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Awesome eCommerce Website Development Tips

There is no doubt a well-manageable and feature-rich eCommerce site costs huge that can’t bear by small-medium size business webmasters. If you have ever tried to create Ecommerce Website for your business, you possibly know how costly it is.

On other hand, having eCommerce website can give huge visitors that convert into paying customer in future. In short, we can say that development of eCommerce website delivers a great potential by opening a digital storefront.

When designing site for our business, we need to know how things actually we require. Furthermore, along with important things, cost also should be considered. So, here we come with some important tips that cuts your development cost along with increase conversion ratio.


Go for Scalable Hosting: Searching for scalable hosting is one of the toughest tasks. No doubt, there are many reasons why hosting service is bit expensive. Many online stores have thousands of products and thus, it requires enough space for product databases along with appropriate security. Different kinds of competitive hosting solutions are available, but it is advisable to start with small plan. At the starting phrase of your business, you don’t need to require more space as your product collection is limited.

Do Small Things by Yourself: As the length of eCommerce website is big, it takes enough time to construct. There are many things to consider while constructing the back-end and non-commerce website. Your professional expert has to think twice about security, privacy and things like inventory, shipping, payment, cross-sells, up-sells, and other connected features. This may require huge time. Adding things like descriptions, images, product categories, etc. requires huge time. In order to save money on such things, you have to learn managing the back-end software from your developer. Once you grab knowledge of adding and managing products, you can simply add it by yourself. It is a part of development process, which is nice for developers as they have to spend more time on adding features and functionality that usually requires for your site.

Sketch Your Site Strategy before Development Task: Sketching the site’s strategy will cost you huge. However, it will also save enough money towards unwanted development phrase. Lastly, it will give you an idea about real plan that you are going to implement in your project. As an eCommerce is quite bigger, it is must to plan out each factor carefully before start designing or initial coding. While sketching, you should consider things like your customers, products, integrations needed and so on.

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Things That Every Ecommerce must Should Have on Its Product page

Today’s increasing competition among e-commerce retailers make it important to have unique and fully functional e-commerce website that has a range of products on its product page.

There are lots of exclusive features that every e-commerce retailer should add on its e-commerce site’s product page as it will be helpful for him to attract more and more visitors.

According to the type of e-commerce site, one can add different features on his/her site and make it more powerful. On the below given list, there are some important things for any online retailer to add on his/her product page. So, let’s have a glimpse on below mentioned things:


Good Quality Images: For any e-commerce website, it is very much important to have some best and excellent quality images of their product so that visitors find it attractive and compel to purchase products. Instead of using low and cheap quality images, e-commerce retailers should use high-quality product images because high-quality images can give a good view of your product that will be extremely helpful for your customers to decide about your product.

Availability of Product, Title & Price: No matter what type of e-commerce site you are running, it is important that you use H1 tag for the product title as it can help search engines to index the product page. Apart from having product tile, it is also important to give clear view of price as making it appear clearly is crucial for all the e-commerce retailers because customers find it easily. Moreover, you should also show availability of the product as no-one is here to add items to their basket to find they are out of stock, so make sure to show stock availability.

Add-to-Cart Button: As we all know that Add-to-cart button plays a very significant role on product page, so retailers should make it very clear and nice so that visitors and customers view it. E-commerce retailers should also distinguish it from other elements on the page. In the below given image, you can see the color contrast making the call to action button standout from other elements.

Payment Methods: If you are giving a neat and clean view of the price on your product page, it is essential for you to show different payment methods on the page because how can customers for the item? You need to show available methods as it can affect a decision of the customers to purchase product. With different payment methods, it will be easy for your customers to pay for the item as they can choose any method as per their desire and make payment.

Return Policy: Many times, it happens with customers that they purchase any product and it is not the right size which they are looking for. No matter whether you are running an e-commerce site of clothing, shoes or any accessories, it is must for you to give clear and flexible return policy on your product page. By giving clear return policy on product page can give huge influence to your customers’ decision.

Product Information: One of the most important things that all the e-commerce websites should have on their product page is product information because people need the details of the product that they are purchasing. So, providing all the information about product is very much important. Product features, specs, dimension, material used, quality and more are different product information that you should include in the product description. By giving such huge information about product, you can help your customers to decide about your product.

Social Sharing Buttons: Having social sharing buttons on product page is extremely important as it allows your customers to promote your products on different social networking sites.

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Tools for Making the Website Easily and Gradually Accessible

When it comes to web accessibility, it is one such process that makes the features of your website accessible to people of all the abilities. It is nothing, but giving everyone an equal access and opportunities, so enabling all the people to access as many as possible features without any hassle.

Today, lots of evaluation tools are obtainable on the web that makes testing the accessibility of your website a lot easier. Using these tools, users can easily mechanize the process of searching potential errors.

Well, we can say that the tools are generally a guide, but it is important to manually check the results whenever you get time. In this post, we have listed some essential tools and considerations to check web accessibility of your website. Before discussing some major tools, let’s have a look on some potential accessibility problems that are occurring on numerous websites.


Alt Text for Images: It is important that all the images must have alternate text that is placed in the alt attribute of the img tag. When using assistive technology, it is read-out by screen readers to blind users.

Images in Lieu of Text: Now-a-days, it is less problematic than before, but developers still sometimes are using images in place of text. While, it must be avoided as proper alt text must be provided if there is no other alternative.

ARIA Compliance: You also need to make sure that your markup is ARIA acquiescent as it defines a complete set of attributes, which can be connected with elements to help assistive technologies interpret markup the right way. These are such attributes that can tell technologies like screen readers the real purpose of using those tags.

Proper HTML mark-up: We all know that CSS has become extremely popular; there is one inclination to get some style using CSS instead of custom HTML tags. A web developer always need to ensure that he use the built in tags accurately so that it becomes easy for assistive technologies to interpret the content of your web pages.

Skip Links: Sometime, it may be quite difficult for users to tab through a complete menu before going to the main content. So, it is must to provide the links to the main content or navigation at the top of the page.

Identify a Language: When it comes to specify the language that allows a screen reader to read out the text with accurate pronunciation, it sounds unimportant. One can easily specify a language with the lang attribute on the <html> element.

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Latest Ecommerce Web Design Trends to Increase Sales

Have you check-out the business news that followed Black Friday and Cyber Monday? No. Really, you have missed biggest news as an ecommerce merchant because this year’s online holiday shopping seasons was one of the biggest seasons in the history.

There were lots of reports that reported online sales were up 16% as compare to 2010. But, in spite of these wonderful trends, there are lots of ecommerce websites that are only converting 1 to 4% of their leads. On the hand, some other best ecommerce sites convert upward of 15% of their visitors. After reading this percentage, you will surely think that how they do it?

When it comes to talk about what they do and how they do, there are lots of factors that should be consider to make ecommerce site successful. One of the major factors is design of the ecommerce website.


So, whenever you design your ecommerce website, you need to keep these affordable ecommerce web design trends in your mind so that you can give your customers the best shopping experience and make your ecommerce business successful. Continue reading to know cost-effective ecommerce web design trends:

Searching the Product: There are lots of ecommerce merchants, who think their customers leave their store because of the price, lack of the customer service or lack of buyer’s intent. But there is nothing like that – one of the major reasons why ecommerce websites are failing is because shoppers or customers do not find what they are looking for. Is it really difficult for ecommerce websites to guide their shoppers to purchase their desired products? It is essential to understand the phenomenon of the customers. If your site has wonderful design, it has the capability to serve different needs of the users in a unified user interface. As an ecommerce merchant, it is your responsibility to help your customers to find their desired products in minimum steps.

Each and every shopper has unique needs and different requirements, so it is essential to comprehend the needs of each shopper and provide him/her a satisfied service by helping in searching the products.

Displaying The Products: Whenever a visitors lands on your site and he/she zeroes-in on a product, the conversion clock starts ticking, so it is one of the major responsibilities is to get the user to add the product in his shopping cart. With lots of ways of arranging product detail page, various components and more that can help you out in retain shopper interest and compel him to purchase your product. Pictures – As we all know that all the people are visual creatures, so high-quality pictures and photos of the products can showcase your products in a unique manner. If you are providing only picture of your product, ensure that your product has a distraction-free and natural colored background.

Sealing the Deal: One of the biggest problems a shopper needs to conquer is the frequent plagued and difficult check-out process. We all know that shopping is fun-loving activity for all the shoppers, but spending money is not, so it is your job to get customers through the payment as easy as possible. Below you can find some tips that can help you out: Offer Online Chat Option: As per the Boldchat study, more than 76% of shoppers want to have an option of online chat while the check-out process. Because constant chat not only allows them to help them to get instant help with technical problems, but they can also get encouragement to complete their shopping or order.

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5 Big Challenges Faced by eCommerce Companies in India

Day-by-day, the growth of eCommerce market in India is expanding as it attracts lots of retailers to have an online store to boost their business worldwide. We all know that India is the second most populous country in the world, and it is the home of 1.2 billion people. It is true that India’s per-capita purchasing power is low, but still the country is the most attractive emerging market for eCommerce industry.

The major problem is that eCommerce businesses or retailers are facing various challenges in the Indian market, and it is not easily possible for them to stud their legs in the market and do business.

Below, you can find top 5 challenges that faced by eCommerce businesses in India:


In India, Cash on delivery is the preferred payment mode: In India, most of the people prefer to pay cash on delivery due to the low credit card diffusion and low trust in online transactions. Not like electronic payments, manual cash collection is quite perilous, expensive and laborious.

Internet Penetration is Low: In India, Internet penetration is quite low as compare to several western countries like USA, UK, France and more. Still, the country is a small fraction of what other countries are getting. Moreover, the quality of the connectivity is low in various regions. However, these both problems are slowly disappearing. In the next few years, the connectivity problems will disappear from the list of challenges to eCommerce in India.

Indian Customers Return Much of Their Products They Buy Online: It is true that eCommerce in India has lots of first time buyers. It means, they are still not sure about what to expect from eCommerce websites; thus, purchasers fall prey to hard sell. Finally, when the product is delivered, they started feeling regret and return the goods. Therefore, customers’ regret is the biggest problem majorly in India. For eCommerce retailers, returns are extremely expensive as it shows some unique challenges and it becomes more difficult in cross-border eCommerce.

Many Times, Postal Addresses are not consistent: Once if you place an online order, you will get a call from the company, asking about your exact location. The given address is not enough because there is always a little standardization while writing post addresses. It is also one of the biggest challenges that faced by eCommerce in India.

Features Phones Rule The Roost: When it comes to the total number of users of mobile phones in India, it is extremely high as various people still use feature phones, not smart-phones. The consumer group is still unable to make eCommerce purchase on the move while the country is still away from the scales tipping in favor of smart-phones. With increasing number of smart-phone users, the demand of online shopping also goes up automatically.

So, these were the top challenges that majorly faced by eCommerce businesses in India. It is also important to note that eCommerce giants are increasing in India, and many cross-border eCommerce to India is also expanding.

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High-Impact Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

When shop-owners are looking at popular ecommerce shops like Amazon, they have an idea for the one reason why such businesses have became so successful. Small businesses already tried some of the best and remarkable conversion rate optimization ideas that help to increase sales, adding security seals, and so on.


Improve your newsletter sign-up incentives: You must be thinking that who will sign up for newsletter at ecommerce site? There are some people looking for a good reason to subscribe for a newsletter. Unfortunately, there are many sites that don’t realize the importance of capturing emails to do follow-up marketing. It is advisable to gather more emails from your visitors and also optimize newsletter sign-up by offering great free incentive.

Use bullet points for product page description: Ensure to use simple language to write product page description. Your description should be engaging and compelling to your visitors to increase conversion rates and sales. Put your description besides product’s image so that visitors can view it properly. Add some bullet points to highlight the key features and advantages of the products. This helps visitors to know more about products and thus, they can make quick decision to purchase.

Add a side bar in your checkout to mention Advantages: Different types of eCommerce checkouts are available such as longer single page checkout, traditional multi-page checkout, and the latest accordion-style single page checkout. It would be great to add a right hand side bar to increase sales and conversions. It also emphasizes biggest benefits and risk reducers of using eStore.

Highlight Biggest Risk Reducers Near Add-To-Cart Button: Another high impact place where you have to mention your risk reducers is on your product page. It also ensures to show your biggest risk reducer next to ‘add to cart’ button on the page. Here, Product guarantees or a low price promise can work with ease by displaying an icon like a guarantee seal. Importantly, you can mention here free shipping facility.

Add ‘Story’ to your About Page: There are eCommerce websites suffering from generic ‘about us’ page that most of visitors are finding boring. Using this page in a better ways helps to convert your visitors. Moreover, you can also add some personality and interesting storytelling related to your business.

Develop Product-Specific Landing Pages For Paid Search: You should try a new approach to enhance conversion rates and sales instead of directing all paid search to your homepage or relevant product pages. It would be great to create longer more information-rich product landing pages with relevant product keywords.

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Personalization of E-commerce Product: A Fad or A Long Term Strategy

It’s no more about keeping or gifting the personalized products as a show pieces in drawing rooms of the home. Personalization of prodauct has come a long way from there. And ecommerce surely has a great role to play in its fame.

People nowadays, are getting more confident about buying online now than ever before as ecommerce businesses go that extra mile to win the trust of people. One of these steps taken is this direction has surely been this trend of personalization of products.


First of all, Why Personalization?

To understand the reason behind the success of personalized products we need to look into the psychology of the consumer’s regarding these products. People nowadays have this thing of owning belongings that clearly say it’s theirs.

Consumers tend to love what belongs to them in the true sense and therefore are welcoming and accepting personalized products with open arms. On the part of the seller, it helps build customer loyalty and customer engagement with the brand and also helps them generate more revenue but charging extra for personalized products.

How the trends has changed over the years?

Earlier it was restricted to a few gift related or marketing products which were to be printed at traditional printers on orders. The designs were more or less limited to the default ones that the printer(s) had to offer. But that is changing now. Ecommerce stores are adopting it increasingly to increase their customer’s loyalty and relationship with the brand. People are embracing it more than ever before.

A product with their name or any other personalization is preferred more than the same products without any customization. The affordability of these products has also increased which answers for the popularity of customized goods in spite of being more expensive than the same product without their stamp on it.

What all is being personalized?

As stated, it’s no more limited to coffee mugs and t-shirts, something we all can instantly relate to personalized products. Now, from a bar of chocolate to high-end cars, everything is being personalized. Lately, popular brands like Nutella are also keen on offering personalized jars to its fans and it’s already creating a hullabaloo in the market. Cadbury had been an old player here which embraced the concept pretty earlier.

Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and others are also plunging into the market with great enthusiasm. All kind of brands be it selling kitchen wares, personal grooming products, apparels, or eatables, everyone is prepared or planning to launch their customized segment in the market.

Is there any reason regarding the advancement of technology?

To a large extent, yes. Personalization reached this stage of popularity because of the easy availability of product designer software available in the market. And for those using popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, it’s even easier as you just need to install a good product designer extension and you are all set! When technology becomes more commonplace, it’s gets adopted more, provided there is enough demand in the market.

And when it comes to personalized products, there is huge demand in the market. So today, if you have an ecommerce store and you have a process in place for printing, getting the online technology to allow your customers to customize products online, isn’t difficult anymore.

It’s Here to Stay

Any trend that has the potential for being profitable for businesses can be a temporary fad and will be part of their business strategy. Not all ecommerce business can adopt product personalization but as technology becomes more and more accessible and cheaper, many will. And competitors will follow suit.


Digitization is going to stay and so is the demand for personalized products. It’s certainly not a fad as consumers’ psychology with personalized goods will remain the same more or less. Moreover, the trend is still to witness its peak so it would be wrong to say it’s just a fad. Consumers are not going to get bored of these products any time soon.

In fact, personalization is still spreading over to arenas it is still far from. More and more brands and companies are looking forward to adopt it and most will do it really soon. It’s not only about changing a few aspects of the product but rather forming a more personal and emotional relationship with the customer, which is not a short term trend but something that comes with long term benefits.

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

With more number of e-commerce websites which is increasing on each day and due to this customers are facing challenges. For a retailer, it is the ‘competition’ and for consumers it is the ‘confusion’. Online website owners now have high competition rate where are customers are finding difficult in finding the best online store. Now there are many techniques which increase the traffic on site.



Make an Attractive Store By Fulfilling Your Objectives

An attractive website describes that is so engaging, interesting and understandable. To generate more traffic on site the content and features should be clearly visible. Make sure whether the objective or motto on which your site is simply built, is utterly mentioned on your site. It is not required that you got to waste bucks on hiring expensive graphic designing and flash animation. The only thing to fall important is, your site needs to focus your objectives in an attractive and understandable manner.

Advertising, Promotion & SEO

There are many techniques which increases the traffic on the site and one of them is SEO and advertising methodologies. Make it easy for your customers to find your store through search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are the best to get more traffic on website. You can blindly rely on the basic SEO techniques like article marketing, press release marketing, blogs, adword analysis and so forth, you can easily bring your stores on the top listings of Google and other search engines. There are many low cost strategies for SEO.

Social Media

Social media channels plays a very important role these days without it’s involvement nothing can be possible. Social media plays a great role in driving traffic to the E-commerce website. Some of the main social media channels are:

The first and foremost social media giant to crawl websites on search engines. One way to benefit with Facebook kinda marketing is, you can keep a calender on your store’s Facebook page, which displays all your upcoming events. All you got to do is, keep updating regularly about your site on your Facebook page.

Twitter – another important social network to drive attention to your sites. Twitter updates are famous all over and when you have new announcement on your product or service, let your twitter followers know about it. The only thing you got to be conscious is, never sell your products directly via twitter.

blogs also play a very great role in promoting the traffic of the E-commerce website. Most of the online stores will be having individual blog directories on their sites. You could write blog posts on various topics falling under your category name and employ options to allow viewers comment and share those posts via various social media channels like facebook, twitter, stumble upon and so forth. Give them the option to like and share our blog on the different social media networks, so that they get shared on their profiles, which will be viewed by their friends and thereby drive traffic to your site                                                                                                                                                                    main-qimg-8e3848110d9fbb9918188327f16511c2


Reviews on your products from various users prove to be so valuable service to drive traffic to your online store. There are mainly two types of reviews any product which would receive that is either the positive or the negative. This is where most retailers commit their mistake. They just show up their product’s positive reviews and hide those negative reviews. Remember that reviews and ratings play a major part in increasing conversion rates.


Social media and blogging plays a great role in getting traffic on the E-commerce site. So, make sure to hire the best agency for the same.

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Which edition of Magento fits your need?

Launched in 2008, Magento has quickly grown into one of the top choices for an eCommerce solution – currently available in two versions that share the same core but vary in offerings. The Community edition (CE) is an Open Source software that has many built-in extensions which can fulfill most of the needs of small businesses. With a few tweaks from an expert, it can provide powerful performance.

Magento Coomunity vs Enterprise

The Enterprise Edition (EE) on the other hand is for users who need more than what CE has to offer. Users looking for additional features and customizations that CE can’t offer, turn to EE. EE is a subscription-based service that comes with a Service Level Agreement. Subscribers get full support from the Magento team accessible through phone or email. It also has exclusive product enhancements and special features apart from the security updates.

Enterprise Edition


Every client looking to set up a Magento store has a dilemma of choosing the right edition. Everyone wants to leverage the cost effective Magento CE but gets apprehensive about its performance, support and security features. Magento EE is a more powerful edition with security enhancements, additional modules and performance capabilities. We recommend either of the editions based on the clients’ requirements. Often clients who have a Magento EE feel they are paying for modules they do not require, but there is no way you could pick and pay for only the modules you require. It’s a complete package.


This is where our experience working with Magento comes in. We have worked on several projects using Magento CE and have implemented most of their requirements at substantially low cost. We can tailor Magento CE to a client’s requirements by either purchasing and customizing existing extensions or building customized extensions specific to their requirements. This ensures your Magento store has exactly what you and your customers need without having to incur exorbitant costs.

However, our recommendation takes into account resources available, volume of products (number of SKUs, product categories), traffic (monthly traffic, transaction volume, number of concurrent users) and business size among other essential factors. There are instances where only EE fits best and then there are projects where we can tailor CE to suit your requirements. It all boils down to a client’s need and constraints.

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Now Build Your Own Online Shoe Store at a Faster Rate

Footwear industry is one of the not very many commercial ventures that remain determined by the fluctuating financial patterns. To affirm this announcement, details led by a main association uncovered that “Footwear industry creates yearly income of $15bn.” Hence beginning an online shoe store business can end up being an exceptionally lucrative endeavor.

Why is it fundamental to make an online shoe store?

*With the coming of PDA innovation, there has been an avalanche increment in the quantity of advanced purchasers.

* “As on 2015 end, the quantity of online customers is relied upon to touch 1300mn.”

* That doesn’t mean it is the apocalypse for block and mortars. In any case, it plainly demonstrates that one gets a focused edge by opening an eCommerce store.

                                                                    images (1)

How ingenious has online medium been to worldwide shoe brands?

* Seeing the surge in web shopping, worldwide games brands, for example, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and some more, have begun utilizing the online stage to rev up their deals. What’s more, better believe it ended up being a savvy move.

* Nike that has is its site and portable applications for customers saw a 70% climb in their deals.

* Adidas, in 2015, could produce $651 million through on the web, which should be 80% expansion in their deals.

* The above details affirm the significance of opening an online shoe boutique. However, simple offering of brand shoes and ravenous advancements are sufficiently not; you have to build up an online shoe store that is unrivaled regarding quality and connecting with enough to persuade the end clients to sit tight.

How to construct a top class online shoe store?

When you longing to make an online retail shoe store that is first class in quality; you have to focus on consistently part of your shoe improvement webpage. Give us a chance to explore them further:

                                                                            images (2)

Convey The Right Platform To Develop Your Shoe Website

Open-source eCommerce stages improve your occupation in building an online shoe store. Guests have a tendency to get fascinated just when there is an endless gathering of shoes. To handle various items, your site ought to be strong and have administrator driven backend alternatives. For that you have to send a vigorous and administrator agreeable eCommerce stage like Magento for making your online shoe store.

Assemble Mobile Apps and Connect To A Wider Audience

By, “The development of portable client base has been a stunning 75% year-over-year.”

* Henceforth it is exceedingly prescribed to manufacture a versatile application for your online shoe store. Building portable applications have a tendency to be financially savvy contrasted with sites. That is motivation behind why prominent commercial centers, for example, Flipkart, Myntra and some more, are changing over to applications.

* Further to being financially savvy, portable applications make collaborations with customers all the more captivating through elements, for example, push notices, markdown coupons etc. Creating portable shopping application isn’t advanced science; there are numerous readymade versatile application arrangements that let you make applications that are perfectly customized to suit your online shoe webpage.

                                                                      images (3)

* When you are set to open an online shoe store, remember the previously stated perspectives. In the event that you are not certain of taking care of the specialized stuff identified with adding to an online shoe store, then you can simply contact proficient eCommerce improvement organizations. That said; we arrive to help you.

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