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How to Increase Business revenue with Titanium

Day-by-day, the mobile applications development industry has been expanding, and there are lots of industries that are looking to get a mobile application for their business to make their customers happy and pleasant. You would find numerous businesses, which are looking to get such mobile apps that boost revenue of their business.

However, developing a mobile application for different mobile platforms is not as easy as it sounds; businesses need to spend lots of business for particular platform like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more. But there is one solution for them as they can opt for cross-platform mobile application development as cross-platform based app runs in different mobile platforms very amazingly. Today, there are numerous cross-platform frameworks obtainable on the web like PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Appcelerator Titanium and many more. Among all these frameworks, Titanium is the most powerful and feature rich cross-platform framework that works very smoothly and effortlessly.


Appecelrator Titanium – A New Generation Cross-platform Framework:

Appcelerator Titanium is an open source cross-platform framework that can be used to develop some amazing and high-end native applications for different mobile devices and Oss like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more. Today, Titanium is one such platform that comes with an open source SDK with more than 5000 devices and mobile operating system APIs, Studio, Alloy, Eclipse-based IDE, cloud service for easy-to-use mobile backend. If you have decided to use Titanium framework, you should make sure to remember below mentioned points:

Explore The SDK: One can create rich, native and highly powerful iOS, android, hybrid and mobile web applications from a single JavaScript-based SDK.

Writing Less Code: The best thing about this framework is that its efficient code modules can reduce time from zero-to-app. One needs to write less code and develop scalable applications.

Exploring Tutorials: Before you start-up with Titanium mobile application development, it is highly essential for you to explore some tutorials and get complete information about this framework so that you will not face any problem while developing an application on this framework.

No matter what kind of applications you want to develop, Titanium is one such framework that allows businesses to develop any type of business application that meets their customers’ requirements. By getting specific business application, businesses can easily increase sales and revenue of their business and serve their customers a high quality service that they are looking for.

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5 Points to be Keep in Mind for Android Developers to compete with the Best Custom App

Every developers work to get a piece of the digital pie, however, few will achieve their goals. We know a collection application is available to the App store so if you become stand out from others, you have to create exceptional application. In this post, we have listed some important points for beginners that they should consider before start with development process.


Hard to Generate Organic Users: Discoverability is one of the biggest challenges Android app developers are facing. It becomes more difficult to create organic users as uncountable number of mobile applications is available in each category of the app stores. If you want to make your application more visible, you just have to add effort into app store optimization techniques. Ensure to give high attention to the app name, icon, description and screenshots.

Fake is Not Considered as Genuine Form of Flattery: People will surely copy you, if you give them a good product. So, it increases the probability of being ripped off exponentially. This is the reality of multi-industry reality and it is must for you to create application by keeping this in your mind. A strong launch is bit difficult, if you know possess an excellent product. A high visibility only occurs when you attract the initial loyal user base and thus, you will be on the top. Keep in mind, if you have more active users, your application secures its position in the store. Lastly, those users become your paying customers.

Find Faults before Launching: Before launching your application ensure to solve the problem that occurred in future. No doubt, uncountable number of applications are available that end up by topping the charts, but don’t stay there. Moreover, you can also tell some latest news about a cool new product as people love to hear new things first and if they find interesting, they can share among their friends and colleagues.

Don’t Play with the Rules to Go Viral: Developers think reaching on the chart is only option to get organic results. This is not so true. Developers shouldn’t be shy to pay amount for buying some downloads as going viral is rare. Make some investment and target your audience, contact a solid network, and get those users. it is must to launch a strong start. You can also try new monetization solutions with some creative juices.

Launch Your App at Best Time: Choosing the right moment for launching a mobile application delivers a good result in the form of downloads. For example: if you are launching traveling app then launch in the month of November-December or June-July as more people are traveling in these months.

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How to Determine the Cost of Your Mobile Application?

Across the world, there are lots of people, who are trying their hands on developing an application that comes with some high-end features and functionalities. But once they develop an application, they need to update that application on the app store by giving it a perfect price.

Well, determining the cost of a mobile application is not easily possible, a developer needs to consider various points in his mind to give the right price for an application so that more and more users can download it & gain lots of profit.


However, if you are also looking for determining the cost of your mobile application, check-out this below given points:

Demand-Oriented: First of all, you need to determine the demand of your application and have to find out how much amount each section of people is willing to pay for it. While adopting this method, it is necessary that you have multiple pricing plans to show your customers and each of the plans gives then different features. If the demand for your application is high, then you can consider and price your application as per it.

Cost-Oriented: It is also most important that you first calculate the average amount of your application like how much it cost to develop and promote. By this way, you can decide the amount of profit which you wanted to make from it. Moreover, you can also get the price that you can charge your customers. While considering this point, you should make sure that the calculation is completely accurate.

Value of Your Developed App: By considering the value of your developed application, you can easily give the right price to your application. As per the actual value for your potential customers, you can decide the price and make it live on the app store. However, if your developed application benefits users in many ways, they willing spend some dollars on it without any hesitation.

Features of Your Application: It is also essential point to look-out while giving the price to your developed mobile application. If developed application has a comprehensive range of features and functionalities, you can charge as per it, but if you have limited features to offer in your application, you should remember that you do not charge very high amount for it.

So, these are some of the points to determine the right price/cost for your mobile application. Moreover, you can contact for building a mobile Application for you.

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5 PhoneGap Android Development Tools To Ease The Work

From past several years, PhoneGap has caught the attention of various people worldwide as it is an open-source framework that allows people to develop cross-platform applications for smart-phones. Making use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, developers can easily develop innovative yet rich quality mobile applications that run smoothly on different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more.

Being a perfect framework for developers, PhoneGap allows them to start with mobile app development and leverage their existing skills on a common platform instead of a device-specific complied language. It is highly recommended framework for people, who are interested in developing a code base that is compatible with multiple devices. The best thing about this framework is its range of tools that can ease your work of developers, so let’s have a look at its top 5 tools:


Ubertesters : Ubertesters is the best mobile app testing tool that connects the power of a platform within the ease to navigate and operate web and mobile tool. Developers can make use of this tool to submit and edit bugs directly from their device and see the reports and manage revisions of their PhoneGap application. However, developers do not require any special training – just get up and run in minutes.

ViziApps : ViziApps is the best PhoneGap tool that based on Cordova and jQuery. Allowing users to develop high-end cross-platform mobile applications, the tool offers access to native device features. Users of this tool can design a touch UI experience with the help of using WYSIWYG tool right from your browser. You are also allowed to combine your application to backend data sources like Intuit, Google spreadsheets,, SQL databases, REST APIs and more. You can also test your application instantly from your browser from real phones and tablets.

HelpStack : When it comes to HelpStack SDK, it offers customer support by allowing customers to report problems from within the application and have applicable tickets developed for each. The articles based on knowledge can be entrenched easily within the application. This is one such tool that helps developers to heap the positive customer reviews and offer a good support experience. So, developers can easily make use of this tool and get huge help.

SocialGap : A simple yet effective library ‘SocialGap’ is intended to ease the integration of PhoneGap hybrid mobile applications with social networks. As it is a modular, so it can be easily extended and reduce overhead since you import only the modules that you need. Whose APIs use the oAutho authentication protocol; this tool can simplify the integration of PhoneGap hybrid mobile apps with social networks.

GapDebung : GapDebug is the most powerful mobile debugging tool that known for filling the gap between left by other debugging options. The tool enables debugging of hybrid mobile applications like Cordova & PhoneGap, on modern iOS and Android devices. For all local debugging, this tool is obtainable free of cost. Make use of this high-end tool and simply fill the gap between left by other debugging options.

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Ultimate mobile UI design trends predictions

The rising change in the trends influences the entire industry whether it is the development domain or the designing field. The designing field is full of creativity and innovation as it results in amazing layouts and best User interface design. Along with website building, designing has expanded its wings to the mobile UI design which is considered as the best mode of attracting customers towards the business.

The ratio of mobile is increasing day by day and is expected to increase in upcoming years. This has happened just because of the introduction of outstanding mobile apps in the industry. These apps are not only high in functionality and navigation but also they are designed with awesome user interfaces. These are the reasons customers are dying to download and install these apps as they launched in the market.

Mobile apps nowadays are usually differentiated on the basis of the user experiences developers created for the same app. For a mobile app UI design, both the aspects are necessary as the one ensures exquisite layout and the other provides unbeatable user experience while using it. Designers always follow the latest trends for creating the mobile UI which best fits for the business.


Industry has many expectations from the new mobile UI trends, let us see what are they and how they rule the market:

Rise of Touch ID

Earlier, the use of the touch ID was only to unlock the device by verifying one’s fingerprints for the validity. Later, the touch ID had been used in the Apple devices to improve the online purchase experience easy and time-saving. This concept of UI started giving the industry something bigger and better.

Material Design Always Rocks

It is an old mobile UI trend and it is expected to be continued in forthcoming years. This is a Google based layout designing trend which is completely based on the material design concept. Material design is the commendable trend which is meant to offer user-friendly material design apps by providing the designers an opportunity to showcase their skills with this advanced tool. It will never get old and will be broadly used by the UI designers to enhance the look & feel of the mobile applications.

Motion Design

Mobile application designers have already adopted this technique in their designing toolkit. Gradually, it has been seen everywhere in which tapping on the app button gets converted into a described motion which is more meaningful. It always gives users a focal point and hence provides an immersive experience with perfect sight. It is considered reliable for creating the best UI design and predicted to be used over the years by the industry.

Diffused Background Technique

We can see that mobile devices are not as big and their screen sized are small. It does not mean that designers have stopped building appealing backgrounds and themes. Even they created the backgrounds and make them diffused just to let the users focus on the desired app features. It is the new terminology but it is gaining admiration in designing field.

Card Design UI Patterns

Basically, card design patterns are used for making a website more impressive and appealing. It is the best tool for mobile-friendly websites. This concept has entered to the domain just to divide and place the content properly on the website which ensures better visibility. Also, the card designs made it possible to download the objects (the media ones) and attracts more traffic towards the website.


The direction of both the User Interface design has dramatically changed a lot in previous years and is expected to touch the sky in upcoming years. Designers are still observing the improvements and innovation in UI design trends.

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Common problems with iOS 9 and how to fix them

Apple rolled out its iOS version 9 with several exciting features like the split screen in newer iPads and 3D touch in iPhones along with more proactive Siri, but not without the share of problems. Although many bugs were wiped out in the beta version of iOS 9, Some of them slipped through the cracks and made way to the devices. From installation errors in a few devices to the touch id issues, there is a range of issues that the users are facing on iOS 9 and its subsequent updates 9.2 and 9.2.

Until new updates are rolled out and issues are resolved, let’s talk about the common problems that are cropping up in the iOS version and how we can fix them.


Problems in Installation

Although, this issue was creating troubles on the date of iOS 9 release, isolated cases of installation errors are still seen where the download screen freezes and the users are stuck. If you have been experiencing similar issues, try holding down the power button and the home button for 10 seconds and the process will jump start.

Issue in slide to upgrade

This is also among one of the commonly reported issues in iOS 9 where the swipe to upgrade feature does not work after the download is complete. If you get stuck in a similar fashion, connect the device with iTunes on the computer and hold the power and the home button to resume installation.

Touchscreen Problems

It has been widely reported that the screen stops to respond right after the update and the users are not able to access the apps or even power off the device. The simple solution to this issue is holding the power and home button and wait for the device to reboot.

Wi-fi Problems

It is quite common to hear about Wi-Fi related issues on iOS 9. If you are also facing troubles with broken Wi-Fi, you can rectify the issue by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This process will take some time and once it is complete, you will have to enter the Wi-Fi password again.

Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth issues are among the most common issues that the iOS 9 users face. To resolve this problem, you can forget the particular Bluetooth device connected, and reconnect it. Alternatively, you can reset the network setting by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Touch Id Issues

Touch ID has been introduced in the latest iPhones and iPads. With the latest iOS 9 updates, some users are complaining of the diminished accuracy while others say that their fingerprint is no longer recognizable. You can try re-training your fingerprints after removing any kind of dust and oil both from the screen and your fingers. To do this, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Enter your Passcode, remove the stored fingerprints and re-instate them.


Issues with Imessage

The issue with iMessage can be resolved by going to Settings > Messages > iMessage and toggle it off and on. If this does not fix the issue, try resetting the network setting by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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As 2017 gets underway, the tech landscape is markedly different from just a couple of years ago. Mobile is ‘large and in charge’ now, as these mobile design trends will confirm. A study from IDC estimates that more than 2 billion of the 3.2 billion people on the planet who access the web in 2017 will do so from a mobile device. Mobile hasn’t just caught up with desktop—it’s crushing desktop in terms of sheer user numbers.

With mobile being front and center more than ever, designers are looking to perfect their mobile-design skills for their clients.

They have to prioritize the user experience when designing mobile apps, and designing native mobile apps that offer a richer experience than mobile web apps is the way to go. While there’s our list of the best mobile design blogs to help you with some mobile design inspiration, design is a constantly evolving thing, which is why future-proofing any piece of code is so important.



Both the Native and Mobile Application will surge

For some time, there’s been a dispute over what type of mobile app works best: native mobile apps that you open by tapping on your smartphone’s home screen or mobile web apps that you access from mobile versions of browsers like Safari.

Designers and developers would argue that native apps are superior because they’re faster for users, can be monetized in places like the App Store, and offer users access to mobile operating system features like the camera, contact lists, etc. That’s definitely true!

Therefore, mobile audience growth is based on mobile websites, so developers will have to continue serving that market with mobile web apps, too, while continuing to prioritize mobile native apps that have a better UX.

The increasing influence of wearables

Wearables are gadgets like the Apple Watch, and they take the concept of mobile to a whole new dimension. Gartner predicts that the 2017 wearables market will rise to 50.4 million units sold, which is an 18.4% increase from 2015 sales.

Not only is the screen smaller than a traditional mobile device, but wearables also encourage people to use mobile technology in different scenarios than smartphones and tablets, leading to necessary changes in the user interface.

For instance, the way you’d tap the screen of a smartphone to open a native news app is different to how you’d have to reach over with one hand to touch your Apple Watch to use its features.

Better UI for Gestures

With projections of smartphone users at more than 6 billion globally by 2020, it’s high time that designers design UIs to better accommodate a range of mobile gestures.

With the number of mobile devices ever-increasing, designers have no choice but to create a better UI that uses a wider, more intuitive range of gestures for a better UX.

Multi App split screen catches on with Android

I have an iPad Pro, and one of the features that I highly enjoy is the multi-app, split-screen work flow. It allows you to do two things at once on your screen, That means I’m on my Evernote native mobile app and email at the same time or tweeting and looking something up on the Internet simultaneously. The convenience is beyond amazing, as it saves me the time and trouble of tapping the home button, looking for the native mobile app I want, and then constantly switching between two (or more) open app windows.

With the iPad Pro outselling Microsoft’s Surface tablet and similar offerings from Samsung in the last quarter, it’s clear that impressive features such as split-screen capability have made all the difference to consumers.

With Android fans clamoring for, and wondering when Google’s finally going to introduce the mobile split-screen feature on its devices, the time seems right for designers and developers to focus their efforts on finally producing split-screen multitasking for Android.

Google seems to already be making baby steps toward this right now, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with later this year.

Multi Design Captivates the Mobil design community

Unsurprisingly, Google will be a big player in influencing native mobile design trends this year. Material design is not completely flat anymore because it uses techniques like gradients, shadows and other subtle, 3D effects. As a result, this slightly different approach to native mobile design has people excited because it’ll drastically improve the UX on mobile devices.

Though material design was slow to be adopted to various Android apps last year— we’re talking Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps—that’s changing in 2017, as more native apps from companies outside of Google join the material-design bandwagon. Facebook’s popular Messenger app is getting a material-design makeover on Android while IMDB’s Android app has material-design touches added to its navigation, search and action bar.

Look for more popular apps to adopt material design as the year progresses.

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Reasons to choose angularjs for the process of development

Angularjs is a widely acclaimed javascript framework that is extensively used to simplify the development process. Generally, it is an open source development framework that effectively addresses the challenges of web development and assures to provide the interpreted web & mobile app development by integrating simple html codes.

With the ever growing popularity and recognition, it is hard to define the development process of a modern website or a single page application without angularjs. Building crud (create/read/update/delete) majority of applications for the client side is the specialty of this framework. It is a relatively new framework invented by the adroit google engineers to execute any type of front-end development to make them easy. This is the primary reason developers get slanted towards angularjs development.

So, if you haven’t tried angularjs till yet, you are not so late. You can try this extremely fast and reliable javascript framework to ease your development process.


However, there are myriads of advantages with angularjs, but the listed ones are admired the most by developers:

Expressive user interface

Angularjs always uses html to define the codes for users’ interfaces which help developers make fewer efforts in writing complete js codes. In comparison to javascript, html is clearer and intuitive and never creates complexities between code, hence it is used to build highly interactive & user-friendly applications and websites that are high on functionality and light in weight.

MVC design architecture

It is practically observed that most of the frameworks only develop the mobile applications and don’t split them into the MVC architecture. You can have this facility when going for AngularJS web & mobile app development as it strings the application code together. This is how it saves a lot of development time and also reduces the app’s time to market.

Require less coding

You must be aware of the complexities of writing codes as these always require hard core skills and tireless effort. To facilitate developers and to overcome this hurdle, Google introduced angularjs framework which extends its domain from js to html and used for creating very simple and highly interactive angulajs responsive web design.

Unit testing ready

Without quality testing development is incomplete. Angularjs has been developed by keeping in mind the need and importance of testing. To ensure zero defect components and to avoid wastage of time, angularjs comes up with the unit testing setup. By running this setup, developers will be getting the exact insight of their development outcomes.      



Ensure fast development

Angularjs follows MVC architecture which ensures the initiation and development of the entire project quick & fast. Also, it provides speedy testing and maintenance facilities to the community of angularjs developer.

Provides modularity

Modularity is considered as the best and the vital part of this framework. With angularjs, you can create multiple modules for a single application. Each module depends on the other and can be further combined to run the complete application. It is one of the best benefits of angularjs that it automatically identifies when an additional module should be added, hence binds it to the other developed application modules.

Two-way data binding

Angularjs is a highly demanded all over the industry due to its two-way data binding functionality. It means, any changes made in application objects immediately influence the user interface and vice versa. In this framework, both the module changes and the user actions take place simultaneously.

Effective use of filters

Angularjs filters are used to transform the data of stored in angularjs responsive design. From the directory of angularjs, you can have different types of filters such as currency, number, lowercase, limit to, uppercase, order by, date, etc. Apart from these filters, if you want some other than you can create your own by simply registering a new filter factory.

Use of custom directives

It is an exceptional benefit of angularjs framework which allows developers to deal with the custom html directives when they find the inbuilt directives tricky and non-profitable.

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4 top framework of JavaScript for developing the mobile applications

Mobile apps have endowed an number of accessibility ease to the users of mobile applications. They just need to tap on their smartphone to pay bills, do shopping, book online tickets or perform any other activity. But smartphone revolution has brought numerous challenges in front of application developers as there has been a great paradigm shift in the field of development.

Now, we have User Interface optimized for fingers and not for mouse cursors. Moreover, there are bandwidth limitations that is possess by the most of the portable personal devices. That’s why application developers have to beat all these challenges and come up with the finest solutions in the form of nicely functional mobile apps.

Different mobile platforms are available like iOS, Android and Windows, and the apps coded for each one of them employs different programming languages. An iOS app uses Objective-C, an Android app is coded with Java, while a Windows Phone application uses .NET.

It is necessary that developers should create cross-platform mobile apps so that it could save time and money required in developing apps for the individual platform. The best way to overcome the problem of developing different apps for different platforms is through JavaScript frameworks. With JavaScript frameworks, you can build an awesome cross-platform mobile app that can run on all mobile operating systems.



PhoneGap is a Cordova which is based upon the open source framework that is developed by Adobe System. It is a commonly used JavaScript framework to develop the mobile applications. It can be used to produce apps for all mobile operating systems platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

PhoneGap allows you to creates apps that can be available either offline or online. Developers have to use standard APIs to make their app functional on all major mobile operating systems. You can also convert your website into the app using PhoneGap. Simply upload the data contents on your website and PhoneGap will automatically convert it into various app files.


Appcelerator Titanium is an open, extendable mobile app development environment that helps the developer to create bold, beautiful and transformative applications. Apps created using this framework can run across different mobile devices as well operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Its core comprises of an open source SDK with more than 500 APIs, Alloy, an Apache-licensed, Titanium-based model–view–controller framework, and Titanium Studio, providing ready-to-use mobile backend. It is an award-winning environment that helps businesses to market 60% faster and attains a significant competitive advantage.

Mobile Application UI


Just like jQuery, Mobile Angular UI is another mobile UI framework that offers multiple development components like switches, absolute positioned top and bottom navbars that don’t bounce on scroll, overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas. With the help of Angular UI, you can bring your website to the mobile phones in the form of an app.

It’s true that HTML is a great way to declare static documents, but it wavers when someone tries to use it for declaring dynamic views in web apps. That’s why Angular JS is the best option that allows you to expand HTML vocabulary for your app.

This environment is extremely communicative, readable, and quick to develop. AngularJS is a toolset for building the framework appropriate for application development. It is fully expandable and works well with other libraries. Every aspect of this framework can be tailored or changed to suit your unique development workflow and characteristic requirements.

Sencha Touch

It is the leading HTML5 and JavaScript based cross-platform mobile & web application framework that is used to create universal mobile apps. Sencha Touch controls hardware acceleration techniques offering high-performance UI components for mobile devices.

Sencha Touch has more than 50 built-in UI components and native looking themes which can help you create impressive apps that work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more. Several features in Sencha Touch allow developers to build an application that responds to user actions right away.

These features include a novel and adaptive layout engine, fluid animations, and smooth scrolling. Some other components of Sencha Touch that make it the best JavaScript Framework includes high-performance, native-looking widgets, backend agnostic data package, and advanced mobile charting.

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Best programming language for developing mobile application

The worldwide smartphone market will reach an incredibly 1.84 billion units in 2020 (with a 5% surge from 1.44 billion units shipped in 2016), which clearly calls for a massive mobile app revolution in the years to come. No business group can escape the digital marketing landscape and has to anyway step into the mobile app word to reach to the global audience.

That said, for every app owner, every mobile app developer, selecting a programming language for the mobile app project is a tough and crucial decision because a programming language can either lead to an outstanding achievement or a big disaster.


Luckily, we have you saved! According to your app type, requirements and the kind of performance you expect from your app, we’ve listed the top programming languages. An important tip: for a good looking, flawless, professional and profitable app, consider getting it developed by a qualified mobile app development company. You will always be on the bright side.

Let’s see what technology wins for your app.


Undisputed winner of IT, Java is the base of many projects and the lifeline of most popular Google’s operating system, Android. Java is the potential choice for native Android app development because of the several features it comes with. Object-oriented programming, rich APIs, open source libraries, powerful integrated development environment (IDE) are a few to mention.

With a vibrant and extensible platform, Java runs much faster like native machine languages.



Swift is the game-changer for iOS mobile app development. Though Object-C is still loved by many, developers and app owners are gravitating towards the swiftness of Swift for their iPhone app. Easy-to-comprehend, with fewer legacy conventions, Swift is written in readable English with a simple syntax; no nesting of brackets and semicolons.

One of the ultimate benefits of using Swift for iOS development is Playgrounds, allowing developers to run any type of code snippet without recompiling and fixing errors to see a result on the emulator. It’s so quick with a strong typing mechanism.

Swift is more readable – highly adored by native iOS developers. With an automated memory management system, app owners can think of a smoother and faster internal storage and rectification of memory leaks. It assures a flashing future for iPhone app development.

Read also: Migrating your iOS App to Swift- Three Most Important Reasons


Objective-C was chosen by Apple as the primary programming language for iOS app development due to its robustness and scalability. Coming from the family of C language, Objective-C performs all the functions of an object-oriented programming language and has a dynamic runtime.

HTML5 + JavaScript

While Java, Swift, Objective-C are used to build the same old native mobile platform-dependent apps, separately for Android, iOS, Windows, we have some ultimate choices for developing cross-platform applications that can run the same code on each platform. HTML5 is the proposed standard here.

In fact, HTML5+JavaSCript is a matchless combination for hybrid app development. JavaScript mobile UI frameworks like Ionic (based on HTML5) is one of the most recently preferred for developing hybrid apps. With Ionic’s platform continuity, the apps look and feel at home on every device. This JS framework is also used for developing progressive web apps.

To meet the various needs of business through mobile apps, there is no right or wrong option concerning a programming language. Each of the above languages has their own benefits in the mobile world. As mentioned earlier, get your app developed from experienced hands and take expert consulting from a dedicated development agency. With this knowledge of programming language, you can surely get the best app built.

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