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The Automotive Sector seems to be on an increasing growth due to Digital

Car producers who are more keen on making arrangements coordinating with the computerized way of life of the clients will procure better results. In the August of 2014, Porsche and The Atlantic sorted out an intriguing computerized car occasion to survey the rush of racers when on the speedway, utilizing information examination and wearable innovation, for this situation Hexoskin biometric Shirt, which would gage the driver’s inhale rate, heartbeats and other body developments. To be sure an extraordinary computerized endeavor at bringing social insurance and car industry together.

Advanced Lifestyle

  • To accomplish all-round understanding regarding generation, support, operations, deal and in addition purchaser inclination it is fundamental that the right arrangement of computerized instruments be connected in the right course.
  • With the guide of examination organizations, fathom the behavioral example of shoppers and as needs be flip or change their promoting moves. While social guides in interfacing with a more extensive crowd furthermore make brand review and the computerized scene has plentiful chances to misuse particularly with regards to the car segment.

How about we cast a look at how computerized has enhanced the client venture for the car purchasers:

Considering Customer Touchpoints that Lead to Decision Making

  • Subsequent to dissecting the client choice excursion , one can without much of a stretch reach the conclusion that the choice making handle nowadays is very reliant on group gatherings and audits. Consequently, advertisers have as of now begun focusing on these touchpoints as the essential choice making milestones.
  • The year 2014 saw a significant decrease in car deals on a worldwide scale, which drove the car goliaths reconsider their marketable strategies such that it could work together with financial changes occurring over the world.
  • The boss change occurring all around was computerized and since the car business stays restricted to the hands of few OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) this cleared route for the new players to make their entrance in the business.

In addition, as the center of advanced is more client driven thus upgrading client experience is the prime core interest.The purchasers today depend on the accompanying components with regards to settling on a buy choice:

  1. Purchasing Experience matters as much as the Product Experience

The client today bond better with organizations that give better pre and after deal administrations than simply going for a broadcasted astounding item. As said before, the car business sector is packed in the hands of couple of huge players subsequently to get saw in this segment it is important that you awe the purchaser by making the complete experience just extraordinary from him, right from the attention to the buy and administration part.

Item Experience

  1. Computerized Channels for the Digital Customers

If there should arise an occurrence of car deals the greatest test is the powerlessness to contact clients far from the retail location. Likewise, the section of intrigued purchasers themselves approach the merchant, which implies that you have to make your image vicinity over the computerized channels such that it makes compelling brand review and shares commendable client audits about you.


  1. Smooth Changeover from Online to Offline Sale Experience

Once the client comes into your contact the most basic turn of the excursion arrives. Whether it is through the advanced showroom or specifically going to the physical outlet, you have to guarantee that you can experience the desires and picture you have set in the brain of the clients. Aside from test drive and different deals related administrations, the advanced client anticipates that you will furnish them with something more tasteful, which may incorporate including all the more innovatively rich elements.

Applying Analytics to Transform Automation Sales Figures

  • Web searching information or interest information is helpful when it has been appropriately connected to increase a few experiences.
  • Gathering of information from financing organizations; advertising offices which are dedicatedly completing statistical surveying to catch the developing purchaser patterns and making utilization of digitization to study what is tricking the purchasers’ consideration more than the consistent test drive design, sees how you can improve an effect on your client’s psyche.
  • As the computerized requests organizations turn more client driven it has turned out to be fundamentally critical for ventures to make even and straight avenues for their clients, driving straightforwardly towards more noteworthy ROI. Whether it is by means of social, examination or through Internet of Things, the CMO realizes that his client will take just the most straightforward and secured way, consequently the need of great importance is to make.


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Testing Strategies for Mobile Applications

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Mobile app testing is time consuming and expensive, yet critical to ensuring your consumers have a positive experience when they use your mobile applications. It is vital that you make sure that the experience is a great one for every consumer every time they use your application, starting with the very first time. If you fail to do a good job app testing, this will result in your customer doing it for you—and unlike your testing team, your customers do not have the tools or the time to report back problems. Also, keep in mind that your customers do not want to be treated like guinea pigs. When they find a flaw, you’ll never hear a word from them and they certainly won’t come back.

Native Applications

For many people, “mobile apps” have become synonymous with native applications (and hybrid applications). Commonly downloaded from an app store, they offer the user a unique experience that maximizes the capabilities of the device and operating systems for which they are developed. The app download is often controlled by the gate-keeping app store, with mechanisms in place to charge potential consumers. This simple and proven monetization model has fueled native app popularity within the development community. Beyond their acceptance in the consumer market, they also allow enterprises to deliver productivity tools to an increasingly mobile workforce..

Testing needs to determine whether the app can be successfully downloaded to the device, executed on the device, and interact with the supporting back-end content infrastructure. When updates are made, you need to be sure that the application can be pushed out to and accepted by the end user. There is a misperception that successful testing of app functionality on one device provides assurance across all others of the same operating system.

Devices: The Biggest Mobile Testing Challenge

The mobile devices used by consumers create the most obvious challenge to mobile testing. Potentially tens of thousands of different client devices could be used to access your mobile app or website, and they must therefore all be considered when testing your mobile applications. Add to this the different versions of operating systems, and the permutations get crazy-big! You can sacrifice coverage across device/OS combinations to an extent, but when you reduce the number of device types that you test against, you are taking a chance that your application might not work for a number of potential customers. To handle the device challenge, you have three options: You can test exclusively using real devices, you can test exclusively with emulated devices, or you can use a combination of both.

Network: A Regional Challenge

There are well over 400 mobile network operators in the world.

Each mobile operator may support multiple network technologies including LTE, CDMA, GSM, and some use less common or local networking standards such as iDEN, FOMA, and TD-SCDMA. Each network has a unique combination of network infrastructure that tunnels the packet-based protocols used by mobile networks into TCP-IP protocols used by the mobile web. Each network operator has implemented systems that behave slightly differently from vendor to vendor in order to perform the required tunneling. Lastly, most network operators have inserted mobile web proxies (that is, the gateway) to dictate how, when, and if you are able to connect to a particular site. When a network operator implements a mobile web proxy, it can restrict the flow of information that travels between your server and the test client. Some proxies limit the sites that can be accessed via a phone to only those approved by the operator in what is often referred to as a “walled garden.” Other proxies might use “transcoding” in an attempt to scale down fixed web content to better fit onto mobile phones. As you can see, the network challenge is quite complex.

Network Bypass

When you bypass the network’s lower layers, you use TCP/IP to connect directly to the server and you ignore the GPRS tunneling systems used by network operators. Since most real devices are not capable of doing this, you will need to use a device emulator to perform the bypass. Not all device emulators support this feature, so you may want to look for a device emulator that can perform network bypass via the Internet. Some device emulators also have the ability to access the operator’s proxy (but only if it is exposed to the Internet) to allow a more realistic test. Although the operator’s web proxy is available to only its customers, there are test proxies on the Internet that can be used. Even if you don’t have a test proxy, you will still be able to test directly against your origin web server.

Real Networks

Of course, it is possible to test against real networks. One method is to use real devices at the target location, although you will face many of the problems already discussed. Alternatively, many device emulators support modems that allow you to use your emulated devices on the local network—but again, there is the cost of traveling into range of the network. But there is another option.

One piece of useful test equipment is a real device in the cloud. This type of testing solution consists of a physical handset mounted in a remote box with a remote control unit and a remote antenna. The remote control unit is physically connected to the device’s screen and keypad control circuits and is capable of pressing keys and collecting screen images. Exposed to the Internet, this solution lets a user on a local PC or web client control a device with their mouse and keyboard, thereby seeing what is happening remotely on the screen. These devices provide an elegant solution that can be connected to live networks.

Hopefully, you now understand a lot more about the challenges associated with mobile testing of native and web applications. But what do you do with this information? What should be your testing strategy for mobile application testing?

It is not a matter of choosing one tool or technique because there are simply too many compromises that must be made. Most likely you will need to use a combination of testing tools and techniques to meet your quality requirements.

Magento 2 development-What makes it better?

There is a big buzz around Magento 2 features. With development, production and default modes the overall performance of the new platform is well improved than its predecessor Magento. Here, if the developer makes an error in coding instead of the broken website, the user will create a custom page.

Magento 2  is much more flexible that allows user to access many files.

The following features explains what differentiates the new platfrom,


->A much more streamlined customization process, with less upgrades and hassles  during upgradation.

->It has an updated technology stack ,on par with the latest trend.

->The site offers better performance and scalability , because of the improved caching mechanisms.

->The effort and the cost involved in the upgrade is reduced in Magento 2 than Magento 1.

->There is lesser probability of loss/breakage of modules during the upgrade process.

->For additional functionalities third party extensions can be easily integrated.

->It also includes testing code, testing resources and testing documentation  which reduces the bug fixes and development time.

Migration process

But how does all these improvements benefits the client?

It provides a better product at lower cost.

The ease of development reduces the development time.

It also provides a consistent user experience.


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Why is Magento a prospective platform for your eCommerce business


Once you have decided to kick start your eCommerce business one big question that arises is choosing the best platform that suits the business needs. The chosen platform simplifies the creation of eCommerce website. Though there are multiple eCommerce platforms available in the market choosing the best one is essential.
While choosing an eCommerce platform certain factors have to be taken into consideration. They are

  1. Cost factor.
  2. Customization.
  3. Business centric features.
  4. User friendliness.
  5. Security.
  6. Acceptance.

All these above mentioned features serve as a benchmark for deciding the suitable platform. Of all the platforms available in the market Magento best suits the customer needs and ranks the top among its competitors.

Cost effectiveness

Why Magento Cost-effectivenessMagento is offered in two editions namely Community edition and Enterprise edition.Of these two CE(Community edition) is an open source platform and is available free in the market. It comes with extensive set of features and allows customization. Knowledge of PHP and ZEND  framework is needed for customization.

You can also impress your customers by integrating certain extensions like one step checkout, social login, Magento WordPress integration, Fooman Google Analytics, etc…

Admin friendliness

Once you are done with the Magento development, you will literally require no assistance at all. This is because various instrumental options are available for the admin backend, which simplifies the work and saves precious time.

In Magento admin has the option to upload simple, virtual, downloadable, configurable, bundled and group products, delete products in bulk. Further admin provides deep information for products such as images, exhaustive textual content, etc..

Business centric features

Magento is more robust and flexible to change. One of the major advantages in using Magento is that the entire platform can be changed into multivendor market place in the future. There is no limit either on the storage or on the product.

This indigenous and  sophisticated functionalities provides the needed support for multivendor environment on par with popular market places like Amazon, eBay, etc.. Additionally it provides responsive themes that increases the flexibility for the users accessing the store site using mobile. It also provides us to create an exclusive Magento mobile app for your website.

Performance optimization

With Magento you can optimize the eCommerce site loading speed from the beckend. It also provides default cache called the file system cache.This cache can enables to increase the site loading speed.Extensions like full page cache can also be utilized.

We can have the control over the number of http requests by merging JavaScript and CSS files together using the following steps

System->Configuration->select merge JavaScript and CSS files->Click ‘Yes’.

Effective marketing and security

magento-securityIn contrary to the other platform Magento is SEO friendly platform. It gives the choice of creating a search engine friendly URL for your sites and insert keywords through metatags. Whenever a new URL is created Magento dynamically creates a XML sitemap.

On the security side it provides transaction on the SSL layer,thus safeguarding the company’s credentials and all other user information from DOS and DDOS attacks. Additionally ,to gather customer attention it provides wide variety of newsletters templates to market your offers.

All the above factors indicate that Magento is very prospective platform for eCommerce business.

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Migration from Magento Go to Magento CE



Magento go is all gone by now and its the perfect time to move on to the next platform. But what would best suit the needs as like Magento. Enterprise edition will cost you more, the best option is to move on to Community edition.

We may wonder why Magento again and why not any other platform,

 Why Magento?

Though magento is the most preferred platform there are few features possessed by it which retains the end user convenience. It is ready for any sort of customization and flexible enough to accommodate integration and tweaks.

Having used Magento Go, it is quite convenient to move on to the open source Magento Community edition than any other platform.

This helps in quick enhancement and customization of the current store instead of a new build. Also there is a greater advantage of surplus extensions and themes both free and paid available through Magento connect.

Does migration is purely technical?

magento_go_migration_magento_communityMoving over to Magento community from Magento Go is purely technical oriented task. Where Magento Go has specific features like drag,drop ,action buttons and a list of enable/disable settings were available on ready mode but in the open source Community edition all these features have to be set manually.

Moreover Magento Go uses few codes from Enterprise edition which eases the security related issues from Magento developers.Due to the lack of access to these codes the migration process have been though especially when customization of store has been carried out.

Since both Magento Go and Magento community possess the same kind of structure the dissimilarities has been tackled.

Migration process

Migration process does not result in the data loss as remapping is being carried out.

Hosting solution

It is always advisable to choose a cloud hosting provider. For example, hosting solutions like Amazon S3 are preferred among the customers who want to triple their business. Certain cloud hosting consultants like Cloud page link handle the necessary cloud server technicalities of the web store.


Once the installation  process ends all the data is exported from Magento Go to Magento CE. Data include products, customer, orders, media files including product images, custom CSS, design files, custom templates, CSS and JavaScript files.


Installation of Magento CE into the new server environment has to be done. Once the installation is completed, access to FTP, database and other technical add-ons are provided.

Design migration

This involves the migration of all the design features of the Magento Go into Magento CE environment. All the CSS files, JavaScript, design, styling etc… are migrated. If the site was responsive with the earlier edition the new migration replicates the feature else technical tweaks have to be done to make the site responsive.

Product migration

Product mapping is done during this stage to make sure that the category structure and attributes of the products are syncing with the newly installed CE. Then products along with the details including description, SKU, pricing, images, demo videos and other information has to be imported.

Customer details import

Customer database most valuable asset has to be imported. This process includes the transfer of customer details, login credentials, shopping history etc..for the successful continuation of the business strategy.


Once all the import ends the next step is to focus on the store settings. This includes payment gateways, shipping addresses, specific store addresses, transaction emails, etc…


Testing process is carried out in phases beginning with compatibility check (responsiveness of the site). Next navigation back and forth across the pages, check out broken lines, form submissions, action  buttons and all other functional areas to check browsing convenience and errors.

On the backend admin options such as adding product form the backend, adding products to the cart has to be checked. In order to avoid cart abandonment shipping settings, payment settings and checkout process has to be checked regularly.Once checklist of all the above mentioned procedures has been completed the migrated Magento CE is ready is go live!

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Uniqueness of Magento in delivering Futuristic eCommerce solutions


Magento supports millions of online business of varied types. Though it includes complex coding styles, heaviness of the code,need for performance optimization and complexity in customization it still outsmart its customer with the onset of its unique features.

Though there are multiple hosted solutions for running the online businesses, here are few reasons why people go for Magento with possess a set of complex functionalities.


Magento-3Features-WebflavorsMagento is an open source platform that provides a free hand on improving, updating and refining the existing set of solutions and creation of new extensions that suits the needs of the customer. Magento platform keeps evolving without any set of dependency from the developers.


Magento possess a unique set of Model View Controller(MVC) , this differentiates it from all other competitors. To control the display feature it provides ‘Layout file’.The entire model can be rewritten according to the needs of the eCommerce platform.


One of the most important reason why Magento is best suited for emerging business is its scalability. Magento is programmed to handle huge voluminous data. As online market places keeps emerging in its functionality, magento becomes the forerunner of eCommerce platform as different set of solutions can be easily marketed through this platform.


It is essential for online business to earn better visibility and popularity in the search engines as they are the dependable sources for eShopping. Though there are multiple guidelines to improve the traffic in an eCommerce site, there are certain features that has to be modified on the technical part of it. Magento would be the best solution as it provides SEO friendly features that could be easily incorporated.


For running a successful eCommerce business certain areas has to be focused like product management,vendor management,order management, social media optimization,user experience based design concepts and secure online transactions. Magento offers all these features both as extensions as well as an integrated ready made solution.


Magento platform keeps on evolving according to the current market strategy. Evolving methodologies are focused in intensifying  the magento development experience and end user experience to a new level. The latest release community edition 1.8 carries improvements on tax calculations,performance, security and certain functional improvements on Web API components,shopping carts,transactions and web store building.


Nowadays ,since mobile phones are used as a medium for accessing the internet it is essential for eCommerce store owners to optimize their online stores. Magento provides several ways of optimization.The portfolio of Magento provided eCommerce stores includes major brands in clothing, sports, electronics, lifestyle, education, IT and several other business domains. Each of these brands have their own set of mobile site but creating a customized mobile is chargeable.

All the magento extensions and scripts can be easily incorporated for mobile viewing and usage. Thus using Magento for building the eCommerce site will eventually widen the performance and provides considerable improvement in sales.

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Why and How to migrate from an WooCommerce to a Magento platform

  • woocommerce-to-magento-migration_1

Both WooCommerce and Magento have been the forerunners of eCommerce website development. These two platform possess similar features and customization.

The below section gives you a clear idea of why to migrate to Magento platform




Used mainly for small sized eCommerce enterprises. Used for large scale business services.
Not suitable for multivendor platform because of server issues involved in loading heavy data. Much feasible for multivendor platform as it neither sets a limit to product or the stores.
Adding extension is difficult in WooCommerce. Adding extensions are easier because of hiring an adept Magento developer. Innumerable free extensions , backend tools and themes make the eCommerce site appealing and versatile in its functionalities.
Implementation of WooCommerce to Magento migration

The amount of effort involved in migrating from WooCommerce to Magento depends on the quantity of data. To ensure quality the data migration process is classified into multiple phases.

Phase 1: Creating backup of data

Migration of data is a responsible task as client’s data are involved. To safeguard data and to avoid contingencies migration process begins by creating a local backup of all the data either in developer’s machine or in BigBucket.

Phase 2: Migration of products

Once backup has been created the next phase is the migration of products. This requires the recreation of exact product ecosystem in magento platform. Details such as product’s name,corresponding details,attributes, graphical control elements like checkboxes,radio buttons etc.. are migrated. Different platform categories and their corresponding images are also migrated.

Phase 3: Migration of customer details

This phase is very crucial since it involves customer information like name,shipping address,contact number, order history and so on. For migration of customer passwords encryption technique different from WooCommerce platform is used.

Phase 4: Migration of URL & Vendor information

Details of products and customer involved in an order, status of the order ,etc..are migrated. The next thing to concern about is the migration of URL. They are assigned with the corresponding product page and redirects are specified in .htaccess file to prevent 404 error. Moreover magento supports the migration process by the provision of vendor specific URL. Finally all the vendor information are migrated.

Phase 5: Migration of payment gateways

Magento supports a vast variety of payment gateways.Hence there is no risk involved in payment migration.Depending on the choice of the customer details like API key,Secret key, API signature of the payment gateway are migrated.

Phase 6: Design refinements

The next thing to concern about is the appearance of the product.Migrating design from WooCommerce is not feasible. However based on the requirements of the customer, design wizards can recreate the exact replica using HTML,CSS,JQuery, JavaScript, etc..

Phase 7: QA and testing

Once all the refinements are done the product is passed on to QA wing to ensure the quality. Most of the frontend functionalities are tested using manual testing whereas some of the features are tested using selenium web driver. Apache Jmeter is used to perform load testing to test the ability of the website to handle heavy load. At the end of load testing the product is available for customer’s review.

It is always recommended to use high end server for implementation. Switching over to website hosting or cloud hosting is cost effective and can handle heavy traffic. The final decision depends on the customer

Post migration improvement

Maintaining the performance of the site is a major issue after a certain period of time. To avoid performance related issues magento provides ample scope to optimize the site’s loading speed from the backend.

The following steps are to be carried out to optimize the performance

Clearing the cache

Though accessing web pages  becomes faster with cache too much of cache data gets stored that reduces the loading speed.Hence the cache has to be cleared on a regular basis.

This can be done using two methods,

Method 1

From Admin panel go to System->Cache management->Flush cache storage-> click ‘yes’.

Method 2

Manual deletion of cache files can be done by accessing the root directory

var/cache folder.

Refresh the webpage to reflect the changes.

Preventing fatal error

Sometimes while adding new products fatal error such as ‘Allowed memory size exhausted’ may arise. This could be avoided by increasing the size in .php file.

Go to file manager->Access the magento root folder->Right click index.php file ->Select code edit.

Change the value in the statement ini_set(“memory_limit”,”value”) as per the preference as ini_set(“memory_limit”,512M).

Indexing the data

Indexing the data improves the system efficiency by scanning and retrieving the data requested by the user at a considerable speed.

Go to admin panel->System->Index Management->Action menu->Reindex data->Select all->Click ‘Submit’.

Reducing the number of HTTP requests

When the website is loading http requests such as images,css and JavaScript files are downloaded in the server side. Loading speed of the site can be improved by reducing the number of requests by merging JavaScript files and CSS files separately.From Admin panel->System->Configuration->Developer->JavaScript settings->Select merge JavaScript files->Select merge CSS files->Click ‘Yes’.By doing so the total number of Http requests could be considerably reduced.

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Automate your Mobile application testing using Calabash tool

  • Delivering bug free and high quality product is the sole responsibility of quality assurance team. But when too much software applications are lined up for executing diverse test cases spotting the slightest errors becomes tedious.
  • Manual testing helps us to understand the minute intricacies of the software applications but when time factor is a  major concern automation testing is best suited . The results produced by automation testing are much more accurate.
  •  8686177_orig
  • Listed below are some of the few features of calabash,
  • Why calabash?
  • Despite of all the available testing why to go for calabash?
  • Calabash is an open source framework used for automation testing. Novice users ( people unfamiliar with programming languages like Python, JavaScript etc..) find it user friendly.
  • What is calabash?
  • Calabash is an automation tool used for both iOS and Android applications. Here the test scenarios are written in cucumber which has a script pattern much similar to plain conversation in English. Ruby is used for defining the statements. Statements defined once can be reused.
  • Account sign in process using ruby and cucumber:
  • Feature: Calabash testing for Sign In
  • Scenario:

    • Sign in to an account
    • Given I am looking at Home page
    • Then I touch the Sign In Button
    • Then I wait for Sign In page to appear
    • Then I enter Sign In Email ID
    • Then I enter Sign In Password
    • Then I touch the “Submit ” text
    • Then I print Sign in successful
  • Ruby code:
  • Given(/^ I am looking at Home page $/) do
  • wait_for (:timeout >=60) {element_exists(“* id: ‘Home_header'”)}
  • end
  • Then(/^ I touch the Sign In Button $/)do
  • touch(query(“* id: ‘Sign In Button'”))
  • end
  • Then(/^ I wait for Sign In page to appear $/)do
  • wait_for(:timeout >=60) {element _exists(“* id: ‘signin_header'”)}
  • end
  • Then(/^ I enter Sign In Email ID $/)do
  • query(“* id:’emailaddresses'” ,{set Text=> ‘’})
  • end
  • Then(/^I enter Sign In Password $/)do
  • query(“* id:’password'”,{set Text =>123456})
  • end
  • Then(/^ I print Sign in successful $/)do
  • puts ‘Sign in successful’
  • end
  • Observations:
  1. Cucumber file always start with feature keyword declared only once.
  2. Scenario indicates the start of the test case and can be used only once.
  3. Keywords like ‘Given,Then,When’ can be used multiple times.
  4. Calabash is case sensitive.
  5. Except predefined text structures all the statements in cucumber are defined in ruby.
  • Advantages:
  1. Lesser time consumption than manual testing.
  2. Use of only basic programming skills .
  3. Platform independent.
  4. There is no need for  external devices as it supports emulators.
  • Disadvantages:
  1. Lack of  editor or IDE.
  2. Language dependent (supports only Ruby).
  3. Minimum online assistance.
  • Conclusion:
  • Calabash is found to be more useful for function and regression testing resulting in the production of high quality software within a minimum time span.
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Best automated testing tools for android

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  • Nowadays automated tests are used during almost every testing process. This is not surprising, as properly organized automated testing greatly reduces time needed for a testing process, excludes errors and omissions in tests execution caused by a human factor.
  • Many different kinds of computers have appeared recently, their appearance started rapid development of software products. The most amazing is evolution of mobile devices; they significantly differ from common personal computers by characteristics, ways and conditions of interaction with them.
  • Consequently, smartphones and tablets require special mobile applications that differ from desktop ones.
  • Operating system of most of personal computers is Windows. Among popular mobile operating systems are Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Symbian and other.

download (29)

  • Robotium is one the first and frequently utilized automated testing tools for software supported on Android.
  • Robotium is a free Android UI testing tool. It is suitable for tests automation for different Android versions and sub-versions. Software developers often describe it as Selenium for Android. Tests created by Robotium are written in Java. In fact, Robotium is a library for unit tests.
  • But it takes much time and efforts to create tests by means of Robotium, as one must work with the program source code in order to automate tests. The tool is also unsuitable for interaction with system software; it cannot lock and unlock a smartphone or a tablet. There is no Record and Play function in Robotium, and it does not provide screenshots.


  • MonkeyRunner is one of popular Android Testing tools used for automating of functional tests for Android software.
  • This tool is more low-level than Robotium is. One does not have to deal with the source code in order to automate tests. The tests are written in Python, one may use a recording tool for creating tests.
  • MonkeyRunner can run tests on real devices connected to a PC or emulators. The tool has an API what allows it to control a smartphone, a tablet or an emulator from outside of Android code.
  • Significant disadvantage of the mobile app testing tool is that it is necessary to write scripts for each device. Another problem of MonkeyRunner is that the tests require adjustments each time when user interface of the tested program is changed.
  • Ranorex Android Application Testing Tool

download (30)

  • Ranorex is a good tool for tests automation not only for the latest, but also for early versions and sub-versions of Android, beginning from Android 2.2.
  • One of Ranorex advantages is its detailed reports with screenshots. It can connect a smartphone or a tablet to Internet via WiFi.
  • An automated test engineer can elaborate data-driven tests, excluding XML data format, by means of this Android tool. Ranorex Studio enables an automated test engineer to create tests easily, just clicking the mouse. It allows elaborating additional program modules. The modules may be utilized during late development cycles for more complex test scenarios.’
  • Appium Android Automation Framework


  • It’s a framework for creation automated tests for iOS and Android. It is a free tool. It supports Android versions from 2.3 and later. Appium utilizes WebDriver interface for tests running. It supports many programming languages, such as Java, C#, Ruby and other which are in the WebDriver library.
  • It can control Safari and Chrome on mobile devices. This allows to test mobile web sites using Appium and these browsers.
  • But some automated test engineers complain that it provides poor, insufficient reports. Also its weakness is reduced XPath support on mobile devices

download (31)

  • This tool has been recently elaborated by Google. It supports Android versions beginning from 4.1. One should select another Android app testing tool in order to automate tests for earlier versions. UI Automator is able to interact with all kinds of software products for Android, including system applications. This enables UI Automator to lock and unlock a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Scripts created by means of this tool can be executed on many different Android platforms. It allows reproducing complex sequences of user actions.
  • UI Automator also can utilize external buttons of a device, such as buttons for going back, volume regulation, turning on and off the device.
  • It can be integrated with testing framework TestNG. In this case UI Automator can generate informative and detailed reports, similar to reports generated by Ranorex. This tool also searches elements very fast.

  • Tests automation is a complex task. It requires thorough preparation and researches. One should also keep up with all the novelties in information technology, applications and test automation tools. All this knowledge is necessary for creating the most effective tests.

How to test the Mobile App?

  • Programming testing is a troublesome undertaking, and testing portable applications, especially customer confronting ones, can be a workmanship unto itself. Fiercely distinctive versatile working frameworks, gadget sizes, and utilization situations can make testing an overwhelming errand. Here are a couple of recommendations to make your versatile testing, and at last your application sending, more effective.
  • Testing won’t “simply happen”
  • 1. Apparatuses from versatile programming systems to administration techniques regularly infer that testing is a piece of the application improvement procedure, and may make you feel that testing actually happens amid the manufacture process.
  • 2. This is strongly not the situation, any more than cutting edge assembling procedures substitute the requirement for item testing in the physical domain.
  • 3. Testing can be exorbitant and tedious, however that cost ought to be weighed against the hard and delicate expenses of conveying an item that doesn’t work effectively.
  • Go Agile early
  • 1. Most versatile improvement masters propose a quickly iterative way to deal with portable application advancement. This speeds the improvement process, as well as can resolve a large portion of the client experience issues that torment a versatile application.
  • 2. On the off chance that your engineers and fashioners are as often as possible teaming up, everything from duplicate changes to text dimensions can get squashed before you enter a formal testing cycle.
  • Arrangement
  • 1. It is enticing to accept your inner test group and beta analyzers will catch most by far of deformities in your application when basically left to their own gadgets.
  • 2. This is frequently not the situation, in any case, and some preparatory arranging, in a perfect world referencing your application’s utilitarian prerequisites rundown, can permit you to guide out basic and exemption situations you need to test.
  • 3. This apparently monotonous errand can spare time later, since each application overhaul, new gadget, or OS redesign can be subjected to the same battery of tests.
  • 4. Develop this library of test situations after some time, or even robotize a huge segment of it, and you will be set for quick relapse testing.
  • Cross-stage truly isn’t
  • 1. One of the immense dissatisfactions of the present condition of versatile application advancement is that cross-stage application improvement apparatuses just don’t deliver predictable code crosswise over diverse portable working frameworks.
  • 2. Indeed, even a genuinely simple application created with cross-stage apparatuses may show surrenders that just exist on Android or iOS.
  • 3. Covering one stage in your testing doesn’t as a matter of course cover another when utilizing cross-stage apparatuses.
  • Include all gatherings in deformity triage
  • 1. Most test leads for versatile applications originate from an outline or advancement foundation, and are one-sided toward that territory.
  • 2. A lead with a coding foundation may see a practical change as a basic imperfection, while an outline situated lead should seriously mull over a text style issue or shading change just as basic.
  • 3. Ensure that you include agents from the item, plan, and specialized sides of the procedure when you figure out which surrenders you’ll assault now, and which you’ll concede, especially as your discharge date nears.
  • Instruments will help, yet won’t spare you
  • 1. There is a wide assortment of apparatuses accessible for portable application testing. At a simple level, screenshots and spreadsheets can be successful and quick. Then again, even an uncomplicated application will produce countless that must be organized, doled out, followed, and inevitably retested, so outfitting your test group with supportive instruments will unquestionably advantage them. These instruments can’t supplant powerful administration, status reporting, and correspondence between item proprietors, architects, and designers.
  • 2. Expand a high-performing group with apparatuses, however don’t anticipate that instruments will pivot a battling group.
  • 3. A considerable lot of these proposals can be comprehensively connected to everything from item testing to customary programming testing. On the other hand, in the portable application space, packed courses of events, outlandish desires, and market weights annihilate the slack that can spare a test group that is not performing at the highest point of its amusement.
  • 4. Setting aside an ideal opportunity to arrange a suitable test exertion for your versatile application can have the effect in a profoundly focused commercial center that is becoming progressively bigoted of substandard items.
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