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High-Impact Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

When shop-owners are looking at popular ecommerce shops like Amazon, they have an idea for the one reason why such businesses have became so successful. Small businesses already tried some of the best and remarkable conversion rate optimization ideas that help to increase sales, adding security seals, and so on.


Improve your newsletter sign-up incentives: You must be thinking that who will sign up for newsletter at ecommerce site? There are some people looking for a good reason to subscribe for a newsletter. Unfortunately, there are many sites that don’t realize the importance of capturing emails to do follow-up marketing. It is advisable to gather more emails from your visitors and also optimize newsletter sign-up by offering great free incentive.

Use bullet points for product page description: Ensure to use simple language to write product page description. Your description should be engaging and compelling to your visitors to increase conversion rates and sales. Put your description besides product’s image so that visitors can view it properly. Add some bullet points to highlight the key features and advantages of the products. This helps visitors to know more about products and thus, they can make quick decision to purchase.

Add a side bar in your checkout to mention Advantages: Different types of eCommerce checkouts are available such as longer single page checkout, traditional multi-page checkout, and the latest accordion-style single page checkout. It would be great to add a right hand side bar to increase sales and conversions. It also emphasizes biggest benefits and risk reducers of using eStore.

Highlight Biggest Risk Reducers Near Add-To-Cart Button: Another high impact place where you have to mention your risk reducers is on your product page. It also ensures to show your biggest risk reducer next to ‘add to cart’ button on the page. Here, Product guarantees or a low price promise can work with ease by displaying an icon like a guarantee seal. Importantly, you can mention here free shipping facility.

Add ‘Story’ to your About Page: There are eCommerce websites suffering from generic ‘about us’ page that most of visitors are finding boring. Using this page in a better ways helps to convert your visitors. Moreover, you can also add some personality and interesting storytelling related to your business.

Develop Product-Specific Landing Pages For Paid Search: You should try a new approach to enhance conversion rates and sales instead of directing all paid search to your homepage or relevant product pages. It would be great to create longer more information-rich product landing pages with relevant product keywords.

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Reasons for having a mobile application for Insurance companies

With the market being a client’s territory, it’s important for insurance firms to invest in mobile app development for personalized and improved experience for customers.

The mobile balloon is constantly inflating regardless of the industries, domains and societies. The world seems to be a smaller place since the time mobile apps have made their way to the market. Smartphone users have grown significantly in the recent past and this growth is estimated to remain in the years to come.

The companies look to stay abreast with modern techniques and trends, thereby ensuring they offer impeccable experience to their first-time users, loyal customers and agents.

The stat above shouldn’t bother you because the app world brings along a bagful of opportunities and possibilities for businesses to excel. The only required factor in achieving the feat is the ‘execution’. How well and how efficiently you execute your plan is what makes the real difference.


Insurance companies haven’t been afar in adopting the mobile change. While many insurers have applied the new mechanism of operations leveraging consumers to pay their premiums or file claims or shoot a quick query to the team at work, there are many others who are yet to adopt the mobile fad and own a mobile app.

With the increasing number of smartphone owners and users’ tendency to do tasks while they are on the move makes owning an app an indispensable entity to possess. Referencing the same, the read highlights vitals you, as a business owner need to know.

A mobile app can benefit customers

A mobile app can help users know the intricacies of an insurance plan, its real benefits, the attached clauses and much more. There are lots of cases through which a user can be benefitted from. Few of them go as follows where the user can,

  • Learn about the plans and schemes offered by the company in the comfort of their couches
  • Submit an application along with the location in case of an accident
  • Learn about the compensation for the insured incident
  • Explore the plan of action in case of the insured incident
  • Contact the company through the SOS button
  • Learn about the purchased policy
  • Receive reminders for premiums and policy expiration
  • Experience the power of personalization and mobileA mobile app can not only cater a vast user base but adds a list of advantages for the insurance company as well. Hence, having an insurance app can prove useful for both, users as well as company owners. Following are some of the benefits company can draw out.

No more dependency on intermediaries With the mobile app, everything can be made available to customers on the go and they are free to review their existing plans, explore new policies, compare them with the previously availed ones and a lot more. This diminishes the need for intermediaries allowing companies to save up to 15-20% of the total expenses.

Relaxed work culture With mobile technology integration, a relaxed work culture can be adopted at work as most of the issues can be resolved over the network itself without arranging a meeting in person. Relationship managers can consider customers’ queries in a swift and a more productive fashion than earlier.

Paperwork can be avoided A lot of paper is being used in making of forms, documents and other organizational procedures, which can be avoided to a certain extent with the inclusion of mobile app. Policy guides can be read by customers over the network via app while the forms can also be downloaded, filled and submitted back to the system through the app- saving paper, fuel to visit the customer and time.



Instead of just focusing on monetary methods, you could kill the competition by offering exceptional services, streamlining processes, improving and adding value to customers’ lives so that they have every reason to stay with you. For achieving this feat, you need to hire a capable mobile app development agency, which can simply transform your idea into reality.

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Reasons for having a mobile application for the sports management

The growth of mobile application is increasing day by day. There are millions of applications that are available on the App store and iOS store. And these days having a mobile application is just like a necessity for every business industry to have a feature in the market. Let’s see how a sports team can be managed with a mobile app.

Industries are seriously increasing themselves to get the target and mobile application is the way they are presently looking at. The sports managers is required to manage the sets of data, analyze and scrutinize data into a such meaningful information, take necessary decisions, ease the management procedures and the last is profit gaining.
There are some important task that are required to run the management easily. Managers have to work on some important task in the organizations like planning of events, handling financial issues, co-ordination between players, press communication etc.

Implementing of all the above tasks is typical, and is also time consuming to interact with the players, therapist which is difficult to manage. However, mobile application is the solution to execute all the above task that requires to be a stable and reliable for team management.


A mobile application as a helping hand
An application of sports management helps the manager to solve all the issues and problems without going through any hectic task. Here are the some tasks that a sports management application can do:

Time scheduling
Scheduling of any type of team meetings, sessions, appointments with the coach and any type of discussions can be scheduled in a instant way by looping everyone in the meet up.


As the meetings has been scheduled by the managers through an application, then they can also send push notifications pop ups to all the team members, to make all the team members remind about any type of get together, event, birthday’s etc.

Memory storage
An application can also be used to record all the personal records such as pictures, videos, documentation work of any event which they can access later too. It also reduces the work load of paper and is also a time consuming operation.

An application helps to invite the family members of the players without going through any hectic task. Sending the invites nowadays is not an easy task, but we are living in the world of digital and digitization is making our life easier.

Broadcast of any news/notices
The application helps to notify the players or the coach on the smartphone display screen no matter whether they are enjoying or relaxing. Although, it reduces the chances of forgetting a member from getting notified.

Mobile application is making our life easier in all aspects. It saves our time and efforts which a person can invest in any other task.

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Reasons for having the grocery application

The tradition of standing in line for buying the grocery items has now changed to having them delivered at the doorsteps with just one click on the application. A very special thanks to grocery shopping mobile apps—without them this transition would not be possible.

Nowadays there has been a surge in grocery mobile app development in iOS, Android and all available platforms. Reason—modern day groceries have started realizing the sales significance of grocery apps as it helps them offer personalized and engaging shopping experience.



Brands that Tasted Success in Building Grocery Mobile Apps

Many top grocery supermarkets have built their mobile application to provide high quality services to their clients. Many leading grocery supermarkets have started creating grocery apps to offer high quality services to their clients. Let us see some of the established brands offering grocery mobile apps.

Features that the Grocery mobile application must have

When you build a mobile application for grocery, the main aim is to make the efforts for shopping simple for the buyers and provide a great experience.

Loyalty points: Coupons play a very important role for the shoppers to download and install the mobile application. Hence offering coupons through app is essential to improve the loyalty of customer.

Store locator: The mobile application helps to locate the store when they are at a close distance.

Push notifications: Incorporate the push technology in your mobile app and notify customers about the new grocery products, discounts details and so on.



Flexible payments: The grocery mobile app you create should support major currencies and leading payment gateways. This facility helps the customers to get the cash less transactions.

 Scheduled Delivery: Shoppers who order online can choose their convenient time of delivery and items will be delivered at their doorstep accordingly.

Advanced search: Incorporating advanced search helps shoppers to find their preferred grocery items within a quick time span.

Multi-lingual: If you are planning to take your app on a global level multi-language support will certainly urge customers to download your app.

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The Role played by the HTML5 in the development of mobile application

The advent of smartphones and other forms of Net access devices such as tablets has led to an insatiable craze for the applications of mobile by the users. While in the earlier days, mobile app development was enabled by creating an app on the respective mobile platform environment which is also known as native mobile app development a smart new technology is fast emerging as a choice of mobile app development tool that uses web technologies to create cost-effective and powerful mobile applications.

That is HTML5 for you.

HTML5 mobile app development is merely used for creating web pages that can be easily read from a smaller screen of mobile device. The web pages look and feel exactly like a native mobile app but with a very compelling advantage—the web pages created using the HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 Previewsuite can not only be viewed on mobile devices screens but also on desktop PCs, tablets and notebooks.



The Value Proposed by HTML5 Mobile App Development
Mobile app developers worldwide are excited to enable HTML5 mobile app development. Barring one limitation of not matching up with the highly engaging animation of native apps, HTML5 mobile app development scores way ahead of native mobile apps on multiple pointers:

Strong development activities that work in favor of HTML5: There has been on-going and continuous development and release of newer tools that help HTML5 mobile application development achieve cross-browser compatibility. IUI is one such example. The iPhone user interface framework has the same look and feel of applications built using iPhone SDK, but with the added benefit of being usable on any standards compliant browser.

Resources: Native apps are deployed as stand-alone application that uses resources of the machine firmware. HoweverHTML5 mobile web app development creates apps that can be downloaded from the Website.

Compatibility: Native app developers have to select only one platform to build and deploy apps that can either be Android, iOS, Blackberry or Symbian. For e.g., an app developed using iOS SDK will be compatible on Apple devices. However an app developed using HTML5 will be compatible on devices using Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Businesses with shrinking margins find this a very formidable factor in choosingHTML5 mobile app development over native mobile app development.

Monetization model: Deployment of the apps using HTML5 mobile app development makes much more business sense than on App Store. As compared to paying 30% as fees to Apple, HTML5 web apps can be distributed using the Internet.



Today’s businesses increasingly favor HTML5 mobile app development when they develop strategies for comprehensive and fully functional mobile solutions. Consistency of the web elements and uniform functionality of the web pages across different mobile computing devices screens is a significant factor that tilts the scales in favor of HTML5. As technology and community support continues to carve out a better technological foundation for HTML5 mobile app development, the future looks brilliant for HTML5.

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Content Marketing A king for SEO Strategies

It’s the time when all the client wants is the successful SEO with keyword stuffed titles and other essential techniques that Google has these days. The major thing is that people is still utilizing their lots of efforts to make their page come in the first page of Google and too attract the organic traffic. And, the content is the element that is generally avoided by the people. There is an important thing that need to understand that content marketing is a key element of any strategy for enhancing the business online.

There is no point to deny that marketing of the content plays a very major role in contributing the strategies of SEO that enhanced the business. The content marketing not only improves the SEO but also build and gain traffic on the website and also comes in top search engine results be it any search engine. The marketing of content includes lots of factors such as eBook, blogging, videos and many more. So, the point is that content carried a streamlined manner that will significantly boosted the strategies of SEO.




Numerous ways in which good content marketing efforts helps in strengthening the businesses’ SEO tactics:

Taking Care of Word Count: One of the most important point that needs to be keep in mind about the content is word count. Be it either a short content or a long one, both of them is in tend to attract the different sorts of people. Words count also plays a very great role. So, make sure that the word limit is great and the content is crisp and to the point.

Content Marketing Goes Hand In Hand with Inbound Links:If you want to build the successful SEO of your business using the different techniques of content marketing, make sure you have a sufficient share of inbound links. It goes like thumb rule to ensure that prominent website of your niche comprises links to your URL, which will consequently result into traffic influx on your website. When your website link will travel through some good quality websites, it will not only boost the traffic rate but will only make an immense improvement in search engine rankings. This helps to make good impression on Google that your website is informative enough to be placed among top results.


Continuous Blogging: Blogging is one of the best ways that ensure the progressing of content marketing. All the blog needs to be is crisp and informative which makes people engaged. Many of the business owners don’t realize it but blogging bring a definite hike in your traffic, which affects the probability of enhanced conversion rates. 



Content is the kind for SEO and many other strategies. So, make sure to hire the best agency for the same.

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Electron: A Cross-platform for making Desktop Applications

Electron: Cross-platform Desktop Apps Made Easy


Electron, unlike other competitors in the categorization of Node.js-based desktop applications, brings its own twist to this already well-established market by combining the power of Node.js with the Chromium Engine to bring us the best of both client-side JavaScript and server.


Just simply imagine a world where we can build performant, data-driven, cross-platform desktop applications which is not just supported by the ever-growing repository of NPM modules, but also the entire Bower registry to fulfill all the client-side needs.


Electron.js allows the developers to build the computer applications for many cross platforms like windows, Mac and Unix with the great ability to build hybrid applications.

The Electron.js is very popular framework for building the desktop applications that can handle all the backend and front end.

As, web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are becoming so famous and popular day by day. There fore, the platform has now become the first and foremost choice of the programmers to develop the desktop applications.


Automation updates

With the help of AutoUpdater module, you can quickly launch a multi platform release server for dispensing out your app with the help of one of these:

Electron-release server: It is a self hosted, inside feature of the electron application that works perfectly with the auto updater.

Nuts: A nifty launched a server that is used as a backend by the GitHub. It also allows you to auto update using the Mac and Windows operating system.


Squirrel-updates-server: It is a simple type of mode.js server which is used by GitHub releases for both the Mac and Windows operating system.


Notifications and Menus

The Menu class comes with the following types of static methods:

Menu.setApplicationMenu(menu)- allows you to set menu as the application menu
Menu.getApplicationMenu()- allows you to return menu
Menu.sendActionToFirstResponder(action)- you can send the action to the first responder of application using this method
Menu.buildFromTemplate(template)- allows you to return menu referring to the template properties

The Menu object comes with the following types of instance methods:

menu.popup([browserWindow, x, y, positioningItem])- pops up a menu as a context menu in the BrowserWindow
menu.append(menuItem)- appends the MenuItem to the menu
menu.insert(pos, menuItem)- inserts the MenuItem to the pos-defined position of the menu



Automatic saved crash reports

This application program Interface allows the system to submit crash reports to a remote server. Here, crash reports are automatically saved in a local destination. If you want to go for a productName of YourName, you can simply find it in a folder named YourName Crashes in the temp directory. The system allows you to change this location by simply calling the API prior to starting the crash reporter –helping you to make simplier for recording the crash reports.

Here’s an example of how you can submit a crash report to a remote server:

const {crashReporter} = require(‘electron’)

productName: ‘YourName’,
companyName: ‘YourCompany’,
submitURL: ‘’,
autoSubmit: true


Debugging and Profiling

With this API, you can collect and track the data from Chromium’s content module. Here, you would be able to find out the operations flaws and performance blocks that are jamming the tasks. In this module, you will not be able to find any kind of interface so you need to open chrome://tracing/ in a Chrome browser. This will allow you to load the created file to be able to view the result.



console.log(‘Tracing started’)

console.log(‘Tracing data recorded to ‘+path)

This module includes following methods:

contentTracing.getCategories(callback)- gets you an array of category groups

contentTracing.startRecording(options, callback)- records all processes while allowing you to control what type of tracing is enabled

contentTracing.stopRecording(resultFilePath, callback)- allows you to stop the recording on all processesto help you minimize the runtime overhead

contentTracing.startMonitoring(options, callback)- this allows you to start monitoring on all the processes locally and asynchronously


These are the features which are provided by the Electron cross platform framework. This platform is updated with the latest technologies and development and allows you to create application.

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6 essential trends of Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is increasing day by day. And the trend for the same is also increasing at a very faster rate. Social media and its contiguous strategies will continue to evolve over the time.

It is very hard to predict about any change in social media presence but there are some social media trends which the marketers can gain in 2016

                                                            Social media network concept.

Proper Real-Time Engagement

Social media presence is increasing with the real time engagement. According to the survey it has been observed that there are lots o complaints about the brands on social media. Just because they are not responding to the messages and were not active.

 This simply shows that what we want is faster response rate that the marketers must has to implement. Social media trends is on the quick move, and if you are promoting your business through social media platforms then you need to speed up the response process.

Live Video Streaming

Faster response rate is not the only factor to be focused upon. Apart from this, the customers also seek for the faster accessibility to both the online and offline events.

Hence the streaming of live video is the best option for the social media marketers.

Social media merely builds a means of communication between the customers and brand, and live streaming is the next step that reveals an authentic side of your brand.

E-Commerce Via Social Media

The better the customer engagement the better will be the sales graph. In the recent past years the social media is the only platform that enhances customer experiences and keeping them engaged.

Let’s have a look at compelling stats that led to the development of commerce-centric features for marketers as well as advertisers.

1)    Facebook is one of the best tool for social media that commenced 360 Ads for faster engaging experiences.

2)    YouTube has listed 360 Ads for more convincing visuals.

3)    Instagram introduced its action-attuned ad format.

4)    Pinterest proclaimed the restricted rollout of Buyable Pins it offers.

5)    Twitter pushed on with its Buy button testing.


Focus on SEO

SEO is also increasing day by day, the market trends has now push towards the SEO so that they can get higher rank on Google and can also generate traffic.

Content is the king for the SEO. Nowadays, the companies are focusing towards their content driving strategies and optimizing the content is more in demand.

It is true that social media doesn’t impact your search rankings directly, but good social signals can push your business towards high ranks. It is important because 33% of overall traffic from the organic search results of Google goes to the first item showcased.

Most of the customers in today’s world goes on online comments and reviews of the people and social media is the platform for just that only. Although make sure that you are using the proper keywords, with the hashtags.

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4 Reasons to Think about Building your Own Event App

One of the best thing about an event application is that they are a win-win tool for everyone. Event apps are very convenient for delegates, they are just a communications tool for event managers and they also encourages two-way engagement between both customers and organizers. So far, event apps are stacking up with so nicely.

The demand for mobile apps is increasing day by day. With more apps and startups entering up into the market so there are lacs of apps that have been developed. The store database is filled with millions of apps, which is likely to increase in the coming years.

Many, event managers and marketers are always trying to find new and different ways to communicate with their delegates and get them interested enough to register. We already have many channels like email, social media and advertising, which act as communicating tools. Add event application to the mix plays a very major role to get some marketing opportunities.


Techniques and technology to be used in event app

Making an event application is not just a simple task. It takes time and hard working, the application needs to be integrated with both the latest and artificial intelligence technology to be up to date. The application needs to be proactive in the approach and must be able to achieve future comings events. And event application can be used to handle a large number of tasks which merely includes scheduling, managing, tracking, promotion, reminder, payment options etc. You have to make that application which can handle all the task without any failure.

Choosing the system platform

The second decision this that needs to be focused is for which platform the application needs to be made first. There are three major operating systems which are most in news nowadays Android, iOS and windows. Many people focus on Android that is the most popular among the users. First of all you have to focus on Android application and as per the response and demand of the user you can build for iOS and windows too.

Always keep in mind about the competitors

You can find many competitors for the same. You have to keep updated always that where are you lacking behind and what your competitors are gaining. You have to focus on the activities of your rivals and have to learned from them. Take a focused and deep analysis on the database.


Functions performed by the event app:


It is necessary to have an alert notification in the app that keeps the attendees updated if there is any change in the location and time of the event. The application must have to pop up the notifications three days before the event.

Integration of map

The application must contain a map with GPS technology that shows the location of the event to the attendees for any issues.

Social media channels

The application must contain the options for social media channels so that lets the users to share their experience of event with their friends and relatives quickly and instantly without using any other applications. It will also help to reach more target audience for the vent in the near future.

Cloud memory for documentation

The application should contain the cloud storage for storing all the documents to be used in future for the event from the attendees. Having this section in this application will reduce the paper work and also helps to saves time.


An event application helps the organizer in many ways. It also helps the organizer to connect with the attendees, keeping them informed and a lot things can be done with just a single click of the app.

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MobileApp as a Health Care perspective

Smartphones and other gadgets are tremendously increasing in today’s world at a more faster rate. And the user of mobile application in every sector is also increasing.

Now, the technology is getting so much advanced that the heathcare sector is also coming up with new tech innovations. Scientists are discovering new technologies day by day which are used to measure the health results and to determine their way of solution too. Doctors nowadays are also using the latest gadgets for better and faster results.

As the use of mobile application is also increasing in each and every sector of industry, now it’s the time for the health care sector too to look into it and to develop the first mobile application. There is no point to deny that the mixture of both the mobile application and health care can be so much helpful too both the patients and doctors.

An application is a software which not only just helps the doctor as a profession but also works as  a educational tool.

Here are the some of the benefits of the mobile application in the health care sector:

Digital reporting

Nowadays everyone is in hurry and everyone of us wants the solutions quickly. So, the patients can see their reports anytime and anywhere with just a single tap on the option of report in the app without going to a doctor clinic each and every time. And it also reduces the paper work and also saves a lot of time.

The patients can have a record of their medicines, reports, past health records, and tests at any point of time.


Access of data through both the online and offline mode

Now in today’s world the technology has done the lots of advancements in the world and now it is possible to have an offline access to data at any point of time. This is one of the main advantage of having an mobile application. Connectivity doesn’t get hindered and all the necessary operations can be accomplished with ease

Reminders, alerts and appointments

It generally happens that people missed to take their medicine on time or sometimes forgot to visit the doctor on time. For this, mobile application also plays a very important role, it reminds and notifies the person so that they will not misses to take their medicines on time. Also, the customer can make the appointment through the application itself only. The application can schedule meetings, reminds, comes with a option to pay online via a net banking/credit cards/ debit cards etc without going through a hectic process.


Managing of inventory

The health care sector needs the chemicals, machinery and drugs to follow their day to day routine work. The details which are related to medicine that is their expiry dates, quantity, usage, salt it contains etc. the application takes care of all of these and comes with the artificial intelligence technology to work in an efficient and effective way.


As now the world in converting in to the digital media, so it’s the time for the health sector department too to work as a digital routine. The mobile application can make the life of both the doctor and the patient easier.

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