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Time to Shift to Swift-Future of Enterprise Application Development


Nowadays, swift is one of the most fussing topic across the internet. For those who are not interested in iOS application development swift may not seem worthy of . But on the other hand those who are into iOS application development it will be worth taking a look at it.

What is Swift?

iphone-app-development-using-swift-language-300x300Swift is a multi-paradigm complied programming language, which is created mainly for iOS, OS X, watchOS  and tvOS development by Apple Inc. In other words immersive, responsive and secure applications for different platforms can be created using this robust programming language. Swift is more flexible and safer than Objective-C.

Swift has attained much popularity among the iOS application developers because of the major set of functionalities possessed by it. The main reasons are it is,

  1. Open source.
  2. Ease of usage compared to Objective-C.
  3. Writing code is fun and interesting.
  4. Code can be written quickly.
Key Benefits of Swift

Privacy , security and trust are the three major factors that are considered superior to all other factors in an enterprise application development. Apart from helping in building secure applications , the enterprise application development is made flexible by swift in the following ways,

Multi-faceted language

Swift is considered as a multi-faceted language that allows developers to develop all types of apps right from commonly used enterprise application to advanced low power apple watches.

Open Source

swiftApple has become developer friendly by making the swift open source, this is considered as a big move by Apple Inc. Earlier, software framework Microsoft .Net an open source platform is widely used for enterprise application development. Efficient enterprise apps on latest version of iOS have been developed by developers because of the open sourcing of core libraries. This results in enhanced employee productivity and streamlined business process.

Reduction in initial app size

Generally ,enterprise applications consumes huge amount of time to load as they are bigger in size. As dynamic libraries are directly loaded in memory the initial size of the application can be greatly reduced. Dynamic libraries has been supporting the development of iOS since the launch of Swift and iOS8. The usage of dynamic libraries resulted in increased employee efficiency.

Some of the other key benefits are,
  • Prominence to contextual apps.
  • Integrated with memory management.
  • Prompt feedback from quick and interactive coding.

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Important Principles of Model View Controller for PHP Developers


Model View Controller is a design pattern that governs the fundamental law that both presentation and application logic should be different. Several PHP developers both experienced as well as beginners are curious about integrating MVC into their development script. One of the major obstacle for integration is that no detailed set of information is made available for usage. Moreover, the steps that are available are vague and quite difficult for the beginners to understand. Most of the tutorials would begin with the business logic without explaining the design pattern.

In 1979, Trygve Reenskaung introduced that MVC can be used as a design pattern with Smalltalk. A major ground for all the future MVC architecture has been laid by him in his paper “Applications Programming in Smalltalk-80 : How to use Model View Controller. In other words, MVC is a simple logic for separating both presentation and application logic. The basic idea of MVC is to split the applications into three parts namely- model,view,controller. The controller has direct association  with the View and the Model and so does the view over model. However, model lays inferred association  with view as well as the controller. Inferred associations can be distinguished as associations that might seem feasible from the user’s point of view, but not the actual software design.

The process of interaction:


  1. Users interact with the “view” by either submitting forms or clicking links.
  2. Controller handles the user inputs by converting the information into model.
  3. Model receives the information and add it to the database to update itself.
  4. The view checks the corresponding updates and responds necessarily.
  5. The view waits for the next interaction from the user.

With regard to beginners of application programming MVC is the best solution. However, separating both presentation and application logic is not a new concept. But whereas in MVC it is more of a streamlined process. Simpler layouts and code presentation make applications maintainable.

Business logic

Business logic usually implies the calculation of logical processes in an application. For example, in case of a calendar, the business logic will be to identify the date, month,day, etc..


For code reuse facility most of  the MVC’s use templates to enforce DRY. However, major problem associated with these templates is that some are made of complex login and is almost difficult for the beginners who wouldn’t want learning a whole new language. It would be better to choose the best template before development.


One of the crucial implementations of MVC is dry or “Dont Repeat Yourself” philosophy. DRY is also implemented in Ruby on Rails for code reusability. The principle behind DRY implementation is that changing a single element doesn’t necessarily interface with unrelated elements. For people who find Ruby on Rails, difficult to implement DRY would be a better choice.


Convention over configuration is a design paradigm that aims to remove the quality of decision making. It is achieved by setting  up enough framework for convention.

MVC is one of the most popular method of generating clean, powerful, scalable and faster coding with less time and effort. For developers, it would be worth experimenting with few frameworks before sticking with the best one. For further details regarding the development contact us on

Top Reasons to Use Zend Framework


A tremendous changes has been brought into the PHP world because of the popularly known Zend Framework or ZF. Robust PHP based solutions and web applications are developed using Zend framework in contrast with the traditional website development. Zend is one of the popular web development framework used across the globe to create interactive and powerful website and, its not without good reason. There are numerous beneficial factors that helps the programmer to code better. That includes,

Object oriented platform

Zend framework is completely an object oriented platform and used many object oriented concepts including inheritance and interfaces. Thus the components can be extended to a great extent by the developer. Further, it also helps the developers to implement their own concepts without hacking into the codebase. Uniqueness to the project has been brought by this customization feature.

Benefits of Object oriented approach

While working with the zend framework ,each and everything should be considered and treated as an object. Though it has lot of disadvantages like making the code more complex for the developers. The advantages of doing such makes the entire code reusable thus saving time and effort. However, to accompany this feature most of the developers repeat their codes which makes it a good choice in terms of implementation.

Focus only on  the required features

ash-mvc-architectureConsidering the zend framework in accordance with the design, it is nothing but a collection of classes. Zend Model View Controller (MVC) are used in almost every project. One of the main advantage of using the zend framework is its decoupling nature, which indicates that  each and every component is available as an individual library, instead of a complete framework. People working in ZF are familiar with the ‘glue framework’. This refers to the decoupling nature of the Zend to gets glued to the existing applications.

Offers multiple functionalities

Zend integrates a lot of components ranging from user authentication to granting access to the desired resources. Similarly, with zend it is easy to integrate with RSS feeds and create forms.

Lack of model implementation

This the one of major reason why some of the developers use zend framework while others are not. Lack of model implementation gives the users flexibility to use any element to achieve the end result. However ,there are not restraints that holds back the already implemented model.

Ease of integration

External libraries used in the platform can be easily integrated due to the decoupling nature of the zend framework. For example, developers planning to use smarty as their template can simply integrate a wrapping class with Zend_View_Abstract, which in turn uses smarty for  rendering.

Guidelines and standards

Each code must adhere to the generalized coding standards and each contributor must sign a Contribute License Agreement(CLA). This makes every code readable, highly qualitative and tested.

Test driven development

Developers are often made to write test cases for their code to make it easier to exchange codes, refactor, create input/output and think of potential use cases.


Zend integrates a steep learning curve because of the highly complex nature. However, the documentation and user community platform makes it easier for the learners to understand the platform.


zce-php-engineer-logo-lZend Framework is one of the few popular platform that offers both Zend Framework Certification and PHP Certification. This motivates a group of emerging developers to take up certification exams that best build their portfolio.

All these above mentioned features clearly demonstrates why zend framewor has a wider audience.

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Tips for Successful Android App Development


According to the recent statistical report more than 1.5 billion users across the globe own a smart phone and 900 million of this user base operated on Google’s android. Presently, Google Play Store has more than 800,000 apps. This results in an average of 48 billion downloads with $900 million dollar in developer payout. If you are going to start a business with very little knowledge about computers and smart phones, there can be no profiting venture to step into. However, with all these benefits and advantages, android app development also has major complexities for beginners. Listed below are some of the tips that helps you in developing android application successfully.

Integrated Development Environment used

main-qimg-b091c5cd53fe3593ec55e360202ebed5Eclipse is the most commonly preferred IDE but some users also use InteliJ IDEA’s community Edition. Basically the choice of the IDE used for the development depends on the comfort level of the developer. Always choose IDE based on your convenience and ease of development, never choose the one that consumes time.

Adaptability to the changing environment

Android sells maximum number of devices thus creating an element of diversity. Hardware platforms as well the OS are constantly being upgraded. Before getting into app development, check for the latest framework used. One of the most important fact to be taken care of is that applications developed for older versions should work well with the newer version. But this doesn’t mean the vice  versa must be true.

Avoid Emulator



Only few things can be tested using the emulator. Moreover, they are comparatively slow and consumes lot of time. If you want to save your precious time, always make sure to invest in real testing device that could be connected with an USB.

Make use of XML scripting

XML scripting contributes to the complete set of android framework. While there are numerous tools that helps you with the User Interface, there can be other which are quite confusing. This has been the only reason why XML is not a popular framework but you don’t really have a choice.

UI structure

Modular UI will helps the developers to reuse the components including ‘frameworks’ and ‘includes’. However, if you want to create a well defined user interface for android then you have to use a daunting amount of XML.

Depending on a designer

There are multiple choices with regard to UI designing. Either you can do the complete development by yourself and gains an better understanding of the integrating features else an expert can be hired for development.

Android specific solutions

Android specific solutions are easy to be implemented. Certain things like asynchronous processing and multi-threading requires separate platforms like AsyncTask or IntentService being laid before alongside with java.util.concurrent package.

Absence of miracle tools

androidThese is no platform that guarantees easier android development. To check this functionality create a simple application and deploy it by yourself. In each and every platform display looks almost like the native apps.

Android application development will be an exiting experience, although there are some initial challenges.With experience you get better with development and face the success you envisage for your development company.

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Smart Ways to Prevent XSS Attack


Nowadays web applications are exposed to dangerous threats such as cross site scripting or XSS. Recent research also says that XSS even attaches itself to some of the most popular web platforms including Facebook ,Twitter, Google, Paypal, Amazon and several others. For someone familiar with the ‘Bug bounty’ program, they would know that most errors are related to XSS attacks.

Eventhough browsers are being updated with filters to detect XSS attack , but still XSS is able to find a loophole to attack. XSS is commonly used by hackers to spread malware, to steal cookies, malicious redirections and for hijacking sessions. The attack begins by the injection of malicious javascript code into the web platform such that the browser execute the code and is exposed to attack. The interesting thing with regard to XSS is that it is easy to detect but quite difficult to patch.

XSS attack

XSS error is always injected anywhere in an application where the original syntax of the code is not being properly encoded. In conditions, where the input is not properly encoded, the users will operate upon malicious program instead of the harmless original script. Browsers doesn’t know whether to treat the new script as a part of the program else block it from executing.


Search boxes are common to all the websites. The coded form will almost look like:

<form action=”search.php” method=”get”>

<input type=”text” name=”n” value=””/>

<input type=”submit” value=”send”/>


The search.php from where the query draws the results also lists the “keywords” and “Search results”. The webpage code will look like,

<h3>you searched for :<!–?php echo ($_GET[‘q’]) ?–>

Whatever maybe the search query it will be displayed alongside the search results in the webpage. Now hacker injects the following code,

“><script>alert(‘XSS injection’)</script>

The browser doesn’t get any implication of either the encoded input or filter malicious scripts.  It prints the statement as such.The result will be like ,

<h3>you searched for:”><script>alert(‘XSS injection’)</script>

The above command will be executed as such producing result as ‘XSS injection’.

Ways to prevent XSS attack

It is important for the websites to be developed using special security development life cycle or SDLC  in order to prevent becoming a victim to attack. The main aim of this approach is to reduce the coding errors as well as security related design errors. SDLC will minimize the severity of undetected XSS attacks. Several open source libraries are available to provide support and this includes,

  1. PHP AntiXSS: This guard against vulnerabilities this adds an extra layer of protection. It automatically detects encoding data and filter the same.
  2. xss_clean.php filter:It is a very powerful filter. This is used by the developers to clean nested exploits and URF encodings.
  3. HTML purifier:HTML purifier is a standard filtering library. It removes malicious coding from inputs and prevent attacks. It is also available as a plugin for the php developers.

In the end, it completely depends on the developer ability to come up with a secure development life cycle. In  terms of business XSS attacks, damages the reputation and customer database. To prevent this regular check has to be implemented, for end to end customer support contact us on

Factors to be Considered to Avoid App Rejection by Google Play Store


The success involved in designing android app is getting your specific application accepted by the Google Play Store. This is a major criteria to be satisfied as your brand/skill/business is being exposed to more than 81% users across the globe. That will be approximately equal to more than 1000 million users. With the newer App approval standards getting the acceptance for your app is a major task. In order to avoid app  rejection, you need  to consider the following  criteria before initiating the development process.

Reasons for app rejection

For app submissions Google has set certain Android app store guidelines , which are strict and explicit. However, many developers fail to follow them leading to app rejection.

Usage of irrelevant keywords

FlappyRejectsThe entire era of ‘inorganic’ has long gone. Developers should use keywords that best defines the app. Use of irrelevant keywords increases the data traffic that can be highly subjected to punishment. However, misleading visitors with irrelevant keywords will get your application rejected.

Usage of multiple keywords

Along with inorganic, keyword stuffing is also done to a large extent. Depending  on the customer reviews, quality of the content/app and organic sharing Google SEO delivers the most relevant content. In order to enhance credibility and Play Store acceptance give a detailed description of the app instead of keyword stuffing.

In accordance with the Google Keyword Spam policies

To maintain the maximum number of keywords and number of repetitions the Play Store has clearly defined  a set of keyword spam policies. Always refer this policy document before app submission.

Streamlining of process

Human life has been made much more easier with these android applications. Google offers credibility to those applications that have a proper road map to usage. Additionally, developers need to aware of the errors and the ways to solve them.

Avoid marketing

Android applications are not meant to market the brands. Applications that are developed for enhancing the business process goes through strict scrutiny.

No use of demo apps

Applications that are developed for demonstration with minimum functionalities are of no use. These kind of apps not only made the job of the end user frustrating but also be eliminated outright from Play Store.

No copying

17un6j0obmufpjpgApplications should not be developed for the sake of entering your name in the Play Store. Play Store does not allow duplicate applications to be uploaded to the platform. Get into build only if you have come up with a unique idea of your app, be it in the category of a game, an utility, an information application or anything else.

Be professional

You can easily connect to the customer base who are looking for convenience and professionalism by means of applications. Though you need to highlight upon creativity, a professional tone of content will get you better credibility than lose content.

Play Store is a great platform to showcase your coding expertise and UX creativity. The growing user base of android only stresses on the need to be genuine and unique in your submissions.

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Using Internet Of Things for Humanizing Healthcare


The health industry is subjected to new revolution. The entire process of healthcare monitoring , diagnosis and treatment will be changed by Internet of Things(IoT). IoT comprises of millions of applications including micro controllers, actuators, sensors, nano-pumps, mobile communication devices and several more. IoT assists the industry in offering a more personalized, convenient and timely process at reduced cost. According to the Verizon;s report of the state of the market,  IoT would account more than 5.4 billion machine to machine connection globally.

IoT is often considered as a solution that makes the process,

  • Autonomus
  • Actionable
  • Aware

where data assets can be transferred and used automatically and reasonably.


wherein data assets will be an important part of the business process/strategy.


wherein the connected assets, helped by the data, allow the processes to respond to the environment/surrounding.

In an healthcare industry all these principles hold special significance.Eventhough IoT makes huge changes in the healthcare operations, an equally sufficient potential occurs in the ‘care’ paradigm. Client always look for an improved process that has greater sustainability and accountability. IoT will certainly be a crucial tool that changes the landscape of the industry.

Humanization of technology with IoT


Basically , IoT in an healthcare industry will be more of intuitive technologies focused on the user. Improvement in treatment and patient care process will be provided by IoT , by the use of certain tools such  as artificial intelligence. IoT have been integrated into the patient’s live to sense(aware) , report(automate), and finally assist a clinical decision making(actionable) depending on the needs and expectations of the client. Good example of these technologies lies in the futuristic devices like remote monitors, wearable technologies, sensors and implants that supports a meaningful integration into the patients life.

In the near future patients are not only the ones who depend on these healthcare technologies. Both healthcare providers and nursing team will depend on IoT solutions as well as devices that would be able to sense the requirements of the patients, automate the process with additional endurance to timely delivery.Outcomes of the process are analyzed to make the ‘care’ process more faster and personalized. Even delivery networks like hospitals too benefit from IoT solutions in reaching operational efficiency like tracking personal and reporting.

Does technology challenged persons benefit from this?

humanizing_healthcare_rxznh-640x420There is an another core advantage with respect to the ‘sensing’ technologies. People who find it hard to deploy technology in the healthcare will be benefited as IoT breaks all the barriers. Nowadays smart technologies and wearable gadgets are intuitive. They helps the doctors as well as ‘care’ providers by generates reports and feedback that helps in  understanding the interaction of the patient with the environment.This mode of real time monitoring of the patients will not only boost the confidence of the healthcare providers but also increase the potential of the positive output. This ‘Humanization of technology’ will offer a longer and better life that we have been dreaming for since a long time now.

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When and How to Use PHP Framework


There has been tremendous changes in framework technologies during the last couple of years. Over the decade certain frameworks in PHP like Phalcon, Laravel, Zend, Symphony and Codeignitor have become consequently better and bigger. Nowadays, they have become the leading tools for the developers who want to create applications at ease. ‘Framework’ is one of the most crucial skill set possessed by the developers of today. Lets have a look at some of the situations where you have to use a framework in PHP,

When coding and file organization have become an integral part of coding

Optimize PHP Development TimesHaving an “/inc” folder with ‘functions.php’ doesn’t always confirms the organization of the code. By default every PHP framework comes with a certain type of folder structure. Developers are expected to follow these standards in order to keep things organized. But for the developers using vi this has become a major obstacle as there are numerous small files residing in it. However, with IDE and other code organizers it has become easier for them to search what they need and when they need.

Use of libraries and utilities

2014.04.28-900x538There are countless libraries provided by the PHP framework. But when it comes to building a website people are left with two options. Either they can write the entire code on their own else they go in search for third party libraries /codes. But preexisting PHP libraries provide better options like form validation, database abstraction, input/output filtering, cookies, session handling, etc..

Use of MVC structure

One of the most important aspect of programming in PHP is Model View Controller(MVC) . It was introduced into the PHP framework in 1979. Whereas in MVC models are represented as data structures interfered with the database. Multiple page layouts and templates are presented by views. On the other hand controller is the one that binds all these things together including page requests.

Need for better security

200x200To protect the website against hacks and other type of attacks multiple input and output filtering options are provided by the PHP framework. However, it’s completely hard to handle all the website maintenance by a single developer. At times they feel tierd to execute the same set of tasks repeatedly. Certain frameworks like Codeignitor does the work automatically by filtering the values pressed to the database object , thus rescuing the entire set of code from SQL injection. In a similar manner user inputs are protected from  XSS attacks and additional layer of security is added by encrypting the cookies.

When there is a need for faster development

PHP frameworks are used when there is a need to write lesser code for faster project development. The patience of the developers have always been tested by scripting. Once the learning curve of PHP has been crossed larger work can be done with minimum coding. For example, you doesn’t have to worry about the third party libraries or the possible bugs.

When the support from experts is needed

Being the most popular framework today , PHP attracts a wider audience who help each other at every step. Problems can be resolved under the guidance from the experts by means of mailing lists and message boards.


imagesOne of the greatest advantage of the PHP framework is the teamwork it facilitates. Work can be divided equally among the developers. Corresponding view part to the designers, modelling to database specialists and for reusable libraries and plugin to the programmers. Framework comes with special tool that allows unit tests to be carried out by a separate team. PHP frameworks have been continually improved and has given  opportunities to the developers.

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Hidden Features that are Tucked Away in iOS 9


On 8th of June,2015 the brand new iOS 9 has been introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco. As we have heard earlier that Apple will drop its support for its older version with the launch of each newer version of iOS. But this time the users were made to upgrade from iOS8 to iOS9 at zero cost. The public beta version of the iOS was launched on July. Lets have a look at some of the lesser known features of iOS9.


With the earlier version of iOS , the user friendly feature was the main lagging factor. There is no search on the setting tab. This adds inconvenience for the users who are unfamiliar with the features. The problem has been completely solved by the new iOS 9 as it has default search menu on the settings tab. If you want to change/modify any settings it can be directly accessed from the search bar.

Hearing and listening feature of  Siri

dcqehohll3cy5ytjkdvqCommunication with the devices has become popular with the introduction of siri. Siri allowed users to communicate with their devices in several dialects and multiple accents. Earlier, with the older version of iOS8 , choosing to listen to British Siri also meant that phone was tuned to understand only British voice commands. Whereas in iOS9 language input and voice will be two separate functionalities. You may even talk in an Indian accent and receive the response in Brit tone.

Siri doesn’t work with silent ringer

You can shut down siri, when you have silenced your device, iOS9 adds an option. Especially in a crowded area, Siri can now communicate using text messages.

Low power mode

One of the major drawback with the smartphone is power consumption. Whereas in iOS9 this there is a feature Low power mode where the device will turn off background effects, animated wallpapers, disable app refresh to give you extra hours of usage.

No shift keys

No more “Is my shift key on”. This has been bothering the iphone users for a very long time. However, in iOS9 with the introduction of optional lower case keys, there is no necessity of the shift keys.

Keyboard shortcuts

The usability of the ipod gets increased by connecting it to an external keyboard. Whereas in iOS9 several new shortcuts have been introduced.For example, in order to switch between active apps command+tab is used.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive a much awaited feature is now available as a physical app. In order to set the option go to icloud settings and enable the option.

Easy switch over

Nowadays the rate of people using iphones has increased rapidly. In order to increase the convenience of the users apple has introduced a new feature called ‘Move to iOS’ where users can easily switch from android to iphone. The entire data transfer is done quite faster and it also provided cleanup.

Six digit passcode

Whereas, with iOS8 there was only four digit passcode that can be used. But in iOS9 this facility has been extended to 6 digit alternative to enhance the security of the device.

Devices can be organized for different functionalities

Many users of the apple products have complained that they are receiving calls on their ipad rather than their iphone and text messages on mac. However, iOS9 introduces granular control that helps you to manage your devices and their multiple functionalities.

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