based storage, powerful chipset, faster network, larger screen and better security architecture.


Return on Investment associated with mobile application sometimes outweigh the development cost involved. One of the major advantages associated with some of the mobile applications is that it has minimum or no maintenance costs involved. There is no need for upgradation under certain circumstances. It would be apt to say that the whole world has gone into a small device and if you doesn’t have an app to represent yourself on the platform, it’s hard to survive in the competitive atmosphere.

Advantages of mobile applications
Online marketing

Possessing an individual mobile application for your brand helps both visitors and customers , easy access to your product line from any location.Connectivity is the one basic facility needed.

Social advantage

It goes without saying, that nowadays social networking sites  like facebook, twitter, etc.. have proved to be an engagement to the extent of addiction in some cases. Social networks are the best opportunity  for the marketer to exploit their product as lot are people are spending their maximum time in these networks.

Storage of data

Promotion of brand is not possible without a good database of customers, users and clients. Mobile applications collect maximum amount of information that would not be possible in web platform or application.

Engagement of the customers

Customers loyalty can be easily gained by creating an interactive mobile application. If you have been able to inspire a customer to download the app personalized for your brand, then there will be minimum possibility for them to look over to other alternative brands.

Guide to the customers

Customers always try to search for information, credibility and the reasons to trust a brand. Your application can act as an exact tool to inspire all these elements.At the end of the day, mobile applications make our life more convenient for both customers as well as for the marketer. It is actually a win-win condition.

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UI Patterns Well Suited for Mobile Navigation


Unlimited flexibility and opportunity is given for creative designers in Mobile Navigation designing. While there are numerous ways to design user interface, some of these patterns have found to be user friendly and workable than others. The whole point in coming with the user interface is to make it intuitive and reduce the complexity for the users trying to learn about the interface.

All the needed controls should be familiar as well as it should look unique and customized. Further interface design should also adhere to consistency, when the users have chosen to move on.

Listed below are some of the top picks when it comes to mobile navigation,




In order to take advantage of “touch” in smartphones sliders have been integrated. However ,as a means of navigation they are underused. They are the perfect tools when the total number of elements to browse is relatively small. Along with gesture control these sliders are natural and also fun. Mobile designers use sliders to navigate through progressive and closely linked pages. Sliders are a practical solution that make the design unique at the same time reduces its complexity.


mobile-navigationIf you want to save screen space then pictorial icons are the best option to go for. These pictures are self-explanatory about the link they point to. They can also be used to bring out unique interface design. The uniqueness depends on the arrangement of the icons, style and even the animation of the icon. Eg.Circle map. Pictorial icons can  be integrated with sliders to make the integration feature even more attractive.

Card Grid

Card grid pattern attaches more adaptability and simplicity to the design. Smartphone users always experience that menus are split into grid of buttons, where the user will have to touch/press/ select the relevant card to go to the required page. Eg.Microsoft Lumia screen that integrates a vertical dropper screen to accommodate all the options.

Spinner  Wheel

image05Spinner wheels are just like those in the casino but heavy on the coding part. You can use gesture as well as touch to spin the wheel and choose among multiple options. One big disadvantage is the continual repetition of options. Unlike sliders which have an end, spinner wheel are continuous and engages the user in more fun interaction.


The type of User Interface one chooses depends on the exact balance he/she want to strike between creativity and simplicity. Its always best to find the midpoint as excess of any is damaging.
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Popularity of Ruby On Rails as a Web App Development Solution


Ruby on rails has been higher end of the graph in web app development solution during the last decade. Knowledge of this platform land developers into great jobs, projects and lucrative positions in Ruby on Rails development companies. Many companies right from startup to highly established development company agrees Ruby on Rails is the best  choice compared to Java, Python, etc..


What makes Ruby on Rails popular? Lets have a look at some of the functionalities of the platform,

Highly versatile in nature

term-rubyProgrammers can choose to take an existing class else overwrite the behavior in just five lines of code. Though this seems quite easy, there is a risk involved in each and every task.  Ruby can be used as a ‘language power continuum’ as it does not miss out the features available with newer languages.


Pragmatic approach

369132_258f_5It integrates deep pragmatism into its coding DNA. Ruby has been continuously producing elegant solutions since last decade. Ruby does not have any level of scripting complications. It is often referred to as ‘tent’ by the developers. With app development using Ruby on Rails , its more of an convention than configuration.

Easily understandable

Ruby on Rails is maximum like studying in English. The language semantics gets extended with the DSL of the language. While constructing DSL as an extension is almost risky in other languages. Programmers does not require external parser. Ruby strikes an even balance with DSL. DSL offers good sense and demonstrate self control. The bottom line of programming in Ruby is the inherent use of high quality syntax and smart naming facility.

Community support

previewIn order for the Ruby to stay on the updated condition it is supported by a group of community professionals. In Ruby the sparks are retained, whereas in other languages projects gets simmer as the project progress. It has an excellent set of package manager for languages known as “RubyGems”. Until now it act as a wonderful source for excellent programmers. There is a provoking synergy between the language and the community support.


We always go behind tools that has a good track record while making decisions. Ruby perfectly fits into this criteria. Ruby has established several runtimes and interpreter to make it conductive for programmers.



Compared to its competitors, Ruby on Rails has a good marketing strategy. Even in older days, Ruby’s screen cast was breathtaking and one would totally agree to the point when framework is in question, it’s best to be in the crowd. Ruby on Rails is the perfect choice. Ruby gives a prefect solution for the rapidly changing technological needs. Simultaneously speeds up the development process and saves both money as well as time.

These reasons clearly demonstrates why Ruby on Rails remain popular even after so long.
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Considering MongoDB as an Option for Database


For all the application database is the most important factor that requires more attention. While saying database the first thing that comes to our mind are RDBMS, relational algebra, ER-diagrams,etc.. But the most problematic thing is JOINS associated with all these. If you want to experience a  clear RDBMS functionality, at the same time you want to  rid of all the JOINS ,then MongoDB is the best option.

The entire world is moving towards Nosql , MongoDB has been one of the biggest contributors in this direction.

Lets have a look at the reason behind Nosql in terms of MongoDB,


In MongoDB,storage of all the business data is like those in the real world. You can easily establish a link between your business objects and the database collections and tables.

Lack of JOINS

Most of the database insert/update/Query time is wasted in joins. In present day applications performance is the key factor and joins are the real killers. Mongo has no joins. All the related objects are stored in related format which is almost like a predefined join.

No frequent change of RDBMS table structure



Earlier you might have changed your table structure frequently and ended up fixing issues because of that. It is really a time consuming task. Whereas , MongoDB is schema free. That actually refers, each document(ie.row) in a collection (table) can have different structures. So in conditions where things are extremely agile like startup/college project/proof of concept project, MongoDB is the preferred one.

No paid service

MongoDB is available  as an open source environment. So you need not worry about the cost and complexities of deploying it. There are many cloud providers like AmazonEC2,RedHat, VMware, etc..

Good driver support

MongoDB offers best driver support. Native drivers like Java, ruby, c++, python, etc..are already available.

Visible performance

MongoDB has proven track record. It is used in companies like FourSquare, SourceForge, GitHub, etc..

Community support



It has good community support. The required functionality is offered by 10gen.

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Mobile Application Development-Reasons to prefer India?


India is the home to many big industries and wealthy business man.Around mid of 2007 , Tata  India’s big conglomerate launched a bid on Corus steel, the company which was four times bigger than its size. Tata group a very successful business entity in India was dared to take a big leap which no other big industries hesitated to do .

An year later they took over two  iconic but struggling automotive giant in Jaguar and Land Rover and brought it back to its glory.

The Tata deal set the milestone for India’s influence in Global Economy.It also inspired millions of young enterpreneurs to imagine big.

Currently the company’s growth is valuing around $15 billion. The inspiration from Flipkart would fuel the rise of Indian start-ups with funding from foreign investors on a large scale. It clearly shows India’s adaptability and marketability to dynamic market forces. It also shows how varied Indian culture nurtured intelligent businessmen.

Flipkart logo




Businessmen of India are well known for their tremendous work ethic, commitment towards work and above all integrity.This is the main reason India started a break away from rest of Asia. A group of well educated Indian people gathered ideals of innovation, creativity and willingness to take risks. They are highly skilled in Engineering and Management which aids the view of a globalized world.

The main theme “Success can be achieved by hardwork, dedication ,ability to adapt to changes and knowledge of innovation and creativity” was proved by two giants Flipkart and Tata.

Such ingenuity mean that India would overcome the financial crisis of 2008 and become a destination for foreign investment. In the first quarter of the year 2015, India surpassed India and China as the biggest global destination in the world gaining investments around $31 billion.

Indian economy well adapt to global market demands. To meet the global standards of excellence, they look through new opportunities in new technologies and business process. This has seen a seamless shift of business from software development to mobile application development in the recent years.

In India, nearly 300,000 highly skilled software engineers address huge demand for mobile application development. At the end of 2015, India  market would reach a revenue of $100 billion in the app development.

Additionally, Indian companies are not confined to only application development they tend to focus on “Internet of things” and wearable devices. By next few years Indian “IOT” would grow by 28%. With the boom in the market for wearable devices the market would experience a hike of around 40.8% by the year 2018.

Indian economy serves future technologies, innovation in software development and revolutionising business process has a lot of positive heading into the future.

Boosted by workforce and guided by skilled capitalists , it has capabilities of meeting the global economy.

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Setting up SVN Environment & maintaining multiple instances , managing configuration properties in Hybris


One of the crucial aspect is maintaining the version system for any project. In terms of development Hybris projects have the same life cycle like other projects. Different environments like SIT, UAT, etc.. have to be maintained. Providing a local development environment is equally important.

It is not always advisable to put everything in SVN ,as the size of  OOB Hybrid is huge.Hybris development environment keeps on improvising everyday thus reducing the effort of its developers.

The best practices to version Hybris projects are as follows,

  1. While versioning the software use only customized extensions put inside a custom folder.
  2. Pass, local.extensions to the developers.
  3. Maintain a copy of, local.extensions on the local servers like SIT, UAT, etc..
  4. Hybris software is wrapped around custom folder on each  environment.
  5. Media folder can either be maintained locally or can be stored in an SVN
  6. Production environment is normally connected to SVN. Rather local copy is taken from SVN and deployed using Bamboo,etc..
Running Multiple Hybris in one machine

Basically Hybris is shipped with a bundled tomcat.

How  to run multiple tomcat in one machine?

Till the maximum size of the memory ,we can run as many instance of hybris. We need to make sure that each version of Hybris uses its own ports.

Make the below ports unique for each instance

Sample code:






Hybris Configuration

The problem is how to manage configuration for multiple instances.

The approach is to use apache tomcat to create specific environment variable. This approach  copies files from one common file to environment specific file and merge them together to create complete

Follow the below steps for configuration,

  1. Create a folder inside Hybris config directory.
  2. Place properties in each one of the local files as per environment related variables. The property that has same value across environment will go to common local property file.
  3. Create a build.xml file inside config project.
  4. Now we will create an environment specific property file.
  5. Run the file and pass the environment name.

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Parameters of Hybris Mobile and Desktop Site


Most people face problems on setting  mobile site and understanding parameters that control the switching of Desktop and Mobile site. Also, how does responsiveness of the site differ in both Desktop and Mobile site?

Now let us have a look at the differences in terms of technical aspects that differentiates both Desktop and Mobile site.

In terms of User Interface

Basically both Desktop and Mobile site differs in terms of the UI. UI is controlled by languages such as HTML,CSS,JavaScript, etc..

But the backend code remains almost the same for both Desktop and Mobile site.

Additionally , UI defined using Hybris WCMS ,need to define different page templates , Content slot, ContentPage, ProductPage and the corresponding relationship between them for both Mobile and Desktop site.

In terms of Java Code

First we need to detect the devices from which the request is arising, in order to set the Ui Experience level on par with the device.

This is carried out using an interceptor ie.Device Detection Before Controller Handler using class Default Device Detection Facade and more specifically in Spring Device Request Device Data Populator.

Once device detection ends, the detected device must be mapped to UI Experience level (,tablet,desktop,etc..) in class DeviceDataUI ExperienceLevelPopulator.

After this the detected UiExperienceLevel is compared with the supported Ui Experience Level and if there is an appropriate match the detected Ui Experience Level is set to this value.

Switching of Mobile and Desktop site

Ui experience level is configured in the properties file by setting the property “uiexperience.level.supported”.

The value “uiexperience.level.supported”  should be specified in the correct format using Comma separated Camel cases names like Mobile, Desktop , or Desktop ,Mobile for the functionality to work correctly.

There is also an additional interceptor , SetUiExperienceBeforeControllerHandler called before the request reaches the controller. This usually checks for the parameters like “uiel” (like?uiel=Mobile) in the request and if  set, its value is used to override all the previous UiExperienceLevel.

The corresponding CSS, JS and images are set based on the Ui Experience Level and we see either Desktop or Mobile site.


responsiveWhen the website has been designed for responsive design then the site parameters gets adjusted according to the device type, this is done because responsive JS is used.

Hybris eliminated the need for Desktop and Mobile site by making the Desktop site responsive according to the request made.

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Why choose Hybris for online shopping portals


Over the last few years we are taking a bend, by jumping into lot of eCommerce websites that allow shopping by following a Business to Consumer(B2C) or Business to Business(B2B).

B2C is suitable for people who sell apparels,electronics, furniture, individuals for personal use.

Whereas , B2B portals sell infrastructure materials like cement, bricks, automotive parts to other companies or portals.

Do you own as eCommerce store and want to shift into a more customized platform then hybris is the best choice to move on.

Why Hybris?

Of all the platforms available why do you specifically want to choose Hybris?

Hybris is an eCommerce platform that offers functionalities for both B2B as well as B2C online shopping stores. Hybris is the most preferable platform among the European market. Around 2500 customers are using Hybris for their online business.

Hybris requires all the login credentials and license to be accessed. It is an ideal solution for companies who need long term solutions for their online store. Based on the services preferred the cost of standard licenses could cost around $50,000 per year.

Listed below are some of the features of Hybris which make it the best platform for online business.

Features of Hybris
High performance

Because of the provision of high merchandising options, products are displayed without being over looked. This eases the customers effort in searching and increases the need for buying.

Ability to search

Advanced alternative search options are provided. This enables the users to look out their choices based on region, category, price and more..


Hybris is a highly customizable eCommerce store across numerous channels that provide multiple functionalities. Additionally certain components like Hybrisn eCommerce accelerator help  penetrate the market within a fraction of seconds.

High scalability

Whenever needed huge voluminous data can be added to the store at any point of time. This helps the sellers to add the products that best suits the current trend in the market whenever needed.


Multiple storefronts can sell their products on a single server/platform. Also ,integrated payment sections are also available.

User interface

Effective navigation is offered in Hybris. This reduces the probability of users entering a labyrinth and gets confused over thousands of featured products.

Hybris development team at Veltrod

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Is Hybris the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To eCommerce?


There is a huge mess all around the internet regarding hybris, whether it is the best suitable platform for eCommerce?

Experts from different technical background have different set of opinion about this subject.

Hybris is a one step eCommerce solution for SMEs , manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers who want to acquire customers empowered with digital connect.

Lets have a look at various features of hybris which makes it the most preferred platform among its competitors

Pervasive channel support

Customers can be directed to the website, based on their friends recommendations on social media like facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc..When customers access the website using search engines like Google, Yahoo they cone to know about various services offered by the eCommerce store.

Access to customer data

The advantage of using hybris as an eCommerce solution is that data from all possible sources like facebook, twitter , etc.. are registered through the omni-channel support for business. Better presentation to meet the customers needs can be provided as all the data related to the customer gets stored in real time.

Agile solution

By providing agile and robust  eCommerce solution ,hybris maintains the sustainability of the business. Focusing the resources individually on every channel increases the cost of operation exponentially. However , because of synchronizing with omni-channel  model provides support for existing as well as emerging touch points and reduces the cost of deployment.

Effective communication

When customers are presented with services as per their requirements such as accurate information on the products specification, usage, reviews, pricing,inventory details, order status, etc.., the brand recall gets increased.

Increase in sales

The probability to reach the customer is higher in sellers using multichannel eCommerce solution, than those who rely on single or limited eCommerce channel. You are visible to the customers no matter which device, a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC they are using.

Better engagement with the customers

Having access to customers data , helps us to understand the needs of the customer. This helps in stock management, leveraging on knowledge and preferences. Customers can form communities based on their interests and can experience digital presentation based on their preferences.

Intuitive inventory management

Hybris helps in better inventory management. In case of higher demand from multiple channels , products from your store can be allocated. It helps in multi channel interaction among the customers who usually buys their product using a single channel.


To prevent slow loading of websites upstream caching of pages in the application are provided. The cached pages gets stored in the database. Moreover , lot of integration features are provided in hybris.

Hybris for business

Whether you are a manufacturer , a supplier, owner of a small or medium enterprise hybris has got a solution to meet the business needs. A cost effective solution that maximizes the digital presence. Optimize your CRM with industry’s best hybris and grow your business.

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