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Hidden Features that are Tucked Away in iOS 9


On 8th of June,2015 the brand new iOS 9 has been introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco. As we have heard earlier that Apple will drop its support for its older version with the launch of each newer version of iOS. But this time the users were made to upgrade from iOS8 to iOS9 at zero cost. The public beta version of the iOS was launched on July. Lets have a look at some of the lesser known features of iOS9.


With the earlier version of iOS , the user friendly feature was the main lagging factor. There is no search on the setting tab. This adds inconvenience for the users who are unfamiliar with the features. The problem has been completely solved by the new iOS 9 as it has default search menu on the settings tab. If you want to change/modify any settings it can be directly accessed from the search bar.

Hearing and listening feature of  Siri

dcqehohll3cy5ytjkdvqCommunication with the devices has become popular with the introduction of siri. Siri allowed users to communicate with their devices in several dialects and multiple accents. Earlier, with the older version of iOS8 , choosing to listen to British Siri also meant that phone was tuned to understand only British voice commands. Whereas in iOS9 language input and voice will be two separate functionalities. You may even talk in an Indian accent and receive the response in Brit tone.

Siri doesn’t work with silent ringer

You can shut down siri, when you have silenced your device, iOS9 adds an option. Especially in a crowded area, Siri can now communicate using text messages.

Low power mode

One of the major drawback with the smartphone is power consumption. Whereas in iOS9 this there is a feature Low power mode where the device will turn off background effects, animated wallpapers, disable app refresh to give you extra hours of usage.

No shift keys

No more “Is my shift key on”. This has been bothering the iphone users for a very long time. However, in iOS9 with the introduction of optional lower case keys, there is no necessity of the shift keys.

Keyboard shortcuts

The usability of the ipod gets increased by connecting it to an external keyboard. Whereas in iOS9 several new shortcuts have been introduced.For example, in order to switch between active apps command+tab is used.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive a much awaited feature is now available as a physical app. In order to set the option go to icloud settings and enable the option.

Easy switch over

Nowadays the rate of people using iphones has increased rapidly. In order to increase the convenience of the users apple has introduced a new feature called ‘Move to iOS’ where users can easily switch from android to iphone. The entire data transfer is done quite faster and it also provided cleanup.

Six digit passcode

Whereas, with iOS8 there was only four digit passcode that can be used. But in iOS9 this facility has been extended to 6 digit alternative to enhance the security of the device.

Devices can be organized for different functionalities

Many users of the apple products have complained that they are receiving calls on their ipad rather than their iphone and text messages on mac. However, iOS9 introduces granular control that helps you to manage your devices and their multiple functionalities.

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UI Patterns Well Suited for Mobile Navigation


Unlimited flexibility and opportunity is given for creative designers in Mobile Navigation designing. While there are numerous ways to design user interface, some of these patterns have found to be user friendly and workable than others. The whole point in coming with the user interface is to make it intuitive and reduce the complexity for the users trying to learn about the interface.

All the needed controls should be familiar as well as it should look unique and customized. Further interface design should also adhere to consistency, when the users have chosen to move on.

Listed below are some of the top picks when it comes to mobile navigation,




In order to take advantage of “touch” in smartphones sliders have been integrated. However ,as a means of navigation they are underused. They are the perfect tools when the total number of elements to browse is relatively small. Along with gesture control these sliders are natural and also fun. Mobile designers use sliders to navigate through progressive and closely linked pages. Sliders are a practical solution that make the design unique at the same time reduces its complexity.


mobile-navigationIf you want to save screen space then pictorial icons are the best option to go for. These pictures are self-explanatory about the link they point to. They can also be used to bring out unique interface design. The uniqueness depends on the arrangement of the icons, style and even the animation of the icon. Eg.Circle map. Pictorial icons can  be integrated with sliders to make the integration feature even more attractive.

Card Grid

Card grid pattern attaches more adaptability and simplicity to the design. Smartphone users always experience that menus are split into grid of buttons, where the user will have to touch/press/ select the relevant card to go to the required page. Eg.Microsoft Lumia screen that integrates a vertical dropper screen to accommodate all the options.

Spinner  Wheel

image05Spinner wheels are just like those in the casino but heavy on the coding part. You can use gesture as well as touch to spin the wheel and choose among multiple options. One big disadvantage is the continual repetition of options. Unlike sliders which have an end, spinner wheel are continuous and engages the user in more fun interaction.


The type of User Interface one chooses depends on the exact balance he/she want to strike between creativity and simplicity. Its always best to find the midpoint as excess of any is damaging.
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The Next Generation-From Mobile app to Wearables


Nowadays, the number of mobile users have increased drastically. All sort of business ranging from small business to large enterprises desired to be online in order to satisfy their customers. On an average nearly 800 million man hours are saved by small business with mobile apps.

Internet Connectivity

internet-connectivityInternet connectivity is required to run the apps on mobile. Since mobile is a hand-held device it has become a part of our everyday life. The problem is internet connectivity. Most of Asia and Europe suffer from lack of connectivity. Hence there arises a need for the mobile apps to run  offline to satisfy the needs of the customer. Both developers and project managers have to rethink of the strategy to deploy offline-first approach in their project.


MicrosoftThe next booming hype in the tech industry is wearables. They are the game changer in the industry.  Wearbles are the successor of mobile technology.They too have become a part of our life like mobile apps.

We always love to wear accessories, apparels. These wearbles comes in handy with fashion at the same time work equally like mobile phone. There is no necessity to carry gadget externally. At this point we need smart wearables that work offline.

Application areas of wearables

The areas where wearables are mostly used are sports, fitness, medical, lifestyle, gaming and infotainment. By considering the application areas it would be better to have offline access.

biometricsUnlike mobile phones smart wearables are even used for tracking eg.biometric data tracking, real data tracking. These data allow brands to target the right prospect. For instance , if you are using the wearable for health purpose, geo location sensor automatically notify you with offers on health products when you pass by an pharmacy.


Above all these factors privacy is of major concern. Wearables operate with consents of law.


A Euromonitor International Report reveals that initial adaptation of wearables is weak outside North America.The demand started to increase in 2014-2015 in European and Indian market. It is expected that the sales would face a hike of 250 million units by 2018. We look forward for the desirable products that make the human life comfortable.

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Ways to evaluate Mobile Application Development Firms


Evaluating the capabilities of Mobile application development firm while outsourcing a project/application is very important ,as they are the ones who convert your imagination and ideas into application.

You share your project ideas with them, invest money on them, spare time, you should hire the right app development partner to avoid trouble in the later stage.

Listed below are the few checks you should consider before outsourcing,

Technical factors

The most important factor is the technical ability of the team members because they are the ones who is going to deal with your ideas. Make sure that, they are up to date with the technological trends and well versed with technologies like android, iOS and other SDKs.

Company portfolio

Company can be evaluated based on the complexity, variety, degree of innovation and the quality of the applications they have developed. Make a wise decision.

Project Management and Communication



Communication with the client is more important, in order to develop a robust application. Effective communication ensures the delivery of the product on time. Effective management avoid communication glitches.


Try to talk with the clients of the company about the service offered by them. Because they are the ones who dealt with them in past days. This will solve all the WH questions.

Maintenance and Support

There is no end to evolution of technology. Platform upgrades, technology trends may demand you to change the whole scope of your app. We at Veltrod Services provide significant maintenance and support after sale. For further queries feel free to contact us on

Mobile Application Development-Reasons to prefer India?


India is the home to many big industries and wealthy business man.Around mid of 2007 , Tata  India’s big conglomerate launched a bid on Corus steel, the company which was four times bigger than its size. Tata group a very successful business entity in India was dared to take a big leap which no other big industries hesitated to do .

An year later they took over two  iconic but struggling automotive giant in Jaguar and Land Rover and brought it back to its glory.

The Tata deal set the milestone for India’s influence in Global Economy.It also inspired millions of young enterpreneurs to imagine big.

Currently the company’s growth is valuing around $15 billion. The inspiration from Flipkart would fuel the rise of Indian start-ups with funding from foreign investors on a large scale. It clearly shows India’s adaptability and marketability to dynamic market forces. It also shows how varied Indian culture nurtured intelligent businessmen.

Flipkart logo




Businessmen of India are well known for their tremendous work ethic, commitment towards work and above all integrity.This is the main reason India started a break away from rest of Asia. A group of well educated Indian people gathered ideals of innovation, creativity and willingness to take risks. They are highly skilled in Engineering and Management which aids the view of a globalized world.

The main theme “Success can be achieved by hardwork, dedication ,ability to adapt to changes and knowledge of innovation and creativity” was proved by two giants Flipkart and Tata.

Such ingenuity mean that India would overcome the financial crisis of 2008 and become a destination for foreign investment. In the first quarter of the year 2015, India surpassed India and China as the biggest global destination in the world gaining investments around $31 billion.

Indian economy well adapt to global market demands. To meet the global standards of excellence, they look through new opportunities in new technologies and business process. This has seen a seamless shift of business from software development to mobile application development in the recent years.

In India, nearly 300,000 highly skilled software engineers address huge demand for mobile application development. At the end of 2015, India  market would reach a revenue of $100 billion in the app development.

Additionally, Indian companies are not confined to only application development they tend to focus on “Internet of things” and wearable devices. By next few years Indian “IOT” would grow by 28%. With the boom in the market for wearable devices the market would experience a hike of around 40.8% by the year 2018.

Indian economy serves future technologies, innovation in software development and revolutionising business process has a lot of positive heading into the future.

Boosted by workforce and guided by skilled capitalists , it has capabilities of meeting the global economy.

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Setting up SVN Environment & maintaining multiple instances , managing configuration properties in Hybris


One of the crucial aspect is maintaining the version system for any project. In terms of development Hybris projects have the same life cycle like other projects. Different environments like SIT, UAT, etc.. have to be maintained. Providing a local development environment is equally important.

It is not always advisable to put everything in SVN ,as the size of  OOB Hybrid is huge.Hybris development environment keeps on improvising everyday thus reducing the effort of its developers.

The best practices to version Hybris projects are as follows,

  1. While versioning the software use only customized extensions put inside a custom folder.
  2. Pass, local.extensions to the developers.
  3. Maintain a copy of, local.extensions on the local servers like SIT, UAT, etc..
  4. Hybris software is wrapped around custom folder on each  environment.
  5. Media folder can either be maintained locally or can be stored in an SVN
  6. Production environment is normally connected to SVN. Rather local copy is taken from SVN and deployed using Bamboo,etc..
Running Multiple Hybris in one machine

Basically Hybris is shipped with a bundled tomcat.

How  to run multiple tomcat in one machine?

Till the maximum size of the memory ,we can run as many instance of hybris. We need to make sure that each version of Hybris uses its own ports.

Make the below ports unique for each instance

Sample code:






Hybris Configuration

The problem is how to manage configuration for multiple instances.

The approach is to use apache tomcat to create specific environment variable. This approach  copies files from one common file to environment specific file and merge them together to create complete

Follow the below steps for configuration,

  1. Create a folder inside Hybris config directory.
  2. Place properties in each one of the local files as per environment related variables. The property that has same value across environment will go to common local property file.
  3. Create a build.xml file inside config project.
  4. Now we will create an environment specific property file.
  5. Run the file and pass the environment name.

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Automate your Mobile application testing using Calabash tool

  • Delivering bug free and high quality product is the sole responsibility of quality assurance team. But when too much software applications are lined up for executing diverse test cases spotting the slightest errors becomes tedious.
  • Manual testing helps us to understand the minute intricacies of the software applications but when time factor is a  major concern automation testing is best suited . The results produced by automation testing are much more accurate.
  •  8686177_orig
  • Listed below are some of the few features of calabash,
  • Why calabash?
  • Despite of all the available testing why to go for calabash?
  • Calabash is an open source framework used for automation testing. Novice users ( people unfamiliar with programming languages like Python, JavaScript etc..) find it user friendly.
  • What is calabash?
  • Calabash is an automation tool used for both iOS and Android applications. Here the test scenarios are written in cucumber which has a script pattern much similar to plain conversation in English. Ruby is used for defining the statements. Statements defined once can be reused.
  • Account sign in process using ruby and cucumber:
  • Feature: Calabash testing for Sign In
  • Scenario:

    • Sign in to an account
    • Given I am looking at Home page
    • Then I touch the Sign In Button
    • Then I wait for Sign In page to appear
    • Then I enter Sign In Email ID
    • Then I enter Sign In Password
    • Then I touch the “Submit ” text
    • Then I print Sign in successful
  • Ruby code:
  • Given(/^ I am looking at Home page $/) do
  • wait_for (:timeout >=60) {element_exists(“* id: ‘Home_header'”)}
  • end
  • Then(/^ I touch the Sign In Button $/)do
  • touch(query(“* id: ‘Sign In Button'”))
  • end
  • Then(/^ I wait for Sign In page to appear $/)do
  • wait_for(:timeout >=60) {element _exists(“* id: ‘signin_header'”)}
  • end
  • Then(/^ I enter Sign In Email ID $/)do
  • query(“* id:’emailaddresses'” ,{set Text=> ‘’})
  • end
  • Then(/^I enter Sign In Password $/)do
  • query(“* id:’password'”,{set Text =>123456})
  • end
  • Then(/^ I print Sign in successful $/)do
  • puts ‘Sign in successful’
  • end
  • Observations:
  1. Cucumber file always start with feature keyword declared only once.
  2. Scenario indicates the start of the test case and can be used only once.
  3. Keywords like ‘Given,Then,When’ can be used multiple times.
  4. Calabash is case sensitive.
  5. Except predefined text structures all the statements in cucumber are defined in ruby.
  • Advantages:
  1. Lesser time consumption than manual testing.
  2. Use of only basic programming skills .
  3. Platform independent.
  4. There is no need for  external devices as it supports emulators.
  • Disadvantages:
  1. Lack of  editor or IDE.
  2. Language dependent (supports only Ruby).
  3. Minimum online assistance.
  • Conclusion:
  • Calabash is found to be more useful for function and regression testing resulting in the production of high quality software within a minimum time span.
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Five Compelling Reasons For Businesses To Go For APPS


  • Life has been kind to you. You have a small business and a website about it. But, you have been asked by your customers several times, if you have an app? You have been pondering over it and your well wishers too have suggested you to have an app for your business. But how will that help? This question arrises on your mind and here is the key to all the queries.
  • 1. Your competitor has an app and he is doing well
  • The statistics show that the mobile digital media time is at 51% when compared to desktop which is at 42% in the U.S. This very clearly means that if you have a business and you are not on your customer’s phone with an app or a website, you are left behind in the market. Where as your competitors will always be ahead of you.
  • Flurry, a mobile analytics company, did a research which suggests, that 86% of our time is spent on apps while we spend only 14% on mobile websites.
  • The owners of Mount Royal Bagel Company of Montral wanted to start a branch in New Jersey. They were in need of a way to break into the markets and promote their delicious bagels which were baked in wood burning oven. They also wanted to build a loyal customer base. This all became possible when they created an app. They have over 1400 loyal app users and 30% of their current customers have dowloaded their app.


  • 2. Life becomes easy
  • Apps can be personalised. They can open quickly and indeed easy to use.
  • A user can find a tedious to open the browser, search a product he is interested in. It would be much easier for users to open an app, make purchase and do the payment through the app itself. An app also sorts out the issue of feeding the personal information again and again. Customers can readily reach out to the business whenever they want. The data gathered from the users is encrypted and stored safely.
  • The life of both doctors and patients have become easy by the top rated CVS pharmaceutical app. This app enables the users to locate a nearby CVS store, perform key phrmacy and shopping from home, collect digital coupans and do it all with a few taps on their smart phones. This app also features like medication refill – he can scan the prescription’s barcode with a camera and send to the store; the user can also check negative reaction of the medicine and food groups.
  • The apps are of immense help to the clients as they save time, money and are convenient.
  • A new report by Oracle states that, the apps are used by 71% of millennial to manage billing for the services they use through apps. The fact that they can flag issues and send their complaints to the businesses with the app in their phone is liked by 65% of the millennial.
  • There are many productivity apps that can even work without internet connection. Core functionalities and data is downloaded onto the smartphone . The data can be accessed and the users can use the apps when not connected to the internet. Where connectivity is poor, it is very helpful there.


  • 3. You engage in a better way through apps
  • For a good promotional and marketing strategy you need a good app.
  • Through apps you can extend your loyalty benefits and digitalise your promotions to your regular customers. A customer does not need to visit a brick and mortar store to redeem his loyalty points, he can do it via his smartphone. As a business, you can attend to the needs of your customers individually. You can offer special discounts. You can send him reminders when the goods that are in his wish list arrive.
  • Forrester Research had good words for Chase Bank for its effective mobile solutions in its 2014 report when it topped Forrester Research’s mobile banking rankings. The bank was able to distinguish itself from its competitors with its smart mobile strategy of having Chase mobile apps for iOS and android. It proved to be of great value to its customers.
  • For 55% of millennials a brand experience on an app is more meaningful if it has location based services. Location based push notifications are also a very interesting way to promote your brand and services. You can send push notifications to people walking in one mile radius of your store offering them discounts and other promotional schemes. It increases your chances of having more walk-throughs. You create more awareness about your brand and products promotions.


  • 4. Apps help you track users in a better way
  • You get a huge window of opportunity to collect data and analyse it later to predict users behaviour once your user downloads and installs your app on his smartphone. You will know if the user is happy with the app. You can tweak your app to serve him better by spotting patterns in his behaviour.You can track his navigation, see the number of features he uses and the in-app purchases he has made. You can send promotional push notifications for the things he is searching for. You can know the optimal time to reach him. If the users have installed your app, you can take your marketing efforts up a notch by having beacons in your brick and mortar store if you have one.
  • You can use tools like Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, Apsalar and UXCam to analyse the data the apps collect. These tools will help you collect data from apps and will help you analyse end-user behaviour and mobile application usage. You can then know details like what’s on the app user’s shopping list, how long they use the app, when do they drop off, average session length, and average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • 5. You get more users, more downloads and more sales
  • There always are fence sitters who observe, mull over a hundred things and then take the plunge. A good app drives these fence sitters into the sales funnel. Once a user installs your app on his smartphone, you get a toe hold. It is the way you engage, your interface, creativity, persistence, quality of your products and services that will finally motivate him to upgrade the app or buy something from you.
  • Furniture Giant IKEA changed the way it promotes its catalogue in 2013. The IKEA catalogue with catalog app changed the game for them. Their Fall’ 2014 mobile catalogue app became the number one downloaded app for a brand globally with 8.5 million downloads. This app had the element of augmented reality built in it – it enabled the users to place virtual furniture at home. Users selected a piece of furniture, then they put the catalogue itself on the ground where it acted as an anchor for the 3-D image of the selected chair or table. If the furniture needed to be rotated, the user could do it by rotating the catalogue.
  • The aim of the app was to improve the selection and purchasing process. Marty Martson, Product Public Relations Manager at IKEA US, said, “Some people are afraid that they’re going to make the wrong colour choice or the style might not look good with the other styles that they’re trying to mix and match it with or just not look good in that space, so they may not buy it, and that’s unfortunate because maybe it’s exactly what they need. So we think that this augmented reality feature may be a solution for some people to really help them with that buying decision in the process.”
  • You will need to promote your app through different marketing strategies for more downloads to increase your sales. Build a website, make some promotional videos, promote your app on social media sites, offer your users special discounts for making in- app purchases after downloading and installing your apps.


images (1)


Few Fantastic Mobile Applications in Trend

  • Mobile Development is gaining momentum and the developed trend has started to progress from smart phones, tablets and wearable devices and Internet of things. The scope of mobile development has also shifted its focus from improving personal user experience to providing solutions for large-scale enterprises and businesses. The role of advanced mobile applications is to contribute towards improving the various business aspects of several sectors, such as advertising, marketing, government, e-commerce, banking, health care and more.
  • Responsive Design:
  • Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices have ushered in an era of transformation. The consumption of multimedia content, online shopping, internet banking, and website browsing and a lot other things can be carried out on mobile devices. This has caused a lot of websites to go responsive in design in order to support multiple mobile devices. This trend will require developers to build responsive websites while ensuring that the features and functionality does not get compromised on the mobile version
  • Advanced Mobile Application Development:

download (36)

  • The demand for innovative mobile applications is increasing rapidly. So, it is also essential to meet the growing requirements of mobile application developers which can aid in faster development. We are already witnessing an upsurge in the launch of several new mobile application development and testing tools and frameworks. This trend will continue to evolve resulting in the invention of new and exciting technologies that will enable a faster and better way to develop mobile apps.
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Development:

images (14)

  • Several mobile applications, such as DropBox, Gmail and others have leveraged the power of cloud technology. Mobile cloud computing will flourish to its full potential in a few years. Mobile developers will have to face the challenge of designing cloud-based mobile apps that can be accessed through multiple devices without compromising the features and functionality.
  • Security:

download (32)

  • With the rise in the use of mobile devices for performing professional work as well as for online shopping and mobile banking, there is a greater risk of confidential and personal information getting leaked or misused. In the coming future, more businesses will offer their services to users on the mobile devices. Hence, security is a major concern for developers while designing mobile applications. Prevention of hacking and testing the vulnerability of mobile apps is quickly becoming a major area of focus in mobile development.
  • Wearable Technology:

download (33)

  • The use of wearable devices is increasing and its popularity will continue to rise for years to come. It is a great challenge before mobile app developers to design applications that can work simultaneously on a smart phone as well as wearable device. As of now, we have seen some popular fitness applications becoming available on wearable devices. This trend will grow exponentially as other areas of human life will begin to get monitored using wearable technology.
  • Internet of things:

images (9)

  • Internet of Things (IoT) is currently the hottest topic in the technology market and its potential to transform our day-to-day lives is huge. It involves physical goods or electronic items which are embedded with technologies that allow exchange of data and remote monitoring by linking them with other connected devices or computer-based systems. The role of smart phones and wearable devices in IoT is tremendous. The trend of mobile development for IoT is accelerating rapidly. We can expect solutions in environmental monitoring, infrastructure and health care management and more through mobile connectivity.
  • Mobile Development for Enterprises:
  • download (34)
  • The need for large-scale enterprises to adopt unique marketing services and to increase the quality of user experience is pushing developers to design efficient mobile applications for enterprises. The role of these mobile applications is also to boost productivity of their staff and improve time, cost and human resource management within their work spaces.
  • Beacon Technology:

images (15)

  • Apple has integrated the power of beacon technology in iOS connecting iPhone users to a network of iBeacons. Beacon technology offers a range of services to mobile users within a particular geographical location. Depending upon their proximity, users can be provided with buying suggestions, relevant information and a lot more. Mobile development is rapidly progressing to enable retailers and marketers to leverage the potential of beacon technology.
  • Mobile Payment Application Development:

download (35)

  • We have seen several mobile apps that facilitate online shopping payment, such as PayPal. In future, more people will prefer mobile payment and we can expect a decline in the use of debit or credit cards. This trend is already supported by the launch of Apple Pay and Google Wallet. It will be a challenge for mobile developers to design payment processing mobile apps while also considering essential elements, such as security, network connectivity and more.
  • Mobile Games:

download (37)

  • The gaming industry has already witnessed a major boost with the advent of smart phones and tablets. Moreover, the demand for online games involving multiple users is gaining prominence. The integration of social media in to gaming is one aspect that will give a major boost to the mobile game development industry. This trend of designing exciting and intuitive multi-player games driven by the cloud technology will be an interesting thing to watch in the years to come.

12 Easy Steps to Developing a Mobile App


  •                                     mobile_phone_with_bar_graph_and_green_arrow_for_growth_stock_photo_Slide01
  • What makes a person create a mobile app? Pressure? Tension? Money? No. A bright idea is what makes and inspires the creation of a mobile app. Once you have a beta, you use start off by refining your product. Today, there are so many mobile app analytics providers. Thanks to this, there’s no reason to guess what’s making your business succeed.
  • There are various tools that can be used to test out your idea. But most importantly, you need a roadmap and sketch of how you will be going about your product. A strategy needs to be set. Take your time and research all the best and effective ways to go about which app usage data you want to target. Intelligently scan the numbers and interpret them.
  • Building your product on analytics isn’t enough. You need to start thinking, planning and acting differently to achieve what you want. So whether you are developing a roadmap to a new app, or working on reinforcing an already existing app, below are 12 steps you can use to make your data more efficient in making smart decisions.
  • Collect Smart Data:
  1. Every data collected should aim at answering questions today, tomorrow and in the future.  Now, just because you can measure anything and everything, doesn’t mean it will be helpful in making a smart decision.
  2. Ask questions like “What is the percentage of users that will come back to us?” and “How many transactions did we have in November last year?” These questions will have hard-hitting numbers that can be used to base your decisions on.
  • Have a benchmark and measure your success based on that:
  1. There is something called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and these are company-wide. Focus on that and keep asking yourself, “How have I contributed to this?”
  2. There is no way to see if your product is doing well unless you have a scale against which you can measure your results. Each KPI you select should be based away from the individual needs of the company. But analytics like product page view, conversation rate, click through rate and time spent in the app are very helpful to start off.
  • Always start with questions:
  1. Work backwards. Make a list of all the things that need to be tracked and how to track the data to give accountable insights when needed.
  2. This practice of asking questions will make sure you start off right with minimal chance for mistakes. Making a list of FAQs always helps. Sit down with your team and make a list. This gives a set of different perspectives that can be taken into account.
  • Provide data to all:
  1. Be clear to all about everything. Hiding “sensitive “data from the team may raise doubts in their mind. Instead, put it all out in the open. For all you know, there might be someone who would come up with a brighter idea.
  2. Easy and flexible flow of information will keep it fresh and open to change.
  • Don’t manually pull reports:
  1. Set up reports once. So if any changes, additions or subtractions need to be made, it can be done easily.
  2. This saves time rather than wasting time on pulling out files. Time saved can be used for something better elsewhere. This is why selecting key analytics in the beginning itself is crucial and important.
  • Leave room for a “Happy Accident”:
  1. Give your analyst 20% of his personal time to explore the data without expecting anything. Let him/her choose a day of the week he/she is comfortable with. The results will be shocking and refreshing.
  2. This keeps your analyst free of pressure and monotonous work. Otherwise, work will become mechanical and boring. This will hamper the results of the data.
  • Be proactive VS reactive:
  1. The usual tendency of organizations is to look for potholes in the road and fix those instead of fixing the road itself.
  2. Since there is going to be a flood of data coming in, staying organized is the only way to keep yourself from drowning.
  • Mark your milestones:
  1. You touch a milestone, and it is time to celebrate. Spread the joy and happiness of your success all over your company. Decide what needs to be shared on social media. Be very careful as to what you share. Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you reach your goal.
  2. This makes everyone feel important – your team, staff, customers, and you too. It marks your growth and success. This also makes your competitors nervous.
  • Quantify Customer Sentiment:
  1. Since you have users, you will have a bunch of reviews, comments and incoming emails. This will give you valuable clues to analyse data for improvements.
  2. Numbers are great but are highly misunderstood. If you have a doubt regarding something, using words helps. This will help you make things clear.
  • Learn from your mistakes:
  1. Have a common room where all your team members can see the test results and findings.
  2. Having a visible log of the work happening will help the team members in the group not commit the same mistake twice.
  • Consider the long-term vision:
  1. Set long-term goals and try working towards achieving those.
  2. Have a regular follow-up as to see where you stand and how you’re doing. Monthly meetings are one way to keep track of the work happening. This helps in motivating workers and keeping them on their toes to achieving that long-term goal.
  • Measure a relevant sample group:
  1. While looking for the perfect sample group, look for a statistically significant data. The time length and the number need to be accurate. The sample group will vary according to the app and feature test. But bigger the group, better the result because all the different cohorts are considered.
  2. Creating an app from scratch is a tough job. So when the launching stage nears, you want your product to be the best and the most effective. The gathering and analysing of the correct/right data is very important as this will ensure success. Once this is done, tracking and evaluating your app’s performance is very important and crucial. This is critical as you will use this information to continually recapitulate your product until it reaches maximum optimization.
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