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Increasing the Level of Security and Efficiency in Corporate Communication through Enterprise Instant Messaging Apps


According the recent report by Radicate group the approximate number of instant messaging app users is about 3.2 billion. However, with an annual growth rate of 4% the number is said to reach 3.8 billion by the end of 2019. The report also comments on the fast paced growth of enterprise IM apps and how they are posed to be used commonplace as emails.

In order for the business process to run smoothly without any obstacle communication is the major factor that is needed. It is usually in the form of emails, face to face meetings, text messaging and in rare cases via handwritten notes.But all these communication channels lack  the flexibility and swiftness in which the information can be exchanged.  It is always inevitable for corporate to integrate instant messaging apps for their routine conversations. Enterprise application apps have the probability of increasing the productivity of an organization through fewer emails, meetings, etc..

Why in specific Enterprise Messaging apps than personal messaging apps?


The most popular personal chat applications available today in the market are WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and so on. Even though both WhatsApp and Facebook ranked the top, a new range of official team chat apps otherwise called as enterprise chat apps, business chat apps, corporate chat apps with better security features and coordination facilities have come into picture. They offer the both security and productivity which each and every organization is looking for. Whereas real time communication abilities and security features are essential for business organizations.

How effective these messaging apps are on Corporate communication?
Lesser security concerns

With organizations embracing innovative work cultures like BYOD and virtual workplaces, it has mandatory that a limit to be established between personal and official conversations. A more stronger control can be established over inter-office conversations with the availability of corporate instant messaging apps.

Easier project management

Separate sessions for each and every ongoing project can be created by enterprise instant messaging apps. Department wise or event wise discussions can be facilitated across different work locations through an instant chat messenger for office.

Real-time official conversations

When employee are able to work without time and distance barrier productivity of the organization can be increased tremendously. Chat app for business gives instant access to official conversations will definitely helps foster the work environment.

Reliability and consistency

Most often in organizations, extensive official communication can be lagged because of the use of outdated chat app by the employees. However, with a corporate messaging app, it is possible to give the employees a standard version of communication interface that is both reliable and uniform across the entire organization.

Increased integration

A reliable corporate chat app integrates multiple applications into the chat feed. Imagine that your power point presentation for client delivery gets directly integrated into the chat app? It not only helps in faster decision making but also avoid the maintenance of separate login across multiple devices.

Key features of Corporate instant messaging app
  • Never miss anything with offline connectivity.
  • Instant access can be provided to the users through push notifications.
  • Easier login with social network credentials.
  • Ability to track who is nearby through location tracking.
  • Auto-sync
  • Share everything including docs, images, videos through multimedia sharing.
  • Confidentiality reassured through HMAC encryption.
How a real time corporate chat app looks from inside?

Disa-Device-Conversation-List-1Each and every single day multiple corporate application apps are introduced in the app store, but not all of them turned out to be successful. Even though they function properly they cannot be customized according to the needs of an organization. The need of the hour is an apt framework that enable the enterprises to build real-time secure chat app for business application. The use of Amazon S3 bucket ensures that the app capacity can be scaled to any limit based on the need.For reliable and customized enterprise application development for your business communication contact us on

Time to Shift to Swift-Future of Enterprise Application Development


Nowadays, swift is one of the most fussing topic across the internet. For those who are not interested in iOS application development swift may not seem worthy of . But on the other hand those who are into iOS application development it will be worth taking a look at it.

What is Swift?

iphone-app-development-using-swift-language-300x300Swift is a multi-paradigm complied programming language, which is created mainly for iOS, OS X, watchOS  and tvOS development by Apple Inc. In other words immersive, responsive and secure applications for different platforms can be created using this robust programming language. Swift is more flexible and safer than Objective-C.

Swift has attained much popularity among the iOS application developers because of the major set of functionalities possessed by it. The main reasons are it is,

  1. Open source.
  2. Ease of usage compared to Objective-C.
  3. Writing code is fun and interesting.
  4. Code can be written quickly.
Key Benefits of Swift

Privacy , security and trust are the three major factors that are considered superior to all other factors in an enterprise application development. Apart from helping in building secure applications , the enterprise application development is made flexible by swift in the following ways,

Multi-faceted language

Swift is considered as a multi-faceted language that allows developers to develop all types of apps right from commonly used enterprise application to advanced low power apple watches.

Open Source

swiftApple has become developer friendly by making the swift open source, this is considered as a big move by Apple Inc. Earlier, software framework Microsoft .Net an open source platform is widely used for enterprise application development. Efficient enterprise apps on latest version of iOS have been developed by developers because of the open sourcing of core libraries. This results in enhanced employee productivity and streamlined business process.

Reduction in initial app size

Generally ,enterprise applications consumes huge amount of time to load as they are bigger in size. As dynamic libraries are directly loaded in memory the initial size of the application can be greatly reduced. Dynamic libraries has been supporting the development of iOS since the launch of Swift and iOS8. The usage of dynamic libraries resulted in increased employee efficiency.

Some of the other key benefits are,
  • Prominence to contextual apps.
  • Integrated with memory management.
  • Prompt feedback from quick and interactive coding.

We at Veltrod develop most sought enterprise applications on iOS and android platform to enhance employee productivity  and to streamline the business process. For Swift powered application development reach us on

Tips for Successful Android App Development


According to the recent statistical report more than 1.5 billion users across the globe own a smart phone and 900 million of this user base operated on Google’s android. Presently, Google Play Store has more than 800,000 apps. This results in an average of 48 billion downloads with $900 million dollar in developer payout. If you are going to start a business with very little knowledge about computers and smart phones, there can be no profiting venture to step into. However, with all these benefits and advantages, android app development also has major complexities for beginners. Listed below are some of the tips that helps you in developing android application successfully.

Integrated Development Environment used

main-qimg-b091c5cd53fe3593ec55e360202ebed5Eclipse is the most commonly preferred IDE but some users also use InteliJ IDEA’s community Edition. Basically the choice of the IDE used for the development depends on the comfort level of the developer. Always choose IDE based on your convenience and ease of development, never choose the one that consumes time.

Adaptability to the changing environment

Android sells maximum number of devices thus creating an element of diversity. Hardware platforms as well the OS are constantly being upgraded. Before getting into app development, check for the latest framework used. One of the most important fact to be taken care of is that applications developed for older versions should work well with the newer version. But this doesn’t mean the vice  versa must be true.

Avoid Emulator



Only few things can be tested using the emulator. Moreover, they are comparatively slow and consumes lot of time. If you want to save your precious time, always make sure to invest in real testing device that could be connected with an USB.

Make use of XML scripting

XML scripting contributes to the complete set of android framework. While there are numerous tools that helps you with the User Interface, there can be other which are quite confusing. This has been the only reason why XML is not a popular framework but you don’t really have a choice.

UI structure

Modular UI will helps the developers to reuse the components including ‘frameworks’ and ‘includes’. However, if you want to create a well defined user interface for android then you have to use a daunting amount of XML.

Depending on a designer

There are multiple choices with regard to UI designing. Either you can do the complete development by yourself and gains an better understanding of the integrating features else an expert can be hired for development.

Android specific solutions

Android specific solutions are easy to be implemented. Certain things like asynchronous processing and multi-threading requires separate platforms like AsyncTask or IntentService being laid before alongside with java.util.concurrent package.

Absence of miracle tools

androidThese is no platform that guarantees easier android development. To check this functionality create a simple application and deploy it by yourself. In each and every platform display looks almost like the native apps.

Android application development will be an exiting experience, although there are some initial challenges.With experience you get better with development and face the success you envisage for your development company.

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Guidelines for Apple Official App Design


Developers are aware about registering with apple as a contributing developer by paying up $100 to get access to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. But nowadays, the entire procedure has been changed as developers can get free access to the iOS development scene. The entire set of 245 page guideline is made available for free in the iBooks store. The entire book is all about the Apple’s design principles and how are developers expected to approach iPhone and iPad user interface. Lets look at some of the guidelines involved in iOS app design guideline.

Content is considered superior rather than the interface

main-qimg-6f753c24ab78725adf720af4b67089a9As many marketers always stress about, content is always the king and will remain so. A well designed interface only compliments the content but cannot stand for it. Developers should always come up with an intrusive way of branding supported with custom fonts ,customized background, etc..


Delaying the registration procedure

Allowing the user to experience the basic features of the app ensures sustainability of the product in the market. It would be better when the users are allowed to navigate through the app before registering. This basic rule has been set by apple store that the users will not be prompted to register until they decide upon purchasing something.

Friendly and informal

Fotolia_42679861_M-w855h425Integrate the interactions that sound friendly but not familiar. Users are not used to either a complete formal content or a patronizing one. The only solution to this issue is to think like an editor of an newspaper. When the same tone is followed with the app it increases the user friendly features.

Avoid pleasing everyone

When your pleases 80% of the users, pushing it to 100% will not make the app feasible. There will always be customers with demands that are out of the convenient limits.

An engaging experience

Always try to come up with the best design so that the users will find it hard to switch to alternatives. In order to create new marketers also to retain the current user base keep on adding your platform through updates. A good iOS app design will have close or quit option. The only the users quit will be either go to the homescreen or put their phones in sleep mode.

Stay updated

Always keep yourself updated with the changing market needs as well the changes in the behavior of the audience. Be the first one to bring the change if at all it is meant to happen.

Does not encourage users to navigate away from app

There are certain apps in the apple store that requires users to change the settings to continue using the functionalities. For example, apps that prompts you to turn on the location settings. This may harm the productivity. Instead modify the application code to access the settings directly when required.

No new gestures

It is best to avoid showing your entire creativity by bringing in new gestures in to app designing. Unless the app you are going to design is a game users will always want to stick to the standard gestures that  iphone/ipad integrates.

All these above mentioned factors helps you in providing a good design and development.

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Factors to be Considered to Avoid App Rejection by Google Play Store


The success involved in designing android app is getting your specific application accepted by the Google Play Store. This is a major criteria to be satisfied as your brand/skill/business is being exposed to more than 81% users across the globe. That will be approximately equal to more than 1000 million users. With the newer App approval standards getting the acceptance for your app is a major task. In order to avoid app  rejection, you need  to consider the following  criteria before initiating the development process.

Reasons for app rejection

For app submissions Google has set certain Android app store guidelines , which are strict and explicit. However, many developers fail to follow them leading to app rejection.

Usage of irrelevant keywords

FlappyRejectsThe entire era of ‘inorganic’ has long gone. Developers should use keywords that best defines the app. Use of irrelevant keywords increases the data traffic that can be highly subjected to punishment. However, misleading visitors with irrelevant keywords will get your application rejected.

Usage of multiple keywords

Along with inorganic, keyword stuffing is also done to a large extent. Depending  on the customer reviews, quality of the content/app and organic sharing Google SEO delivers the most relevant content. In order to enhance credibility and Play Store acceptance give a detailed description of the app instead of keyword stuffing.

In accordance with the Google Keyword Spam policies

To maintain the maximum number of keywords and number of repetitions the Play Store has clearly defined  a set of keyword spam policies. Always refer this policy document before app submission.

Streamlining of process

Human life has been made much more easier with these android applications. Google offers credibility to those applications that have a proper road map to usage. Additionally, developers need to aware of the errors and the ways to solve them.

Avoid marketing

Android applications are not meant to market the brands. Applications that are developed for enhancing the business process goes through strict scrutiny.

No use of demo apps

Applications that are developed for demonstration with minimum functionalities are of no use. These kind of apps not only made the job of the end user frustrating but also be eliminated outright from Play Store.

No copying

17un6j0obmufpjpgApplications should not be developed for the sake of entering your name in the Play Store. Play Store does not allow duplicate applications to be uploaded to the platform. Get into build only if you have come up with a unique idea of your app, be it in the category of a game, an utility, an information application or anything else.

Be professional

You can easily connect to the customer base who are looking for convenience and professionalism by means of applications. Though you need to highlight upon creativity, a professional tone of content will get you better credibility than lose content.

Play Store is a great platform to showcase your coding expertise and UX creativity. The growing user base of android only stresses on the need to be genuine and unique in your submissions.

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Testing Strategies for Mobile Applications

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Mobile app testing is time consuming and expensive, yet critical to ensuring your consumers have a positive experience when they use your mobile applications. It is vital that you make sure that the experience is a great one for every consumer every time they use your application, starting with the very first time. If you fail to do a good job app testing, this will result in your customer doing it for you—and unlike your testing team, your customers do not have the tools or the time to report back problems. Also, keep in mind that your customers do not want to be treated like guinea pigs. When they find a flaw, you’ll never hear a word from them and they certainly won’t come back.

Native Applications

For many people, “mobile apps” have become synonymous with native applications (and hybrid applications). Commonly downloaded from an app store, they offer the user a unique experience that maximizes the capabilities of the device and operating systems for which they are developed. The app download is often controlled by the gate-keeping app store, with mechanisms in place to charge potential consumers. This simple and proven monetization model has fueled native app popularity within the development community. Beyond their acceptance in the consumer market, they also allow enterprises to deliver productivity tools to an increasingly mobile workforce..

Testing needs to determine whether the app can be successfully downloaded to the device, executed on the device, and interact with the supporting back-end content infrastructure. When updates are made, you need to be sure that the application can be pushed out to and accepted by the end user. There is a misperception that successful testing of app functionality on one device provides assurance across all others of the same operating system.

Devices: The Biggest Mobile Testing Challenge

The mobile devices used by consumers create the most obvious challenge to mobile testing. Potentially tens of thousands of different client devices could be used to access your mobile app or website, and they must therefore all be considered when testing your mobile applications. Add to this the different versions of operating systems, and the permutations get crazy-big! You can sacrifice coverage across device/OS combinations to an extent, but when you reduce the number of device types that you test against, you are taking a chance that your application might not work for a number of potential customers. To handle the device challenge, you have three options: You can test exclusively using real devices, you can test exclusively with emulated devices, or you can use a combination of both.

Network: A Regional Challenge

There are well over 400 mobile network operators in the world.

Each mobile operator may support multiple network technologies including LTE, CDMA, GSM, and some use less common or local networking standards such as iDEN, FOMA, and TD-SCDMA. Each network has a unique combination of network infrastructure that tunnels the packet-based protocols used by mobile networks into TCP-IP protocols used by the mobile web. Each network operator has implemented systems that behave slightly differently from vendor to vendor in order to perform the required tunneling. Lastly, most network operators have inserted mobile web proxies (that is, the gateway) to dictate how, when, and if you are able to connect to a particular site. When a network operator implements a mobile web proxy, it can restrict the flow of information that travels between your server and the test client. Some proxies limit the sites that can be accessed via a phone to only those approved by the operator in what is often referred to as a “walled garden.” Other proxies might use “transcoding” in an attempt to scale down fixed web content to better fit onto mobile phones. As you can see, the network challenge is quite complex.

Network Bypass

When you bypass the network’s lower layers, you use TCP/IP to connect directly to the server and you ignore the GPRS tunneling systems used by network operators. Since most real devices are not capable of doing this, you will need to use a device emulator to perform the bypass. Not all device emulators support this feature, so you may want to look for a device emulator that can perform network bypass via the Internet. Some device emulators also have the ability to access the operator’s proxy (but only if it is exposed to the Internet) to allow a more realistic test. Although the operator’s web proxy is available to only its customers, there are test proxies on the Internet that can be used. Even if you don’t have a test proxy, you will still be able to test directly against your origin web server.

Real Networks

Of course, it is possible to test against real networks. One method is to use real devices at the target location, although you will face many of the problems already discussed. Alternatively, many device emulators support modems that allow you to use your emulated devices on the local network—but again, there is the cost of traveling into range of the network. But there is another option.

One piece of useful test equipment is a real device in the cloud. This type of testing solution consists of a physical handset mounted in a remote box with a remote control unit and a remote antenna. The remote control unit is physically connected to the device’s screen and keypad control circuits and is capable of pressing keys and collecting screen images. Exposed to the Internet, this solution lets a user on a local PC or web client control a device with their mouse and keyboard, thereby seeing what is happening remotely on the screen. These devices provide an elegant solution that can be connected to live networks.

Hopefully, you now understand a lot more about the challenges associated with mobile testing of native and web applications. But what do you do with this information? What should be your testing strategy for mobile application testing?

It is not a matter of choosing one tool or technique because there are simply too many compromises that must be made. Most likely you will need to use a combination of testing tools and techniques to meet your quality requirements.

UI Patterns Well Suited for Mobile Navigation


Unlimited flexibility and opportunity is given for creative designers in Mobile Navigation designing. While there are numerous ways to design user interface, some of these patterns have found to be user friendly and workable than others. The whole point in coming with the user interface is to make it intuitive and reduce the complexity for the users trying to learn about the interface.

All the needed controls should be familiar as well as it should look unique and customized. Further interface design should also adhere to consistency, when the users have chosen to move on.

Listed below are some of the top picks when it comes to mobile navigation,




In order to take advantage of “touch” in smartphones sliders have been integrated. However ,as a means of navigation they are underused. They are the perfect tools when the total number of elements to browse is relatively small. Along with gesture control these sliders are natural and also fun. Mobile designers use sliders to navigate through progressive and closely linked pages. Sliders are a practical solution that make the design unique at the same time reduces its complexity.


mobile-navigationIf you want to save screen space then pictorial icons are the best option to go for. These pictures are self-explanatory about the link they point to. They can also be used to bring out unique interface design. The uniqueness depends on the arrangement of the icons, style and even the animation of the icon. Eg.Circle map. Pictorial icons can  be integrated with sliders to make the integration feature even more attractive.

Card Grid

Card grid pattern attaches more adaptability and simplicity to the design. Smartphone users always experience that menus are split into grid of buttons, where the user will have to touch/press/ select the relevant card to go to the required page. Eg.Microsoft Lumia screen that integrates a vertical dropper screen to accommodate all the options.

Spinner  Wheel

image05Spinner wheels are just like those in the casino but heavy on the coding part. You can use gesture as well as touch to spin the wheel and choose among multiple options. One big disadvantage is the continual repetition of options. Unlike sliders which have an end, spinner wheel are continuous and engages the user in more fun interaction.


The type of User Interface one chooses depends on the exact balance he/she want to strike between creativity and simplicity. Its always best to find the midpoint as excess of any is damaging.
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Google Wallet-Android Pay


Google’s android pay was developed as an competitor to Apple’s wallet. It is more than a mere addition to the brand offerings. It is a complete reboot of how Google manages online payments. Currently the online market would estimate around $1tn by the year 2017. Each and every brand is encouraging its customers to switch to mobile shopping than plastic cards or cash. It is a boost to market penetration and increases the convenience of offering products and services on the go.




Online payment trend was initially started by Apple Inc. by the introduction of Apple wallet. It avoid the necessity of customers walking around with credit cards or cash. All sort of payment can be done through mobile phones with best security and mobility.

Google wallet

Google’s version of wallet has come as an alternative to Apple’s wallet. Android pay can be used in any sort of android phone that has Near Field Compatability(NFC) and runs on version higher than Android 4.4(KitKat). Apart from storing credit cards on the phone, users will also be able to access loyalty cards and rest other similar services.

The first brands that integrated with Android pay are Bloomingdale, Subway and Macy’s. By the end of 2015 the functionality was extended to mobile checkout. It currently supports credit card providers like American Express, MasterCard ,Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. The credit card details will not be revealed to the retailers during the transaction. It alternatively generate tokens that reduces data and identity theft.

Features of Android Pay
Partnership with retailers:

It highlights the active partnership of several brands and retailers, offering secure payment facility.

 Carrier Commitment

Initially Android Pay was supported only by Sprint- US based carrier. This increases the need for the customers to download the app to their mobile phones. However, nowadays carriers like AT&T , T-mobile, Verizon ship their products with Android Pay included in the package.

Reduction in voluminous data load

Google earlier debuted with mobile wallets but it turned out to be a failure. Learning from the past experience Google sheds down extraneous features like P2P to make the feature market ready.

Security and simplicity

Google introduces finger print recognition to make secure payments. The simplicity of the application ensures that users would be able to convert their credit cards and debit cards into mobile payment gateways.

Android facility

Shoppers will be tied to android registration but not the app.This ensures that even contactless payment can be done  using only fingerprints.

All these above mentioned features clearly highlights why we should move on to mobile payment gateways.

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The Next Generation-From Mobile app to Wearables


Nowadays, the number of mobile users have increased drastically. All sort of business ranging from small business to large enterprises desired to be online in order to satisfy their customers. On an average nearly 800 million man hours are saved by small business with mobile apps.

Internet Connectivity

internet-connectivityInternet connectivity is required to run the apps on mobile. Since mobile is a hand-held device it has become a part of our everyday life. The problem is internet connectivity. Most of Asia and Europe suffer from lack of connectivity. Hence there arises a need for the mobile apps to run  offline to satisfy the needs of the customer. Both developers and project managers have to rethink of the strategy to deploy offline-first approach in their project.


MicrosoftThe next booming hype in the tech industry is wearables. They are the game changer in the industry.  Wearbles are the successor of mobile technology.They too have become a part of our life like mobile apps.

We always love to wear accessories, apparels. These wearbles comes in handy with fashion at the same time work equally like mobile phone. There is no necessity to carry gadget externally. At this point we need smart wearables that work offline.

Application areas of wearables

The areas where wearables are mostly used are sports, fitness, medical, lifestyle, gaming and infotainment. By considering the application areas it would be better to have offline access.

biometricsUnlike mobile phones smart wearables are even used for tracking eg.biometric data tracking, real data tracking. These data allow brands to target the right prospect. For instance , if you are using the wearable for health purpose, geo location sensor automatically notify you with offers on health products when you pass by an pharmacy.


Above all these factors privacy is of major concern. Wearables operate with consents of law.


A Euromonitor International Report reveals that initial adaptation of wearables is weak outside North America.The demand started to increase in 2014-2015 in European and Indian market. It is expected that the sales would face a hike of 250 million units by 2018. We look forward for the desirable products that make the human life comfortable.

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