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5 Points to be Keep in Mind for Android Developers to compete with the Best Custom App

Every developers work to get a piece of the digital pie, however, few will achieve their goals. We know a collection application is available to the App store so if you become stand out from others, you have to create exceptional application. In this post, we have listed some important points for beginners that they should consider before start with development process.


Hard to Generate Organic Users: Discoverability is one of the biggest challenges Android app developers are facing. It becomes more difficult to create organic users as uncountable number of mobile applications is available in each category of the app stores. If you want to make your application more visible, you just have to add effort into app store optimization techniques. Ensure to give high attention to the app name, icon, description and screenshots.

Fake is Not Considered as Genuine Form of Flattery: People will surely copy you, if you give them a good product. So, it increases the probability of being ripped off exponentially. This is the reality of multi-industry reality and it is must for you to create application by keeping this in your mind. A strong launch is bit difficult, if you know possess an excellent product. A high visibility only occurs when you attract the initial loyal user base and thus, you will be on the top. Keep in mind, if you have more active users, your application secures its position in the store. Lastly, those users become your paying customers.

Find Faults before Launching: Before launching your application ensure to solve the problem that occurred in future. No doubt, uncountable number of applications are available that end up by topping the charts, but don’t stay there. Moreover, you can also tell some latest news about a cool new product as people love to hear new things first and if they find interesting, they can share among their friends and colleagues.

Don’t Play with the Rules to Go Viral: Developers think reaching on the chart is only option to get organic results. This is not so true. Developers shouldn’t be shy to pay amount for buying some downloads as going viral is rare. Make some investment and target your audience, contact a solid network, and get those users. it is must to launch a strong start. You can also try new monetization solutions with some creative juices.

Launch Your App at Best Time: Choosing the right moment for launching a mobile application delivers a good result in the form of downloads. For example: if you are launching traveling app then launch in the month of November-December or June-July as more people are traveling in these months.

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Titanium- A preferred Tool For App Development

More than 60% of the world’s population is using smartphones and the count increases gradually. Through applications, smart devices help people to make their task simpler. Even, businesses are also looking for the mobile applications that make their business task easy. This is one of the main reasons of increase in demand of applications. In order to serve global clients, Titanium Development framework is launched by Appcelerator that compiles JavaScript based SDK and supports HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, and Ajax.

An integrated environment is offered by this platform that allows developers to code single app for diverse platforms. Moreover, versatile applications can be also coded by developers using this platform. It is advantageous for any company to use the Titanium framework for developing an appropriate application; however, it is not so easy to use this framework at the desired level.

For developing application, business has to choose expert team of developers, who have technical expertise in every aspect of major web technologies. While hiring company for Titanium Application development, businesses have to ensure to add some exceptional features. At Veltrod System, we are ensuring to add such features:


Multiple Platforms-Oriented Applications: We are striving to code every application to be supportable with all leading platforms like android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. People prefer various smart devices of different platforms and thus, it is necessary to target various audiences by developing application that can work seamlessly on the entire major platforms seamlessly.

Native Features Support: The application will be more functional with more native features. Hence it is essential to create apps that have native functionality of smart device like notification, memory, camera, etc.

Excellent User-Experience: Every people prefer to have high-grade performance in application and thus, our developers are using Titanium application framework to code application that delivers better performance like interactive and superb user-experience, minimum loading time, and so on.

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How to Determine the Cost of Your Mobile Application?

Across the world, there are lots of people, who are trying their hands on developing an application that comes with some high-end features and functionalities. But once they develop an application, they need to update that application on the app store by giving it a perfect price.

Well, determining the cost of a mobile application is not easily possible, a developer needs to consider various points in his mind to give the right price for an application so that more and more users can download it & gain lots of profit.


However, if you are also looking for determining the cost of your mobile application, check-out this below given points:

Demand-Oriented: First of all, you need to determine the demand of your application and have to find out how much amount each section of people is willing to pay for it. While adopting this method, it is necessary that you have multiple pricing plans to show your customers and each of the plans gives then different features. If the demand for your application is high, then you can consider and price your application as per it.

Cost-Oriented: It is also most important that you first calculate the average amount of your application like how much it cost to develop and promote. By this way, you can decide the amount of profit which you wanted to make from it. Moreover, you can also get the price that you can charge your customers. While considering this point, you should make sure that the calculation is completely accurate.

Value of Your Developed App: By considering the value of your developed application, you can easily give the right price to your application. As per the actual value for your potential customers, you can decide the price and make it live on the app store. However, if your developed application benefits users in many ways, they willing spend some dollars on it without any hesitation.

Features of Your Application: It is also essential point to look-out while giving the price to your developed mobile application. If developed application has a comprehensive range of features and functionalities, you can charge as per it, but if you have limited features to offer in your application, you should remember that you do not charge very high amount for it.

So, these are some of the points to determine the right price/cost for your mobile application. Moreover, you can contact for building a mobile Application for you.

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5 Mobile Application Development Tools To Build Your Own App

With the advent of smart-phones, the demand for innovative yet robust quality mobile application has been increased as everyone is looking to get their desired application that has rich features and functionalities. However, there are lots of people, who are trying their hands on developing their own mobile application.

Apart from this, various small-business owners have also decided to make their own mobile application as several ways are there to do it. But before you jump in the mobile application development pool, you should check out some of the best and advanced mobile application development tools that are listed below.


AppMakr: Today, AppMakr is a high-end tool that allows newbies and developers to develop their own iPhone and android applications. It is one of the easiest ways to make a mobile app for your small business, community group or blog with the help of drag-and-drop mobile app maker. In other words, this high-end tool is a do-it-yourself application creation platform, enabling anyone to make their own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites —with no coding required. Moreover, users of this tool can use existing content and social networking feeds in order to produce a lot of approaches for their app.

Appsbar: Appsbar is a feature-rich mobile application builder that is obtainable for free of cost for all the app builders and application lovers. You can join now and start developing your own free mobile application as application has been the must-have tech accessory for a lot of people. However, it is also true that not all the people have expertise in developing highly functional apps, but using this tool, people can make a high mobile application for any operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and more. The best thing about this tool is that it comes with a lot of features like user-friendly, free to use, tech support, video tutorials and more.

Configure.IT: Configure.IT is a complete mobile app development platform with lots of premium features. App developers ranging from beginners to experts can readily develop an app without writing a single line of code. It is the easiest and simplest tool that provides browser-based, drag-and-drop app development facility, which means that no need to download any software toolkit. With the help of Configure.IT, it is possible to create an iOS app on Windows or Linux platform. It has removed the necessity of Macintosh to develop iOS apps.

AppInventor: AppInventor is a blocks-based programming tool, which enables all the people even novices to start programming and develop fully functional applications for android device. If you are new users of this tool, you can have this tool’s first app up and running in an hour or less. You can also program more complex applications in least time as compare to traditional and text-based languages.

AppYet: AppYet is a simple yet effective app-creator tool that comes with straight-forward looks and functions. Using this tool, anyone can create a professional mobile application for Android platform as there is no need of programming knowledge.

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PhoneGap App Development Service From Veltrod

In the past couple of years, PhoneGap has gained huge popularity in the market because of its astonishing features, functionalities and incredible performance.

Lots of people worldwide are looking for a mobile application that based on this platform as they can get one such application that runs on multiple mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and more. No matter what type and size of business you are running, it is essential to have a business application that can run on the multiple platforms and give the users a pleasing experience.

In this modern world of technology, Veltrod offers superior yet high-end quality PhoneGap application development service at the most competitive rates through its experienced team of developers. Veltrod has devoted and enthusiastic team of PhoneGap experts, who can handle any type of project and make it successful.


About PhoneGap Apps Development: PhoneGap is a cross-platform framework that supports with latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for creating innovative and rich apps. Being an open source platform, PhoneGap offers lots of exclusive features, enabling developers to expand incredible mobile apps.

However, developing an application for PhoneGap platform requires special expertise and knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 coding, so businesses should make sure to hire an expert developer. Therefore, Veltrod is the best choice for you to hire PhoneGap developer in order to get mobile app that meets your business needs.

Veltrod – A Perfect Place For PhoneGap Development: It is one of the leading mobile application development companies in India, serving end-to-end mobile solutions to its clients worldwide. The company specializes in delivering all types of mobile applications as the main aim of the company is to serve its customers satisfactorily. Therefore, you should hire a professional PhoneGap developer from us and get lots of benefits that are mentioned below:

Rich-quality Apps:: The company along with its experts offers rich quality applications as they have years of experience in the mobile apps development industry.

24*7 Online Support:: One of the best things about the team is that it provides 24*7 online supports, so if you face any problem or have query, you can instantly contact the team and get solution.

Competitive Cost:: Here, the team is dedicated to develop apps at affordable rates, so small and mid-sized businesses can also get PhoneGap development service from us and acquire numerous benefits.

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5 PhoneGap Android Development Tools To Ease The Work

From past several years, PhoneGap has caught the attention of various people worldwide as it is an open-source framework that allows people to develop cross-platform applications for smart-phones. Making use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, developers can easily develop innovative yet rich quality mobile applications that run smoothly on different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more.

Being a perfect framework for developers, PhoneGap allows them to start with mobile app development and leverage their existing skills on a common platform instead of a device-specific complied language. It is highly recommended framework for people, who are interested in developing a code base that is compatible with multiple devices. The best thing about this framework is its range of tools that can ease your work of developers, so let’s have a look at its top 5 tools:


Ubertesters : Ubertesters is the best mobile app testing tool that connects the power of a platform within the ease to navigate and operate web and mobile tool. Developers can make use of this tool to submit and edit bugs directly from their device and see the reports and manage revisions of their PhoneGap application. However, developers do not require any special training – just get up and run in minutes.

ViziApps : ViziApps is the best PhoneGap tool that based on Cordova and jQuery. Allowing users to develop high-end cross-platform mobile applications, the tool offers access to native device features. Users of this tool can design a touch UI experience with the help of using WYSIWYG tool right from your browser. You are also allowed to combine your application to backend data sources like Intuit, Google spreadsheets,, SQL databases, REST APIs and more. You can also test your application instantly from your browser from real phones and tablets.

HelpStack : When it comes to HelpStack SDK, it offers customer support by allowing customers to report problems from within the application and have applicable tickets developed for each. The articles based on knowledge can be entrenched easily within the application. This is one such tool that helps developers to heap the positive customer reviews and offer a good support experience. So, developers can easily make use of this tool and get huge help.

SocialGap : A simple yet effective library ‘SocialGap’ is intended to ease the integration of PhoneGap hybrid mobile applications with social networks. As it is a modular, so it can be easily extended and reduce overhead since you import only the modules that you need. Whose APIs use the oAutho authentication protocol; this tool can simplify the integration of PhoneGap hybrid mobile apps with social networks.

GapDebung : GapDebug is the most powerful mobile debugging tool that known for filling the gap between left by other debugging options. The tool enables debugging of hybrid mobile applications like Cordova & PhoneGap, on modern iOS and Android devices. For all local debugging, this tool is obtainable free of cost. Make use of this high-end tool and simply fill the gap between left by other debugging options.

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15 Different Ways to Promote The Mobile Application

We are spending weeks and months in designing and developing unique mobile applications. We know it takes much time to create mobile applications that actually we are looking for. However, when you are launching at App Store, you hardly get any downloads. What is the reason behind it?

Thinking of developing best application is half of the task, you have completed. The half will complete by promoting it in the optimum manners. We have kept a close eye on the mobile industry and find out the most effective ways to promote and monetize application with an ease.


Complete and Optimize your App: Ensure to complete your application first with good interface before submitting it to App Market. Avoid making mistake of submitting a partial complete application as it will lower the user ratings and waft your app plan completely. Additionally, Google Play Market Algorithm will reach your application at the great extent when user rates your application well in its initial stage. It is considered as one of the best tips for increasing downloading numbers.

Optimize Your Email Signature: It would be good idea to provide a catchy one-liner related to your application along with download link. It helps to promote apps among people, whom you are sending mails.

Use the Power of Newsletter: Majority of people are reading mails on their smart device. So, it would be great to let them know through mail.

Press Release: Submitting press releases is one of the best options to promote your application without spending any money. There are many PR agencies, which are sending newsletter to bloggers that contains information about latest applications.

Post on Pinterest: To promote app, it would be great to use blog images, visual and infographics content from your application to develop content on your Pinterest board. Additionally, you can hold contests or use happy customer pictures.

Promote on YouTube: Watching videos seem to be interesting for users as well. It would be great to create some interesting videos that show how to access application and how application would be entertaining or useful for them. Ensure to create video with better clarity and also understand the thing that is worth sharing. Additionally, you can also send a Pitch Email to any blogger in order to review your application. However, you have to ensure to send video link as it helps blogger to understand your application better and help them to write excellent application review.

Create Attractive Icon: We didn’t download any application that doesn’t have icon. It is researched that people are downloading applications on the basis of attractive icons. Having poor quality icons indicate poor quality of application. So, it is advisable to create beautiful icon related to your application.

Use Free Content for Promotion: Another excellent way to promote application is through content. There are many sites like, offering free publicity through content. It is startup voting community, which gives ranking to the application at the end of the every month. Your application might be on the first page, if its idea is good and gets enough votes.

Be Compulsive about Resolving Negative Reviews: Making customers happy become your brand ambassador for your application. So, don’t make your customer unhappy or dissatisfied by offering common features. Allow them to enjoy some unique features through your application and if they find something negative then make them positive with genuine real.

Add App Link in Your Customer Service Emails: One of the best parts of customer email is they direct reach to their customer’s mail box. So, if you are sending customer service mail to your customer then make sure to add your application downloading link.

Collect Email Addresses: Sending downloading link to the interested person of your mobile application is one of the excellent ways to grab people’s attention towards your product line. However, if you don’t have an extra device then write mail addresses to make list of interested people and send accordingly.

Add Mobile App in Your Presentations: Ensure to add mobile application in your application to let know people about your app. It would be great to add some special offer on your bio slide and the last slide for better result.

Six-Second How-to series: Using Vine with video potential customer will be useful for promoting your latest mobile application. Use one of the top trending tags on Vine #howto (hashtag) and make your app popular.

Cross Promotions: It would be great idea to team up with two companies / pages that target same type of customers like you. There are many freebie sites available online, which is helpful in cross promotion task.

Discuss Your Mobile App In The Appropriate Forums: Take help from some of the leading social media sites like Google+ Hangouts, Twitter chats, Yahoo and LinkedIn Groups, and other venues to start proper forums related to your application.

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A Complete Guide on Developing Your First Mobile based Application

Got an idea to develop an amazing mobile application? And wanted to turn your idea into reality, but don’t know how to begin with it?

Well, it is true that developing a first mobile application is a quite difficult task for beginners as it needs a special expertise and experience in the app development industry.


Get a Unique Idea From Your Mind: If you already have an idea in your mind, you need to move ahead to begin with it, but still if you don’t have a unique idea in your mind, you should polish your mind and think for a unique idea that works.

While thinking of an app idea, make sure that must be unique and exceptional so that you get huge success when you turn it into reality.

Research: After getting a unique idea from your mind, now it’s time to research on it as it will be helpful for you to begin with it.

Researching on your idea has mainly four different purposes like is there any other application that has the same concept as yours, get a design integration for your application, look for the technical needs that you will require for your app and finally look how you can market your app.

Many of you all may think that your app idea is revolutionary, but you never know when your hopes will be crushed. Currently, you can find 1 million+ applications for Android and iOS platforms, so if you go with the same idea that already exists in the market, it is not useful.

Start Sketching: After researching on your app idea, you should develop a rough sketch of it. By sketching your app idea, you are placing the foundation for your future interface.

It is one such major step where you can visually conceptualize the primary features as well as approximate the layout and structure of your app.

Get an Expert’s Opinion: After a rough sketch of your application, you should get an expert’s opinion or advice on your sketch and project as they can help you out in it.

Develop a Prototype of Your App: After getting an expert’s opinion on your project, you can start developing a prototype of your application as it is one such stage, where you can combine your idea and features into a clear picture. Today, there are lots of online prototyping tools, including HotGloo, Balsamiq, InVision, Moqups and Fluid UI.

Test Your Prototype: After developing a prototype of your application, you can test it as you just have to revert your wireframes and ask some of your friends, colleagues and other people to review the prototype. You can allow them to access your wireframe and offer them an application test run.

Start Developing Your App: Now, if the testing process of your application has been done, it’s time to start developing your application as your developers have to set-up databases, servers, storage solutions and APIs. It is one such stage of your application development, where you also have to create developer’s account.

Put Design of Your App: There are lots of people or entrepreneurs, who wanted to get a very simple yet basic design and want to focus on developing a successful application.

Again Test Your Application: Once the designing part of your application has been completed, you have to be ready for another testing of your application. Yes, you read it correct; you have to go for the second round of testing as it will be helpful for you to know the flaws and errors of your application if it has any.

Release The Application: Finally, it’s time to release your developed application, but remember that app marketplaces have lots of different policies to publish your application. However, if you are looking forward for submitting your app in Google App store, it does not review your newly submitted application. Initially, they pass it, but at some point of time; they check your app, but you can quickly submit your app to Google Play.

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Why Nowadays Every Business Needs a Mobile Application?

Many people think that mobile application is only for big brands like Macy’s, Walmart and more, but you are wrong. Mobile application is a great option for a lot of small and mid-size businesses as well. You can find various small businesses that are following the mobile trend, comprehending that an effective mobile strategy includes more than just having a mobile-friendly website.

Having a mobile app is a good choice for your business, as you can get a lot of benefits and take your marketing strategy to the next level. However, if you have decided to develop a mobile application for your business, you need to make sure to be clear on your goals from the beginning while strategizing around them.


Customer Engagement

One of the best things about the mobile channel is that it provides companies the potential to engage with their customers in actual time, by location, complete with profile information. You can easily turn all those engaged customers into revenue generating ones if you have done it properly. For instance, Macy’s mobile application is an extremely fast and easy way to purchase your desired products on the go. Using this high-end mobile application, customers are able to put everything right at their fingertips as they can enjoy special offers, access their registry, in-store savings, manage their account and more.

A Direct-Marketing Channel

We all know that application provides a lot of different functions, as they offer general information, search features, booking forms, messengers, user-accounts, news feeds and more. When it comes to talking about the advantages of mobile application, it delivers all the information that you would like to deliver to your customers such as special offers, promotions and more. You can also get a close look to a direct interaction through push notification. Moreover, you can also remind your customers for your products as well as services.

Customer Support & Service

It is highly important to make it a good deal and efficient for your customer so that you can get in touch with the company and provide them tools to make their life a lot simple while making use of products and services that can be an excellent solution in order to develop a mobile application. There is one Digital Federal Credit Union that is based in Marlborough, Mass that has launched the best mobile application that called Mobile PC Deposit, enabling members to deposit a check with the help of iPhone and Android-based smartphones. It makes customer lives a lot simpler and adds value to their existing service.

Give Value To Your Customers

Why don’t you go with digitalizing the loyalty program that you have in place? Rather than sticking to the old point-collection card, you can make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards through mobile app. The more your application will be downloaded, the more customers you will get. By providing a mobile application to your customers, you can show them that they are valuable for you.


Providing coupons and special offer is the best means of monetizing. Mobile is known for adding an interesting layer of location-based push notifications to the coupon economy. You can imagine being the owner of an apparel store in downtown New York with more than thousands of people, who are walking within a one mile-radius of your outlet. While walking by if they were to get notified on their mobile phones with special coupons, you can boost the probability of having them visit by offering a timely reason.

So, having a mobile application for your business is highly important for you as you can get a lot of other benefits as well. No matter what type and size of business you are running, your business needs a mobile application that can take marketing to the next level.

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How to Choose Best Magento Development Services

Are you running an online business? If yes, you might be aware of Magento platform, which is an open source shopping cart solution for your eCommerce business. With professional Magento development services, it is easily possible to handle website design, hosting, styles; templates and a lot more. Magento is one of the best platforms on its own as when your commercial grows and goes mobile, it is time to find out a great developer.

                                                                     Magento web Development Service

Why You Should Opt for Magento Development Services?

There are some imperative factors that can be confirmed for an eCommerce commercial to use Magento development solutions. No matter what the factor is, it is essential to use development services to boost your present eCommerce website on the web. Since the Magento is an open-source software program, developers can make use of it and boost their business on it as well. There are some things in the Magento buying cart that may not be used but need much more customization to meet the customer business.

Today, not every single person has time to make a demanding research study of Magento to develop different solutions. For this, developers are considered as essential resources that are required. However, there are a lot of options required that a developer can take treatment of with success.

Choosing a Right, Magento Development Service

The beginning of the procedure is to search advancement solution. Choosing a Magento developer from a variety of developers for your eCommerce requirements is the second best cost effective option. It is must to narrow down your choices to only a few designers. You can also take your own time to interview them about the projects that have been completed and fulfillment of clients. You can check their suggestions very carefully and get a quote for your certain task.

It would be similarly most ideal to contact the BBB in the location in which the improvement solution is to view if there have been any problems. You can also have a look on the profiles of various designers. All this arrangement is from company side and the contract needs to spell everything out in creating. You should also know up front what the costs are and also ask for the type of terms that you do not get.

You can take your own time to choose a design for your eCommerce project. It is also significant to comprehend your wants along with what the designer will certainly be doing. It is prominent that your eCommerce website has the most effective help possible when either expanding pains or other requirements take place that requires a developer’s help.

So, this is the reason why comparing designers is a good idea. In comparing shopping for your eCommerce website demands, you can obtain one of the most values for your money.


In this blog, you have learned some of the concerning Magento and Magento development services. Along with it, you have also learned how to find and talk to a designer for your eCommerce company. Developers are very much important for Ecommerce Company especially when it comes to Magento platform.

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