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Which edition of Magento fits your need?

Launched in 2008, Magento has quickly grown into one of the top choices for an eCommerce solution – currently available in two versions that share the same core but vary in offerings. The Community edition (CE) is an Open Source software that has many built-in extensions which can fulfill most of the needs of small businesses. With a few tweaks from an expert, it can provide powerful performance.

Magento Coomunity vs Enterprise

The Enterprise Edition (EE) on the other hand is for users who need more than what CE has to offer. Users looking for additional features and customizations that CE can’t offer, turn to EE. EE is a subscription-based service that comes with a Service Level Agreement. Subscribers get full support from the Magento team accessible through phone or email. It also has exclusive product enhancements and special features apart from the security updates.

Enterprise Edition


Every client looking to set up a Magento store has a dilemma of choosing the right edition. Everyone wants to leverage the cost effective Magento CE but gets apprehensive about its performance, support and security features. Magento EE is a more powerful edition with security enhancements, additional modules and performance capabilities. We recommend either of the editions based on the clients’ requirements. Often clients who have a Magento EE feel they are paying for modules they do not require, but there is no way you could pick and pay for only the modules you require. It’s a complete package.


This is where our experience working with Magento comes in. We have worked on several projects using Magento CE and have implemented most of their requirements at substantially low cost. We can tailor Magento CE to a client’s requirements by either purchasing and customizing existing extensions or building customized extensions specific to their requirements. This ensures your Magento store has exactly what you and your customers need without having to incur exorbitant costs.

However, our recommendation takes into account resources available, volume of products (number of SKUs, product categories), traffic (monthly traffic, transaction volume, number of concurrent users) and business size among other essential factors. There are instances where only EE fits best and then there are projects where we can tailor CE to suit your requirements. It all boils down to a client’s need and constraints.

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