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List of Features and User Interface design of Apple Watch


Apple watch is an interestingly little device that performs majority of the tasks. It almost looks like a device paradise since it inherits the features like heteronomous, dependent on tethering data, content and sensor readings from it’s parent iPhone. It is absolutely a business tactic, where Apple tighten the ecosystem loop and lock the users down with solutions that dependent on each other in  more ways. The entire watch becomes  more strong and powerful when coupled with iPhone. But Apple watch is not a  slouch , it has its won sensors and other capabilities.Lets have a  look at some of its features,


how-to-pair-bluetooth-headset-apple-watch-screensNowadays , all the apple watches comes with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and a heart rate sensor. The support of third party developers is greatly limited with apple watch. Users will be able to send notification and other data to Watch kit apps but there are no major hopes for extensive sharing and independent data exchange capabilities.

An important factor regarding bluetooth is that apple is working on a wireless bluetooth headset  focused on  fitness applications. On the apple watch pages the following can be found,

Music. Control music on your iPhone without taking it out of your pocket. And when you leave your iPhone at home to go for a jog, listen to music directly on apple watch

But there is no headphone port on the watch. We will look forward to it.

Near Field Communication Module

We have the much awaited Near Field Communication Module(NFC). It was originally developed to support Apple pay, but now it has its functions in several new ways. Data exchange and short-range communication between NFC supported watches, phones  and sensors can be made easier. It was rumored that this feature will have its third party support. But nothing is sure to confirm the fact.

Activity Sensor

watch-activity-overview-trimmedThrough the healthkit platform data from heart rate sensor and accelerometer will be made available. Apple also demonstrated how heart beat data can be used to initiate very intimate communication. Heart beat animation can be send from one user to other. It sounds very simple, but its effects on how people communication should be substantial , leading to the invention of more new ways of personal ,deep information and emotional exchange.



By watchkit apps, Glimpses and interactive notifications third party developers will be able to access Apple watch’s screen.


A glimpse is a widget like panel a more like a dashboard in OSx. The users can access it by swiping the screen from anywhere in the UI. It was originally designed to provide essential set of functionality namely closing garage doors, turning off lights, adjusting the thermostat, etc..The level of accessibility this device provides is even more exciting . Think of an e-connected where everything is controlled by a simple device namely Apple watch.


Apps are the miniature versions of mobile apps build using Watchkit SDK. In twitter app the users can access the timeline, read tweets, retweet, favorite and much more. It completely depend on the developers and the designers to fix the extent of functionality that can be included in an Apple watch.  But there is a major hindrance put forth on the developers side. How they are going to fit the entire data on such a small screen with a limited interaction model. Users are much excited about the creativity involved in  designing short, sensible and meaningful pieces of software in an Apple watch.

Interactive notifications

smartwatch_3199215bThe concept of interactive notifications in an Apple watch comes from iOS 8. Thinking of regular banner notifications which slides from the top of the screen, 2-3 buttons performing actions which are the most appropriate in the specific moment of perceiving a notification. Users will still be able to deal with messages, emails, calendar invitations, facebook notifications, etc. in a meaningful and in a faster way. Developers have the major task of prioritizing the notifications.


Apart from all the technicalities of the product, lets have a look at the effort in which the product was put forth to the public view. Have you noticed how many videos of the watch has been made? How each shot of the watch was defined absolute perfection of form, texture, play of light and shadow? These videos are perfect that they almost seem unnatural. Even the luxurious cars would not have come up with such visual perfection of Apple watch’s video.From the view of designers this would be a great inspiration as on how to use visuals to sell the product combined with the right combination of motion progression, shot composition, pacing, contrasts and color palettes.


Roboto-2014The typeface used in apple watch is not Helvetica, Chicago, Lucinda and definitely not Madrid? Apple designed a new typeface exclusively for apple watch, with the overarching goal of maximizing legibility. The typeface apple designed is another homage to Swiss school of design. Apple succeeded in drawing the best qualities from the pillars of Swiss and German typography.

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User Interface Design of Apple’s Latest Release iPhone 6 and 6 plus


Apple’s recent release of the new revised version of iPhone as well as branching into completely a new product category- Apple Watch. There are many interesting aspects related to these new devices. Lets have a look at the characteristics and technologies related to UI design.

iPhone 6 and 6 plus

2014-09-09_22-38-02The new iPhones namely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus comes with bigger display size than the current generation: 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively. iPhone 6 has a resolution of 750* 1334 at 326 dpi. Whereas iPhone 6 plus has a display size of 1920* 1080 at 401 ppi density. The screen is hardware downsampled from internally rendered resolution of 1242*2208. This indicates the desire to throw photoshop out of the window. The two new phones has different characteristics such as different UI size elements, layout compositions, proportions, etc..with 6 plus additionally the new @3x asset size together.

Hardware resampling indicates that there will be no 1x lines that will be visible on the screen. Because of the flexible nature of iPhone displays the Auto-Layout concept in iOS 7 is further strengthened. Adobe photoshop is quickly becoming more and more obsolete than ever. It is going to be hard to work with the new resolutions . Additionally it is completely hard to predict how the designs work on the displays , even though it is projected live using tools such as Skala Preview, Xscope and LivePreview. On top of that because of such higher resolutions computer hardware requirements keep on increasing as it is needed to process them.

Auto layout and design

With iOS 7 the new concepts of flexible, dynamically adjusting and resolution independent UI were introduced. Earlier the same functionality was provided by Apple interface builder. The interesting feature associated with auto layout design is that it removes all the frustration that comes from working with classical design apps, constraints of raster graphics, time spend on adjusting faulty pixel grids, the nightmare of defining topography rules, performance inefficiencies, inappropriate UI design workflow, etc..

Auto layout removes all the complexities by provision of two major factors namely,

  • Providing strong foundation to iOS design language, applied to UI building in real time.
  • Allowing the developers to add strong , logical rules with which the interface will adhere.

With iPhone 6 plus as well as iOS 8 , we need to start thinking about the split view , the feature which was earlier available only in iPad. A completely new challenge was put forth by the small and more dense screen, different usage contexts and UI element sizes. But how to use split views? What are the creative ways of splitting the content on the phone into two panes?In order to hierarchize the content we stay with the constraints of Fitt’s law? Auto layout helps us in resolving many problems providing vital solutions.

Auto layout is not completely a design tool. The design of Auto layout is limited to a specific area. However as designers we still need to have the creative power of photoshop, sketch and firework to experiment and to go beyond iOS design framework. The following techniques can be used,

  1. Attain a mindset where singular pixels, pixel perfect accuracy and microscopic details doesn’t matter.
  2. When your canvas is large and dense users will not look at your pixels. More attention should be given to typography and interesting layouts.
  3. Pay attention to typography and interesting layouts.
  4. More time should be spend on creating behaviors and responses to user actions.
  5. Obsess over transformation and speed curves.
  6. Prototype the hell of it.

use-reachability-iphoneBoth the iPhone 6 models fail to satisfy the Fitt’s law and the reachability feature compromises that. The screen contents move down or shrinks with the users hand by double tapping the home screen. Though this may not be elegant in theory, but big screen and the functional one finger operation requirement?

Large screen invokes new innovation design solutions. Since the version one iOS has been sticking to  the paradigm of keeping the linear navigation elements at the top of the screen. With iPhone 6 this doesn’t matter anymore. Apple introduced swipe to go back in iOS 7 to resolve the usability problems of iOS6. All these clearly demonstrates the different features and functionality of iPhone 6 and 6 plus. For ios application development contact

Opportunities and Obstacles associated with Ruby on Rails


The Ruby community has a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy to support each and every developer associated with it. Ever since the launch of Ruby on Rails there has been a huge demand among the developers because of the flexibility of language. However, Ruby on Rails are quite different aspects of the programming language and it is important to know different functionalities associated with it.

Ruby on Rails was initially launched into the web space on July 2004. It was initiated by David Heinemeier by the creation of a project management tool namely the Basecamp web application. However, its true potential was utilized by Apple Inc with the launch of OSX v.10.5 “Leopard” on August 2006. Nowadays, Ruby on Rails is believed to be one of the most elegant programming languages through a series of updates and upgrades.

Ruby on Rails uses the concept of  Model View Controller like other web application framework. Creation of development functions for websites and applications has been made a lot more easier with the availability of multiple tools. Ruby on Rails is the most talked about one among the website developers and the development experience provided by it has been double recently. Rails, as of today , have been in the news for more than a decade and with regard to Ruby the development experience is double. Both the languages have its own set of territories. Lets have a look at the challenges and opportunities associated with both of them,

Programming Environment

keep-calm-and-learn-ruby-on-rails-8The programming experience has been made a lot easier for the programmers with Ruby on Rails. The simple, easy to use and constantly updates framework has prompted a success for both the platforms. With Rails, web app prototyping can be done within a matter of seconds. A striking example of this is Twitter bootstrap module. Websites such as GitHub and Hulu also work on the same module. Even the high demand for Ruby revolves around Rails. The high expertise of Ruby goes hand in hand with JavaScript skills in the current market. All these above points clearly defines that Rails is a driving factor for Ruby business. With the additional performance improvements , both these languages have a long way to go,

Scripting and Libraries

ror_imgTasks can be automated and various functionalities can be stitched together across the web in Ruby which is much similar to Python. Third party applications, SDK’s and “Gems ” package in Ruby can be easily installed.  However, Python gets an edge with its specialized computing features, specially those related to maths and science. But Ruby addresses this gaps between the two with the provision of SciRuby and this brings forwards a healthy competition among both of these languages. However, libraries and scripting from Ruby and Rails still have alternatives and this lowers its competitiveness.

Speed, scaling and asynchronous

lorRuby and Rails are on the losing end with regard to speed, scaling and asynchronicity. Several legacy projects that are done with Ruby are suffering with their low performance scale. At the same time programs are rewritten in competing languages like Node.js and Go. A glaring example of it would be the Parse, a mobile application that switched from Ruby to Go for better performance. Similarly , twitter which was originally Ruby  project was replaced with Scala and a custom based java solution.

While the great experience with Ruby has to be maintained and continued for better opportunities for the developers. For further details on ruby on rails contact

Digital Transformation -Social , Mobile,Analysis, and Cloud

SMAC is a term that is gaining much popularity in digital business industry during the recent times. SMAC is considered to be the future technology where industries will depend upon to leverage their business ideas, expand to new horizons and still improving on the quality of services and deliverables. Lets us see a brief outline of SMAC.

What is SMAC?

smacIt is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud services. Considering the influence these services are having and going to have on the digital world, each of these separate services have been bonded together into one single package. Companies will have to adapt to this new technology platform as a package as it churns out the maximum benefit only when used together. In order for the organizations to meet the needs of the end users as well as to improve satisfaction of the customers these technology has to be adopted as an essential part of the organization.


The drastic increase in the dependency of mobile phones is the major reason for the evolution of SMAC as a business ecosystem. We depend on digital medium for performing our day to day tasks. This increased the need for the business owners to uplift the conventional way of service providing, product offering , customer engagement and branding. In order to adapt to this transformation businesses will have to master each and every single area of the SMAC group. Now, let us have a look at every single area of SMAC for better significance.

Business challenges addressed
Customer management

CMOSocial media has become an integral part for customer management and branding. Even though the impact these social media platforms have on individual may be different, the use of it as a resourceful medium to locate potential customers, building brand value and reputation is tremendous. Social reputation is a major factor for the companies right from startup to multinational companies. When seen from a wider perspective business owners can connect to existing as well as new customers and can improve brand reputation. This helps in collecting genuine feedback about the services they offer.


smac-social-mobile-analytics-cloud-1-638Mobile phones are the most sought after way for accessing web. With the evolution of more and more smart phones , it is mobile industry that is going to eat up web by increasing the demand for them to shrink the webpages to palm size. Since laptops and personal computers are not the only way to access the internet it is unimaginable to reach out larger audience without a smartphone.

Mobile phones are the powerful medium to connect to people, as it accompanies people everywhere, right from a private room to a workplace. In future devices like Google glass and smart watches are finding their way to break into day to day scenarios. Hence future concepts like BYOD, internet of things, etc..will become an essential part of workplace and in business as well.

According to the recent statistics , almost 78% of the mobile searches resulted in purchase. Based on the client base , business applications have to choose between being naive or hybrid that is going to serve their purpose.


Analytics helps in rebuilding business strategy and is futuristic. To redefining the strategies as well as to plan ahead for the future the collected data or information plays a major role. Through the use of analytics business organizations would be able to target the right people and carter to the needs of the customer.


imagesCloud services are used not only for reducing the cost as well to provide better scalability and productivity. IT infrastructures consumers a lot of capital. Web hosting services both web as well as mobile demand more time, technical resources and concentration to keep them available 24/7. Cloud services not only reduces the cost as well as solve the security complexities. For small businesses to enhance productivity at the same time to cut down the cost cloud will be a better option.

Influence of SMAC in the Enterprise

Transformation-to-Digital-businessThe investment strategies of service vendors as well as services will be greatly influenced by SMAC. SMAC offers a wide range of advantages for IT vendors such as operational efficiency, better customer retention, budget optimization, customer reach etc..

To streamline the workflow in such structures virtual office setup and remote monitoring will be useful. Major improvisation will be seen in market analysis and audience profiling. Right from surveying till extracting user’s feedback, input that flow through it will be more accurate. Managing all these data will be easy in cloud and it also helps in analyzing as well to summarizing  data in a better way. These conveniences will help in coming up with clever marketing strategies that enforces users to perform actions that are envisioned by the strategies.

SMAC will provide the upstarts, small and medium business enterprises a chance to challenge the big players and set up an open competition in IT industry. For customized mobile application development using the industry best methods and practices contact us on

Reasons behind the Consideration of PHP as a Loosely Typed Language


In general , loosely typed languages refers to those languages that does not require defining a variable for usage. In simpler terms, when defining a variable in these languages there is no need to define the data type to be store in them. One major advantage of these programming scripts is that you can define a variable namely $string and can assign it to an integer value. One of the most popular examples of strongly types languages are C#. In these scripts the variable must be defined while declaring.

What is PHP?

PHP_FrameworksPHP is contrary to all the programming scripts as it does not require defining the type of the variable. PHP will be quite beneficiary to those programmers who need flexibility as it does not confined to a limited data set. Currently, there has been a great hike in the usage of PHP. As a loosely typed language, this offers golden opportunities to programmers for designing great software programs. But in order to make it possible programmers should also be aware of the challenges associated with it. Have a look at this article and get an idea why PHP is one of the most sought programming language.

Optimum flexibility

testable-and-maintainable-code-in-php-400The flexibility of a loosely typed programming script offers more assistance while creating dynamic applications. Quite often dynamic applications have to determine the actions based on an unknown data. Hence, they are considered more tough to work with. Usage of PHP programming scripts reduces the tension. As it does not require defining the variable before usage, much of the complexities involved are greatly reduced and additionally it offers optimum flexibility.

Ultimate liberty in programming

In case of strongly typed programming language there are a set of predefined rule set which the programmers have to follow while coding. This greatly reduces the chance for the programmers to frame a rule set of their choice. But in  case of PHP, the situation is entirely different. It offers them the complete freedom of operation by allowing them to define their own rules.

Scope of experimentation

PHP programming script offers the ultimate scope of experimentation to the programmers. Programmer not only gain knowledge of the major benefits and opportunities, they also develop an idea of the major challenges associated with it.


Although PHP as a loosely typed programming script has gained popularity among the ingenious programmers, it still has its own set of drawbacks

Vulnerability issue

veracode-112015On working with PHP, it has become essential for the programmers to gain profound knowledge of data typing. Without this they are actually creating vulnerable programming codes. Because of the loosely types nature of PHP it is exposed to major set of errors. For example, your code needs an integer input but your variable is in string. However, properly structured and organized programming code reduces the effect of this vulnerability to a great extent.

The several reasons stated above clearly stated why PHP is considered as the loosely typed programming language along with the set of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. For further queries on mobile application development and website creation feel free to drop us on

Major Mobile Technology Trends in 2016


One single factor that achieves a constant evolution within a minimum span would be mobile technology. It is the one that constantly changes and stands in the sands of time. But this technology would be good depending on the application that performs on it. In Asia, there is a boom in mobile technology because of the growing market in mobile technology. Today, the average mobile users in India has grown by 31% leading to the hike in mobile development companies in India. There has been a steady growth in terms of mobile application developers. Now lets have a look at some of the top mobile technology trends that is going to rule 2016,

Completely Mobile

images1The entire world, let alone India is going mobile. Each and every people prefer their experiences on the go and smartphone helps in achieving it. Smartphones have become a necessity for all with its wider range of availability and accessibility. This increases the need for mobile application developers in creating large volume of mobile apps. This certainly increases the productivity of the business organization. Recent survey revealed that out of 375 million internet users, 303 million were mobile internet users. The evolution of internet facilities increases the usage of mobile phones.

Improvement in eCommerce

4541911575_212x143As of 2015, it has been reported that 54% of the mobile users make use of eCommerce applications for better shopping experience. The idea of shopping has seen a rapid change these days. It will be no longer feasible for someone to visit a store physically for buying when everything have become online. Mobile applications helps the customer in purchasing their desirable product virtually. This has seen a huge market since many retailers have joined the eCommerce store nowadays.

Payment on the go

logo-5Mobile technology today allows bills and payments to be made on the go. And to think there was a point where one had to walk to an office, stand in line to pay a phone bill. Nowadays, everything works better with mobile. The trend has also seen a rise in India as mobile application developers enhances the user experience to make the process much more simpler and easier.

Wearable technology

apple-watch-iphone-mobile-app-development-companyWhat’s better than carrying a mobile phone in your pocket? How about the fact that you can actually wear it?

There has been a steady rise in wearable technology on the eastern side as well on the west.The technologies like Apple watch increases the demand for  more creative applications. This new technology has been a hit since its introduction and is waiting for some additional factors to boost it further.


670c5a3e5521d2c010d560de8b49ce7aThe need for storage on the go has been a distant dream earlier but nowadays cloud are the best storage facility. This is especially useful for those who are working on the go and need huge voluminous storage. According  to Gartner the public cloud service revenue has reached around USD 731 million and is still expected to grow.

iCloud and Google drive are the most commonly used cloud services but there are few third party services available for free. While the need for storage facility is increasing in India, Mobile application developers are constantly needed on the top of their game in maintaining server functionality.

Streaming Technology

indexStreaming technology has been tossed around a lot in the past and has seen a major trend in the present and likely to increase in future. As the total number of people opting for mobile experiences increases the streaming technology also tends to rise along with it. Everyone today wants to keep them entertained whether at home or while traveling.

Advancements in mobile and internet based technologies have made possible for the people to stream all the services anywhere. Whether it may be a music or a video, applications such as sound cloud or youtube they can be streamed on the go. Best experience of these services are made possible along with the consumption of lower bandwidth because of the optimization of this technology by the developers. The trend has been growing in the recent times and will continue to do so.

All in one

The efficiency of the hardware depends on the software running on it. At present there are more than 750k different applications available to the consumers. These apps are created with the motto of making the entire process simple in satisfying the need of the customer.

But a new trend that is rising today is the creation of one app that satisfies all the needs of the customer. This would significantly reduce the time taken and carter to many needs such as providing laundry or plumbing services. Mobile application developers have been working with the organizations in bringing one customized app that satisfies all the needs and simultaneously resulting in the reduction to search for multiple apps.

Quicker app development cycle

Mobile application developers have been tweaking their apps for quicker app development cycle. Each and every day multiple apps are introduced in the Play Store. To carter to the needs of the customer there is a need for faster development cycle by the developers.

Free apps

48864415.cmsIt is a fact that most of the app are made available free today. Mobile application developers earn their revenue from these free apps through in-app purchases. The entire idea is that if you want to use an application to its full potential you need to buy the extra features. This means that basic features will be available for free but in order to experience full potential you have to go for in-app purchases.

Cross platform fucntionality

Disa-Device-Conversation-List-1Cross platform functionality is another trend that has been growing nowadays. Consumers of today own more than one mobile based technology. Personal computing experiences have changed with  the introduction of tabs that have been created and removing the need for performance laptops. For example, the introduction of iWatch only adds to Apple’s growing ecosystem.

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Enhancing Business Competency by building Bluetooth Low Energy Mobile Apps


Short range wireless data transmission has been made affordable, automatic and accessible by the introduction of the finest inventions by the mankind namely the bluetooth technology. But on the other side high power consumption of the bluetooth devices has been a major concern.

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

To address the issue of the bluetooth technology subsequent refinements have been made, this leads to the evolution of Bluetooth Low Energy technology or Bluetooth smart in 2010. Introduced in the bluetooth 4.0 version, BLE transmits data wirelessly over short distances by relatively consuming lower energy. The main reason for the consumption of lesser energy is the periodical transmission of data in the form of packets.

Working of BLE devices

ibeacon-communicationBluetooth Low Energy devices has two roles to perform namely master and slave. The peripheral device slave transmits the information and the central device master receives the information. While in real time scenario, smart phones are the central device  that receives the information whereas BLE beacons are the peripherals that transmits the information. The central device receives the information when it comes in contact with the beacons.

Redefining connectivity and business transformation

If smart phone made our lives easier, BLE powered apps made our life much smarter. When these apps are used in association with BLE enabled devices the result would be phenomenal. Lets have a look at  some of the advantages,


ibeaconiBeacon is a small device operating on BLE introduced by Apple Inc. They are mostly used for the transmission of data. When the users iPhone comes in close contact with the iBeacon the BLE app installed on the iPhone listen to the signal and receive the data. Generally, location related information are transmitted through iBeacon.

In real life scenario, the application of these beacons may be different. For instance, a customer having a BLE app enters a certain section of the supermarket. He instantly receives a notification in his app from the beacon saying “Welcome to the store” . This can be further tapped by the retailers to increase the productivity of their business.


Nowadays, wearables have gained much popularity over the smartphones because of the ease of its usage. In wearable technology , BLE and sensor will be integrated into the wearable device such as watch, wristband, watch, etc.. They can be used for the transmission of information to the BLE app installed in the smartphone.

However, in real life scenario, users pulse rate, blood pressure and other health related information will be tracked by the activity tracker in a wearable device. These information will be received by your BLE app. At present wearable technology has been best utilized by healthcare industry.

Internet of things

IoT is a sensational technology that allow devices to communicate effortlessly without human intervention. In real life scenario , BLE app enables you to monitor your home from a remote location. Smart homes are the perfect example. Instead of manually locking the door , you would be able to lock the door using BLE app.

Industry sectors employing BLE technology

From small industries to well established industry have started using BLE app technology as a part of their revival strategy. Listed below are some of the industries using BLE technology,



  1. BLE transmits information in the form of small packets, hence large volume of information cannot be transmitted through BLE app.
  2. An iBeacon employing BLE technology sometimes takes time to detect the nearby devices when it is fast moving forward.
  3. BLE apps are vulnerable to security attacks.

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Several ways of Developing Grocery Shopping Apps for Tech Savy Shoppers

Instacart-Grocer-Delivery-App-Cool-Mom-Picks-800x700It is completely hectic to stand in a large queue for purchasing the grocery items. But this atmosphere has completely changed nowadays because of the introduction of grocery shopping mobile apps. Nowadays, there is a sudden increase in grocery shopping app development. The main reason behind it that the modern day groceries have started realizing the sales significance of grocery apps as it helps them is offering personalized and engaging shopping experience.

Brands that have their own grocery shopping apps

Applicaiton Category Special features
WALMART In store/online
  • Quick spotting of products
  • Creation of wishlist
  • Location tracking
  • Scan QR code
TRADER’S JOE In –store
  •  Store locator
  • Keyword based searching
  • Add favourite products to the cart
PUBLIX In-store/checklist
  • Create grocery list
  • Find nearby store
  • Create recipients
GROFERS online
  • Store locator
  • Schedule delivery
  • Advanced search option
  • Multiple payments


Building grocery shopping apps

Grocery shopping apps are the most sought after by the customers and retailers because of its versatile nature. Now let us have a look at categories in which  grocery shopping apps are developed,

eCommerce grocery apps

These apps helps the customers to purchase the grocery items needed from their current location. With these grocery delivery apps the customers can also fix the delivery time for the products. These apps are deployed by online retailers, brick/motor retailers who offer delivery services.

In-store grocery apps

To offer personalized delivery to the customers retail brick and grocery deploy in store shopping app. In these grocery apps the entire physical store has been recreated virtually. This gives a clear idea to the customers about the grocery products and their quality, corresponding notifications about the offers, location based tracking, etc.

Personalized grocery apps

groceryiq-digitwirl-grocery-list-app-lIn order for the shoppers to plan the grocery shopping effectively these personalized shopping apps have been created. These apps let the shoppers to create a grocery list, set remainders for purchasing the items, share grocery related information with their buddies and much more.

Essential features of grocery shopping apps

The main idea to be focused while creating a grocery apps for the customers is that ,it should make the entire shopping experience simple and effective. Because grocery app may have a huge listing of products. Lets have a look at some of the essential feature needed by the grocery app,


To make the customers to download the grocery shopping app coupons are the best choice. Hence offering coupons through app is essential to improve customer loyalty.

Store locator

Deploying the location based services to notify the customers when they are nearer to the store increases convenience.

Push notifications

To notify the customers about the new grocery item, discount details and so on enable push notification on your grocery app.

Flexible payments

In order to avoid shopping cart abandonment make your grocery store to support multiple currencies and all the leading payment gateways.

Timely delivery of products

Provide the customers flexibility in choosing the delivery time and location. This facility support a diverse customers resulting in a effective shopping experience.

Advanced search options

Incorporating advanced search options helps the customers to find the exact grocery within a minimum span.

Multi-lingual facility

If you are planning to take your app to a global level then multi-lingual support will be fruitful.

Consider all these features for building and deploying a successful grocery app.For personalized grocery app creation contact us on

How to Increase the Sales of eCommerce Clothing Business on Social Networking Sites


At the end of 2015, the total number of people who have joined the social media platform was about 176 million. Out of these about 41% of the people buy their favorite products through online medium.Social selling is the next evolution in eCommerce as the latest trend is seem ripping away. Listed below are some of the social channels where social selling has huge range of possibilities.

Facebook store

facebook-ecommerce1Facebook store has been taking over the world with  one user at a time. Facebook store is an online application that helps the users to create customized store for their products with a minimum amount of time. It offers a wider range of facilities for the store owner such as smart analytics for tracking customers, reward community with discounts, engaging events, etc..

Pininterest store

o-NORDSTROM-PINTEREST-570In Pininterest store you can pin your favorite items and can buy them later. According to the recent report by Wishpond, more that 70% of the users visit the website to get inspiration for their next shopping. To exploit the advantage pininterest rolled out the advantage to buy the products listed in its website in November 2015 with more than 60,000 pins. The never ending stream of images is a great way to sell the products.

Tumblr store

Tumblr store stumble over some brilliant artwork for sale. It is exactly a gold mine for images, now some of them are available for sale. A recent study by comStore states that almost 50% of the tumblr users are millennials. Hence it has became a huge market with enormous potential. Moreover, tumblr is more popular among bloggers because of its mobile friendly nature and the indexed search engine facility.


Instagram creates an instant shopping impulse through its stores. It is a great place to showcase images as well as to sell products. Sellers create their own identity and  display their product collection using filters. Customer can be reached via hashtags. It is also possible to boost large population by teaming up with the celebrities.

How to boost your sales?
Creating a sense of urgency

Buy it now! Limited stocks only! Last day discount sale! These are the most popular words being used to attract the customer to buy the product. By this way the leading eCommerce website ensures that their cash counter keeps ticking for the whole year.

Through tips and offerings

social_media_marketingOften shopping cart abandonment’s occurs because the customer is in a confused state whether or not to buy the product. But when the social eCommerce stores helps the customers to choose the product that best suits them like personal attributes ,personal likes, etc..the probability of the customers visiting the store again for purchase is maximum. From size to colors or even guide to latest trends might help to cut down the abandonment rate.

Creating a constant content with the customers

In order for the customers to stay with the brand, give them an opportunity to connect right from login till checkout. Also, ensure the social profile is bustling with constant feeds about the latest product release, updates and relevant news. Make the customers feel appreciated and valued by the brand through replies to their comments.

Marketing based on the location

Social Media marketing has been given a new dimension because of three factors namely social, local and mobile. Nowadays, it is easy to tap the customers who are located in proximity to your store location with the new BLE technology. Through location based marketing your products would reach out to customers in its near vicinity.

Analyze before making a decision

In order to make the customers in making a better decision give them the facility to chat with their friends about the product and its various varieties. Already some of the eCommerce websites have product comparisons to help the customers to choose the best product.

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Increasing the Level of Security and Efficiency in Corporate Communication through Enterprise Instant Messaging Apps


According the recent report by Radicate group the approximate number of instant messaging app users is about 3.2 billion. However, with an annual growth rate of 4% the number is said to reach 3.8 billion by the end of 2019. The report also comments on the fast paced growth of enterprise IM apps and how they are posed to be used commonplace as emails.

In order for the business process to run smoothly without any obstacle communication is the major factor that is needed. It is usually in the form of emails, face to face meetings, text messaging and in rare cases via handwritten notes.But all these communication channels lack  the flexibility and swiftness in which the information can be exchanged.  It is always inevitable for corporate to integrate instant messaging apps for their routine conversations. Enterprise application apps have the probability of increasing the productivity of an organization through fewer emails, meetings, etc..

Why in specific Enterprise Messaging apps than personal messaging apps?


The most popular personal chat applications available today in the market are WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and so on. Even though both WhatsApp and Facebook ranked the top, a new range of official team chat apps otherwise called as enterprise chat apps, business chat apps, corporate chat apps with better security features and coordination facilities have come into picture. They offer the both security and productivity which each and every organization is looking for. Whereas real time communication abilities and security features are essential for business organizations.

How effective these messaging apps are on Corporate communication?
Lesser security concerns

With organizations embracing innovative work cultures like BYOD and virtual workplaces, it has mandatory that a limit to be established between personal and official conversations. A more stronger control can be established over inter-office conversations with the availability of corporate instant messaging apps.

Easier project management

Separate sessions for each and every ongoing project can be created by enterprise instant messaging apps. Department wise or event wise discussions can be facilitated across different work locations through an instant chat messenger for office.

Real-time official conversations

When employee are able to work without time and distance barrier productivity of the organization can be increased tremendously. Chat app for business gives instant access to official conversations will definitely helps foster the work environment.

Reliability and consistency

Most often in organizations, extensive official communication can be lagged because of the use of outdated chat app by the employees. However, with a corporate messaging app, it is possible to give the employees a standard version of communication interface that is both reliable and uniform across the entire organization.

Increased integration

A reliable corporate chat app integrates multiple applications into the chat feed. Imagine that your power point presentation for client delivery gets directly integrated into the chat app? It not only helps in faster decision making but also avoid the maintenance of separate login across multiple devices.

Key features of Corporate instant messaging app
  • Never miss anything with offline connectivity.
  • Instant access can be provided to the users through push notifications.
  • Easier login with social network credentials.
  • Ability to track who is nearby through location tracking.
  • Auto-sync
  • Share everything including docs, images, videos through multimedia sharing.
  • Confidentiality reassured through HMAC encryption.
How a real time corporate chat app looks from inside?

Disa-Device-Conversation-List-1Each and every single day multiple corporate application apps are introduced in the app store, but not all of them turned out to be successful. Even though they function properly they cannot be customized according to the needs of an organization. The need of the hour is an apt framework that enable the enterprises to build real-time secure chat app for business application. The use of Amazon S3 bucket ensures that the app capacity can be scaled to any limit based on the need.For reliable and customized enterprise application development for your business communication contact us on

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