Do I need an App?


  • Mobile apps are secret formula for higher sales. Specially business with fast moving consumer goods, apparel business or other categories in this field requires a Mobile app to keep track and monitor their in-store placement of merchandise.
  • The common chain flow is from manufacturers to retailers through distributors, where indirect sales force agents are involved. Hence, a mobile app is the best way in order to maintain efficiency of resources and have access to important information.
  • Some of frequently requested features are:
  1.   Ability to track the availability of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units)
  2.   To take pictures of Products displayed on shelves
  3.   GPS location of a sales agent and duration of agent interaction with a customer
  4.   Ability to report the “Share of shelf” by counting number of facings on shelf in                        comparison with competitors’ products
  5.  Placement of products on the shelf (Eye level placement)
  6.   To check presence of price tags on all products
  7.   To be able to generate an automated report once above inputs are received.
  • With the provisions to visualize data in real-time and represent those in the form of graphs or charts add significant value. Every client has its own need of additional filters for an example – country, brand, retailer, store etc. while some companies like geographic breakdown.
  • Having an app for your business is a good strategy as it can help to collaborate the efforts of your sales force and help generate real-time reports is immense. The features are limited for the mentioned companies but it can actually help your business to grow and work effectively.


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