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How tabs help with Consultative Sales?

  • In today’s day and age, pharma sales reps should know the in and out details of the product, they are selling. This means they should be aware of the indications, interactions and contraindication of their products. They must adhere to the industry’s codes and rules and regulations and act according to the Government regulations.
  • Pharma companies have now moved to using customer management tools and sales force automation to help out their medical reps. With the various advancements in gadgets, a number of tools like tablets and laptops have been introduced, but with limited success in this field.
  • What does consultative selling mean?
  • The term “Consultative Selling” first appeared in 1973, in a book named Consultative Selling by Mack Hanan. He was the one who coined the term. Other contributors are, James Cribbin and Herman Heiser. Since then many companies have made their own versions of the book and model.
  • Meaning: Personal selling in which a salesperson plays the role of a consultant. He or she first assists the buyer in identifying his or her needs and then suggesting products that satisfy those needs.
  • The best example that can be used to explain consultative selling is farming.
  1. A farmer doesn’t sow and grow his seeds all in one day. It takes a LONG time before that happens. He needs to remove and get rid of all the obstacles that come his way, like removing trees, rocks, stones, etc. from the soil. This is how a sales meeting is done. It doesn’t all happen in one day. It takes time.
  2. The farmer then prepares the soil for planting. This is similar to determining the customer’s needs.
  3. After all this, he plants his seeds. This is the same thing like sales reps presenting their recommendations to customers.
  4. Once the seeds are planted, the farmer needs to take care of them. He needs to get rid of all bugs and insects. This stage is similar to resolving all objections.
  5. Lastly, comes the harvest. You reap what you sowed. This part is the same as closing the deal.
  6. This is a long process and takes a lot of time.
  • Hence, we can say that Consultative selling has 5 steps.
  1. Step 1: – Positioning the meeting:
  • Since a sales call is a meeting, it requires an investment of time. The positioning of the meeting means,
  1. Make the customer feel at ease,
  2. Setting an agenda,
  3. And preparing the customer for the questioning process.
  • Usually, this phase lasts for up to 5mins if the physician is free. But if he/she is busy, it barely lasts for 2mins.
  1. Step 2: – Analyzing the situation:
  • The general fact is that the more questions you ask, the more sales you get. But only once you are inside the physician’s chamber can you assess and analyse the situation accordingly, which is the most crucial part of all.
  • You need to listen and question correctly because they are the key to making a deal. Remember all the sales training you got? Now’s a good time to use all those training skills. Poke and probe in the right direction and you are bound to find your what your customer’s needs are.
  1. Step 3: – Offering of recommendations:
  • This step/phase is the favourite of all sales reps because now it when they get to talk their heart out. Here, the reps try to offer physicians ideas that are beyond the product line. A lot of surveys suggest that this phase makes most of the sales reps very comfortable.
  1. Step 4: – Resolving the issue and objections if any:
  • This is the most challenging part of the whole thing. Most sales reps hate this part because it isn’t a pleasant feeling to be rejected. Having to deal with resilient buyers is a very frustrating feeling. But nonetheless, they do it. Consultative selling looks at objections as unfulfilled desires of the customers. Sales reps use these objections to transform them into a need and make sure the customer involves himself and together resolve the issue.
  1. Step 5: – Closing the deal:
  • Here comes the trickiest phase of all. This phase is when the sales reps try to make a deal with the physician or to at least establish the plan of action. The previous phase focuses on resolving all objections made by the physician. Now is the time to confirm and close the deal.
  • What are the challenges faced by Consultative Selling in Pharma?
  • Pharmaceutical sales calls are unexpected and come out of the blue. This is why sales representatives cannot make formal presentations using notebook PCs and mostly rely on printed collateral. Printed material is often outdated, lacks information and is difficult in making an informative dialogue. Because of this, many pharmaceutical industries have made the decision to use tablets and electronic promotional material. While there are companies that stand by the use of tablets, some companies deploy it, for example, Merck and Co., AstraZeneca, etc.Tablet PCs run apps that support pharmaceutical sales cycle, from accessing CRM-based contact information to getting electronic signatures.
  • How can tablets make Consultative Selling easier?
Issues faced by MRs Benefits of handheld tablets Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Limited time for sales Content is available anywhere Average duration of sales calls
Dynamic. Up-to-date information which catches the doctor’s attention
Documentation of visit Material presented is easily tracked Improved accuracy of sample inventory
Sample info and signatures can be collected at the point of delivery Sales calls per day increase
Form-based CRM entry is
linked to the sample and
presentation data
Better customer service
Improves response time since sales team is updated immediately
Need to respond to objections immediately Every information received is organized and readily available Increased professionalism
Information is referenced using gesture technology Increased prescriptions
Search option is available and capable for all data
  • Conclusion:
  • Tabs support the concept of this new promotional material. The use of tabs helps save time. How you may ask. Simple. Whenever a new product is launched, all the sales reps need to do is download the materials for that particular product and they are good to go. This saves paper, which in turn saves the environment. It reduces paperwork and has an all-time availability of information – personal, history, purchases, etc. Time saved will make the sales reps more productive. The use of tabs can lead to an extensive customer relationship. Reps can incorporate information that pertains to a particular customer and then show him/her the benefits of the product, stressing the benefits that are most effective to physicians, hospital dispensaries, and pharmacists.
  • If sales reps are looking for a long-term relationship with the physician, rather than have sales calls that are designed to bring in a product day in and day out, they need to be more successful. All this can be seen as an opportunity to build the kind of relationship you are looking for.
  • About Veltrod:
  • Veltrod offers on-demand, affordable mobile SFA solution to manage end to end activities and performance of medical representatives, efficiently with ease. For a demo,  please drop an email to

What exactly do Doctors expect from Medical Representatives?

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  • Just like how animals protect their “territories”, sales representatives in the health industry need to protect theirs. They are expected to manage their “territories” as if they were running a business. This is why most sales reps have a very entrepreneurial mindset. To be the best in your territory, you need to understand the buyer’s mindset and preferences. In order to be successful, you need to know which customers give you business, and which don’t. That way, you can adopt a way of selling your product in the most effective way possible. You also need to make an investment budget and manage your daily and weekly call schedules. You can do this by holding meetings with your team and coming up with a suitable plan of action.
  1. One of the major goals of sales reps is to be seen as a valuable consultant by Doctors. This, in turn, makes them valuable to the customers. By being a valued resource, and trusted advisor, it allows them to grow. Sales reps still need to describe different options and provide more information regarding their products. They need to understand their customers and how they work and how they think. This brings them added value to their tables.
  2. Doctors have a tight schedule with frequently changing appointments and emergencies. This means that a face-to-face meeting with them becomes rare.
  • There are various sources of information for Doctors and Pharmacists. Some of them are:
  1. Medical journals, magazines, etc.
  2. Medical courses
  3. Conferences
  4. Conventions
  5. Videos
  6. Group discussions
  7. Newsletters and emails
  • What/Who do pharmaceutical promotions target?
  1. Doctors
  2. Dentists
  3. Nurses
  4. Pharmacists
  5. Hospital managers
  6. Insurance companies
  7. Company managers
  • What must the database of Medical reps consist of?
  1. Customer profiles
  2. Product profile – All the studies done and the results found
  3. Doctor’s cards – Writing habits like journals, blogs, etc., classes, personal information
  • There are certain things Medical Reps need to keep in mind before any visit. They are,
  1. Updated information
  2. Drug information
  3. Competitors
  4. Convincing skills
  5. Selling skills
  6. Make sure you know your company well. Also, make sure the company is well-known to the doctor
  7. A must need to know your drug in an out. How is it effective and how is it different from the others
  8. Details of the disease
  9. A diplomatic way of “buttering” – Example, knowing the birthday of the doctor and showing up on that day with a small gift
  10. Be professional. Doctors have a reputation they need to keep up and this extends to the business they are doing
  • If you are new to entire thing do not fear because here are some things you can do.
  1. Style yourself to look like a Medical Representative – The bag, the clothes, the hairstyle, etc.
  2. You need to have the ability to convince and sell your product
  3. Set a frequency of visits to be made
  4. Plan – yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, once every 2 weeks, or daily
  5. The plan is first approved by the regional managers and then by the promotions department
  • What do doctors expect from Medical Reps?
  1. The drug needs to be effective
  2. Information about the drug
  3. An idea of how the drug is priced
  4. How is the dosage form available
  5. Free samples
  6. Conferences
  7. Brochures
  8. Frequent visits
  9. Services provide
  • Now, Medical Reps expect something too. They are,
  1. To prescribe their products
  2. To meet them when they visit
  3. To understand that their products are better than their competitors.
  4. Feedback
  • Sometimes, doctors may not prescribe your products. This might be because:
  1. There were no frequent visits
  2. He/she was not convinced by your products
  3. The drug fails previous trials
  4. Maybe he/she just doesn’t like you
  5. Heard negative remarks about your company
  6. Has loyalty towards another company
  7. The product did not meet his/her needs
  8. He/she did not get enough information about the drug
  9. He/she is just used to other drugs
  • Here are some important elements that need to be considered to establish successful communication.
Feedback Get a confirmation and then reconfirm the confirmation.
Questions Ask and answer questions to avoid misunderstanding.
Visual Aids Use charts, graphs, pictures, etc. to illustrate your product.
Don’t assume what others know Just because you know things, doesn’t mean everyone will. Do not assume that your customers know it all.
Clear assumptions Make sure you clear every doubt of your customer.
Set a frame up, and then give details Give a brief overview of your product. Let the customer familiarize himself with the product. Once that is established, give details.
Keep it simple Use of big words, and technical terms will only confuse your customer. Keep it simple.
Give and receive enough information Do not go overboard with it all. That also means you do not just brush through. Find the right balance and work on that.
  • It is very important to focus on the features and benefits of your product. Medical and sales reps turn the features into benefits. They try and make the product attractive to the patient or the pharmacist.
  • Example:
  1. This mouthwash is concentrated.
  2. What you tell the patient – This will last longer than your other products and is much more economical,
  3. When toothpaste is prescribed by doctors, it gets more sales for the pharmacists.
  • One might wonder what the steps to success in pharma selling are. Here are 6 simple steps.
  • Layout the work that needs to be done:
  1. Techniques to be used
  2. Attitudes
  3. Knowledge about the product to be sold
  • Approach and relate:
  1. Help your customers make the right choice.
  2. Sell the relationship
  • Make a presentation:
  1. Know all the features of your product
  2. Sell all the benefits of the product – “What’s in it for me?”
  3. Sell your advantages – Answer questions like, “Why should I buy this product from this person?” and “Are you better than your competitors?”
  • Overcome any objections:
  1. Try overcoming any objections that come from physicians.
  • Close and Supplement:
  1. Help your customer decide how and whether to buy the product.
  2. – “By using this product, do you see how it meets your need and solves your problems?
  3. – “I haven’t heard any objections till now, and means you have no objects. Is it okay if I assume that agree with me?
  4. – So do I go ahead and talk about the final details?”
  5. – “May I go make the deal and start with your order?”
  6. Once the initial decision is made, suggest more products.
  • Have a follow-up and gain their trust for life:
  1. After a sale, contact your customer
  2. Send in a “Customer Satisfaction” survey
  3. Prove that you are dependable
  4. When you receive complaints, be prompt in responding
  5. Make a list of all your customers and add them to your mailing list. Keep in touch with them on regular basis
  6. Ask your customers to refer you to their friends, family and colleagues
  • Conclusion:
  • When you talk about sales, there is one timeless acronym that is bound to come to your mind. And that acronym is undoubtedly WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?”
  • The “ME” here refers to the customer. When writing your speech, keep the customer in mind, which in this case is your physician and ask, “What’s in it for him or her?” Talk about what issues matter to the physician and his/her practice. A typical physician’s day consists of short and controlled segments. What best works for physicians is quick information that will save their time and bring in best results
  • About Veltrod
  • Veltrod offers on-demand, affordable mobile SFA solution to manage end to end activities and performance of medical representatives, efficiently with ease. For a demo,  please drop an email to

VeltrodSFA – Sales Force Automation system for Pharmaceutical Industry

  • The leading Mobile application solution provider, Veltrod launched VeltrodSFA which is the Sales Force Automation System for Life science industry.
  • VeltrodSFA can be used by medical sales force in the pharmaceutical industry for targeting, call planning and call reporting. It is equipped with features required to manage the sales force efficiently , effectively and generate the MIS reports based on the Daily Call Reporting (DCR).
  • VeltrodSFA is available both in Web and Mobile Platforms (iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile).
  • The list of features available that enhance the system are as follows;
  • Mobile application:
  1. Dashboard – Shows the snapshots of the activities carried out by the Medical Representative (MR)
  2. Territory – Displays the route, doctors, chemists and stockists in MR’s Purview.
  3. Doctor, Chemist and Stockiest – Doctors ,Chemists and can be added by the MR.
  4. Daily Call Report (DCR) – Option to log the daily activities against the tour plan or day closing.
  5. E-Detailing – Promote New and Existing product to doctors.
  6. Reports – Generate the daily calls report , and view the reports
  7. Sync – Synchronize the offline DCR with the server.
  • Web reporting (Field force)
  1. Standard day wise plan
  2. Monthly Tour Plan
  3. Daily Calls Report (DCR)
  4. Expense Statement
  5. Primary sales ( Company to super stockiest)
  6. Secondary Sales (Super stockiest to Chemist)
  7. Expense Statement
  8. RCPA- Retail Chemist Prescription Audit.
  • Web reporting (Admin)
  1. Master upload (Territory, Doctor, Chemist, Stockiest, Products)
  2. User creation
  3. Workflow approval (Tour plan, Leaves, etc)
  4. Fix allowances and distance
  5. Fix target
  6. Analytic reports (Daily activity report, POB (Personal Order Booking) Report, RCPA report, Specialty wise doctor coverage report, Sample dispatch report, Secondary sales analysis report, etc)
  7. DCR unlock
  • How the industry will get benefited? Return On Investment
  1. Reduce Telephone, Fax, Courier, Printing and Staff Salary
  2. Improve the efficiency of the Field Force, Manager and Admin .
  3. No Server Hosting and Maintenance Charges
  4. Free up gradation of device compatibility
  5. Free Professional services and support
  6. Free Operator level support
  7. Free after implementation
  8. Free version up gradation
  9. Free domain name
  • For sales enquiry , contact
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VeltrodSFA – Web and Mobile CRM

  • VeltrodSFA is a Web and Mobile CRM specifically designed for Pharmaceutical and FMCG industries. This solution helps FMCG companies to improve their Productivity and Accountability of Sales People. It also helps FMCG owners to know about their product sales and demand and eventually plan for the production.
  • It helps Manufacturers or Regional FMCG companies to define Employees; Role based access with handling of multiple Distributors. The ERP facilitates definition of Products, allows raising Purchase Orders, Loading Orders, Delivery Challan, Invoices. VeltrodSFA also provides Excel reports for Executives which helps to analyse Sales People Performance, Plan for production, Delivery, Procurement of raw materials in a generic manner, Reports of Sales Person Collections and New Customer Enrollment.


  1. The mobile and tablet app available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms, can be used to enroll new Customer and Collect Payments from Customers.
  2. This app can be used to generate Instant receipt to the customer on a Bluetooth printer.
  3. A Sales Person can view the list of Customers to be interacted on a particular day and get route map guidance to reach them.
  4. The Sales Person will not be able to generate Quotation or Invoice Order unless he reaches the Customer Address. Any movement of the Sales Person outside his area of operations would be shown as violation of the Sales Management team.
  5. The Sales Person can generate reports on Excel sheet and view his collections and pending payments.
  6. The owner or the manager of the company can use Web Application Interface to generate Excel Reports which gives business information about Distributors, Retailers, Regional Manager, Area Managers and Sales Persons .
  7. The Customer feels secure that payment received by them from the customers is registered in the system and owners are informed about this.
  • How do you benefit?
  1. It reduces the risk of over production and under production
  2. Timely placement of order at different level
  3. Complete sales can be tracked on different level
  4. Data can be accessed on the go by Sales Executives
  5. It can help in planning the marketing targets
  6. It can also help in developing an particular area which is down in sales
  • Features available in Web application:
  1. Role Based Access
  2. Employee Management
  3. Manufacturer Product management
  4. Device Provisioning
  5. Resource Tracking Settings
  6. Distributor Management
  7. Distributor Product Management with Margins
  8. Distributor Purchase Order
  9. Loading Forms, Delivery Challan
  10. Distributor Invoices
  11. Retailer Management by Distributors
  12. Retailer Quotations and Invoices
  13. Reports for Distributor – Retailer related Quotations, Invoices, and Payments with User friendly filtering and sorting criteria. Reports are downloadable in Excel
  14. Reports for Manufacturer – Distributor related Purchase Orders, Delivery Challans, Invoices, and Payments with User friendly filtering and sorting criteria. Reports are downloadable in Excel
  • Mobile application features:
  1. Sales personal Login
  2. Customer Registration
  3. Route map of the customers to be met by the sales person on any particular day
  4. Enrollment of Retailer Customer
  5. Collect Payments from Retailers and issue
  6. Resource Tracking Feature on Tablet for Manager
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