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Technology and business management of tomorrow

  • With the rise of smart phones, mobile applications are one of the biggest growing markets in the world today. In the present society, the majority of people have a smart phone and the majority of those install mobile applications. This means that mobile applications have naturally over time, become so embedded in our daily lives that we essentially increasingly seem to ‘need’ them.
  • I know for a fact that I use apps all time, everyday. If I had a bigger size iPhone I would have more apps. I use the native Music app on my phone every time I’m out of the house, I use my Calendar app to manage my time, without it I would be hopelessly unorganised. I use the Google Chrome (sorry Safari users!) app to search for anything on the go. Those were some examples but you get the point, apps play a significant role in our day to day lives.
  • When it comes to managing people, developing an individual’s personality and skills so that they can become the best at what they do is very ‘one way’ at times. We have skills that can be taught to us that are specific for a job called hard skills, while the more natural and social skills are classed as soft skills. Many employers and managers seek to have the best of both worlds when it comes to skill sets to ensure that the employee will fit in seamlessly into companies.
  • Currently, companies send their employees for leadership training in London or other western cities, where they are still being taught through traditional means. Mobile app development could provide a real boost to this industry, and in turn, could be a very niche and untapped market for mobile app developers worldwide.
  • The link between mobile applications and direct management
  • Most mobile applications are very efficient at what they do because they are handheld, always competitive to be the ‘best’ which drives the quality of product up and up and it’s easy to pick out the best from app stores via the feedback system in which the store has. Many of these skill sets that I previously mentioned can be aided vastly with the help of mobile applications. In my day we used to read tonnes and tonnes of books to gain knowledge for exams and such. In today’s world it is very easy to download apps to our tablets or phones that provide a better, more manageable learning experience.
  • It is clear that it is more than possible to incorporate apps into the management of people in many sectors, whether it be HR, media, leadership, interpersonal skills, finance training or anything related. There are many benefits that could come out of app developers or companies putting money and time into the development of such apps.
  • Some useful aspects that will come out of this include: less use of paper when teaching people, this alone is a good reason due to environmental factors and recycling becoming a big issue in the world today, and guess what? Apps do not run using paper, only pixels! Another massive change will be the fact that these apps can constantly be updated quicker than other methods, with our skill needs always in a competitive state where bigger and better is always the way forward, these apps that aid learning can be updated by the developer which will in turn keep the product as up to date as it can be.
  • Another big impact that this move towards mobile app development to help with corporate employee development will be the financial aspect. Whereas currently you can find employees in all sectors, such as finance and others sent for finance training in London and other major cities, in the future, these same employees will be able to attend the same training and development with a much higher success rate and knowledge gain specifically due to the increased resources at their disposal – a big contender for these resources are of course, productivity apps and apps made for the help of employee training and development.
  • Are there any current examples?
  • This idea isn’t a thing of the future as there are already many developers and companies who use mobile application aid to help with their business, whether they are delivering a conference call, efficiently teaching their staff or even just to play some angry birds while they are on their break!
  • Here are some current apps out there that are designed to make life easier for employees of many trades:
  • Total workplace performance
  • This handy app is worthwhile checking out, it has 734 skills that relate in the workplace. It separates into 4 categories; Leadership, Communication, Workloads and Performance. This is very helpful for teachers, managers, etc.
  • 50 Interviews
  • Ever wanted a quick motivational app to push you to stop being lazy? This is the app you want, it simply shows interviews from the worlds best entrepreneurs, it acts like a digital mentor that, looking at the reviews, definitely impacts the customers who gave amazing feedback.
  • Keynote
  • Apple’s take on simplified presentations. There are tons of templates available on the go so that you can create neat presentations to whom ever you like. A great feature of this is that it syncs with iCloud which allows any other apple product to share access with whatever content you create.
  • To conclude, there is a massive potential market for developers to create apps that will help the corporate industry with management, training, organisation and much more. It’s time that we start embracing the technology that we are surrounded with more and embedding it into our methods of training for the greater benefit.

Innovation in Mobile application development

  • Being a Mobile app development factory, Veltrod has an expertise and passion to design and develop an unique mobile application for our Fortune 100 enterprises.Veltrod has been ranked as #1 mobile app design & Development Company for the past 3 years in a row.
  • Mobile application started to become the game changer for both the startup business as well as for company already doing well in the market. We can help either to make your web portal mobile friendly or develop a native mobile application for your ECommerce store or design a mobile game which you believe could make you popular or build a brand new hybrid application. Our expertise on UX/UI design capabilities together with the knowledge on recent trends in technologies makes our deliverable widely recognized one in the industry.
  • We develop applications for iOS, Android, BB and Windows platforms using either native or hybrid technologies. Some of the features which we implemented are as follows;



  • Sends notifications from your smartphone or computer to instantly grab your
    customers’ attention and show them what your business has to offer. This will help increase engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction


  • MENU

  • Allow customers to easily and conveniently view your menu selection. With this app feature, add multiple menus – lunch, dinner, and drinks menu.



  • An expected and widely used app features is social sharing. Get social with your customers and prompt sharing of photos, comments, and experiences they have with your business- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  • MAP

  • Provide your customers turn-by-turn directions from their current location straight to your front door. Make your business easy to find with this simple and convenient app feature.



  • Give your customers an extra incentive to stop by and make a purchase. Better deals for them, more business for you! This mobile app feature also helps promote initial app downloads and increased customer loyalty.



  • Make it even more fun for customers to drop in by giving them an exciting chance to win great prizes.



  • Include videos for product displays, event clips, training, and promotions. Tell customers to submit their own videos for increased engagement.



  • Allow customers to engage with your business through photos. Photo galleries provide increased interaction and visual appeal.



  • Make it easy for your customers to contact you with in-app emailing, and one-touch calling- no need to save or remember numbers. This app feature keeps your information easily accessible to your customer when they want to find it.



  • Allow your loyal customers to submit reviews and testimonials for your business.


  • Use this app feature to include any link into your content. Link will display any web page within the branded banner of your app.



  • Satisfy your customers’ cravings by letting them order their favorite food at the tap of a button — from wherever they happen to be.


  • Enable your customer to make a payment through your mobile app itself.


VeltrodSFA – Web and Mobile CRM

  • VeltrodSFA is a Web and Mobile CRM specifically designed for Pharmaceutical and FMCG industries. This solution helps FMCG companies to improve their Productivity and Accountability of Sales People. It also helps FMCG owners to know about their product sales and demand and eventually plan for the production.
  • It helps Manufacturers or Regional FMCG companies to define Employees; Role based access with handling of multiple Distributors. The ERP facilitates definition of Products, allows raising Purchase Orders, Loading Orders, Delivery Challan, Invoices. VeltrodSFA also provides Excel reports for Executives which helps to analyse Sales People Performance, Plan for production, Delivery, Procurement of raw materials in a generic manner, Reports of Sales Person Collections and New Customer Enrollment.


  1. The mobile and tablet app available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms, can be used to enroll new Customer and Collect Payments from Customers.
  2. This app can be used to generate Instant receipt to the customer on a Bluetooth printer.
  3. A Sales Person can view the list of Customers to be interacted on a particular day and get route map guidance to reach them.
  4. The Sales Person will not be able to generate Quotation or Invoice Order unless he reaches the Customer Address. Any movement of the Sales Person outside his area of operations would be shown as violation of the Sales Management team.
  5. The Sales Person can generate reports on Excel sheet and view his collections and pending payments.
  6. The owner or the manager of the company can use Web Application Interface to generate Excel Reports which gives business information about Distributors, Retailers, Regional Manager, Area Managers and Sales Persons .
  7. The Customer feels secure that payment received by them from the customers is registered in the system and owners are informed about this.
  • How do you benefit?
  1. It reduces the risk of over production and under production
  2. Timely placement of order at different level
  3. Complete sales can be tracked on different level
  4. Data can be accessed on the go by Sales Executives
  5. It can help in planning the marketing targets
  6. It can also help in developing an particular area which is down in sales
  • Features available in Web application:
  1. Role Based Access
  2. Employee Management
  3. Manufacturer Product management
  4. Device Provisioning
  5. Resource Tracking Settings
  6. Distributor Management
  7. Distributor Product Management with Margins
  8. Distributor Purchase Order
  9. Loading Forms, Delivery Challan
  10. Distributor Invoices
  11. Retailer Management by Distributors
  12. Retailer Quotations and Invoices
  13. Reports for Distributor – Retailer related Quotations, Invoices, and Payments with User friendly filtering and sorting criteria. Reports are downloadable in Excel
  14. Reports for Manufacturer – Distributor related Purchase Orders, Delivery Challans, Invoices, and Payments with User friendly filtering and sorting criteria. Reports are downloadable in Excel
  • Mobile application features:
  1. Sales personal Login
  2. Customer Registration
  3. Route map of the customers to be met by the sales person on any particular day
  4. Enrollment of Retailer Customer
  5. Collect Payments from Retailers and issue
  6. Resource Tracking Feature on Tablet for Manager

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