A Roller Coaster Ride on Google Marshmallow

  • With the rollout of Google Play administrations 8.1 at long last completed, there’s a great deal of new data to impart to engineers about the discharge!


  • 1. Marshmallow Permissions
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) has presented another consents model permitting clients to control application authorizations at runtime. As an application engineer, it’s essential for you to receive this and give your clients great control over the consents your application needs. You can discover more points of interest here.
  • In the event that your application is utilizing Google Play administrations SDK renditions preceding 8.1, you must redesign to utilize this new form to guarantee your application is completely good with Android 6.0. This will empower you to deal with the authorization streams properly for your application and maintain a strategic distance from any potential association issues.
  • 2. Invites Application
  • Application Invites permits you to develop your applications group of onlookers by letting existing Android and iOS clients welcome their Google contacts by means of email or SMS to attempt your application out. Google Play administrations 8.1 adds the capacity for designers to tweak the email welcome, including a custom picture, and indicating an invitation to take action catch content. These enhancements ought to assist designers with expanding client engagement and changes with application welcomes.
  • 3. Surrounding Mode Maps
  • Android Wear gives an element called encompassing mode, empowering applications to stay noticeable, notwithstanding when they aren’t effectively being utilized. Presently, with Google Play administrations 8.1, theGoogle Maps Android API bolsters encompassing mode. In this mode, a disentangled low-shading rendering of the guide will be seen. This lessens power utilization by lighting less pixels, however the camera and zoom level are held so client setting will be kept.
  • 4. Adjacent Status Listener
  • Google Nearby permits you to manufacture basic cooperations between adjacent gadgets. Another expansion in Google Play administrations permits your application to get callbacks when a dynamic Nearby distribute or subscribe terminates. This liberates you from following the TTL and permits your application’s UI to precisely reflect whether Nearby is dynamic or not.
  • 5. Play Games Player Stats API
  • The new Play Games Player Stats API permits you to assemble better, more quick witted, amusements. It will give you a chance to tailor client encounters to particular portions of players and diverse phases of the player lifecycle. For instance, you can give your most significant players that are coming back from a break in play an exceptional welcome back message and compensate.
  • 6. Breaking Changes
  • In this discharge, there are a few changes to GoogleApiClient and PendingResult, making them conceptual classes, which may prompt softening changes up your code. Take in more about these progressions and how to handle them in the discharge notes.
  • You can begin downloading so as to grow today the Google Play administrations SDK from the Android SDK Manager.
  • 7. SDK Now accessible!
  • Enjoy the happy marshmallow period!!!

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