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5 Magento Extensions That Everyone must have in their ecommerce website

Today, Magento has been emerged as a leader in the world of online stores irrespective of type and size. Till date, you would find more than 125000 online stores that have been set up on Magento platform because of its excellent features, exceptional functionalities and high performance. Magento is one such platform that offers its users numerous features that users are looking for.

There are numerous online retailers for whom things did not worked out, so Magento extensions are completely best for their usability and features. When it comes to talk about the success, it is completely exceptional as it is one of the major reasons why developers from across the world are making this platform more better by developing robust quality extensions that you can find on the web.

Magento users can find all types of Magento extensions that they need for their business to make it more convenient for their customers. With lots of Magento extensions, it is quite difficult for businesses to choose best and feature-rich Magento extensions that make their website highly interactive. Below, I have gathered 7 innovative and robust quality Magento extensions that you must download for your site.


Advanced Store Locator:  Now, you can easily endow your store with wonderful look by integrating high quality Magento store locator that is known as Advanced Store Locator. This extension is designed for all those Magento owners, who are looking to help their customers in searching their store in their desired country, state, city and area.

Magento Live Chat: In this highly competitive market, every e-commerce website owner is looking to cater his/her customers exceptionally so that they don’t have any problems and queries. When it comes to solve their problems and queries, nothing is better than live chat as it allows users directly talk to the representative and explain them their problems.

Video and Content Testimonials: Video and Content Testimonials is an advanced quality Magento extension that enables users to manage their testimonials with video, content, YouTube, image and more. If you want to add the testimonials in your website, this extension is well-known for its features by which you can promote and highlight your work. Being an exclusive extension, it allows visitors and customers to add their testimonials with YouTube, pictures, videos and more. For users, it is extremely easy to install and can make managing of your various testimonials easy. The best part is that this extension also support with multi-store and multi-lingual.

Ajax Cart: When it comes to a leading Magento extension, Ajax Cart is an excellent extension that helps users to add products to shopping cart directly from product page and different categories. Using this extension, customers are able to add all types of products such as simple, bundled, configurable and more from the category page also from Product Detail page. So, Magento website owners should opt for Ajax Cart extension that can ease the customers’ shopping and offer them wonderful experience.

One Page Check-out: If you have decided to decrease the check-out process in your Magento website, it is a great idea as it is must for you to shorten the process. There are lots of Magento website owners, who are making use of Magento’s One Step check-out, but it is also troublesome as it takes a longer to fill out and load. It is better to use One Step Checkout extension that specially designed to present everything on one page. It can show each and every thing on one page in a wonderful way to boost conversion rate. Moreover, this extension provides lots of options for store owners, who want to collect more information.

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Which edition of Magento fits your need?

Launched in 2008, Magento has quickly grown into one of the top choices for an eCommerce solution – currently available in two versions that share the same core but vary in offerings. The Community edition (CE) is an Open Source software that has many built-in extensions which can fulfill most of the needs of small businesses. With a few tweaks from an expert, it can provide powerful performance.

Magento Coomunity vs Enterprise

The Enterprise Edition (EE) on the other hand is for users who need more than what CE has to offer. Users looking for additional features and customizations that CE can’t offer, turn to EE. EE is a subscription-based service that comes with a Service Level Agreement. Subscribers get full support from the Magento team accessible through phone or email. It also has exclusive product enhancements and special features apart from the security updates.

Enterprise Edition


Every client looking to set up a Magento store has a dilemma of choosing the right edition. Everyone wants to leverage the cost effective Magento CE but gets apprehensive about its performance, support and security features. Magento EE is a more powerful edition with security enhancements, additional modules and performance capabilities. We recommend either of the editions based on the clients’ requirements. Often clients who have a Magento EE feel they are paying for modules they do not require, but there is no way you could pick and pay for only the modules you require. It’s a complete package.


This is where our experience working with Magento comes in. We have worked on several projects using Magento CE and have implemented most of their requirements at substantially low cost. We can tailor Magento CE to a client’s requirements by either purchasing and customizing existing extensions or building customized extensions specific to their requirements. This ensures your Magento store has exactly what you and your customers need without having to incur exorbitant costs.

However, our recommendation takes into account resources available, volume of products (number of SKUs, product categories), traffic (monthly traffic, transaction volume, number of concurrent users) and business size among other essential factors. There are instances where only EE fits best and then there are projects where we can tailor CE to suit your requirements. It all boils down to a client’s need and constraints.

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Why Magento’s New B2B solution is ideal for B2B eCommerce Businesses

Have you ever gone to a B2B eCommerce site and attempted to purchase items from that point? Other than the usefulness contrast, did you see that the involvement in the vast majority of these sites is not as great contrasted with most B2C eCommerce sites. The vast majority of these B2B sites have not been redesigned for a considerable length of time inspired by a paranoid fear of bringing about clash in costs crosswise over different channels. Luckily, things are changing for good. B2B purchasers are progressively requesting the same nature of experience and complexity as delighted in by B2C shoppers. Like their B2C partners, B2B customers are likewise requesting natural and easy to understand interfaces over different touch focuses. The colossal desires of B2B buyers makes for a huge open door for eCommerce sellers and administration suppliers, and they can no more bear to overlook it. According to Gartner’s key arranging assesses, the B2B business sector is expecting the accompanying energy:

  • By 2018, 70% of e-trade will move from business-to-buyer (B2C) and B2B models to models that emphasis on the individual client experience.
  • By 2018, more than half of trade destinations will coordinate innovations from more than 15 sellers to convey a computerized client experience.
  • Amid the following three years, 60% of computerized business examination speculations will be spent on client venture investigation.
  • By 2018, associations that have completely put resources into a wide range of online personalization will surpass organizations that have not by more than 30%.
  • Thankfully, Magento’s late discharge – Magento B2B – has attempted to fill this crevice to an expansive degree.

We should pause for a minute to discuss why Magento’s new program matters to B2B clients and entrepreneurs, and how your image can accumulate the most extreme measure of worth and effect from this stage.


What makes Magento B2B arrangement the dear of B2B ecommerce?

Before you jump into the utilizations of Magento’s stage, it’s a smart thought to give you a fast review of its new elements and usefulness.

  • According to Magento’s Marketing group, purchasers need self-serve data and internet requesting choices from their sellers. Purchasers would prefer not to converse with a sales representative; they need to research and afterward arrange online all alone.
  • By group behind Magento’s new offering, this most recent discharge is about giving your gathering of people precisely what they need when they visit your site.
  • From empowering self-serve skimming and acquiring instruments that plan to remove the agent to advancing a cleaner and more reasonable site experience, Magento’s new B2B program more than conveys on the reason of including a “purchaser cordial” business-to-shopper (B2C) association with the standard B2B experience.

Taking after are 5 noteworthy advantages that a B2B entrepreneur ought to anticipate from:

  1. Customized Recommendations
  2. Capable Search Capabilities
  3. Simple Buyer Experience
  4. Purchaser and Seller Analytics
  5. Capacity to Nurture Leads Throughout the Buyer Journey

B2B Puzzle

Beside giving your site a noteworthy facelift, this reconsidered form likewise accompanies a significant number of extravagant accessories for your side of the business process. Undertaking brands doing the switch will have entry to the accompanying:

  1. Division and personalization measurements relating to going to clients.
  2. Recommendations for incorporating important site information to different expansions of a brand’s promoting and showcasing operations.
  3. “In with no reservations one” operational deals stage.
  4. This “in with no reservations one” framework gives complete control over site and deals operations from a solitary stage. At the point when combined up with the way that Magento remains as a beneficiary of Forrester Research’s most astounding conceivable score in the “Expense of Ownership” class, it’s sheltered to say this project is an adaptable, cost effective distinct option for other endeavor level stages.

Why Magento B2B is ideal for the Current Marketplace Climate

  • It doesn’t take much to see that Magento’s stage packs a remarkable punch.
  • Be that as it may, essentially letting you know about the greater part of its components and functionalities likely isn’t sufficient to take care of business. To truly reveal the utility found inside of this B2B project, it’s essential to comprehend why the commercial center atmosphere is ready for a change among brands such as your own.
  • B2B showcasing has for quite some time been under-spoken to, also B2B ecommerce.” – David Bowen, Econsultancy

A well researched study, in his take a gander at current industry patterns and customer movement, revealed these two powerful measurements:

  1. 38 percent of B2B officials have seen an ascent in online requests over the previous year.
  2. B2B sites surveyed amid this time span additionally saw a 44 percent expansion in the normal sum invested by clients amid their time on-site.

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Magento 2 is Scaling New Heights with New big digital-commerce platform

Presented a month ago after numerous years of improvement, Magento 2.0 is a prominent idea among online and omnichannel retailers and eCommerce-stage designers. Magento claims this cutting edge open-source computerized trade stage as “the new stage that enables brands, retailers, and organizations crosswise over B2C and B2B businesses to rapidly and cost-viably convey drawing in omnichannel shopping encounters.”

What inspired Magento to move up to Magento 2.0?

The stage appeared with Magento 2.0 group announcing the fundamental objectives of the present upgrade as taking after:

  1. Upgrading the innovation stack;
  2. Improving outer combinations;
  3. Enhancing execution and versatility;
  4. Streamlining the customization process;
  5. Empowering less demanding establishments and updates;
  6. Conveying better quality, testing assets, and documentation.


With two new items on this intense stage, viz. Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0, officially accessible for download here and on GitHub here, read on to comprehend what the restrictive elements of Magento 2.0 are:

Magento 2.0 New Advanced Features

  1. Similarity with Modern Technologies including present day PHP forms (5.4 or above), CSS3, HTML5, mySQL (5.6 or higher), alongside backing for Varnish 4 and HHVM 3.6 similarity.
  2. Less demanding and Quicker Customization, on account of modularized inquiry interface, support for XML acceptance, multilevel subject legacy, and pre-bundled responsive topic.
  3. New testing stage will computerize the useful testing and permit testing for execution, JavaScript units, coordination, capacity, execution, legacy, and movement on the site.
  4. Better omnichannel shopping encounters because of quicker and less demanding checkouts and inherent responsive outline subjects to guarantee a consistent ordeal over any gadget.
  5. Enhanced Performance and Scalability with the assistance of full-page reserve bolster, separate database for request preparing, decreased measures of code, new indexers, and different administrator clients creation support.
  6. Low Development/Maintenance Costs and Faster Time to Market as moderately current code base will take into consideration cleaner establishment and upgradation.
  7. Less demanding Front-end Development and Enhanced Performance with the presentation of advanced HTML5-controlled topics and LESS CSS preprocessor.
  8. Lessened Upgradation Costs and Efforts as the center Magento programming and expansions will be anything but difficult to overhaul to. To know the insights about the new Data Migration Tool to relocate from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0, click here.
  9. Upgraded Directories Structure, now much like the Zend system as opposed to that of Magento 1.x, will have 5 envelopes with no base subject.
  10. Standalone Database for request administration and checkout helps in affixing the site and expanding the Google positioning. It will likewise trim down the stacking time of the page from 5-8 second slack to 1-2 seconds quick page reaction.

Time to Upgrade magento 2.0

Magento has more than 200,000 dealers around the globe. With this, it is en route of commanding e-trade market orderly. Elements of Magento 2.0 appear to be truly great and give a considerable measure to the all inclusiveness and extensibility of the stage. It is, in this manner, time to take your online store to the following level.


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Relieve your Magento Customers by giving them a Secure Payment Mode

Magento is the most loved decision of representatives and customers alike since its initiation. It has experienced correction and experiencing modification consistently with new components for the customers. Be that as it may, the Magento proprietors must be wary while incorporating installment entryways with a specific end goal to assemble and keep up the trust of their clients. An immaculate installment entryway approves the procedure of offering and buying and makes the exchange simple.


  • It encourages the organization to offer their clients trust in utilizing their cards and purchase items from wherever of the world.
  • It is key to give a protected, sheltered, adaptable and prominent installment portals in order to encourage provincial and global clients. The shop proprietors are relied upon to bolster universal passages, robotized money change, worldwide instruments, sync online and in-store exchanges, upgraded for versatile exchanges, bitcoin for the avoidance of falseness, et cetera.
  • The critical components to be managed while incorporating installment frameworks to improve the productivity and exactness of the administration are informed beneath.
  • Different installment alternatives to enhance business productivity by taking care of an extensive variety of errands.


  • Client emotionally supportive network for a solid and agreeable to buy from any separation at whatever time
  • Extortion screening to track abuse of charge and Mastercard, screen misrepresentation buys.
  • A secured server that handles and record the classified data of the clients
  • Easy to use and quick handling framework
  • Acknowledgment of significant Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Diners, eCheques, Gift cards, JCB (Visas presented by JCB International creditcard co.) et cetera.
  • Of the different accessible installment frameworks, some are suitable for the Magento stage. A portion of the Magento good portals are Leap virtual shipper, CCAvenue, Gointerpay, Beanstream, PayPal, Braintree Payment arrangements, Skrill, Google Wallet, PayPal Payment, Salt, MerchantPlus, PayTabs, NextPay, CCNow, DalPay, 2Checkout, Fastcharge, Cardsave Integrated Page, Total web arrangements, creditcall, Payscape.


Accordingly, incorporating a decent installment portal is important to make online business achieve the level of acknowledgment promoting an effective business.

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Find the next generation of eCommerce in Magento 2

The cutting edge open source e-trade stage is accessible for the overall population from seventeenth November, 2015. The new form empowers the B2B and B2C commercial enterprises and the retailers to convey omnichannel and connecting with shopping encounters.

A percentage of the specialties of this new discharge are as per the following:

  1. Enhanced execution
  2. Extended flexibility
  3. Support transformation rates
  4. Change in profitability
  5. Outstanding adaptability
  6. Testing open doors for the engineers and accomplices too.



  • The cutting edge engineering accompanies a secluded code base implied for simple customization, snappy promoting, adaptable organization at private and open cloud situations.
  • The APIs are sufficiently productive to interface and work with outsider arrangement, turnkey expansions, and, and so forth.
  • Further, the Magento 2.0 stages have new responsive outline reference topics which is useful in making the sites at a speedier rate, offer about items through incorporated video, simple registration, negligible steps and lesser data prerequisite, a single tick record creation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • The new Admin board is natural and simple to learn for the new clients; spares time in overseeing every day errands; touch agreeable and along these lines one might upgrade or track deals while moving; tweak and spare perspectives; brisk access to business basic data; orderly item creation device; four times quicker capacity for item imports;faster page loads for indexes and checkout pages; quick stacking of pictures through pre-incorporated Apache Varnish to store page content; and, and so on.
  • To proceed with the upsides of this new form, it gives venture grade versatility and accessibility with different slave databases. It incorporates installment door frameworks, for example, Braintree, PayPal,, WorldPay, and CyberSource which gives security.


Furthermore, to finish up, this cutting edge design decreases the expense and unpredictability to keep up the site. The web page is further evidence that effortlessly sits redesigns as and when it is discharged (quarterly premise) and therefore spares one from further venture with respect to site improvement.


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Victory of e-Commerce lies in the hands of Magento

We have heard and perused various articles, sites, or the news, which expresses that Magento has possessed 30 % piece of the overall industry esteem. The vast majority of the business persons today want to add to their sites on Magento. We have by and by experienced from a few e-business sites which keeps running on Magento is absolutely a high responsive affair. This prompts even a non-tech individual like me to examine, ‘What precisely Magento is contributing towards this high rate of accomplishment online’?


  • All things considered, the answer lies in basic actualities. The qualities, for example, open source i10-Free-Open-Source-Software’s-For-Building-Ecommerce-Websitesnnovation, effortlessness, and very programmable or adaptable stage obviously guarantees that the victor of e-trade is Magento in India and over the globe .
  • It is an open source innovation, which requests least equipment necessities. It keeps running on a straightforward web server like Apache 2.x or the Nginx 1.7.x; LAMP or LNMP stack, at Linux arrangement too. The virtual products include MySQL social database administration framework, PHP programming dialect, and components of the Zend Framework.
  • The measured methodology, secure technique to incorporate with installment door, and back-end joining with examination for focused deals and correspondence have improved the ubiquity of this stage among the designers, business persons, and the customers alike.
  • On analyzing the Magento advancement in point of interest, it is comprehended that the measured methodology gives Magento the base e-business highlights. *
  • The propelled security highlights which can incorporate with installment entryways gives the bleeding edge for e-trade entries. The versatile, well disposed, profoundly responsive, and prepared to utilize formats makes Magento emerge from the group in portable business.
  • Besides, Magento permits clients to incorporate a few diverse area names into a solitary control board and oversee more than one storefront at once from the single administrator board. This permits expansive organizations to move easily with a proficient organization. The little sellers might get converged with enormous dealers to benefit name, popularity, and cash at a low venture cost.MagentoGenerally speaking, Magento accompanies the administrative advantages, store proprietor offices, designer’s facilitate, customers’ enjoyment, e-trade entry, advantages for vendors, affiliates and bolster work force. These total elements have really made Magento as the victor of the e-trade world.

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Building Trust with Customers is the Key to Increase your Magento Website Conersion Rate

The representatives owning a Magento e-trade store might experience deals issue in spite of having a calculable number of guests. The guests number plainly demonstrates the accomplishment of the site to a bigger degree. Further, to succeed in a collaboration with the customers and consequently build the transformation rate, the business people should guarantee and execute certain components of his site. A portion of the key focuses are as clarified underneath.

A] Check your store strategies

Abandoning the window customers, the imminent clients’ search for return strategies, contact points of interest for administration related issue elucidation, post-deal benefits separated from the quality and focused valuing of the items. One must be wary and clear about the anticipated arrangements on the site.


B] Be proficient yet look individual

Individuals trust individuals. It is gainful to have an about us page, colleagues, photographs and names, an all around creating contact page, client testimonials as content, sound or video, news area, and, and so forth.

C] Flexible delivery alternatives

Offer free delivering as it is the most recent industry standard. Extend your transportation administrations to remote destinations to cover an extensive variety of clients.

D] Be Mobile Friendly

In any case, to, say, portable shopping has picked up the footing and it is compulsory to go versatile to guarantee your clients about your notoriety and the regard of the online store.

E] Sort out trust issues

Secure your clients from the information break, show your testament power’s trust mark webpage seal, secure identifications, guarantee item credibility, conveyance, great cost, secure servers by utilizing SSL, redesign the website, include infographics, and, and so forth., pass on certainty for the clients to push ahead through your site.

Vector customer feedback concept in flat style - hand checking excellent mark in a survey

G] Conduct challenges

A challenge or blessing would help you a considerable measure while dispatching the business endeavors. It is an approach to demonstrate your potential clients that you are dependable.

Any clients so far as that is concerned will carry on the very same path as they do when they stroll into a customary storefront. It is vital to audit the outlook of the customers while adding to the site and in this manner gain their trust to rise as the effective online agents.

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Increase the E-mail click rates for your Magento e-commerce store

Email advertising effort is one of the strategies to expand deals and the transformation rate through your Magento e-trade site separated from different other special devices.

As email showcasing gives the prime chance to A/B Testing, it is critical to utilize it as one might foresee email active clicking factor and consequently an expansion in Return on speculation.

  • Notwithstanding, the conduct examples of the email beneficiaries have significantly changed on account of the change over to portable utilization from a desktop/tablet method of shopping by the clients, which might compel the Magento site proprietors to have a relook in their showcasing system.
  • In spite of the fact that there is an expansion in the quantity of cell phone utilization, numerous retailers gripe that snap rates are low.
  • The purposes for it may not be profoundly proficient, but rather certain things are to be accepted from the customers perspective. A percentage of the reasons are as per the following.
  • One might never have the capacity to acquire a guarantee from an online customer to surf the shop on his cell phone.
    The site might have troublesome elements for the customers to explore.whats-a-good-email-open-rate-&-click-rate
  • The substance might be stale or exhausting.
  • The email may not be convincing.
  • A couple of the characterized approaches to expand email active visitor clicking percentage are examined beneath.
  • Upgrade your messages for versatile searching.
  • The utilization of recordings is a calculable approach to show an item or the administration. It might expand clicks, social shares, and in this manner form brand steadfastness.
  • The utilization of a straightforward picture with a play catch that prompts the facilitated page upon snap could be sent through email in light of the fact that a genuine video diminishes convey capacity.
  • Change the substance of the email every now and again to pull in guests.
    1. Compose shorter email content with the goal that clients will read it in any case.
    2. Give the email a chance to have joins for social sharing.
    3. Incorporate components of personalization.
    4. Put a breaking point on your offers for moment deals.
    5. These straightforward safety oriented measures are liable to expand email click rates for your Magento store in a thought to build deals bargain.

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Magento 2 – Is It Worth The Hype?

  • When the new version of Magento 2 came out, there was a huge hype worldwide among the eCommerce customers. It turns out  that Magento offers a much more  features to meet the business needs.
  1. The upgrade process occurs much faster and easier because the new standalone feature check for the prerequisites before installation.
  2. Magento 2 left its old sass/compass and has adopted HTML5 and CSS technologies. This is the very structure of the platform , that helps Magento to keep up with the new evolving technology.
  3. To begin, the presence of solid import/export tools make Magento 2 transition easy.
  4. It can be used to deliver the best possible solution to the client.
  5. Grouping of menus options by function such as product, marketing, content and report reduces the learning curve while working on the Magento.
  6. With full page caching from static pages, Magento 2 has reduced the load on the server.
  7. Moreover it offers an improved UI for its developers. For making UX-related discussions such as evaluating parameters to indicate how users interact with the website prove to be very crucial for web masters and developers.
  8. With improved functionality, ease of customization without making changes to the core features and better UI makes Magento 2 platform the most preferred to meet all the business requirements.
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