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Great Ways to Market your Mobile Application

1.2 Million Apps are in the business sector at this moment! Does your portable application stand a chance in this number to demonstrate its uniqueness all by its own?

Being the proprietor of the application your work does not finish by minor building up an application. It is only a begin of your since a long time ago required committed endeavors to make your application a buzz in the town.


After a fruitful improvement of the portable application, the following stage is to make it accessible to the clients. It is exceptionally troublesome for any client to think about your application until you make them mindful of it. Beneath I am saying a portion of the focuses by which you can make a client base for your application.

1.Application store enhancement: Aside from straightforwardly downloading your versatile application from the application stores, there is another path by which clients can find the applications which is hunting down the application. For this you have to include a pleasant portrayal of your application loaded with catchphrases. The depiction ought to dependably be short and most favored for is in shots.

2. Online networking: Use Facebook, Twitter and other online networking stages for cooperation with your fan and devotees. Compose drawing in substance so that the client can feel related and profits by your data. Orchestrate more challenge so that the clients are inspired to share your redesigns in their dividers.

 3.Assemble a versatile well disposed site: You should fabricate an easy to understand versatile site for your application in which you can talk about in point of interest the elements and usefulness of the application. You can not say all the data in the application store about your application so you should use portable sites a s a medium to share the genuine aims of making the application.

 4.Press kits: Make appealing press units which ought to incorporate screenshots of the application alongside the symbols in various sizes, incorporate data like the historical backdrop of the application, upgrades and news about the application which you think clients can profit by. This press unit ought to be effortlessly accessible in your site so that the clients can download it and get complete data about the application.


These are a percentage of the strategies by which you can make a solid and star long client base for your portable application. As the group of onlookers will have complete data about your application they will feel more secure about utilizing your application.

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Hybris and SAP Business By Design

Stechies Hybris

The wave of a booming eCommerce industry brings with it an immense pressure on small and medium firms to go online quickly in order to stay relevant  and sustain. Businesses looking for a “ready to use” solution that can help them reorganize quickly are at an all-time high, but their main concern is how much room do these solutions leave for flexibility?

How can one solution cater to the diversity of multiple businesses and their requirements?

If we are to say there is a perfect solution to these questions, a ready to use solution that is flexible enough to accommodate a multitude of requirements and business goals of small to medium organizations, better still – with lower administration costs and higher revenues!! Sounds too good to be true?



Hybris is a software company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, that sells enterprise multichannel e-commerce and product content management (PCM) software. Hybris was founded in 1997 by Carsten Thoma, Moritz Zimmermann and Klaas Hermanns and is a subsidiary of German software company SAP. The company currently has over 500 companies as customers, including General Electric, West Marine, Thomson Reuters, 3M, Toys “R” Us, P&G, Levi’s and Nikon.

Hybris (Acquired by SAP) has been recognized as a leader in its Magic quadrant for Digital Commerce 2014. Furthermore, Hybris has received the highest rating in Gartner’s report of Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce across all three categories – Multi-channel Enterprises Selling to Consumers, Large Enterprises Selling Globally to Consumers and Enterprises Selling to Other Enterprises or SMBs. It is a best-in-class software suite providing exceptional direct selling capabilities and unified experience to its customers.

Hybris+ Business By Design

Hybris Commerce, with its pre-configured and seamlessly integrated multi-channel commerce solution complements SAP’s Business ByDesign perfectly. It enables organizations to reach new customers, improve sales efficiency and provide enhanced support and services through an enterprise-class eCommerce solution. A constantly updated Cloud-based software eliminates your hardware costs and ensures your business is running on the latest technology.


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  • The business can focus on sales without worrying about the technology which is constantly updated and has minimal infrastructure costs or IT maintenance overhead. Seasonal peaks and random traffic surges are easily managed to maintain consistency in performance.
  • Hybris’ deep commerce expertise and tools help quick deployment and easy management of high quality eCommerce sites that are pre-integrated with SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Self-service portal capabilities (managing account details, viewing order history, creating service requests, etc.)
  • A single, integrated business application that helps you manage all commerce solution and scale according to your business needs
  • Increase revenue through effective marketing, promotions and cross-sell or up-sell opportunities
  • Streamline operations and reduce administrative overhead by offering customers self-service capabilities
  • A single platform that helps you manage your global presence. Managing country, language, currency, channel, tax rates, prices, shipping details and other variables is a whole lot easier.
  • Pay-as-you-go model helps you control costs
  • As Hybris Commerce is pre-integrated with SAP Business ByDesign, there is no setup or configuration requirements to facilitate real-time exchangeof customer and account information between them.
  • Superior product Search and Navigation. (Fully integrated, error tolerant and with filtering technologies to help customers get what they want within three clicks.)
  • SEO capabilities include automatic generation of key meta-tags and site maps, product export for shopping and price comparison search engines, search engine friendly URLs and optimized content.


The diagram below shows an abstract view of communication between SAP ByDesign and Hybris. The challenge while integrating with interface systems would be to get the statuses in sync (Even though communication would be stateless) and also handle errors / exception gracefully. We had to introduceJava Message Service (JMS) / Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) components into the mix to handle errors / exception, the worker was solely responsible for Routing, Protocol conversion, end point managements, JMS message listener, status sync, retries etc. Sample flow for the message arriving from SAP would be as below:

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  1. SAP would make a call to endpoint exposed on ESB which would then be consumed and pushed to JMS on a request queue.

2. Listener on ESB identifies the incoming messages.

3. Protocol converter runs and converts the message from Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to JavaScript            Object Notation (JSON).

4. Routing logic identifies which method is to be called on Hybris and makes that call.

5. Hybris method call makes the necessary entity modification (status change).



Setting up SVN Environment & maintaining multiple instances , managing configuration properties in Hybris


One of the crucial aspect is maintaining the version system for any project. In terms of development Hybris projects have the same life cycle like other projects. Different environments like SIT, UAT, etc.. have to be maintained. Providing a local development environment is equally important.

It is not always advisable to put everything in SVN ,as the size of  OOB Hybrid is huge.Hybris development environment keeps on improvising everyday thus reducing the effort of its developers.

The best practices to version Hybris projects are as follows,

  1. While versioning the software use only customized extensions put inside a custom folder.
  2. Pass local.properties, local.extensions to the developers.
  3. Maintain a copy of local.properties, local.extensions on the local servers like SIT, UAT, etc..
  4. Hybris software is wrapped around custom folder on each  environment.
  5. Media folder can either be maintained locally or can be stored in an SVN
  6. Production environment is normally connected to SVN. Rather local copy is taken from SVN and deployed using Bamboo,etc..
Running Multiple Hybris in one machine

Basically Hybris is shipped with a bundled tomcat.

How  to run multiple tomcat in one machine?

Till the maximum size of the memory ,we can run as many instance of hybris. We need to make sure that each version of Hybris uses its own ports.

Make the below ports unique for each instance

Sample code:






Hybris Configuration

The problem is how to manage configuration for multiple instances.

The approach is to use apache tomcat to create specific environment variable. This approach  copies files from one common file to environment specific file and merge them together to create complete local.properties.file.

Follow the below steps for configuration,

  1. Create a folder inside Hybris config directory.
  2. Place properties in each one of the local files as per environment related variables. The property that has same value across environment will go to common local property file.
  3. Create a build.xml file inside config project.
  4. Now we will create an environment specific property file.
  5. Run the file and pass the environment name.

Now we have a flexible solution to configure Hybris system more efficiently. For further queries regarding environment set up, contact us on sales@veltrod.in.

Parameters of Hybris Mobile and Desktop Site


Most people face problems on setting  mobile site and understanding parameters that control the switching of Desktop and Mobile site. Also, how does responsiveness of the site differ in both Desktop and Mobile site?

Now let us have a look at the differences in terms of technical aspects that differentiates both Desktop and Mobile site.

In terms of User Interface

Basically both Desktop and Mobile site differs in terms of the UI. UI is controlled by languages such as HTML,CSS,JavaScript, etc..

But the backend code remains almost the same for both Desktop and Mobile site.

Additionally , UI defined using Hybris WCMS ,need to define different page templates , Content slot, ContentPage, ProductPage and the corresponding relationship between them for both Mobile and Desktop site.

In terms of Java Code

First we need to detect the devices from which the request is arising, in order to set the Ui Experience level on par with the device.

This is carried out using an interceptor ie.Device Detection Before Controller Handler using class Default Device Detection Facade and more specifically in Spring Device Request Device Data Populator.

Once device detection ends, the detected device must be mapped to UI Experience level (eg.mobile,tablet,desktop,etc..) in class DeviceDataUI ExperienceLevelPopulator.

After this the detected UiExperienceLevel is compared with the supported Ui Experience Level and if there is an appropriate match the detected Ui Experience Level is set to this value.

Switching of Mobile and Desktop site

Ui experience level is configured in the properties file by setting the property “uiexperience.level.supported”.

The value “uiexperience.level.supported”  should be specified in the correct format using Comma separated Camel cases names like Mobile, Desktop , or Desktop ,Mobile for the functionality to work correctly.

There is also an additional interceptor , SetUiExperienceBeforeControllerHandler called before the request reaches the controller. This usually checks for the parameters like “uiel” (like?uiel=Mobile) in the request and if  set, its value is used to override all the previous UiExperienceLevel.

The corresponding CSS, JS and images are set based on the Ui Experience Level and we see either Desktop or Mobile site.


responsiveWhen the website has been designed for responsive design then the site parameters gets adjusted according to the device type, this is done because responsive JS is used.

Hybris eliminated the need for Desktop and Mobile site by making the Desktop site responsive according to the request made.

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