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Six Benefits of Interactive Prototypes

  • Creating a prototype that demonstrates functionality of an application in development can positively impact final design as well as the overall project. Here are six ways how an interactive prototypes can help your application initiative:
  1. Bringing the user interface design to life.
    While end users can view and comment on a paper-based version of an application, they will not be able to fully understand the nature of key interactions until the application is developed. Creating a clickable prototype is the next logical step in design and brings a design to life.
  2. Allowing users to provide valuable feedback within the proper context.
    By using a prototype, data within the context of the entire application demonstrates scenarios in a form that users can understand. Since users see the appearance of a working application their feedback will be almost as valuable as having the fully-functional application.
  3. Helping reduce overall development time.
    When prototype development is not part of the process, design changes found during development can affect code. Recoding an application during the development phase can take a great deal more time and effort and significantly impact the development schedule. In addition, recoding an application due to post production usability issues can be costly. Making multiple changes to a prototype is much simpler and provides timely user feedback—keeping the focus on coding the site/application versus worrying about rework due to pre- and post-production usability issues.
  4. Acting as a useful reference tool for developers.
    Prototypes can be used to illustrate functionality in a way that screen specifications cannot. For example, if developers need to understand how a specific widget or control is intended to work, they can use the prototype to answer functionality questions.
  5. Confirming a common vision among users and stakeholders.
    A prototype allows key stakeholders within the organization an opportunity to see the application design as it was intended to be used, including buttons and interactions working in a manner that is as close to the final product as possible. Most key stakeholders are not designers or developers. They are end users of applications and are used to seeing an application in its working state. When static, non-interactive prototypes are delivered to these key decision makers, more time is spent discussing and describing how a particular feature is going to work and less time on understanding the overall design. When key stakeholders have the ability to interact with the final application design, the buy in process and ongoing support is usually stronger.
  6. Creating excitement within the organization
    Prototypes can also be used as a powerful tool to communicate positive progress and reveal the next tangible step towards producing the application, creating excitement within the organization.
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The role of eCommerce

  • For eCommerce teams, success means driving revenue—and revenue depends on traffic. The most powerful force for driving that traffic is your trusted brand. Without a healthy brand, your revenues are at risk.
  • In the digital world, however, there are those who would sabotage, impersonate or misuse your brand for their own gain. They take advantage of the web’s immediacy and global reach to set up shop and use your powerful brand to lure visitors—directly competing with you.
  • Using the same promotional tools as your marketing teams—search and shopping engines, social media, mobile marketing and advertising they use the power of your brand against you. Every potential site visitor who is lured away by a scammer, unscrupulous competitor, misguided affiliate—even counterfeiters and pirates—is a sale you may never make.
  • The impact of this brand abuse is immense. Revenues most definitely suffer, while greater confusion and distrust among consumers grows. Your web traffic is diverted elsewhere, and the brand itself loses luster. Marketing campaigns designed to drive shoppers to your site become less effective. Huge investments in print and broadcast media are affected because brand abuse makes it tougher for your customers to find you online.
  • To Protect Your Revenues, You’ll Have to Protect Your Brand Online.
    It’s that simple. That’s why eCommerce teams should be among the most vocal proponents of online brand protection. And because each business is unique, you’ll need a unique brand protection strategy.
  • The critical role of eCommerce. A surprisingly wide range of business functions are affected by online brand abuse, but eCommerce teams have more at stake than most, since you depend on a healthy brand to drive traffic and revenue. eCommerce teams should take the lead in creating a brand protection strategy designed to:
  • Locate and reclaim diverted traffic and revenue. An online brand protection strategy can help you reclaim your rightful traffic by shutting down paid search abuse, recovering domains and putting counterfeiters out of business.
  • Improve affiliate and partner compliance. Today’s fluid, multichannel markets can breed confusion. A brand protection strategy can monitor for compliance and implement early course corrections when needed—keeping your rightful revenue where it belongs.
  • Increase your marketing ROI. Scammers drive up pay-per-click ad costs by competing for branded keywords, while misguided affiliates siphon off revenues (even taking commissions on the sales). Brand protection lets you reclaim the traffic you’ve paid for, while damping down online noise that confuses consumers and customers. It also maximizes offline investments in brand awareness by allowing consumers to find you more easily when they go online.
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Magento for booming enterprise markets…


  • E-Commerce area is viewed as one of the quickest developing fragments of the administration business around the world. It is not simply the created nations; the potential in the creating nations is surprising and considered a standout amongst the most lucrative ventures towards what’s to come. The change of stores from block and mortar to advanced stores upgrades the buyer experience and comfort, encourages customer profiling, balances open doors for little or substantial undertakings, future projections and a scope of different advantages.
  • There are such a large number of e Commerce stage suppliers that are depending on these development projections for this segment. India for instance is the third biggest economy where the working class section is anticipated to have higher acquiring force equality than most created nations by 2016. With such discretionary cash flow and potential, the future for e Commerce in India looks a considerable measure greener.
  • Basic concept about Magento
  1. Magento is an Open Source content administration framework for ecommerce sites.
  2. As indicated by an examination directed by Ahead works in October 2014, Magento holds 30% of the piece of the pie when contrasted with 30 most famous e Commerce stages.
  3. This is an extremely huge offer considering its rivals. Gartner’s enchantment quadrant spots Magento a ton higher than it was at first put, moving it up to the position as “challenger”. IBM’s Web sphere and SAP Hybrids lead this race.


  • Growth of Magento over 2 years;
  1. Despite the fact that Magento’s development is unquestionably positive, regardless it has an impressive hole to cover so as to lead the diagrams.
  2. One in each four eCommerce sites is observed to be based on Magento.
  3. It is watched that the lion’s share of their clients are from little and medium venture portion, with a similarly slower development in the expansive undertaking fragment.
  4. Apparently the Community version of Magento appears to have developed by 13.5% in 2014, though the Enterprise release that was focused for bigger undertakings has seen a lessening of 13% when contrasted with past rates. Specialists propose that this could be on account of extensive endeavors see these ventures as vital and partner themselves with the business sector pioneers, or some are simply not mindful of the advantages that Magento brings to the table.
  5. Either ways they free on the money saving advantage and the exceptionally adaptable nature of Magento.
  • Some of the reasons why enterprises are choosing Magento;
  1. Interactive selling
  2. Web content management
  3. Distributed order management
  4. Reporting
  5. Analytic


  • Gartner exploration recommends that in the e Commerce fragment (2015-2018), organizations that attention on personalization will demonstrate to beat others by an edge of 30%. Additionally, 70% of the organizations that are as of now cantered around B2B or B2C will move to Individual client experience. One of the other fascinating truths is the measure of speculation made by financial speculators on e Commerce new businesses i.e, $6.21bn in 2013, $14.60bn in 2014, $4bn for the first quarter of 2015. This demonstrates the development pattern and the measure of saw potential in this division.
  • Impact of Magento on enterprises and users;
  1. The particular construction modelling of Magento is flexible to the point that it permits any adjustment to current elements, expansion or building of new augmentations and reconciliation of different frameworks with Magento work process effortlessly.
  2. Having worked with Magento over every one of these years, I trust that none of the focuses recorded above are an issue, on the grounds that every one of them are achievable with customisation.
  3. The best part is it would really be more conservative even with all the customizations when contrasted with other bigger stages.
  4. The expense investment funds and time reserve funds would be considerable; likewise the adaptability that it could include would practically be exceptional.
  5. It’s my conclusion that Magento has every one of the abilities to wind up a business sector pioneer in the e Commerce stage portion with the right mindfulness and bundling.
  • The future appears to be brilliant and the decision in Magento appears to be correct.
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What is exiting about Magento 2?


  • Magento has been a standout amongst the most looked for after stages among e Commerce gateway engineers for a considerable length of time. With remarkable development throughout the years, it now emerges in the business sector with more than 30% of the piece of the pie among 30 of the top e Commerce players, as per an examination directed by Gartner. Its ubiquity is credited to its exceptionally adaptable secluded construction modelling which permits a specialist to adjust, include or manufacture augmentations and couple different frameworks with Magento as s/he satisfies.
  • With the right mastery the potential outcomes appear to be unfathomable. Despite the fact that it has such a large number of adaptable and exceptionally versatile components, the Magento group felt swells of energy when a move up to Magento was reported in 2011. The Beta variant will be economically accessible by final quarter of 2015.
  • Interest about the elements, overhauls, similarity and convenience is on an unequalled high in the Magento group. Through this website we might want to highlight an enhancements’ couple and components that Magento-2 will have over Magento-1. The Magento group at need has been setting itself up in foresight of a Magento overhaul and now stands completely outfitted with every single important asset to create and actualize Magento2 wherever essential or suitable
  • Exciting features of Magento 2

Magento2 features

  1. New Structure: There are two noteworthy changes in the Magento 2 document structure. Firstly, everything is set straightforwardly under the application structure. Also, every module has its own particular VIEW catalogue in which you can get to all format, design, js, and css/less records of any particular module. This is most likely a major help for module designers as they can have more open doors for customization without changing centre site usefulness.
  2. New layout element
  3. CSS preprocessing
  4. Magento UI library
  5. Improved performance and scalability
  6. No more prototypes
  7. Reduced upgrade efforts and costs
  8. Great UX
  9. Product manager interface
  • User’s opinion about Magento 2
  • An engineer will now discover it simpler to upgrade the look and feel of the site without changing its usefulness attributable to the present day HTML5 topics and less CSS pre-processor. The expenses connected with centre Magento updates are likewise negligible with clear data on similarity and a standalone installer that auto-checks essentials before establishment. The execution and versatility is likewise considerably changed. With every one of these changes combined with another level of value, documentation and testing assets, the eventual fate of Magento now sparkles brighter than any time in recent memory some time recently.
  • Every one of these years of experience taking care of different activities for an assortment of customers, has without a doubt given us an edge over our rivals. We are presently better put to help our customers move up to Magento 2 and keep being perceived as one of the best Magento Solutions Partner around the world.


  • About Veltrod;
  • Being an acclaimed Magento web development service provider, we offer a wide array of Magento services:
  1. Magento website development
  2. Custom Magento development
  3. Responsive Magento website
  4. Magento module development
  5. Magento theme development
  6. Support & Maintenance
  7. Custom Ecommerce solutions
  8. Magento store development
  9. Magento shopping cart development
  10. Custom extensions development

Get more personal with your customers using “SoLoMoMe”

  • With developing offers of cell phones and an increment in online networking movement through versatile, we see a developing pattern of individuals snared to their cell phones all as the day progressed. From the morning alert to the night wishes, individuals rely on upon their cell phones to all their normal exercises. Gone are the days when individuals used to remember contact quantities of every one of their loved ones, their birthdays, have discussions over supper table in an eatery and so forth.
  • Connecting with new individuals over the world, Shopping through portable applications, booking and conveying blessings internet, subscribing to online channels thus numerous things individuals today point towards an undeniably blurring line between the physical and the computerized world. A change of such noteworthiness dependably causes a gradually expanding influence, making business associations re evaluate their procedures for what’s to come.


GPS Location

  • In the showcasing scene, another term has been picking up notoriety- SoLoMoMe, which is a shortened form of the words Social media, Location, Mobile, and Me (personalization). Basically, the data posted by the clients on online networking, GPS-empowered versatile area, Proximity of clients to business outlets approximated through portable signals and the recurrence or length of time of utilization, by and large help create client particular information.


  • Benefits of SoLoMoMe:
  1. The information produced is mined to discover purchasing examples, their inclinations, occasions of importance in their life and their system of companions or family and so on.
  2. As a business association, these information focuses help customize a client’s experience or excursion with the organization.
  3. Think about following client movement, recurrence of application utilization, item inclination and reaction to new items, incentive clients in light of their past buy design, the sort of instruments like “eatery discoverer” that were habitually utilized, coupon use and examination of clients rehashing buys, input and so on.
  • Why is it so useful for the consumers?
  1. We see looks of these ideas working in our ordinary life, those circumstantial messages from specific stores when you visit some place near their area, the alluring offers for shopping on the day somebody you know has a birthday, an ad with sliced rates for the shoe you once kept an eye on an ecommerce site yet did not purchase while you were surfing on the net, and so forth.
  2. The vast majority of us ordinarily don’t understand these, and the few of us who, discount them as fortuitous events. There is a great deal of exertion behind those point by point experience administration activities. An unmistakable line is drawn between what information ought to and ought not be utilized, to guarantee the protection of a client is never broken or damaged in at any rate.
  3. The business cases are monstrous and it is about how we utilize information to make the right experience for the right client at the ideal time and for the right setting.
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