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Hidden Features that are Tucked Away in iOS 9


On 8th of June,2015 the brand new iOS 9 has been introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco. As we have heard earlier that Apple will drop its support for its older version with the launch of each newer version of iOS. But this time the users were made to upgrade from iOS8 to iOS9 at zero cost. The public beta version of the iOS was launched on July. Lets have a look at some of the lesser known features of iOS9.


With the earlier version of iOS , the user friendly feature was the main lagging factor. There is no search on the setting tab. This adds inconvenience for the users who are unfamiliar with the features. The problem has been completely solved by the new iOS 9 as it has default search menu on the settings tab. If you want to change/modify any settings it can be directly accessed from the search bar.

Hearing and listening feature of  Siri

dcqehohll3cy5ytjkdvqCommunication with the devices has become popular with the introduction of siri. Siri allowed users to communicate with their devices in several dialects and multiple accents. Earlier, with the older version of iOS8 , choosing to listen to British Siri also meant that phone was tuned to understand only British voice commands. Whereas in iOS9 language input and voice will be two separate functionalities. You may even talk in an Indian accent and receive the response in Brit tone.

Siri doesn’t work with silent ringer

You can shut down siri, when you have silenced your device, iOS9 adds an option. Especially in a crowded area, Siri can now communicate using text messages.

Low power mode

One of the major drawback with the smartphone is power consumption. Whereas in iOS9 this there is a feature Low power mode where the device will turn off background effects, animated wallpapers, disable app refresh to give you extra hours of usage.

No shift keys

No more “Is my shift key on”. This has been bothering the iphone users for a very long time. However, in iOS9 with the introduction of optional lower case keys, there is no necessity of the shift keys.

Keyboard shortcuts

The usability of the ipod gets increased by connecting it to an external keyboard. Whereas in iOS9 several new shortcuts have been introduced.For example, in order to switch between active apps command+tab is used.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive a much awaited feature is now available as a physical app. In order to set the option go to icloud settings and enable the option.

Easy switch over

Nowadays the rate of people using iphones has increased rapidly. In order to increase the convenience of the users apple has introduced a new feature called ‘Move to iOS’ where users can easily switch from android to iphone. The entire data transfer is done quite faster and it also provided cleanup.

Six digit passcode

Whereas, with iOS8 there was only four digit passcode that can be used. But in iOS9 this facility has been extended to 6 digit alternative to enhance the security of the device.

Devices can be organized for different functionalities

Many users of the apple products have complained that they are receiving calls on their ipad rather than their iphone and text messages on mac. However, iOS9 introduces granular control that helps you to manage your devices and their multiple functionalities.

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Google Wallet-Android Pay


Google’s android pay was developed as an competitor to Apple’s wallet. It is more than a mere addition to the brand offerings. It is a complete reboot of how Google manages online payments. Currently the online market would estimate around $1tn by the year 2017. Each and every brand is encouraging its customers to switch to mobile shopping than plastic cards or cash. It is a boost to market penetration and increases the convenience of offering products and services on the go.




Online payment trend was initially started by Apple Inc. by the introduction of Apple wallet. It avoid the necessity of customers walking around with credit cards or cash. All sort of payment can be done through mobile phones with best security and mobility.

Google wallet

Google’s version of wallet has come as an alternative to Apple’s wallet. Android pay can be used in any sort of android phone that has Near Field Compatability(NFC) and runs on version higher than Android 4.4(KitKat). Apart from storing credit cards on the phone, users will also be able to access loyalty cards and rest other similar services.

The first brands that integrated with Android pay are Bloomingdale, Subway and Macy’s. By the end of 2015 the functionality was extended to mobile checkout. It currently supports credit card providers like American Express, MasterCard ,Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. The credit card details will not be revealed to the retailers during the transaction. It alternatively generate tokens that reduces data and identity theft.

Features of Android Pay
Partnership with retailers:

It highlights the active partnership of several brands and retailers, offering secure payment facility.

 Carrier Commitment

Initially Android Pay was supported only by Sprint- US based carrier. This increases the need for the customers to download the app to their mobile phones. However, nowadays carriers like AT&T , T-mobile, Verizon ship their products with Android Pay included in the package.

Reduction in voluminous data load

Google earlier debuted with mobile wallets but it turned out to be a failure. Learning from the past experience Google sheds down extraneous features like P2P to make the feature market ready.

Security and simplicity

Google introduces finger print recognition to make secure payments. The simplicity of the application ensures that users would be able to convert their credit cards and debit cards into mobile payment gateways.

Android facility

Shoppers will be tied to android registration but not the app.This ensures that even contactless payment can be done  using only fingerprints.

All these above mentioned features clearly highlights why we should move on to mobile payment gateways.

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Automate your Mobile application testing using Calabash tool

  • Delivering bug free and high quality product is the sole responsibility of quality assurance team. But when too much software applications are lined up for executing diverse test cases spotting the slightest errors becomes tedious.
  • Manual testing helps us to understand the minute intricacies of the software applications but when time factor is a  major concern automation testing is best suited . The results produced by automation testing are much more accurate.
  •  8686177_orig
  • Listed below are some of the few features of calabash,
  • Why calabash?
  • Despite of all the available testing why to go for calabash?
  • Calabash is an open source framework used for automation testing. Novice users ( people unfamiliar with programming languages like Python, JavaScript etc..) find it user friendly.
  • What is calabash?
  • Calabash is an automation tool used for both iOS and Android applications. Here the test scenarios are written in cucumber which has a script pattern much similar to plain conversation in English. Ruby is used for defining the statements. Statements defined once can be reused.
  • Account sign in process using ruby and cucumber:
  • Feature: Calabash testing for Sign In
  • Scenario:

    • Sign in to an account
    • Given I am looking at Home page
    • Then I touch the Sign In Button
    • Then I wait for Sign In page to appear
    • Then I enter Sign In Email ID
    • Then I enter Sign In Password
    • Then I touch the “Submit ” text
    • Then I print Sign in successful
  • Ruby code:
  • Given(/^ I am looking at Home page $/) do
  • wait_for (:timeout >=60) {element_exists(“* id: ‘Home_header'”)}
  • end
  • Then(/^ I touch the Sign In Button $/)do
  • touch(query(“* id: ‘Sign In Button'”))
  • end
  • Then(/^ I wait for Sign In page to appear $/)do
  • wait_for(:timeout >=60) {element _exists(“* id: ‘signin_header'”)}
  • end
  • Then(/^ I enter Sign In Email ID $/)do
  • query(“* id:’emailaddresses'” ,{set Text=> ‘abc@gmail.com’})
  • end
  • Then(/^I enter Sign In Password $/)do
  • query(“* id:’password'”,{set Text =>123456})
  • end
  • Then(/^ I print Sign in successful $/)do
  • puts ‘Sign in successful’
  • end
  • Observations:
  1. Cucumber file always start with feature keyword declared only once.
  2. Scenario indicates the start of the test case and can be used only once.
  3. Keywords like ‘Given,Then,When’ can be used multiple times.
  4. Calabash is case sensitive.
  5. Except predefined text structures all the statements in cucumber are defined in ruby.
  • Advantages:
  1. Lesser time consumption than manual testing.
  2. Use of only basic programming skills .
  3. Platform independent.
  4. There is no need for  external devices as it supports emulators.
  • Disadvantages:
  1. Lack of  editor or IDE.
  2. Language dependent (supports only Ruby).
  3. Minimum online assistance.
  • Conclusion:
  • Calabash is found to be more useful for function and regression testing resulting in the production of high quality software within a minimum time span.
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Marshmallow versus iOS 9

download (2)

System UI Tuner

Once enabled, System UI Tuner will appear in the settings menu at the very bottom. It provides a few simple UI tweaks, including adding a battery percentage indicator to your battery icon, a customizable Quick Settings area, where toggles can be rearranged or removed and new ones added, and a menu for displaying which icons are displayed in your status bar. You’ll never have to suffer a cluttered status bar with NFC, Bluetooth and Alarm icons again.


Dark theme and rotation support

For unknown reasons, both the system-wide dark theme and support for a rotating home screen were removed from the final version of Marshmallow, despite appearing in versions of the developer preview. We may yet see these make a return in future updates to Marshmallow – they are frequently-requested features, after all – but for now they are not a part of the Android 6.0 release.


Update: Some eager code-sifters have uncovered evidence of a dark mode in the source code for Android Marshmallow, indicating that Google may still have plans to include it in a future version. The source code mentions Night Mode, which, as you may remember, sounds a lot like the automatic theme changing capabilities (based on the time of day) we saw in the Android M preview builds.


Apps and Ecosystem

Both Apple and Google offer a strong set of native apps to get you up and running, though of course Google’s are all available on iOS, whereas Apple snubs Android completely. In Hangouts Google has an overarching messaging service that works almost anywhere, though iMessage and FaceTime are arguably more polished.

Stability, Security, Performance

Touch ID is a big win for iOS and has hugely improved the experience of unlocking a phone or verifying a purchase. The various flavors of Android are trying to catch up, without much success—Samsung is the only manufacturer to have brought fingerprint-sensing technology to Android devices on a regular and consistent basis so far.

Beyond the Mobile OS

There are so many extras to pick from: Apple Health vs Google Fit, Apple Pay vs Google Wallet, Android Auto vs CarPlay. For the sake of finishing this feature before iOS 9 and Android 6 appear, we’ll have to limit ourselves somewhat.


As Google and Apple borrow features from each other, and both these mobile OSes get better and more mature, choosing between them has become less about comparing a checklist of features and more about everything that’s beyond iOS and Android—in 2015 it involves choosing an ecosystem, choosing who to trust with your data, and choosing how you want to live your digital life across smartphones, computers and the web.

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Innovation in Mobile application development

  • Being a Mobile app development factory, Veltrod has an expertise and passion to design and develop an unique mobile application for our Fortune 100 enterprises.Veltrod has been ranked as #1 mobile app design & Development Company for the past 3 years in a row.
  • Mobile application started to become the game changer for both the startup business as well as for company already doing well in the market. We can help either to make your web portal mobile friendly or develop a native mobile application for your ECommerce store or design a mobile game which you believe could make you popular or build a brand new hybrid application. Our expertise on UX/UI design capabilities together with the knowledge on recent trends in technologies makes our deliverable widely recognized one in the industry.
  • We develop applications for iOS, Android, BB and Windows platforms using either native or hybrid technologies. Some of the features which we implemented are as follows;



  • Sends notifications from your smartphone or computer to instantly grab your
    customers’ attention and show them what your business has to offer. This will help increase engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction


  • MENU

  • Allow customers to easily and conveniently view your menu selection. With this app feature, add multiple menus – lunch, dinner, and drinks menu.



  • An expected and widely used app features is social sharing. Get social with your customers and prompt sharing of photos, comments, and experiences they have with your business- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  • MAP

  • Provide your customers turn-by-turn directions from their current location straight to your front door. Make your business easy to find with this simple and convenient app feature.



  • Give your customers an extra incentive to stop by and make a purchase. Better deals for them, more business for you! This mobile app feature also helps promote initial app downloads and increased customer loyalty.



  • Make it even more fun for customers to drop in by giving them an exciting chance to win great prizes.



  • Include videos for product displays, event clips, training, and promotions. Tell customers to submit their own videos for increased engagement.



  • Allow customers to engage with your business through photos. Photo galleries provide increased interaction and visual appeal.



  • Make it easy for your customers to contact you with in-app emailing, and one-touch calling- no need to save or remember numbers. This app feature keeps your information easily accessible to your customer when they want to find it.



  • Allow your loyal customers to submit reviews and testimonials for your business.


  • Use this app feature to include any link into your content. Link will display any web page within the branded banner of your app.



  • Satisfy your customers’ cravings by letting them order their favorite food at the tap of a button — from wherever they happen to be.


  • Enable your customer to make a payment through your mobile app itself.


6 Things to remember to build TVOS apps for Apple Tv


  • With the presentation of tvOS and App Store on Apple TV, building applications for the stage has turned out to be less perplexing. Designers will discover tvOS natural, as it uses a hefty portion of the same systems and APIs as iOS. Also, with the App Store, the accommodation procedure has turned into a great deal less complex. So, there are some key contrasts, and bouncing into tvOS improvement requires a blueprint.


  • The following is a breakdown of things that should be considered when building tvOS applications for Apple TV.


  • Expansions of Current Apps
  • 1. Because of the likenesses in the middle of iOS and tvOS, producing for Apple TV doesn’t as a matter of course require making totally starting with no outside help (unless obviously you are building another, local application).
  • 2. Organizations can increase brisk wins by getting on the stage ahead of schedule with augmentations of current applications.
  • 3. We foresee that the dominant part of ahead of schedule tvOS applications will be of this nature.
  • 4. Building an expansion of your iOS application to deal with the Apple TV will influence you’re existing client base and facilitate the move to the stage.
  • 5. Maybe the greatest open door this ahead of schedule in the diversion is for media organizations and substance suppliers, who can improve their current applications and upgrade the experience for Apple TV.
  • 6. Given that the App Store has opened the conduits for more substance, it will be less complex to get your substance submitted, affirmed, and discharged.


  • Client Expectations
  • 1. We are no more managing solely with cell phones and tablets; tack on extra large televisions to the rundown.
  • 2. Applications will show on substantial screens, and clients will expect more as the stage develops.
  • 3. The experience should go well past what clients can as of now perform on their cell phones, as the extra large screen takes out a significant number of the inalienable constraints of different gadgets.



  • Client Experience
  • 1. The size and nature of the TV influence client desires, as well as the way they communicate with the applications.
  • 2. With telephones and tablets, clients see and touch on the same gadget.
  • 3. With the Apple TV, they will be utilizing telephones, tablets, or the Siri-empowered remote to communicate with the bigger screen.
  • 4. In this way, communications will be intrinsically distinctive, and engineers need to represent this.
  • 5. To make the experience more instinctive, Apple TV utilizes a center route, which encourages obviously show to clients where they are inside of the application.
  • 6. There are chances to actualize custom UI segments, and these require custom center conduct.
  • 7. On the off chance that the UI is not set up keenly to represent the center model, route of the application can be confounding, which implies a poor ordeal that is disappointing to clients.
  • 8. Along these lines, it’s pivotal that your tvOS application effectively utilizes concentrate with the goal that clients can without much of a stretch explore (remember that clients should have the capacity to recognize the center from however far away they’re sitting from the TV, and developments will be liable to the innate confinements of the remote).


  • Singular versus Shared Experiences
  • 1. One of the significant contrasts with tvOS applications is that they welcome shared encounters.
  • 2. Not at all like applications on cell phones and tablets – which separated from social sharing capacities are individual encounters – Apple TV takes into consideration more viewers/clients and the capacity to unite different remotes and gadgets all the while.
  • 3. Acquainting the multi-client segment with your tvOS application will be vital to accomplishment on the stage, and designers should consider inventive ways that they can influence this ability to make instinctive and energizing shared encounters.



  • Capacity
  • 1. Designers must record for the way that there is no persevering neighborhood stockpiling on Apple TV.
  • 2. As indicated by the App Programming Guide for tvOS, “each application produced for the new Apple TV must have the capacity to store information in iCloud and recover it in a manner that gives an incredible client encounter.”
  • 3. The most extreme size an application can be is 200MB; any bigger and it should be bundled and stacked utilizing On-Demand Resources.


The Long-Term Strategy

  • 1. While in the introductory stages we will see numerous application expansions, as tvOS develops we are liable to see more local and progressively complex arrangements conveyed to the Apple TV stage.
  • 2. We foresee that a definitive objective for the Apple TV will be putting forth more utility in different territories that Apple is occupied with (for instance, adding HomeKit to further movement into the joined home market).
  • 3. As tvOS and the Apple TV turn out to be more well known, organizations are going to need to begin considering the potential outcomes for making new encounters that better exploit what the medium brings to the table.
  • 4. What’s more, it will present difficulties. Perspectives like adaptation models, application disclosure, and customizations will be things that brands ought to consider in their long haul methodology if they decide to go into the stage.
  • 5. As the Apple TV develops and includes more elements and usefulness, we’re certain to see new utilize cases and encounters rise, driven by the early adopters why should speedy benefit from the new open doors the stage opens.


  • If you are interested to build TVOS apps, please drop an email to sales@veltrod.in

5 New Craziest invention of technologies in 2015

  • We adore tech here at Veltrod and we have faith in its capacity to enhance our lives. We can’t think about a superior approach to commence another year than with CES, however there are a few devices on show in Vegas that would give even the most solidified technophile delay for thought. In the midst of the sparkling pieces of gold, there are a lot of answers to inquiries nobody postured.
  • They say there’s a scarcely discernible difference in the middle of virtuoso and craziness. These devices provoke you to characterize it.
  • Logbar Ring
  • This ring gives you a chance to guide and motion toward turn on the TV, switch off the lights, or dispatch an application on your cell phone. It could make you feel like a wizard, yet what amount would you be willing to pay for valuable motion control? At $270, it’s not shoddy, and as per early surveys and Kickstarter sponsor, it has more than a couple of issues.
  • Digitsole brilliant insoles
  • How might you want to get your hands on a rechargeable insole that can be utilized to warm your feet and track your strides? You can connection up to Digitsole by means of Bluetooth and utilize an Android or iOS application to modify the temperature of your feet (independently if essential). The insoles will likewise track your strides and let you know what number of calories you’ve smoldered. This first got our attention a year ago when there was a fruitful Kickstarter crusade that got more than twofold the $40k of financing it asked. Plainly many people believe it’s a virtuoso thought, yet at $200 a couple we’re not entirely certain.
  • Sony Symphonic Light
  • Here’s a bedside light from Sony that is intended to resemble an old lamp. It doesn’t simply contain a LED knob inside, there’s likewise a speaker so you can stream music to it. Sound and light are remotely controlled through an application on your cell phone. Is this an astute outline to render our innovation undetectable, or a pointless union of light and speaker? In the event that you don’t care for the installation there’s a LED globule speaker, as well. No word on valuing or accessibility just yet.
  • Envision a mechanized belt that changes with your body when you take a seat, or develops itself as your gut grows amid a marathon eating session. French organization Emiota has understood the fantasy, however it doesn’t end there on the grounds that Belty can likewise track your waistline and measure your action. Close by the small engines there’s an accelerometer and a whirligig. We’re told this will be a premium item, so expect a high sticker price. In any case, do we require one? You could contend that a standard belt is as of now really great at letting you know when you’re getting fat by means of score innovation.
  • Air2 gliding Bluetooth speaker
  • Trust it or not this isn’t the first suspending speaker we’ve seen, indeed the OM/One looks cooler, however both utilize the enchantment of magnets. Adjusted accurately on top of the polarized base you have a glossy chrome centerpiece that shouts “take a gander at the amount of cash I have!” It costs $200 and we’re discussing a 3W yield. In any case, it drift, we need to give it that.

iPhone 6s Review

  1. We’re accustomed to considering iPhone “S” arrangement handsets as “incremental” redesigns; the iPhone 5, for instance, saw a few noteworthy changes to its configuration and components, while the iPhone 5s was pretty much the same telephone with a couple changes. With the move from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, on the other hand, it’s a marginally diverse story.
  2. Regardless it genuine that the iPhone 6s is not a noteworthy point of interest redesign model, but rather by building in some littler yet generous routes from a year ago’s model it’s somewhat of a greater arrangement than past S classification gadgets. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus may be viewed as incremental as far as how they fit in Apple’s redesign arrangement, however the progressions are critical; a much speedier processor, heftier camera equipment, and a fresh out of the box better approach to communicate with the touch show.
  3. Apple has reported it has sold more than 13 million new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, another record, only three days after dispatch. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be accessible in more than 40 extra nations starting October 9 including Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Taiwan. The new iPhones will be accessible in more than 130 nations before the year’s over.
  4. It presumably won’t come as a lot of an amazement to numerous, all things considered, it took Apple a decent drawn-out period of time to change from littler presentations to bigger ones (and still, after all that a large number of “the dependable” weren’t totally persuaded), however as indicated by a report from investigation firm Localytics the littler iPhone 6s is around four times more mainstream with customers than the iPhone 6s Plus phablet. The iPhone 6s holds a much bigger offer of all iPhones as of now being used at 1.5% contrasted with the iPhone 6s Plus at 0.4%.


5. But with that said, last year’s iPhone 6 is still the most popular handset at the moment with a share of 33.2%, indicating that for all the new features onboard the iPhone 6s edition it may not have been enough to convince everyone to make a switch.



  • iPhone 6s review: Raw Specs
  1. Display: 4.7-inch display with a 1334×750-pixel resolution at 326ppi, 3D Touch enabled
  2. Dimensions: 138.3mm  x 67.1 mm x 7.1 mm
  3. Weight: 143 grams
  4. Storage: 16, 64, or 128GB
  5. Memory: 2 GB RAM
  6. Processors: A9 chip with 64-bit architecture and M9 motion coprocessor
  7. Front camera: FaceTime HD camera. 5 MP photos and 720p HD video. Retina Flash
  8. Rear camera: iSight camera. 12 MP photos. ƒ/2.2 aperture. 4k video. True Tone flash.
  9. Battery life: Up to 12 hours mixed usage
  10. Touch ID: 2nd generation sensor
  11. NFC: yes
  12. Colors: Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold
  • Is The iPhone 6s The Right Update For You?
  1. This is very much a genuine inquiry in view of the changing way of how individuals redesign their telephones. In Apple’s reality there are two sorts of client: those that NUMBER upgrades and those that do S overhauls. The previous incline toward huge, far reaching changes while the later like to receive the marginally more refined and slicker rendition of the BIG overhaul that preceded it. Case: iPhone 5s clients have a BIG motivation to need to move up to the iPhone 6s, while iPhone 6 clients may be in an ideal situation sitting tight for the iPhone 7s.
  2. In the connection of the iPhone 5s client: when you overhaul you’re getting A LOT of enormous changes as another frame, greater showcase, unfathomably enhanced imaging and preparing capacities and in addition a full HD retina board and more ample LTE alternatives. In this setting, the iPhone 6s is a relentless redesign. However, for the iPhone 6 client, well, it ain’t that greater change. The iPhone 6s has a striking resemblance and, in light of the fact that the iPhone 6 was so damn great, many people will be unwilling to upgrade immediately, if by any means – my iPhone 6s Plus is as yet shaking pleasantly (and I’m not very whined around 3D touch shows, in case I’m that legitimate).
  3. By and by, I do entirely like the thought of it, particularly once outsider designers get their gloves on it. Likewise for Apple’s new 12MP camera which guarantees to convey surprisingly better execution than a year ago’s as of now wonderful iPhone 6 Plus camera. I’m additionally extremely captivated at the possibility of running 2GB on an iPhone; the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were at that point, VERY smart. Yet, the incorporation of twofold the memory stands to make a really huge knock in general execution.
  4. As is dependably the case with iPhones, they hold their worth, so regardless of the fact that you choose to redesign now from an iPhone 6 handset, odds are you’ll have the capacity to offer it, get an awesome cost, giving it is in great scratch, and after that put the cash – likely £300-350 – towards a sparkly new iPhone 6s. Despite everything i’m torn at present in the matter of whether I’ll be overhauling my handset.
  5. Should current iPhone 6 clients overhaul then? I’d contend no, particularly in case you’re still content with how your iPhone 6 handset is working. Same for iPhone 6 Plus clients. In any case, if you move up to the iPhone 6s I don’t think for one second that you’ll be frustrated. Apple has changed a ton of things in the engine and they’re all really unmistakable when you get and utilize the handset. Considerably all the more so in case you’re originating from an iPhone 5s or lower.

The Apple Watch 2

  • It’s difficult to trust that the Apple Watch was initially declared just about a year prior despite the fact that it didn’t go at a bargain until April of this current year. In any case, following the time it’s been accessible… we really don’t know how well the Apple Watch is offering. Apple hasn’t discharged any official deals numbers, which is a touch odd since they cherish declaring iPhone deals numbers.
  • Still, numerous individuals have said they are holding off for the second Apple Watch with expectations of better plan, better battery life, and, well, simply better everything. However, it would seem that those individuals must hold off somewhat more. All things considered, it’s currently very nearly been a year since its declaration, yet no new Apple Watch is in sight–that’s disregarding Apple discharging a swath of new items in September. While it’s practically sure Apple is holding the cutting edge Apple Watch for a 2016 discharge, we thought it would be a good time until further notice to assemble a list of things to get of the top ways we trust it will be diverse. This is what we have been thinking.


  • 1.Apple Watch 2: Better Battery, Obvs!
  • This is the most disappointing thing about the present Apple Watch. Not as much as a day’s battery life SUCKS no doubt. In any case, Apple Watch’s battery life issue isn’t totally inside of Apple’s control. Battery innovation simply isn’t to the point where batteries can both be sufficiently little and sufficiently capable to fit in and charge a gadget that is as little as a smartwatch for quite a long time at once. Still, there are ways by means of programming and equipment that you can draw out battery life. Apple does this to incredible impact in the iPhones and to some impact in the first Apple Watch. Ideally they’ll have the capacity to make Apple Watch 2 more power effective, which could give it 48 hours of battery life.
  • 2.Apple Watch 2: More Shapes


  • At this time the Apple Watch comes in two sizes, yet both are rectangular. There are some wonderful Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches out there that have round clock faces–and they all look vastly improved than the Apple Watch. Hopefully Apple Watch 2 gives us the choice to look over changed molded bodies. One just need to see the stunning mockups by Alcion utilized as a part of this post to perceive how cool a round Apple Watch could be.


  • 3.Apple Watch 2: More Storage
  • The main Apple Watch has 8GB of inherent stockpiling. That is okay–especially for watchOS 1, which essentially ran lightweight sidekick applications fastened to the iPhone. In any case, now that watchOS 2 takes into account devoted applications (to some degree) more stockpiling is going to wind up more vital. Since Apple cherishes the 16 GB stockpiling choice on their iPhones, why not knock up the Apple’s capacity Watch 2 by that much?
  • 4.Apple Watch 2: Better Siri
  • Siri has gotten speedier in watchOS 2, but since regardless it streams Siri’s information through the iPhone it’s slower than it could be. We’d adoration to see a local installed Siri with the Apple Watch 2. Obviously with the goal that should happen Apple Watch 2 would require the accompany.
  • 5.Apple Watch 2: Built-in Cellular and GPS
  • Yeah, for now if you want an Internet connection or working GPS, your Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone. In order for the Apple Watch to be a truly stand alone device, it would need both a cellular connection and built-in GPS. Of course if it had a cellular and GPS chip, you’re talking about components that eat through battery life, which doesn’t make the first item on our wishlist any more plausible.
  • 6.Apple Watch 2: More Sensors



  • At this moment the Apple Watch shows some kindness rate sensor, yet in the event that it really needs to be seen as a wellbeing/wellness gadget it needs more sensors. A blood glucose sensor is the regularly asked for, additionally sensors like movement and gauge for following runs and soak ascensions would be a colossal wellbeing support. Also, waterproof that puppy so you could utilize it in the pool.
  • 7.Apple Watch 2: No iPhone Required
  • You may be seeing a subject here with our list of things to get: we need the Apple Watch 2 free of its iPhone perpetual killjoy. It’s at present such a cool gadget, yet it loses that cool and convenience when your iPhone isn’t around. On the off chance that it could do very nearly everything your iPhone could think how amazing–and genuinely innovative–it would be. An iPhone on your wrist without the iPhone: calls, Apple Pay, Internet network, and so on. It would be stunning.
  • 8.Apple Watch 2: FaceTime Camera
  • The keep going thing on our Apple Watch 2 list of things to get is likewise presumably the most self-evident. We need it to be Dick Tracy’s watch. We need that FaceTime camera at the highest point of the Apple Watch 2 so we can video gathering with anybody anyplace from our wrist–and look damn cool doing it.

iCloud: You need way more than Apple’s 5GB of Free Storage


  • Of late I’ve composed a great deal about Apple’s new Photos application for Mac. The application is astonishing for a lot of reasons: it at long last replaces Apple’s decade-old iPhoto, it has a smooth new interface, and it’s smart as hellfire. In any case, the enormous thing about Photos for Mac is it utilizes another innovation called iCloud Photo Library that satisfies the guarantee that was initially joined about around 2012 that in the end one day in the eminent future every one of our records would live in the cloud. From this mysterious cloud any gadget we claimed could get to any record whenever.
  • iCloud Photo Library in the new Photos application for Mac (and also with the Photos application on iOS) to a great extent surpasses that guarantee. Because of it and its spine, Apple’s iCloud stockpiling every one of my gadgets now can get to every one of my photographs, video, and their alters at any time…that is, whether I have enough space. Lamentably, with iCloud, Apple never gives you enough space. Also, the issue has thus been rooted out. Apple has at long last made a cloud administration that genuinely satisfies the buildup, however the organization still is meager as hellfire with the free stockpiling assignment it gives you, which implies a great many people will never at any point advantage from every one of the cloud’s guarantees.

Your iCloud Storage Allowances

  • The reason is on account of Apple still just gives iCloud clients 5GB of free storage room. At initial 5GB may sound like a ton, however you understand how woefully clumsy that measure of capacity is when you see which of Apple’s cloud administrations represent a mark against that space. We should observe those:
  • 1. iCloud Backup – this incorporates the reinforcements of all your iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches that are spared to the cloud.
  • 2. iCloud Drive – this incorporates every one of the records, (for example, iWork archives) and information from outsider applications on OS X and iOS that store reports and information in the cloud so they can be got to from any gadget.
  • 3. iCloud mail – this incorporates all you messages and their connections from your @icloud.com email account.
  • 4. iCloud Photo Library – this is the whole of each video and photograph on every one of your Macs and iOS gadgets.
  • 5. At first that doesn’t look like much, isn’t that so? All things considered, that is essentially just four things: iCloud Backups, iCloud Drive archives and information, your iCloud messages, and iCloud Photo Library. Also, in case you’re new to PCs or the Internet and have no information history the free 5GB Apple gives you will be all that anyone could need.
  • 6. Tragically, in case you’re not an aggregate luddite and, similar to me, have over 10 years of email and photographs and also archives.

The Actual iCloud Storage An Average User Needs


  • 1. This is anything but difficult to see when you take a gander at the measure of information every one of the things iCloud can store really takes up. For instance, my iCloud Backup of my iPhone takes up 3.4GB alone. My iPad reinforcement takes up another 2.2GB. In case you’re numbering along, that is as of now over as far as possible, which implies in the event that I don’t make good more money instantly I can’t even send a solitary iCloud email.
  • 2. Be that as it may, how about we not stop with reinforcements, my iCloud Drive archives and information takes up an extra 1.1GB (and I don’t utilize iCloud Drive for much). At that point 13 years of iCloud messages (I’ve had the same email address through Apple since 2002 when iCloud began as iTools, then got to be .Mac, then got to be MobileMe, then got to be iCloud) and their connections are another 2.4GB. And afterward we get to iCloud Photo Library, which in all honesty is AMAZING. In any case, I have more than 15 years of photographs and recordings in my Photos library on my Mac. Its aggregate stockpiling size? 155 GBs.
  • 3. So including all that up (3.4GB+2.2GB+1.1GB+2.4GB+155 GB) measures up to 164.1GB of iCloud stockpiling needed–and that is whether I would prefer not to send another email or transfer a solitary new photograph. 164GB of capacity required and Apple gives you 5.
  • 4. Also, the thing is, I’m not the special case, I’m the guideline. This is 2015. We’ve been taking advanced photographs for over 10 years and sending messages for right around two. Most other individuals have 100GB Photos libraries and gigabytes loaded with iCloud messages, also different iOS gadget reinforcements taking up 5GB or more.

Apple Does Allow You To Buy More Storage


  • Presently I’m not proposing that Apple gives everybody free, boundless capacity. They may be the biggest tech organization on the planet, however it’s not sensible to trust they owe individuals boundless iCloud space. What’s more, the organization permit you to purchase more stockpiling in the event that you require it. In the UK, an extra 20 GB of capacity will cost you £0.79 a month. 200 GB will cost you £2.99 a month. 500 GB will cost you £6.99 a month. Also, 1 TB will cost you £14.99 a month.
  • Yet these estimating arrangements look extravagant contrasted with numerous other distributed storage suppliers. For instance, Yahoo’s Flickr gives you 1TB of free stockpiling a year. Dropbox and Google Drive give you 1TB of capacity for $10USD (about £6) a month.
  • My thing with Apple’s insignificant 5GB is that it keeps numerous individuals out of iCloud administrations from the get-go. As I said, in the event that you have only two iOS gadgets, odds are you’ve spent all your iCloud stockpiling. What’s more, let’s face honest, individuals don’t pay for membership stockpiling arrangements, so that implies Apple is keeping individuals out of iCloud all alone, which is a disgrace, on the grounds that iCloud has turned out to be entirely helpful.
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