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5 Ways to Enhance and Gain Customer Experience

It would be great to hear that some eCommerce companies are taking care about the important of customer experience and thinks to improve it. When it comes to bad customer experiences, I have heard many excuses from online merchants.

Even, some companies don’t care about their customers; they just want to earn handsome money in the form of profit. But those companies, who really have care for their customers and want to enhance customer experience, then here we have five different ways. Just check out.


Solve Problem Before It Becomes a Big Issue

At the time of manufacturing products, we are always looking for creating remarkable customer experiences and happiness. One of the best ways to deliver a great happiness to your customers is to fix problem before it becomes the big issue.

If you are not able to solve problem fully, at least deliver seamless customer experience while they are shopping from your eCommerce site. Apart from, you can also sketch plan your customer outreach and customize it.

Customize Your Packaging: Wrapping products with unique and customize packaging delivers excellent impact to your customer experience. There are many pizza shops packing their pizzas in attractive boxes with a personalized message. It is advisable to give a receipt along with a physical product with packaging. After that, send them a message and request for message or advised for your business. This thing especially works at the time of trail phase. Create your time to connect with your customers on personal level. Offer some trial products for free of cost or with discounted rates.

Make Investment for Tomorrow: No matter, you have employee from 5 days or 5 years, it is must to make aware them about your customers as it is one of the most important factors in your business. Apart from customers, you should make them aware of tools for listening customers and allows them to use to enhance your business’s popularity. Taking help of social media sites is one of the best ways to engage your customers and build your business’s brand. Give a lesson of social media to your employees as they are not aware of your strategy. Ensure to teach your employees to step ahead of your tools, if you want to enhance customer experience and business as well.

Always Appreciate and Say “Thanks”: If you want to deliver a great customer experience to your shoppers, it is must to lead through some examples. Stop saying ‘thank you’ to your employees to make stronger behaviors you are promoting. No matter, it is verbal recognition of a job in the meeting or a larger employee appreciation gesture, it doesn’t appropriate to charge creating a culture of gratitude among your team. Human mentality is that when they are happy with their work then always keeps a positive attitude among their customers.

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Reasons to have more speed on Mobile Web Sites

Speed is the biggest thing mobile sites need and the one thing that many are lacking.In August 2013, Google launched a new set of guidelines so that webmasters could optimize their pages for better rendering performance. The goal of these guidelines is to get all content to load in one second or less.

Of course, this loaded content will at first just include the above-the-fold content, which is any content that is immediately visible on the screen without requiring the user to scroll up or down. While this above-the-fold content loads in one second or less, the rest of the content, graphics, etc. will load on the page (also in a matter of seconds).


Why the Need for Speed?

So why is all of this so important? According to an article by Marketing Week, in the United Kingdom alone, 30 percent of the population uses a tablet. In addition, more than 60 percent use a smartphone. The same can be said for the other side of the pond, with one-third of Americans using a tablet and more than 50 percent use a smartphone. To put it in a global perspective, 1.5 billion people use smartphones. That’s a lot of people online ready to surf the Internet, check email, post on social networking sites, etc.

A slow-to-load site, meaning anything that takes more than 4 seconds to load, loses 25% of its visitors in those four seconds if the page hasn’t loaded. At 10 seconds the percentage gets closer to 50%. Pages that are slow to load, crash, have formatting errors, feature non-functioning elements, or are unavailable for whatever reason are all reasons that a mobile Internet user will abandon his or her efforts, but nothing affects this more than speed.

The Benefits of Faster Loads: It is the hope of those who build mobile sites with speed that will make conversions happen as frequently as they do on desktops. As it stands, conversions on mobile sites happen about a third as frequently as they do on desktop sites.

Speed it up: The numbers speak for themselves. Mobile users want speed and they’re not going to sit around and wait for it.

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Best Ways to Build and Gain Customer Loyalty

Having loyal customers is must for enhancing business growth. Creating effective and better customer loyalty requires crafting greater customer experience with combination of emotional, physical and transactional value of customers. There are many businesses working in commodities.

Considering specific type of products/services according to customer’s view point is less unique than you are looking so. Right now, customers are showered with uncountable number of options and continuously grabbed by competitors to save and switch. To deal with such situation, it is necessary to work on customer loyalty by considering following tips.


Be Personal: Your customers are humans and thus, they are expecting a human interaction rather than a generic one. It would be great to send personal birthday or anniversary wish message instead of holiday sales offers. No doubt, customers are appreciating the value of your discount offers, but emotional bonds helps to create customer loyalty.

Think Like Their Mentality: Understanding your customers in better ways helps you to interact with your customers in the most excellent ways. You can also understand how they are feeling or what they are thinking while making purchase or sending enquiries. You can also put your service to check or enhance your process.

Maintain Your Personality: At the time of customer choosing your person to interact at your company, be up-to date with information and their queries. No matter, they are having queries while online transaction or finding any products.

Greet Perfectly: According to the Psychological studies, it is noted that customers remember the first and last minutes of a service for longer time than the rest conversation. So, it is must to have well-engineered customer interactions as it is going to stick in the customer’s memory.

Accelerate Your Service: Nowadays, people are looking for speedier service than they have before few years. So, delivering their order on expected time creates good reputation of your eCommerce store and also builds customer loyalty.

Create a loyalty scheme: Creating a loyalty scheme is one of the most effective ways to encourage your customer to get back to you. For example, you can give loyalty card as a reward to your customers with a free drink. If you are offering rewards for your purchase, your customers can get an incentive to return to you.

Ask for feedback: Receiving feedbacks from your customers helps you to know whether they are happy or not with your service. Read all the feedbacks and overcome from the bad points to make your shoppers happy.

Create a customer-service vocabulary: In the time of inconvenience, it is must to convince your customers with positive words like ‘No worries’, ‘we are here to help you’ and rehearse to tell them. You can express your help through such words and solve problem as soon as possible.

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Great Ecommerce Guide For Online Entrepreneurs

Like, with any business, you have to start your online business by putting an excellent product and implementing a solid marketing plan. In this complete ecommerce business guide, we help every business owners to start or expand their online business without need of internet expertise or expensive funding.  


Build Online Business Identity: Presently, one of the successful strategies for a successful business is having a strong business identity and thus, one should have to adopt some tips to become superior to their competitors and impress more customers to increase revenue.

Online Presence: If you want to become popular among your competitors, you need to maintain strong online presence. Having strong presence allows people to find out you easily and this will increase in chances of people to find your services/products easily. One can use their own website, social media profiles, blog, etc. to promote their service and increase online business.

Brand Recognition: Brand defines who you are, what you are and what you are selling to you customers. Showing your brand online recognizes your business along with separates you from your rivals.

Social Networking: Nowadays, social networking sites play an important role to reach out to more people and companies online. So, it is must to have accounts or pages in various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on to draw attention of people. Have strong presence gained from social networking sites helps to improve online identity of your business. As the more people come to know about your service, it enhances more change of boosting business revenue.

Online Reviews: It’s true that your business’s creditability spreads through word of mouth through customer’s review. This can be in the form of written reviews that people wrote after using your products/services on their own site. No matter, what ways people are writing reviews on your sites or regarding your products, you have to ensure that no one review should be negative. To avoid such kind of situation, you have to set up a ‘Contact’ page, where your customer should ask you for help or discuss their queries.

 Get More Clients Online : While starting up your business, one can require more clients and money as well. No matter, what type of your business is, whether it is big or small, having clients increase revenue and make your business more successful. If you are seeking ways to make your business successful, here are some tips to get more clients.

Create a Referral System: One of the greatest ways to get more eye-balls towards your business is through referrals. You can also share your words with others and recommends them to use your service. Referral is a reward based programs, where customers recommends their near and dear and you will compensate them as a reward in the form of discount or any other things.

Create a Affiliate program: Adopting affiliate programs helps you get access to more clients within stipulated time-frame. Such type of program promotes you in exchange of a commission. This method is extremely very effective in the long run, but makes your affiliates aware about your products and services.

Offer multiple choices: While anyone comes to your site for making purchase, they always are expecting enough help in finding products/services from your side. Moreover, you have to reassure your visitors that they are at place and get proper service with so many options at different cost. This will help you to engage them for long time and thus, increase in sales.

Know your Target Market: Research and find out where your clients are going to learn and grow their business as you require going to there too. If your ideal customers/clients are developers, you have to go to development oriented events, meet-up groups and conference. Same way, if your ideal clients are beauticians, you need to go to beauty events, etc.

Use Social media: Social media is one of the strongest and longest marketing strategies to bring more customers at your place. There are many people follows you on Twitter or make you friend on Facebook and before they decide finally they hire you according to their requirements. It would be great to make conversation through social sites and solve your customer’s queries.

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Ways To Expand the Ecommerce Business without the help of New Users

Are you running an e-commerce business and wanted to grow it by pace? If yes, getting new customers is not enough as there are lots of e-commerce retailers, who think that by getting new customers they can expand their e-commerce business worldwide, but they are living in myth. Across the world, you would find lots of e-commerce professionals, who are spending their hours, weeks and months on figuring out how to get new and more customers. If you are also one of those businessmen, who are trying to get new customers, my question is for them.

It’s your present customers, who already purchased your products from your website. The ones who are raising their hands to purchase your products from their hard earned money.

According to latest research that proves it – A Bain & Company report tells that getting new customers cost 6 times higher than retaining an existing one. And businesses who improved their customers’ maintenance rates by 5% saw boosts in their profit from 5% to 95%.

Turning your existing customers into repeating customers is one of the best and excellent ways to make grow your business. So, instead of trying to get new customers, you can manage your old ones. Moreover, return customers also tend to purchase more from company; however, if they do, the operating cost to serve them decreases.

If you want to help your accessible customers to purchase more, then below mentioned three strategies can help you out:

                                                                         Small Business Growth

Understand Your Customers’ Requirements

First and foremost important thing that you can do is understand your customers’ requirements. If you understand that what they wanted to purchase and needs, you can serve them in a better manner and make them happy. Today, you can find lots of e-commerce websites that understand their customers’ needs and offer them such products that they are looking to purchase. It is also highly essential to know that what your customers want and be able to provide them what they are looking for. If your customer has already purchased any product from your site, you can send an email suggesting him/her more products from the same category.

Offer Customer Support Every Time: Second most essential strategy is to provide your customers a complete support every time. No matter, whether they are asking for help for how many times, you should always provide support to your customers. You know that if you serve excellent customer support, above and beyond is the norm. It is not possible to develop a family of loyal customers without an exceptional customer support, so e-commerce retailers should provide a great customer support to their customers.

Recompense Your Customers: According to 2012 survey that performed by ClickFox, 54% of consumers would think that boosting the amount of business they do with a company for a loyalty reward, and more than 46% said that they already have. When it comes to highly effective loyalty programs, grocery store memberships, and frequent flyer programs, credit card rewards and many more are some best recompense thing for your customers. There are numerous small businesses, which are generating huge revenue by providing their customers loyalty rewards. If you reward your customers, it can result in 178% more repeat business than unstamped ones. The customers, who are with the pre-stamped cards, started with progress and the purchase was maximize. It is one such strategy that is also known as artificial advancement.

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Things That Everyone Should Consider before Opening a Ecommerce Startup

So, you’ve decided to convert your brick and mortar shop into an online store so that you can sell your range of products worldwide. Or maybe you are starting from scratch and your e-store is the first venture in retail. But what’s next?

What you are going to do next? Are you completely relying on your e-commerce developer, who will develop an e-store the way you want? It doesn’t matter whether you are converting your brick and mortar store into e-store or starting from scratch, there are lots of things that you should consider before you open your e-commerce website.

If you have decided to begin with developing an e-commerce store, you should consider below mentioned 5 things before you open your e-store:


Understand Your Business Goal: Before you open your e-commerce website, it is extremely important for you that you have a clear understanding of your business goal. If you have a clear understanding of your business goal, it will be easy for you to target particular market. You can also capture global markets with the help of an up and running e-commerce site. With your business goal in mind, you can target particular customers for selling your products. However, you are also segment customers, who are based on their demographics like shopping habits, likes, digital footprint, dislikes, spending power and more. So, if you want to target particular customers and market, you should first understand your business goal.

Know Your Project Needs: After understanding your business goal, it’s time to address your project requirements. In the development phase, it is essential to determine what exactly needs to be done. To know your project requirements, there are lots of things that you need to be done like what type of features and functionalities you wanted to be implemented in your e-store, what about third-party integrations, what customizations are needed and which are the responsibilities of your internal project team. By considering these different things in mind, it will be easy for you to know your project needs before you open your e-commerce site.

Try to Beat Your Competitors: If you have decided to begin with e-commerce store, it is crucial that you offer something very unique and exclusive products on your site so that customers find it attractive and compel to purchase it. Try to offer dynamic products as compare to your competitors otherwise visitors will not find your products as striking as your competitors offer. However, you can know which technology your competitors are using so that you can also include it on your site. By offering something exceptional on your site, you can beat your competitors and give strong competition to them.

Know Your Resources: Before you open an e-commerce website, you need to know your resources that will help you to set-up your store and make it successful. Whether you want to hire an e-commerce developer to manage your most of the website work or not, you need to consider your all resources as it will be helpful for you to make your project successful. However, you will also need to have the human resources to update your site on regular basis. If you are also including a blog on your site, it is recommended to you to go with WordPress.

Be Careful to Put Your Ideas on E-commerce Platform: We all know that there are numerous options for developing a high-end e-commerce store. Before you need to hire legion of developers in order to handle your project and develop an effective e-store, but now it is extremely easy for you to develop your store by your own. However, it is also true that deciding about how to go is one of the biggest problems that you are facing. OSCommerce, Magento, Shopify and many more are different e-commerce platforms that allow you to develop a perfect e-commerce site. You can choose a perfect platform for your e-commerce site and carefully put your ideas in it to make it fully-functional e-commerce site.

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Awesome eCommerce Website Development Tips

There is no doubt a well-manageable and feature-rich eCommerce site costs huge that can’t bear by small-medium size business webmasters. If you have ever tried to create Ecommerce Website for your business, you possibly know how costly it is.

On other hand, having eCommerce website can give huge visitors that convert into paying customer in future. In short, we can say that development of eCommerce website delivers a great potential by opening a digital storefront.

When designing site for our business, we need to know how things actually we require. Furthermore, along with important things, cost also should be considered. So, here we come with some important tips that cuts your development cost along with increase conversion ratio.


Go for Scalable Hosting: Searching for scalable hosting is one of the toughest tasks. No doubt, there are many reasons why hosting service is bit expensive. Many online stores have thousands of products and thus, it requires enough space for product databases along with appropriate security. Different kinds of competitive hosting solutions are available, but it is advisable to start with small plan. At the starting phrase of your business, you don’t need to require more space as your product collection is limited.

Do Small Things by Yourself: As the length of eCommerce website is big, it takes enough time to construct. There are many things to consider while constructing the back-end and non-commerce website. Your professional expert has to think twice about security, privacy and things like inventory, shipping, payment, cross-sells, up-sells, and other connected features. This may require huge time. Adding things like descriptions, images, product categories, etc. requires huge time. In order to save money on such things, you have to learn managing the back-end software from your developer. Once you grab knowledge of adding and managing products, you can simply add it by yourself. It is a part of development process, which is nice for developers as they have to spend more time on adding features and functionality that usually requires for your site.

Sketch Your Site Strategy before Development Task: Sketching the site’s strategy will cost you huge. However, it will also save enough money towards unwanted development phrase. Lastly, it will give you an idea about real plan that you are going to implement in your project. As an eCommerce is quite bigger, it is must to plan out each factor carefully before start designing or initial coding. While sketching, you should consider things like your customers, products, integrations needed and so on.

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Things That Every Ecommerce must Should Have on Its Product page

Today’s increasing competition among e-commerce retailers make it important to have unique and fully functional e-commerce website that has a range of products on its product page.

There are lots of exclusive features that every e-commerce retailer should add on its e-commerce site’s product page as it will be helpful for him to attract more and more visitors.

According to the type of e-commerce site, one can add different features on his/her site and make it more powerful. On the below given list, there are some important things for any online retailer to add on his/her product page. So, let’s have a glimpse on below mentioned things:


Good Quality Images: For any e-commerce website, it is very much important to have some best and excellent quality images of their product so that visitors find it attractive and compel to purchase products. Instead of using low and cheap quality images, e-commerce retailers should use high-quality product images because high-quality images can give a good view of your product that will be extremely helpful for your customers to decide about your product.

Availability of Product, Title & Price: No matter what type of e-commerce site you are running, it is important that you use H1 tag for the product title as it can help search engines to index the product page. Apart from having product tile, it is also important to give clear view of price as making it appear clearly is crucial for all the e-commerce retailers because customers find it easily. Moreover, you should also show availability of the product as no-one is here to add items to their basket to find they are out of stock, so make sure to show stock availability.

Add-to-Cart Button: As we all know that Add-to-cart button plays a very significant role on product page, so retailers should make it very clear and nice so that visitors and customers view it. E-commerce retailers should also distinguish it from other elements on the page. In the below given image, you can see the color contrast making the call to action button standout from other elements.

Payment Methods: If you are giving a neat and clean view of the price on your product page, it is essential for you to show different payment methods on the page because how can customers for the item? You need to show available methods as it can affect a decision of the customers to purchase product. With different payment methods, it will be easy for your customers to pay for the item as they can choose any method as per their desire and make payment.

Return Policy: Many times, it happens with customers that they purchase any product and it is not the right size which they are looking for. No matter whether you are running an e-commerce site of clothing, shoes or any accessories, it is must for you to give clear and flexible return policy on your product page. By giving clear return policy on product page can give huge influence to your customers’ decision.

Product Information: One of the most important things that all the e-commerce websites should have on their product page is product information because people need the details of the product that they are purchasing. So, providing all the information about product is very much important. Product features, specs, dimension, material used, quality and more are different product information that you should include in the product description. By giving such huge information about product, you can help your customers to decide about your product.

Social Sharing Buttons: Having social sharing buttons on product page is extremely important as it allows your customers to promote your products on different social networking sites.

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Tools for Making the Website Easily and Gradually Accessible

When it comes to web accessibility, it is one such process that makes the features of your website accessible to people of all the abilities. It is nothing, but giving everyone an equal access and opportunities, so enabling all the people to access as many as possible features without any hassle.

Today, lots of evaluation tools are obtainable on the web that makes testing the accessibility of your website a lot easier. Using these tools, users can easily mechanize the process of searching potential errors.

Well, we can say that the tools are generally a guide, but it is important to manually check the results whenever you get time. In this post, we have listed some essential tools and considerations to check web accessibility of your website. Before discussing some major tools, let’s have a look on some potential accessibility problems that are occurring on numerous websites.


Alt Text for Images: It is important that all the images must have alternate text that is placed in the alt attribute of the img tag. When using assistive technology, it is read-out by screen readers to blind users.

Images in Lieu of Text: Now-a-days, it is less problematic than before, but developers still sometimes are using images in place of text. While, it must be avoided as proper alt text must be provided if there is no other alternative.

ARIA Compliance: You also need to make sure that your markup is ARIA acquiescent as it defines a complete set of attributes, which can be connected with elements to help assistive technologies interpret markup the right way. These are such attributes that can tell technologies like screen readers the real purpose of using those tags.

Proper HTML mark-up: We all know that CSS has become extremely popular; there is one inclination to get some style using CSS instead of custom HTML tags. A web developer always need to ensure that he use the built in tags accurately so that it becomes easy for assistive technologies to interpret the content of your web pages.

Skip Links: Sometime, it may be quite difficult for users to tab through a complete menu before going to the main content. So, it is must to provide the links to the main content or navigation at the top of the page.

Identify a Language: When it comes to specify the language that allows a screen reader to read out the text with accurate pronunciation, it sounds unimportant. One can easily specify a language with the lang attribute on the <html> element.

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Latest Ecommerce Web Design Trends to Increase Sales

Have you check-out the business news that followed Black Friday and Cyber Monday? No. Really, you have missed biggest news as an ecommerce merchant because this year’s online holiday shopping seasons was one of the biggest seasons in the history.

There were lots of reports that reported online sales were up 16% as compare to 2010. But, in spite of these wonderful trends, there are lots of ecommerce websites that are only converting 1 to 4% of their leads. On the hand, some other best ecommerce sites convert upward of 15% of their visitors. After reading this percentage, you will surely think that how they do it?

When it comes to talk about what they do and how they do, there are lots of factors that should be consider to make ecommerce site successful. One of the major factors is design of the ecommerce website.


So, whenever you design your ecommerce website, you need to keep these affordable ecommerce web design trends in your mind so that you can give your customers the best shopping experience and make your ecommerce business successful. Continue reading to know cost-effective ecommerce web design trends:

Searching the Product: There are lots of ecommerce merchants, who think their customers leave their store because of the price, lack of the customer service or lack of buyer’s intent. But there is nothing like that – one of the major reasons why ecommerce websites are failing is because shoppers or customers do not find what they are looking for. Is it really difficult for ecommerce websites to guide their shoppers to purchase their desired products? It is essential to understand the phenomenon of the customers. If your site has wonderful design, it has the capability to serve different needs of the users in a unified user interface. As an ecommerce merchant, it is your responsibility to help your customers to find their desired products in minimum steps.

Each and every shopper has unique needs and different requirements, so it is essential to comprehend the needs of each shopper and provide him/her a satisfied service by helping in searching the products.

Displaying The Products: Whenever a visitors lands on your site and he/she zeroes-in on a product, the conversion clock starts ticking, so it is one of the major responsibilities is to get the user to add the product in his shopping cart. With lots of ways of arranging product detail page, various components and more that can help you out in retain shopper interest and compel him to purchase your product. Pictures – As we all know that all the people are visual creatures, so high-quality pictures and photos of the products can showcase your products in a unique manner. If you are providing only picture of your product, ensure that your product has a distraction-free and natural colored background.

Sealing the Deal: One of the biggest problems a shopper needs to conquer is the frequent plagued and difficult check-out process. We all know that shopping is fun-loving activity for all the shoppers, but spending money is not, so it is your job to get customers through the payment as easy as possible. Below you can find some tips that can help you out: Offer Online Chat Option: As per the Boldchat study, more than 76% of shoppers want to have an option of online chat while the check-out process. Because constant chat not only allows them to help them to get instant help with technical problems, but they can also get encouragement to complete their shopping or order.

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