A Tale of Two Rivals: Google Play vs. Apple Play Store

  • Apple’s App Store and Google Play have a survey procedures that are on inverse sides of the range. Google Play is regularly portrayed as the Wild West. Ordinarily, we will present an application to Google Play and following 60 minutes, we’ll have the capacity to think that its distributed on Google Play. There is no human association in the audit process. This leaves for a considerable measure of opportunity and sadly a great deal of misuse. Infection Shield was a top paid application on Google Play that cost $4 and sold 10,000 downloads. In actuality, the application was a fake and did nothing. What’s more terrible, is that there’s an expected 42,000 Android applications with malware on Google Play.


  1. Conversely, the Apple App Store has a broad audit prepare that really includes a human commentator. An application ordinarily sits in a line for two weeks before it gets audited.
  2. On the off chance that endorsed by the commentator, that application takes a day to get distributed on the Apple App store. In the event that the application gets dismisses, the way to getting sanction just got longer (and a few applications never get endorsed).
  • I prescribe that anybody that needs to get an application distributed get comfortable with the App Store Review Guidelines before building up an application. When all is said in done, quite a bit of it is judgment skills, however there likewise are a couple of particular rules that preclude particular sorts from claiming applications like fart applications or DUI checkpoint applications. Knowing the rules can spare you a ton of sorrow.
  • 1. In the event that you end up in the grievous position of Apple dismissing your application, and the reason is misty. From our experience, the explanations behind a dismissal are commonly canned reactions.
  • 2. When you meet with a commentator to examine their method of reasoning, they may give a superior clarification on why your application was rejected and maybe a few recommendations.


  • As a technology enthusiast, I cherish the simplicity of having the capacity to distribute on Google Play. As a purchaser, I welcome the quality control and certainty of applications distributed on the Apple App Store. In Q2, Apple and Android telephones consolidated made up 96% of the cell phones sent.
  • In this way, in the event that you are building up an application, you should support both iPhone and Android and thus be acquainted with the strategies of the separate application stores.


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