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There were mixed reactions among the people during the launch of Apple watch despite of the price USD 549, there were loyal buyers awaiting for its release. The following shows well what the new launch of the product has benefited the developers as well as the consumers,


The product was launched few months back yet there are 8,500 apps readily available, this did not sound bad at all. There are multiple apps right from basic apps like shazam to weather apps. Some of the positives with the apple watch are,

  1. There are lot of games for the watch. But they were limited to quizzes and trivia because of the small screen that prevents it from playing full fledged games.
  2. Multiple apps like email, twitter, etc are included in the social networking circle. The users of the product are excited about the facebook app for the apple watch, as they can view news feed and notifications with this small gadget.
  3. There is no lagging in terms of sports related apps since multiple parties supports apple watch development.The most popular one in this category is Onefootball app. It gives live updates of your favourite team and notifies the changes in scores.
  4. The watch can also used to perform basic calculations through various apps exclusively available for it. There are also other apps that are used for storing passwords of your social networking sites and email services.

To provide the users better experience lets have a look at some of the negatives associated with the apple watch.

  1. The major flaw is that with the email app you can only view the emails and cannot respond. This is a strange thing as apple could have added Siri assistance for responding to emails.
  2. There are apps in almost all the category but lacks in  variety. If it wants to floor Android based watches the company should direct the apple watch development in the right direction.

With these experiences,Apple watch looks to have created a new tech frontier which promises to evolve in the better future. For customized application development contact us on

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