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Evaluating ROI of Travel and Tourism Industry with Mobility and Apps

* Cell phones has extraordinary change power. It has a reshape different businesses working, client securing and serving patterns. eCommerce and different areas, travel and tourism industry are embracing portability with a speedier pace.

* A late study  has uncovered that by September 2015 travel is seventh most prevalent classification in Apple App store. 40% People arrange an excursion with cell phone so cell phones will be a main thrust in 2015 and onwards and is the most energizing open door for travel organizations.

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Here is an understanding of exercises of explorers with cell telephones:

1.Correspondence and media sharing – 65%

2.Web Browsing– 54%

3.Route – 52%

4.News – 48%

5.Playing recreations – 38%

Not simply in travel arranging, cell phone helps explorers at different stages when they require amid their voyage, for example, checking ticket status, flight data, finding close-by eateries, hunt down top destinations, lodging booking, sharing pictures to online networking and so on. An overview was conveyed to recognize the utilization of cell phones. Here are reactions from voyagers:

1.Discovering eateries – 52%

2.Hunt down destinations – 46%

3.Perusing surveys – 45%

4.Booked or inquired about lodgings – 42%

5.Booked or inquired about flights – 34%

6.Other detail coming through in the overview included:

7.Left a survey of a lodging, eatery, fascination – 23%

8.Announcements to informal organizations – 38%

9.Checked flight status – 51%

Cultivating Mobile innovation in the Travel and Tourism industry

* The coming and utilization of portable innovations astoundingly affect the tourism and travel industry. Explorers make a complete guide of their trip; pick different travel destination and tourism spots by surfing the web through their cellular telephones. SMS (Short informing) administrations are utilized to give data to booking affirmation and even as ticket which can just be introduced to the carrier or the inn and one is permitted to appreciate the administration.

* The development of new and innovative versatile applications has again mixed a transformation in portable innovation. This is particularly useful to permit a client to get to web and book administrations on the web. Henceforth, one can likewise book visit bundles and other travel related administrations through the versatile.

* The relationship between TWO T’s travel and innovation has rubbed their shoulder together to counter difficulties confronted by voyagers and different partners from industry.

* In this cell phone period every client searches for a customized care. To contend with this interest the greater part of the organizations embracing versatile applications to serve and cooperate with clients in a more elite manner.

travel and tourism industry-tourism-fest

In any case, what does this mean for the tourism business?

Versatility is viewed as best partner for the travel business. This offers organizations to obtain new clients, some assistance with retaining old ones and serve clients in the most helpful way. This is the reason tourism ventures need to adjust to this new mechanical move and ensure they can achieve their clients in the portable environment and turn into a dynamic piece of their computerized life.

Wearable Technology are interceding in Travel:

* A late study conveyed by Euromonitor International Consumer Electronics research has anticipated that by 2016 wearable Technology will be real formula.

* By 2018 there will be 180 Million Wearable web associated gadgets which were simply 9 Million all around in 2013. Items right now on special incorporate Sony Smart Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Google Glass. Google likewise created Android Wear programming for wearable hardware.

* Apple Watches, Android Wearables are required to take this segment by tempest, as Apple items have accomplished for cell phones and tablets.

The pace of adjustment for quick reaction and to be at lead part:

Fly out organizations should be quick to crush wearable innovation as a feature of their methodology which will push them to on-load up new clients also keep from losing existing.

Notices, Personal help, restrictive administration and extra backing are the keys for present and future advertising situation. These components ought to be received in a powerful way so customers can have bother free travel involvement regarding finding applicable data.


Computerized Savvy and Young Population Feeds Travel and Tourism Online

1.With the wide web utilization of the method for the convenient gadgets at all the periods of the travel experience, players in the travel and tourism industry are rapidly receiving most recent innovation to grow their abilities and to keep up a high ground.

2.By worldwide statistical surveying organization – Euromonitor International, Middle East online travel entrance will develop from 18% in 2013 to 22% in 2014.

3.Information from different trusted source has uncovered that in most recent 12 months 48% of center east explorers have utilized their cell phones for travel related ventures out of them around 70% have utilized either tablets or advanced mobile phones to arrange their travel.

4.This information gives indispensable advertising chance to travel organizations to devise their procedure to connect with potential clients.

5.The encouraging portable stage is playing a huge mantle in concocting the business systems of travel and tourism organizations in the UAE area. 85% of business voyagers utilized versatile application as a part of 2013, out of them 62% utilized them on each excursion. The general reaction was from business voyagers that versatile applications enhanced their travel encounter and helped them at different phases of travel!

Advantages of having a cell phone in the business

Having a versatile application gives your business innumerable open doors, just not in the terms of serving your clients, but rather to deal with your business in a more controlled manner: Here are some noiseless advantages:

1.Track, react and answer to your messages.

2.Clients can check their inhabitance utilizing internet booking framework application and site.

3.Voyagers can take photographs of destinations and can post them on Flickr, Facebook and different locales

4.Take recordings and post them on YouTube, Facebook and different destinations

5.Deal with your online notoriety

6.Check and post on your Facebook Page

7.Do your internet keeping money

8.Answer your live talk framework present on your site utilizing a portable application

9.Using a client relationship administration framework


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Faceboook and Google adopt to new measures to push Mobile User Experience to its limits

In a try to guaranteeing lesser stacking times for news and media site pages over the portable web, Facebook and Google concocted Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in May and September separately. While for Facebook, the activity goes for keeping clients from leaving the social networking channel as opposed to alluding movement to online distributers; for Google, the making so as to undertake goes for building light-weight pages utilization of open-source AMP HTML code system. In both the cases, center is on profoundly enhancing portable client experience.

By what means will ‘Facebook’s Instant Articles’ Enhance Mobile UX?

  • With Instant Articles, distributers can now have their stories and posts on the Facebook servers which will help stacking connected articles 10 times snappier than a different web application or page. With different intuitive instruments viz. auto play recordings, maps, zooming, remarks, sound subtitles, examination instruments, and others, the venture won’t just loan helpful apparatuses for distributers yet an incredible versatile client encounter as well.
  • With pace being the primary offering point, Instant Articles will guarantee visual consistency and in addition lucidness by having great visual configuration benchmarks and lesser visual disorder.
  • Distributions that have effectively marked for Instant Articles are National Geographic, The New York Times, BBC News, Fox Sports, The Washington Post, The Onion, The Huffington Post, The Verge, The Atlantic, Business Insider, TIME, Hollywood Reporter, and others.


In what manner will ‘Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages’ Enhance Mobile UX?

  • According to Google, with AMP HTML, execution of portable web will ‘definitely make strides’. This will be made conceivable by permitting site proprietors manufacture sites with lighter-weight site pages and utilizing reserving systems of pre-getting and putting away website pages so that it’s pre-stacked even before the client really tapping on it. Result – website pages that prior took around 3 seconds to load will now take milliseconds to appear.
  • By disposing of JavaScript and streamlining the HTML code compositionally, Accelerated Mobile Pages will stack much quicker when clients hunt down news on Google.
  • Numerous huge tech organizations and online entrances are as of now on load up including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Things being what they are, is the Mobile UX Really Pushed to its Limits?

  • Because of Internet molding, we need everything rapidly. At the point when going to a news or media site, pages may require some serious energy to stack. While content may appear, developing may take longer due to promotions and pictures.
  • This excruciating background of moderate page load times is currently been dealt with by Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages. These go for ensuring so as to drive more essential activity for distributers client experience is enhanced and an establishment is worked for makers to convey their substance.
  • With speeding of portable web, at by all appearances, it appears a win-win situation for all gatherings – most importantly, the client; the distributer; furthermore, the stages supporting the substance. Over the long haul, the system of picking substance from a couple media houses and serving these rapidly to the clients can prompt substance motivation setting. The truth will surface eventually how this media appropriation and utilization model on versatile web development.

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Read the 4 unlogical myths about Ionic Framework and Hybrid Mobile Development Stashed

Things being what they are, you get a kick out of the chance to create local iOS or Android applications,  While you can make awesome, practical applications for both on the stage, do you think this is sufficient? Maybe, no. It will be costly and tedious to make a local application for every stage and given that your group of onlookers is spread cross-wise over different stages, having a local application for any one stage is insufficient.

  • Maybe, it is a smart thought to have your application worked for no less than two, if not more, stages.
  • This can give you the chance to achieve a great many other conceivable client. Learning application improvement abilities for different stages is a tremendous test and regardless of the possibility that you enlist a local engineer to code an application for every stage, it will be exceptionally costly.
  • Additionally, keeping up more than one code bases is lumbering. Welcome to crossover application advancement!
  • Half and half versatile application advancement not just can help you fabricate web applications faster and less demanding that can later be wrapped and keep running as local applications on various portable working frameworks, it additionally lets you effortlessly deal with your application’s lifecycle, on account of a solitary code-base. Among the bunch of half breed application improvement structures accessible today.
  • Ionic is a system you can depend upon for adding to a crossover application falling nearest to a local application in look and feel. In spite of the numerous advantages of Ionic, there are a few myths which may make individuals bashful far from utilizing it to manufacture local applications.
  • We expose these myths so that next time you have to manufacture an application, Ionic can be one of your favored decisions.


Myth #1: Ionic is just another framework

Half and half versatile application advancement not just can help you fabricate web applications faster and less demanding that can later be wrapped and keep running as local applications on various portable working frameworks, it additionally lets you effortlessly deal with your application’s lifecycle, on account of a solitary code-base. Among the bunch of half breed application improvement structures accessible today, Ionic is a system you can depend upon for adding to a crossover application falling nearest to a local application in look and feel. In spite of the numerous advantages of Ionic, there are a few myths which may make individuals bashful far from utilizing it to manufacture local applications. We expose these myths so that next time you have to manufacture an application, Ionic can be one of your favored decisions.


Myth #2: Hybrid apps aren’t as good as native ones

The key quality of the Ionic Framework is that it empowers a more local like experience for half breed applications in a more financially savvy way. Ionic elements stage congruity which implies you can fabricate once and run anyplace. Besides, Ionic is the main organization that backings making applications and building extraordinary versatile sites, all with the same code.


Myth #3: Creating an Ionic app is a huge chore

Building crossover applications used to be an immense undertaking as a result of their restricted usefulness for building undeniable web applications. Be that as it may, with AngularJS, that has changed as Angular is the center development that makes mixture applications conceivable. Ionic gives comparable usefulness to AngularJS that iOS UIKit accommodates Obj-C/Swift and that Android UI components accommodates Java.


Myth #4: Ionic is new and thus has limited support

Without a doubt, Ionic is new yet it is based on top of Cordova and Angular, which are exceptionally well known innovations. So at whatever time, you keep running into issues, you know you will get enough backing online through a specialist’s blog entry or by means of Stack Overflow. What’s more, not to overlook, the Ionic Forum is the best place to look for answers to Ionic-particular questions where you can discover instructional exercises by numerous expert engineers


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How to Overcome 4 Customer Experience (CX) Challenges to Deliver a Great Healthcare App

In the restorative administrations world, having a social insurance application isn’t only a smart thought, it’s for all intents and purposes key to the achievement of your association. This sort of application advances more profound associations with the esteemed individuals from your group, all while supporting shopper reliability and making an immediate advertising channel for future cooperation.

In spite of this potential, there are a lot of issues that can demolish this generally productive open door. To guarantee that your social insurance brand or foundation doesn’t fall prey to these hidden desires, go along with us as we blueprint eight of the greatest client challenges that obstruct conveying an incredible medicinal services application, and also how to beat these issues.

Challenge #1: Your Brand and Its Chosen App Development Team Lacks Strong Data on the Mobile Habits and Needs of Its Target Audience. The primary test on our rundown concentrates on the way that building an application without an unmistakable comprehension of the necessities and propensities for your gathering of people can prompt an undertaking that needs bearing. Without appropriate information, it’s close difficult to manufacture a solid bond with the outlook of your objective clients.

The Solution :

  • So how would you defeat the information deficiency obstacle? It’s about working with a group of improvement specialists that depend upon information accumulation and execution propensities that keep purchaser knowledge moving from beginning to end on this venture.
  • Whether you depend on first-party information from inside of your medicinal services establishment or gain an information set from an outsider supplier, selecting an application creation group that knows how to influence the force of this data is indispensable to the accomplishment of your task, and in addition the proceeded with utility of this offering once customers begin giving criticism and utilization information.

Challenge #2: Coming up Short in Terms of HIPAA Compliance and the Protection of Private Client Information

Like for all intents and purposes whatever other aspect of running a social insurance association, it ought to come as no huge shock that your application must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA.) The option – a human services application that uncovered a foundation or brand to pointless dangers and information breaks – can prompt extreme fines, punishments, and reaction from clients and patients’ rights advocates.

The Solution :

  • Keeping away from this bad dream situation begins by guaranteeing that your group of trusted engineers comprehends HIPPA regulations and all other applicable innovative mandates. In particular, the group from RapidValue focuses to characterizing a reaction to these three dangers as a major aspect of an appropriate establishment to stay in consistence and secure touchy buyer information:
  1. How does your application handle access to information through outer elements? (Hacking/robbery/and so forth.)
  2. What protections are set up to handle the departure of a gadget by one of your clients?
  3. Is this application presented to the danger of malware on traded off gadgets?

Understanding these dangers amid advancement, and in addition entering in on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and dodging the abuse of push notices and other versatile elements, guarantees that your human services application never endures a disabling information hole or security ruption.


Challenge #3: Customers Demand Access to Real-Time Features and Functionality as Part of the in-App Consumer Experience

Today’s best medicinal services applications aren’t simply static offerings that hold a set or limited measure of social insurance data and usefulness. This implies clients anticipate that get to will constant components and usefulness as a major aspect of an awesome in-application customer experience. Neglecting to recognize this the truth is a brisk approach to wind up on the losing end of the versatile based wellbeing arrangement (mHealth) weapons contest.

The Solution :

  • The most ideal approach to beat the test of staying on the front line of this human services purchaser request,as indicated by a study, is by focusing on an improvement approach that consolidates live visit usefulness and other continuous elements into your application.

Challenge #4: Integrating This App with Hospital Management Systems Is Vital to the Success of the Institution and the Apps Positioning inside of the in-House Ecosystem “One patient, one diagram” – Reda Chouffani, Tech Target The above quote, from Reda Choufffani of Tech Target, remains as a prime case of the cutting edge way to deal with clinic electronic wellbeing record (EHR) administration frameworks – everything bolsters into different channels to guarantee a practical and exact reaction from medicinal experts and patient-based questions. In the event that your human services application can’t coordinate with these in-house frameworks, then it’s normal for a separated and wasteful security to emerge between these two pivotal stages. The Solution:

  • If this doesn’t line up with your craved medicinal services application result, then your versatile offering must interface with in-house administration and records frameworks by means of instinctive and available shared channels.

The most ideal approach to this procedure is by asking for that, your advancement group take a seller impartial way to deal with the making of your application. Thus, you can guarantee that this benefit ties to numerous administration frameworks and gives an adaptable and effortlessly incorporated experience for both customers and medicinal experts.


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Enhancing Business Competency by building Bluetooth Low Energy Mobile Apps


Short range wireless data transmission has been made affordable, automatic and accessible by the introduction of the finest inventions by the mankind namely the bluetooth technology. But on the other side high power consumption of the bluetooth devices has been a major concern.

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

To address the issue of the bluetooth technology subsequent refinements have been made, this leads to the evolution of Bluetooth Low Energy technology or Bluetooth smart in 2010. Introduced in the bluetooth 4.0 version, BLE transmits data wirelessly over short distances by relatively consuming lower energy. The main reason for the consumption of lesser energy is the periodical transmission of data in the form of packets.

Working of BLE devices

ibeacon-communicationBluetooth Low Energy devices has two roles to perform namely master and slave. The peripheral device slave transmits the information and the central device master receives the information. While in real time scenario, smart phones are the central device  that receives the information whereas BLE beacons are the peripherals that transmits the information. The central device receives the information when it comes in contact with the beacons.

Redefining connectivity and business transformation

If smart phone made our lives easier, BLE powered apps made our life much smarter. When these apps are used in association with BLE enabled devices the result would be phenomenal. Lets have a look at  some of the advantages,


ibeaconiBeacon is a small device operating on BLE introduced by Apple Inc. They are mostly used for the transmission of data. When the users iPhone comes in close contact with the iBeacon the BLE app installed on the iPhone listen to the signal and receive the data. Generally, location related information are transmitted through iBeacon.

In real life scenario, the application of these beacons may be different. For instance, a customer having a BLE app enters a certain section of the supermarket. He instantly receives a notification in his app from the beacon saying “Welcome to the store” . This can be further tapped by the retailers to increase the productivity of their business.


Nowadays, wearables have gained much popularity over the smartphones because of the ease of its usage. In wearable technology , BLE and sensor will be integrated into the wearable device such as watch, wristband, watch, etc.. They can be used for the transmission of information to the BLE app installed in the smartphone.

However, in real life scenario, users pulse rate, blood pressure and other health related information will be tracked by the activity tracker in a wearable device. These information will be received by your BLE app. At present wearable technology has been best utilized by healthcare industry.

Internet of things

IoT is a sensational technology that allow devices to communicate effortlessly without human intervention. In real life scenario , BLE app enables you to monitor your home from a remote location. Smart homes are the perfect example. Instead of manually locking the door , you would be able to lock the door using BLE app.

Industry sectors employing BLE technology

From small industries to well established industry have started using BLE app technology as a part of their revival strategy. Listed below are some of the industries using BLE technology,



  1. BLE transmits information in the form of small packets, hence large volume of information cannot be transmitted through BLE app.
  2. An iBeacon employing BLE technology sometimes takes time to detect the nearby devices when it is fast moving forward.
  3. BLE apps are vulnerable to security attacks.

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Several ways of Developing Grocery Shopping Apps for Tech Savy Shoppers

Instacart-Grocer-Delivery-App-Cool-Mom-Picks-800x700It is completely hectic to stand in a large queue for purchasing the grocery items. But this atmosphere has completely changed nowadays because of the introduction of grocery shopping mobile apps. Nowadays, there is a sudden increase in grocery shopping app development. The main reason behind it that the modern day groceries have started realizing the sales significance of grocery apps as it helps them is offering personalized and engaging shopping experience.

Brands that have their own grocery shopping apps

Applicaiton Category Special features
WALMART In store/online
  • Quick spotting of products
  • Creation of wishlist
  • Location tracking
  • Scan QR code
TRADER’S JOE In –store
  •  Store locator
  • Keyword based searching
  • Add favourite products to the cart
PUBLIX In-store/checklist
  • Create grocery list
  • Find nearby store
  • Create recipients
GROFERS online
  • Store locator
  • Schedule delivery
  • Advanced search option
  • Multiple payments


Building grocery shopping apps

Grocery shopping apps are the most sought after by the customers and retailers because of its versatile nature. Now let us have a look at categories in which  grocery shopping apps are developed,

eCommerce grocery apps

These apps helps the customers to purchase the grocery items needed from their current location. With these grocery delivery apps the customers can also fix the delivery time for the products. These apps are deployed by online retailers, brick/motor retailers who offer delivery services.

In-store grocery apps

To offer personalized delivery to the customers retail brick and grocery deploy in store shopping app. In these grocery apps the entire physical store has been recreated virtually. This gives a clear idea to the customers about the grocery products and their quality, corresponding notifications about the offers, location based tracking, etc.

Personalized grocery apps

groceryiq-digitwirl-grocery-list-app-lIn order for the shoppers to plan the grocery shopping effectively these personalized shopping apps have been created. These apps let the shoppers to create a grocery list, set remainders for purchasing the items, share grocery related information with their buddies and much more.

Essential features of grocery shopping apps

The main idea to be focused while creating a grocery apps for the customers is that ,it should make the entire shopping experience simple and effective. Because grocery app may have a huge listing of products. Lets have a look at some of the essential feature needed by the grocery app,


To make the customers to download the grocery shopping app coupons are the best choice. Hence offering coupons through app is essential to improve customer loyalty.

Store locator

Deploying the location based services to notify the customers when they are nearer to the store increases convenience.

Push notifications

To notify the customers about the new grocery item, discount details and so on enable push notification on your grocery app.

Flexible payments

In order to avoid shopping cart abandonment make your grocery store to support multiple currencies and all the leading payment gateways.

Timely delivery of products

Provide the customers flexibility in choosing the delivery time and location. This facility support a diverse customers resulting in a effective shopping experience.

Advanced search options

Incorporating advanced search options helps the customers to find the exact grocery within a minimum span.

Multi-lingual facility

If you are planning to take your app to a global level then multi-lingual support will be fruitful.

Consider all these features for building and deploying a successful grocery app.For personalized grocery app creation contact us on

Increasing the Level of Security and Efficiency in Corporate Communication through Enterprise Instant Messaging Apps


According the recent report by Radicate group the approximate number of instant messaging app users is about 3.2 billion. However, with an annual growth rate of 4% the number is said to reach 3.8 billion by the end of 2019. The report also comments on the fast paced growth of enterprise IM apps and how they are posed to be used commonplace as emails.

In order for the business process to run smoothly without any obstacle communication is the major factor that is needed. It is usually in the form of emails, face to face meetings, text messaging and in rare cases via handwritten notes.But all these communication channels lack  the flexibility and swiftness in which the information can be exchanged.  It is always inevitable for corporate to integrate instant messaging apps for their routine conversations. Enterprise application apps have the probability of increasing the productivity of an organization through fewer emails, meetings, etc..

Why in specific Enterprise Messaging apps than personal messaging apps?


The most popular personal chat applications available today in the market are WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and so on. Even though both WhatsApp and Facebook ranked the top, a new range of official team chat apps otherwise called as enterprise chat apps, business chat apps, corporate chat apps with better security features and coordination facilities have come into picture. They offer the both security and productivity which each and every organization is looking for. Whereas real time communication abilities and security features are essential for business organizations.

How effective these messaging apps are on Corporate communication?
Lesser security concerns

With organizations embracing innovative work cultures like BYOD and virtual workplaces, it has mandatory that a limit to be established between personal and official conversations. A more stronger control can be established over inter-office conversations with the availability of corporate instant messaging apps.

Easier project management

Separate sessions for each and every ongoing project can be created by enterprise instant messaging apps. Department wise or event wise discussions can be facilitated across different work locations through an instant chat messenger for office.

Real-time official conversations

When employee are able to work without time and distance barrier productivity of the organization can be increased tremendously. Chat app for business gives instant access to official conversations will definitely helps foster the work environment.

Reliability and consistency

Most often in organizations, extensive official communication can be lagged because of the use of outdated chat app by the employees. However, with a corporate messaging app, it is possible to give the employees a standard version of communication interface that is both reliable and uniform across the entire organization.

Increased integration

A reliable corporate chat app integrates multiple applications into the chat feed. Imagine that your power point presentation for client delivery gets directly integrated into the chat app? It not only helps in faster decision making but also avoid the maintenance of separate login across multiple devices.

Key features of Corporate instant messaging app
  • Never miss anything with offline connectivity.
  • Instant access can be provided to the users through push notifications.
  • Easier login with social network credentials.
  • Ability to track who is nearby through location tracking.
  • Auto-sync
  • Share everything including docs, images, videos through multimedia sharing.
  • Confidentiality reassured through HMAC encryption.
How a real time corporate chat app looks from inside?

Disa-Device-Conversation-List-1Each and every single day multiple corporate application apps are introduced in the app store, but not all of them turned out to be successful. Even though they function properly they cannot be customized according to the needs of an organization. The need of the hour is an apt framework that enable the enterprises to build real-time secure chat app for business application. The use of Amazon S3 bucket ensures that the app capacity can be scaled to any limit based on the need.For reliable and customized enterprise application development for your business communication contact us on

Tips for Successful Android App Development


According to the recent statistical report more than 1.5 billion users across the globe own a smart phone and 900 million of this user base operated on Google’s android. Presently, Google Play Store has more than 800,000 apps. This results in an average of 48 billion downloads with $900 million dollar in developer payout. If you are going to start a business with very little knowledge about computers and smart phones, there can be no profiting venture to step into. However, with all these benefits and advantages, android app development also has major complexities for beginners. Listed below are some of the tips that helps you in developing android application successfully.

Integrated Development Environment used

main-qimg-b091c5cd53fe3593ec55e360202ebed5Eclipse is the most commonly preferred IDE but some users also use InteliJ IDEA’s community Edition. Basically the choice of the IDE used for the development depends on the comfort level of the developer. Always choose IDE based on your convenience and ease of development, never choose the one that consumes time.

Adaptability to the changing environment

Android sells maximum number of devices thus creating an element of diversity. Hardware platforms as well the OS are constantly being upgraded. Before getting into app development, check for the latest framework used. One of the most important fact to be taken care of is that applications developed for older versions should work well with the newer version. But this doesn’t mean the vice  versa must be true.

Avoid Emulator



Only few things can be tested using the emulator. Moreover, they are comparatively slow and consumes lot of time. If you want to save your precious time, always make sure to invest in real testing device that could be connected with an USB.

Make use of XML scripting

XML scripting contributes to the complete set of android framework. While there are numerous tools that helps you with the User Interface, there can be other which are quite confusing. This has been the only reason why XML is not a popular framework but you don’t really have a choice.

UI structure

Modular UI will helps the developers to reuse the components including ‘frameworks’ and ‘includes’. However, if you want to create a well defined user interface for android then you have to use a daunting amount of XML.

Depending on a designer

There are multiple choices with regard to UI designing. Either you can do the complete development by yourself and gains an better understanding of the integrating features else an expert can be hired for development.

Android specific solutions

Android specific solutions are easy to be implemented. Certain things like asynchronous processing and multi-threading requires separate platforms like AsyncTask or IntentService being laid before alongside with java.util.concurrent package.

Absence of miracle tools

androidThese is no platform that guarantees easier android development. To check this functionality create a simple application and deploy it by yourself. In each and every platform display looks almost like the native apps.

Android application development will be an exiting experience, although there are some initial challenges.With experience you get better with development and face the success you envisage for your development company.

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Guidelines for Apple Official App Design


Developers are aware about registering with apple as a contributing developer by paying up $100 to get access to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. But nowadays, the entire procedure has been changed as developers can get free access to the iOS development scene. The entire set of 245 page guideline is made available for free in the iBooks store. The entire book is all about the Apple’s design principles and how are developers expected to approach iPhone and iPad user interface. Lets look at some of the guidelines involved in iOS app design guideline.

Content is considered superior rather than the interface

main-qimg-6f753c24ab78725adf720af4b67089a9As many marketers always stress about, content is always the king and will remain so. A well designed interface only compliments the content but cannot stand for it. Developers should always come up with an intrusive way of branding supported with custom fonts ,customized background, etc..


Delaying the registration procedure

Allowing the user to experience the basic features of the app ensures sustainability of the product in the market. It would be better when the users are allowed to navigate through the app before registering. This basic rule has been set by apple store that the users will not be prompted to register until they decide upon purchasing something.

Friendly and informal

Fotolia_42679861_M-w855h425Integrate the interactions that sound friendly but not familiar. Users are not used to either a complete formal content or a patronizing one. The only solution to this issue is to think like an editor of an newspaper. When the same tone is followed with the app it increases the user friendly features.

Avoid pleasing everyone

When your pleases 80% of the users, pushing it to 100% will not make the app feasible. There will always be customers with demands that are out of the convenient limits.

An engaging experience

Always try to come up with the best design so that the users will find it hard to switch to alternatives. In order to create new marketers also to retain the current user base keep on adding your platform through updates. A good iOS app design will have close or quit option. The only the users quit will be either go to the homescreen or put their phones in sleep mode.

Stay updated

Always keep yourself updated with the changing market needs as well the changes in the behavior of the audience. Be the first one to bring the change if at all it is meant to happen.

Does not encourage users to navigate away from app

There are certain apps in the apple store that requires users to change the settings to continue using the functionalities. For example, apps that prompts you to turn on the location settings. This may harm the productivity. Instead modify the application code to access the settings directly when required.

No new gestures

It is best to avoid showing your entire creativity by bringing in new gestures in to app designing. Unless the app you are going to design is a game users will always want to stick to the standard gestures that  iphone/ipad integrates.

All these above mentioned factors helps you in providing a good design and development.

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