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Role Played by Social Media Networking Apps in Today’s World

These days, social networking is playing a very important role in the modern business world as it allows people to connect and update essential information. Its endless features and powerful functionalities make it extremely easy for businesses to stay connected with their clients, customers and other important persons of their business.

We all know that there are lots of social networking websites that are gaining tremendous attention of the people worldwide. Currently, these are sites are the exclusive medium of interacting with any person. No matter whether he/she is your friend, overseas family member, customer, client or business partner, social networking sites have made it easy to connect with them anytime and anywhere. The reason of interacting with people like customers, visitors and other business partners could be anything like sharing information, generating awareness about your products and services, brand promotion and more.

With the best results of sharing and promotion, there are lots of businesses, who started opting for social networking applications as these types of apps are gaining huge values at different website development service to make useful for distinct users. Currently, there are plenty of social networking sites, including Social Networking, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Instagram, MySapce, etc. that helps businesses to attract lots of new visitors.

So, businesses can go with best social networking apps as these apps not only keep the user updated about the latest information, but such apps also consider the value of offering immediate information for successful communication on the go.

Before, we discuss more about its importance; let’s have a look on some quick facts about the role of social networking in the business world:

More than 94% of all businesses with a marketing department are using social networking apps as part of their marketing platform. Approximately 60% of marketers are dedicated to the corresponding of a full workday to social media marketing development and maintenance. Today, over 43% of people of aged 20-29 are spending more than 10 hours a week on social networking sites.


So, having social networking apps for your business is extremely important as such apps also provide plenty of benefits that are listed below:


We all know that branding is an essential part of any business, products and services. It is only possible when you get huge audience for your products and services. Today, social networking is one of the best means for you to gain multiple users and audiences. By opting for social networking app development, one can get hold to all these users to engage into their services and boosting a brand image of their products.

Creating More Potential Clients

You can also generate more prospective clients towards your business, once you are successful in attaining the brand image. It can boost the revenues. Currently, there are more than 600 active users on social networking; the app boosts your exponential growth rate. Moreover, it also brings a wonderful opportunity to interact with more and more customers.

Boosting Revenues

Through social networking marketing and promotion, one can get lots of potential customers at their site, and he/she can then into their regular clients. As a result, it can boost the revenue of your business. Along with monetary advantage, one can earn brand reputation at extensive scales. In short, social networking apps are becoming necessary for every businessman as he can expand their business worldwide and acquire lots of other advantages that are not listed above.

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8 Effective Social Media Marketing Resources

Well, there are a lot of people who are looking forward to enlarge their knowledge of this ever-changing ecosystem.

For all the newbies and social media users, various social media marketing resources are obtainable that can help in expanding knowledge of this ever-changing scenario.

Here, you can find 13 social media marketing resources that are mainly designed to boost your social media plea and make sure that you get the most followers, fans and satires for your efforts.


Quora’s Social Media Marketing Forum: A nifty question-and-answer website ‘Quora’ enables users to develop, answer and edit questions on different topics. Today, Quora’s well-known forum is Social Media Marketing that features questions and answers on this hot topic. In short, we can say that it is the best source for knowledge, so businesses can make use of this resource and get a lot of benefits.

Piktochart: Now, making the popular and utility infographics becomes a lot easier as these are considered as a wonderful way through other websites to link back to your material. This website can help you to enhance your search engine page rankings. However, Pikochart is an affordable option for developing infographics using the pre-defined templates. As compare to other options, Pikochart is an excellent choice for all those people, who are looking to enhance their share-ability and offer an excellent source of back-links to your website.

Hubspot: Hubspot is your marketing resource hub that is a great source for all the marketing tools, webinars, ebooks and templates you need to learn, do, or reference for your marketing. It is a home of Mike Volpe and Dan Zarella. Being a frequent distribution of social media data and webinars, this website has a good blog that you should not miss. Remember that they are an Internet marketing company and have an agenda, so make use of this social media marketing resource and never miss great articles.

Razor Social: Now, you can sharp insights on social media tools and technology as Razor Social is a fantastic option in terms of applicable social media marketing blogs to follow. However, most of the posts are written by Ian Clearly, the founder of RazorSocial. This high-end social media marketing resource gives a lot of recommendations for boosting the number of blog comments as you should make it easy yet simple to comment. You should also remember to link back to a commenter’s blog post and make sure that you have multiple comment options.

PostAcumen: PostAcumen is an acute Facebook Analytics as it is an excellent tool that especially designed for Facebook. Being a more than an analytics dashboard, PostAcumen offers you with actionable information on tasks that you can easily perform to enhance page visibility. PostAcumen provides a lot of tips like types of content to post, what types of images work best and why and competitor/other brand’s post analysis.

Jon Loomer Digital: Are you interested in coaching or training courses on social media marketing? If yes, you should book a session with Jon Loomer, a self-professed “computer nerd” as he is in the social media industry since beginnings. However, Loomer ran the leagure’s first-ever Facebook group as a blogger and community manager for Moreover, he also helps with brand awareness, conversion, revenue with more than Five years’ of Facebook experience from a business point of view.

LeadPages: We all know that developing high-conversion landing pages for your business’ website can be a quite daunting task. You can see that in their introduction video, LeadPages explained their “95% – 5%” rule that shows how 5% of revenue and conversions come from 5% of your site’s pages. This resource is looking for facilitating the creation of those “5% pages”. Moreover, it also makes landing pages simple to set-up, enabling users to bypass developers and designers. So, you can make use of LeadPages that is Internet’s easier next generation and lead generation platform.

Viewbix: Viewbix helps you to drive leads from your videos as it is based across customizing video players – one can add opt-in email subscription forms at the beginning, middle or end of the video. For common videos, it also generates extra functionality. Moreover, Viewbix makes it easy for you to personalize and increase default video players and capture and convert leads. You can also examine the efficiency of videos with analytics and create email forms and videos as well. So, these are the top social media marketing resources that can help businesses and other people to boost their knowledge in this ever-changing ecosystem. Newbies and social media mavens can get huge help from these resources.

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Personalization of E-commerce Product: A Fad or A Long Term Strategy

It’s no more about keeping or gifting the personalized products as a show pieces in drawing rooms of the home. Personalization of prodauct has come a long way from there. And ecommerce surely has a great role to play in its fame.

People nowadays, are getting more confident about buying online now than ever before as ecommerce businesses go that extra mile to win the trust of people. One of these steps taken is this direction has surely been this trend of personalization of products.


First of all, Why Personalization?

To understand the reason behind the success of personalized products we need to look into the psychology of the consumer’s regarding these products. People nowadays have this thing of owning belongings that clearly say it’s theirs.

Consumers tend to love what belongs to them in the true sense and therefore are welcoming and accepting personalized products with open arms. On the part of the seller, it helps build customer loyalty and customer engagement with the brand and also helps them generate more revenue but charging extra for personalized products.

How the trends has changed over the years?

Earlier it was restricted to a few gift related or marketing products which were to be printed at traditional printers on orders. The designs were more or less limited to the default ones that the printer(s) had to offer. But that is changing now. Ecommerce stores are adopting it increasingly to increase their customer’s loyalty and relationship with the brand. People are embracing it more than ever before.

A product with their name or any other personalization is preferred more than the same products without any customization. The affordability of these products has also increased which answers for the popularity of customized goods in spite of being more expensive than the same product without their stamp on it.

What all is being personalized?

As stated, it’s no more limited to coffee mugs and t-shirts, something we all can instantly relate to personalized products. Now, from a bar of chocolate to high-end cars, everything is being personalized. Lately, popular brands like Nutella are also keen on offering personalized jars to its fans and it’s already creating a hullabaloo in the market. Cadbury had been an old player here which embraced the concept pretty earlier.

Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and others are also plunging into the market with great enthusiasm. All kind of brands be it selling kitchen wares, personal grooming products, apparels, or eatables, everyone is prepared or planning to launch their customized segment in the market.

Is there any reason regarding the advancement of technology?

To a large extent, yes. Personalization reached this stage of popularity because of the easy availability of product designer software available in the market. And for those using popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, it’s even easier as you just need to install a good product designer extension and you are all set! When technology becomes more commonplace, it’s gets adopted more, provided there is enough demand in the market.

And when it comes to personalized products, there is huge demand in the market. So today, if you have an ecommerce store and you have a process in place for printing, getting the online technology to allow your customers to customize products online, isn’t difficult anymore.

It’s Here to Stay

Any trend that has the potential for being profitable for businesses can be a temporary fad and will be part of their business strategy. Not all ecommerce business can adopt product personalization but as technology becomes more and more accessible and cheaper, many will. And competitors will follow suit.


Digitization is going to stay and so is the demand for personalized products. It’s certainly not a fad as consumers’ psychology with personalized goods will remain the same more or less. Moreover, the trend is still to witness its peak so it would be wrong to say it’s just a fad. Consumers are not going to get bored of these products any time soon.

In fact, personalization is still spreading over to arenas it is still far from. More and more brands and companies are looking forward to adopt it and most will do it really soon. It’s not only about changing a few aspects of the product but rather forming a more personal and emotional relationship with the customer, which is not a short term trend but something that comes with long term benefits.

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How To get Your App Downloads Instantly

A person who develops the application sometimes feels disillusioned when his application does not receive a good response, with less number of downloads. It’s just like a heartbreaking, because a lot of time and efforts is required in making the application and then finally releasing it. Apart from this, it also decreases the self confidence of the developer, who came to know that their application is flawless.

But the developer always try to make changes in the application by putting all their efforts but results did not come.

After getting disheartened, the developer tries to marketing his application by sharing his application related posts on the social media channels. Still only the marginal improvement comes.



The steps that the developer takes for popularizing their app:

Properly mentioning the App description:- 

 One of the main and essential is to clearly describe out the use and features of application, because If you can’t tell your audience clearly, what your app is all about, then you have already lost half the battle. A detailed and crisp description of you app is very essential, for popularizing. Here are the steps which should be keep in mind about the Description to be mentioned:by providing description of the application in different type of languages like the Japanese, Chinese, Spanish etc will help to cross the geographical boundaries. Doing this is not more difficult even the Google translator can do it.

Description with Keywords:- Providing the keywords in the description plays a very important role, the keyword which best and clearly defines your app should be repeated 5 to 6 times. For instance, if your app is called “Smart video downloader”, then your description should repeat the words “smart”, “Video” and “downloader”. But make sure that repeating does not cause your description to become nonsensical.

Description should include permissions:- Before any user download the application, make sure you list out the permissions upon installing the application the phone. Nobody reads it, but why not be honest in the first place.

Opt for CPI

There are lots of competitors in the market with respect to the applications. The search results on both, the Google play and the App store only list out the top 50 applications. So naturally every app developer will try to come in top 50 spots. For this it’s better to hire an CPI for advertiser to start the campaign for app installation. The developer has to pay some percentage of every install to the advertiser. It might be little bit costly but you should invest for a long term gains and this will also help you to come in top 50 spots.


Screenshots of your app

The Screenshots is the first thing that any user see before downloading the application on their phone. You have to make sure that the screenshots are clear, sharp and looks amazing. Take multiple screenshots at different instances of the app to display as many pages of the app as possible.

Create a video of the application

Sometimes videos play a very great role for applications. If you also think that videos play wonderful role, then you should look for an advertising agency which is specialized in video making or can simply go for free lancer. You have to make sure that the video has a clear sound and can briefly describe the function ad features of the application.


These are the best strategies for getting the instant downloads of the application. So, make sure to hire the best agency for the same.

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

With more number of e-commerce websites which is increasing on each day and due to this customers are facing challenges. For a retailer, it is the ‘competition’ and for consumers it is the ‘confusion’. Online website owners now have high competition rate where are customers are finding difficult in finding the best online store. Now there are many techniques which increase the traffic on site.



Make an Attractive Store By Fulfilling Your Objectives

An attractive website describes that is so engaging, interesting and understandable. To generate more traffic on site the content and features should be clearly visible. Make sure whether the objective or motto on which your site is simply built, is utterly mentioned on your site. It is not required that you got to waste bucks on hiring expensive graphic designing and flash animation. The only thing to fall important is, your site needs to focus your objectives in an attractive and understandable manner.

Advertising, Promotion & SEO

There are many techniques which increases the traffic on the site and one of them is SEO and advertising methodologies. Make it easy for your customers to find your store through search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are the best to get more traffic on website. You can blindly rely on the basic SEO techniques like article marketing, press release marketing, blogs, adword analysis and so forth, you can easily bring your stores on the top listings of Google and other search engines. There are many low cost strategies for SEO.

Social Media

Social media channels plays a very important role these days without it’s involvement nothing can be possible. Social media plays a great role in driving traffic to the E-commerce website. Some of the main social media channels are:

The first and foremost social media giant to crawl websites on search engines. One way to benefit with Facebook kinda marketing is, you can keep a calender on your store’s Facebook page, which displays all your upcoming events. All you got to do is, keep updating regularly about your site on your Facebook page.

Twitter – another important social network to drive attention to your sites. Twitter updates are famous all over and when you have new announcement on your product or service, let your twitter followers know about it. The only thing you got to be conscious is, never sell your products directly via twitter.

blogs also play a very great role in promoting the traffic of the E-commerce website. Most of the online stores will be having individual blog directories on their sites. You could write blog posts on various topics falling under your category name and employ options to allow viewers comment and share those posts via various social media channels like facebook, twitter, stumble upon and so forth. Give them the option to like and share our blog on the different social media networks, so that they get shared on their profiles, which will be viewed by their friends and thereby drive traffic to your site                                                                                                                                                                    main-qimg-8e3848110d9fbb9918188327f16511c2


Reviews on your products from various users prove to be so valuable service to drive traffic to your online store. There are mainly two types of reviews any product which would receive that is either the positive or the negative. This is where most retailers commit their mistake. They just show up their product’s positive reviews and hide those negative reviews. Remember that reviews and ratings play a major part in increasing conversion rates.


Social media and blogging plays a great role in getting traffic on the E-commerce site. So, make sure to hire the best agency for the same.

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Content Marketing A king for SEO Strategies

It’s the time when all the client wants is the successful SEO with keyword stuffed titles and other essential techniques that Google has these days. The major thing is that people is still utilizing their lots of efforts to make their page come in the first page of Google and too attract the organic traffic. And, the content is the element that is generally avoided by the people. There is an important thing that need to understand that content marketing is a key element of any strategy for enhancing the business online.

There is no point to deny that marketing of the content plays a very major role in contributing the strategies of SEO that enhanced the business. The content marketing not only improves the SEO but also build and gain traffic on the website and also comes in top search engine results be it any search engine. The marketing of content includes lots of factors such as eBook, blogging, videos and many more. So, the point is that content carried a streamlined manner that will significantly boosted the strategies of SEO.




Numerous ways in which good content marketing efforts helps in strengthening the businesses’ SEO tactics:

Taking Care of Word Count: One of the most important point that needs to be keep in mind about the content is word count. Be it either a short content or a long one, both of them is in tend to attract the different sorts of people. Words count also plays a very great role. So, make sure that the word limit is great and the content is crisp and to the point.

Content Marketing Goes Hand In Hand with Inbound Links:If you want to build the successful SEO of your business using the different techniques of content marketing, make sure you have a sufficient share of inbound links. It goes like thumb rule to ensure that prominent website of your niche comprises links to your URL, which will consequently result into traffic influx on your website. When your website link will travel through some good quality websites, it will not only boost the traffic rate but will only make an immense improvement in search engine rankings. This helps to make good impression on Google that your website is informative enough to be placed among top results.


Continuous Blogging: Blogging is one of the best ways that ensure the progressing of content marketing. All the blog needs to be is crisp and informative which makes people engaged. Many of the business owners don’t realize it but blogging bring a definite hike in your traffic, which affects the probability of enhanced conversion rates. 



Content is the kind for SEO and many other strategies. So, make sure to hire the best agency for the same.

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How to increase traffic to shopping portal?

“182 million and counting! That is the quantity of clients who have joined the online networking populace in 2015. 48% of that populace have looked for their most loved items through online medium.”

Social offering is not the following development in e-trade but rather the present pattern that has as of now begun making swells all over. All things considered, here are some well known channels where social offering has mammoth potential outcomes.

Start Selling at These Social Networking Sites:

1.Facebook store – Taking over the world, one client at once

Facebook store is an application that helps clients to make a completely modified store for their items with negligible steps. The store likewise offers a lot of offices such as shrewd examination for following clients, reward group with rebates, connecting with occasions, and so forth.

                                                                   images (1)

2.Pinterest store – Pin your top picks, purchase them later

By, more than 70% of Pinterest clients visit the site to get motivation for their next shopping. To misuse the point of interest Pinterest revealed the element to purchase items posted in its site in November 2015 with more than 60,000 buyable pins.

The endless stream of pictures of which some of them can be purchased for genuine is essentially an incredible method for social offering.

                                                                        images (2)

3.Tumblr – Stumble over some splendid fine art available to be purchased

Tumblr is a goldmine for staggering pictures, as of not long ago some of them were accessible for buy as well. Additionally, a study by comScore uncovered that half of Tumblr clients are millennials. That makes it a flourishing business sector with tremendous potential. Regardless of the possibility that your business is not focusing on millennials it is still conceivable to increase noteworthy favorable position from Tumblr since it gets ordered in web search tools, is more portable neighborly and is well known in the midst of bloggers.


4.Instagram – Creating moment shopping drive through stores

Instagram is an incredible spot to share pictures and offer items. Venders can make their own particular remarkable character, depict their items in great light utilizing sift and reach through to proposed client portions through utilization of hashtags. There is likewise the likelihood of collaborating with famous people and influencers to help the span to a bigger populace.

                                                            images (3)

Help Your Clothing Business Sales utilizing Social Commerce

Attire business, or for the matter any business now has the easy method for building their business volumes through social trade. After ecommerce and versatile trade, social business is good to go to be the following distinct advantage in the computerized group. Here is the manner by which you’re dress business can acquire deals volumes through social trade.

Make a feeling of criticalness

Purchase it now! Constrained Stocks as it were! A day ago rebate deal! What do you feel when you read these call to activities? You have to settle on a choice without further ado or pass up a great opportunity for an awesome offer. That is the way driving social business sites guarantee their money counters continue ticking throughout the entire year. Use comparative call to activities or if necessary the same ones to make clients purchase from your store quickly.

Give tips about most recent design patterns and connection it to your garments offerings

Confounded clients lead to most shopping basket abandonments. On the off chance that a social business will offer its clients some assistance with picking the best dress match for their physical qualities and individual preferences, odds are that they will continue returning for additional. From sizes to hues or even advisers for most recent style patterns may chop down the shopping basket surrender rates.

Make a steady interface with clients

Right from login to checkout, give your clients a chance to stay associated with the brand socially. Likewise, guarantee that the social profile is kept with clamoring with action with steady sustains in regards to most recent item discharges, upgrades, and such pertinent news. It is likewise important to make clients feel acknowledged and esteemed by the brand through answers to their remarks, being liberal with “preferences” or taking after profiles consequently, labeling them in social posts et cetera.

Area based showcasing

SoLoMo (Social, Local and Mobile) has given another measurement to online networking promoting. With the coming of BLE innovation, it is simple for brands to effortlessly take advantage of client gatherings who are situated in close vicinity to their store areas. Your dress business additionally effortlessly contact clients in its close region through area based promoting.

Ask all, take one – social visit before settling on a purchasing choice

Give clients the office to visit with their companions around an item and its different assortments to offer them some assistance with taking a superior choice. It is important that some e-trade destinations have officially coordinated visit interfaces with item correlations with offer clients some assistance with taking a superior choice.

                                                                           download (1)

Give them motivation to purchase

Because of web now shopping has particular season. Individuals look for treats at whatever time, anyplace and at whatever point they like. Everything they need is a straightforward reason. Give them a plain reason and clients will run into your online material store effectively. Say for case: “Dispatch of the selective brilliance dark gathering.” “Beat monday soul with Indigo blue accumulation.”

* Step by step instructions to Optimize Your Clothing Social Commerce Store to Perfection

Since you recognize what should be done to showcase your social business site, here is the means by which you improve it for most extreme scope.

1.Use visual substance

eMarketer, in a study affirmed that 87% of the Facebook content shared worldwide was pictures. Another exploration by Media Blog found that retweets expanded by 35% when a picture URL was added to the tweet. An apparel business, should consequently, show its items in an outwardly alluring way to increase most extreme influence from online networking.

2.Utilize light foundations for pictures

Energetic hues can be better refreshing in lighter foundations. Observe online stores of Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Prada, and so forth. They all utilization lighter foundations where the garments shading can be acknowledged completely with no diversions. Differentiating foundations or live areas might likewise be utilized given they don’t cut down the shading thickness of the attire being sold.

                                                                    images (4)

3.Use positive audits for building notoriety

Audits can represent the moment of truth the notoriety of a business. In an online networking ruled business environment, it is essential for a business to exploit the positive surveys it’s clients has given. Social supports from clients are much more capable than an undeniable direct promoting exertion.

4.Use hashtags to drive in more activity

Brands that have deciphered the hashtag code are breaking deals records. Hashtags is incredibly the most ideal approach to open your store to social clients who are posting or looking presents related on their inquiries. Retailers like Amazon, Adidas and eBay attached up with Twitter to advertise their offerings utilizing hashtags like #buy, #win, #AmazonCart, #@MyAmazon, and so forth. These twitter posts brought about transformation rates touching as high as 56% amid top focuses.

5.Use CTAs to drive natural movement

Use vital CTAs (Call-to-activities) to get the most out of your online networking enhancement endeavors. Embed applicable CTAs on your Facebook Page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest account, Instagram handle, to urge clients to establish an activity quickly.

6.Pay Per Click – A Quick and Efficient Way to Magnify Social Commerce

Remember those ‘recommended posts’ and ‘You might like this” sort of posts that appear uninvitedly in your newsfeed? They are all PPC battles.

* PPC develops client base and interfaces with searchers who are looking items or administrations that are important to your offerings. Likewise, PPC has ended up being a solid route in getting forthcoming purchasers who may very well find and purchase what they require from your social business site.

                                                                   images (5)

* Much to the promoter’s pleasure, PPC gives higher RoI on the publicizing spend. Taken a toll for every transformations are constantly prudent and the information reported is additionally exceptionally solid. Long range informal communication sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are well known for their high lead yielding PPC crusades.

* Social trade has arrived. In the coming days, the world will be more social about its purchasing hobbies and assessments. Give your web apparel a chance to store not pass up a major opportunity for the social tide that was washing over the globe.

* Set up a consistent social vicinity, make a client agreeable interface for shopping and make utilization of PPC to increase all the influence your store can in social circles.

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Digital Transformation -Social , Mobile,Analysis, and Cloud

SMAC is a term that is gaining much popularity in digital business industry during the recent times. SMAC is considered to be the future technology where industries will depend upon to leverage their business ideas, expand to new horizons and still improving on the quality of services and deliverables. Lets us see a brief outline of SMAC.

What is SMAC?

smacIt is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud services. Considering the influence these services are having and going to have on the digital world, each of these separate services have been bonded together into one single package. Companies will have to adapt to this new technology platform as a package as it churns out the maximum benefit only when used together. In order for the organizations to meet the needs of the end users as well as to improve satisfaction of the customers these technology has to be adopted as an essential part of the organization.


The drastic increase in the dependency of mobile phones is the major reason for the evolution of SMAC as a business ecosystem. We depend on digital medium for performing our day to day tasks. This increased the need for the business owners to uplift the conventional way of service providing, product offering , customer engagement and branding. In order to adapt to this transformation businesses will have to master each and every single area of the SMAC group. Now, let us have a look at every single area of SMAC for better significance.

Business challenges addressed
Customer management

CMOSocial media has become an integral part for customer management and branding. Even though the impact these social media platforms have on individual may be different, the use of it as a resourceful medium to locate potential customers, building brand value and reputation is tremendous. Social reputation is a major factor for the companies right from startup to multinational companies. When seen from a wider perspective business owners can connect to existing as well as new customers and can improve brand reputation. This helps in collecting genuine feedback about the services they offer.


smac-social-mobile-analytics-cloud-1-638Mobile phones are the most sought after way for accessing web. With the evolution of more and more smart phones , it is mobile industry that is going to eat up web by increasing the demand for them to shrink the webpages to palm size. Since laptops and personal computers are not the only way to access the internet it is unimaginable to reach out larger audience without a smartphone.

Mobile phones are the powerful medium to connect to people, as it accompanies people everywhere, right from a private room to a workplace. In future devices like Google glass and smart watches are finding their way to break into day to day scenarios. Hence future concepts like BYOD, internet of things, etc..will become an essential part of workplace and in business as well.

According to the recent statistics , almost 78% of the mobile searches resulted in purchase. Based on the client base , business applications have to choose between being naive or hybrid that is going to serve their purpose.


Analytics helps in rebuilding business strategy and is futuristic. To redefining the strategies as well as to plan ahead for the future the collected data or information plays a major role. Through the use of analytics business organizations would be able to target the right people and carter to the needs of the customer.


imagesCloud services are used not only for reducing the cost as well to provide better scalability and productivity. IT infrastructures consumers a lot of capital. Web hosting services both web as well as mobile demand more time, technical resources and concentration to keep them available 24/7. Cloud services not only reduces the cost as well as solve the security complexities. For small businesses to enhance productivity at the same time to cut down the cost cloud will be a better option.

Influence of SMAC in the Enterprise

Transformation-to-Digital-businessThe investment strategies of service vendors as well as services will be greatly influenced by SMAC. SMAC offers a wide range of advantages for IT vendors such as operational efficiency, better customer retention, budget optimization, customer reach etc..

To streamline the workflow in such structures virtual office setup and remote monitoring will be useful. Major improvisation will be seen in market analysis and audience profiling. Right from surveying till extracting user’s feedback, input that flow through it will be more accurate. Managing all these data will be easy in cloud and it also helps in analyzing as well to summarizing  data in a better way. These conveniences will help in coming up with clever marketing strategies that enforces users to perform actions that are envisioned by the strategies.

SMAC will provide the upstarts, small and medium business enterprises a chance to challenge the big players and set up an open competition in IT industry. For customized mobile application development using the industry best methods and practices contact us on

Major Mobile Technology Trends in 2016


One single factor that achieves a constant evolution within a minimum span would be mobile technology. It is the one that constantly changes and stands in the sands of time. But this technology would be good depending on the application that performs on it. In Asia, there is a boom in mobile technology because of the growing market in mobile technology. Today, the average mobile users in India has grown by 31% leading to the hike in mobile development companies in India. There has been a steady growth in terms of mobile application developers. Now lets have a look at some of the top mobile technology trends that is going to rule 2016,

Completely Mobile

images1The entire world, let alone India is going mobile. Each and every people prefer their experiences on the go and smartphone helps in achieving it. Smartphones have become a necessity for all with its wider range of availability and accessibility. This increases the need for mobile application developers in creating large volume of mobile apps. This certainly increases the productivity of the business organization. Recent survey revealed that out of 375 million internet users, 303 million were mobile internet users. The evolution of internet facilities increases the usage of mobile phones.

Improvement in eCommerce

4541911575_212x143As of 2015, it has been reported that 54% of the mobile users make use of eCommerce applications for better shopping experience. The idea of shopping has seen a rapid change these days. It will be no longer feasible for someone to visit a store physically for buying when everything have become online. Mobile applications helps the customer in purchasing their desirable product virtually. This has seen a huge market since many retailers have joined the eCommerce store nowadays.

Payment on the go

logo-5Mobile technology today allows bills and payments to be made on the go. And to think there was a point where one had to walk to an office, stand in line to pay a phone bill. Nowadays, everything works better with mobile. The trend has also seen a rise in India as mobile application developers enhances the user experience to make the process much more simpler and easier.

Wearable technology

apple-watch-iphone-mobile-app-development-companyWhat’s better than carrying a mobile phone in your pocket? How about the fact that you can actually wear it?

There has been a steady rise in wearable technology on the eastern side as well on the west.The technologies like Apple watch increases the demand for  more creative applications. This new technology has been a hit since its introduction and is waiting for some additional factors to boost it further.


670c5a3e5521d2c010d560de8b49ce7aThe need for storage on the go has been a distant dream earlier but nowadays cloud are the best storage facility. This is especially useful for those who are working on the go and need huge voluminous storage. According  to Gartner the public cloud service revenue has reached around USD 731 million and is still expected to grow.

iCloud and Google drive are the most commonly used cloud services but there are few third party services available for free. While the need for storage facility is increasing in India, Mobile application developers are constantly needed on the top of their game in maintaining server functionality.

Streaming Technology

indexStreaming technology has been tossed around a lot in the past and has seen a major trend in the present and likely to increase in future. As the total number of people opting for mobile experiences increases the streaming technology also tends to rise along with it. Everyone today wants to keep them entertained whether at home or while traveling.

Advancements in mobile and internet based technologies have made possible for the people to stream all the services anywhere. Whether it may be a music or a video, applications such as sound cloud or youtube they can be streamed on the go. Best experience of these services are made possible along with the consumption of lower bandwidth because of the optimization of this technology by the developers. The trend has been growing in the recent times and will continue to do so.

All in one

The efficiency of the hardware depends on the software running on it. At present there are more than 750k different applications available to the consumers. These apps are created with the motto of making the entire process simple in satisfying the need of the customer.

But a new trend that is rising today is the creation of one app that satisfies all the needs of the customer. This would significantly reduce the time taken and carter to many needs such as providing laundry or plumbing services. Mobile application developers have been working with the organizations in bringing one customized app that satisfies all the needs and simultaneously resulting in the reduction to search for multiple apps.

Quicker app development cycle

Mobile application developers have been tweaking their apps for quicker app development cycle. Each and every day multiple apps are introduced in the Play Store. To carter to the needs of the customer there is a need for faster development cycle by the developers.

Free apps

48864415.cmsIt is a fact that most of the app are made available free today. Mobile application developers earn their revenue from these free apps through in-app purchases. The entire idea is that if you want to use an application to its full potential you need to buy the extra features. This means that basic features will be available for free but in order to experience full potential you have to go for in-app purchases.

Cross platform fucntionality

Disa-Device-Conversation-List-1Cross platform functionality is another trend that has been growing nowadays. Consumers of today own more than one mobile based technology. Personal computing experiences have changed with  the introduction of tabs that have been created and removing the need for performance laptops. For example, the introduction of iWatch only adds to Apple’s growing ecosystem.

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Enhancing Business Competency by building Bluetooth Low Energy Mobile Apps


Short range wireless data transmission has been made affordable, automatic and accessible by the introduction of the finest inventions by the mankind namely the bluetooth technology. But on the other side high power consumption of the bluetooth devices has been a major concern.

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

To address the issue of the bluetooth technology subsequent refinements have been made, this leads to the evolution of Bluetooth Low Energy technology or Bluetooth smart in 2010. Introduced in the bluetooth 4.0 version, BLE transmits data wirelessly over short distances by relatively consuming lower energy. The main reason for the consumption of lesser energy is the periodical transmission of data in the form of packets.

Working of BLE devices

ibeacon-communicationBluetooth Low Energy devices has two roles to perform namely master and slave. The peripheral device slave transmits the information and the central device master receives the information. While in real time scenario, smart phones are the central device  that receives the information whereas BLE beacons are the peripherals that transmits the information. The central device receives the information when it comes in contact with the beacons.

Redefining connectivity and business transformation

If smart phone made our lives easier, BLE powered apps made our life much smarter. When these apps are used in association with BLE enabled devices the result would be phenomenal. Lets have a look at  some of the advantages,


ibeaconiBeacon is a small device operating on BLE introduced by Apple Inc. They are mostly used for the transmission of data. When the users iPhone comes in close contact with the iBeacon the BLE app installed on the iPhone listen to the signal and receive the data. Generally, location related information are transmitted through iBeacon.

In real life scenario, the application of these beacons may be different. For instance, a customer having a BLE app enters a certain section of the supermarket. He instantly receives a notification in his app from the beacon saying “Welcome to the store” . This can be further tapped by the retailers to increase the productivity of their business.


Nowadays, wearables have gained much popularity over the smartphones because of the ease of its usage. In wearable technology , BLE and sensor will be integrated into the wearable device such as watch, wristband, watch, etc.. They can be used for the transmission of information to the BLE app installed in the smartphone.

However, in real life scenario, users pulse rate, blood pressure and other health related information will be tracked by the activity tracker in a wearable device. These information will be received by your BLE app. At present wearable technology has been best utilized by healthcare industry.

Internet of things

IoT is a sensational technology that allow devices to communicate effortlessly without human intervention. In real life scenario , BLE app enables you to monitor your home from a remote location. Smart homes are the perfect example. Instead of manually locking the door , you would be able to lock the door using BLE app.

Industry sectors employing BLE technology

From small industries to well established industry have started using BLE app technology as a part of their revival strategy. Listed below are some of the industries using BLE technology,



  1. BLE transmits information in the form of small packets, hence large volume of information cannot be transmitted through BLE app.
  2. An iBeacon employing BLE technology sometimes takes time to detect the nearby devices when it is fast moving forward.
  3. BLE apps are vulnerable to security attacks.

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